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American commerce-Continued.

Resolution of the Chamber of Commerce of Pitts-

burgh against any change in the navigation laws
that would interfere with the protection they

afford to, and ship-building
Memorial of the National Convention of the United

States Export Trade for encouragement to, and

Memorial of the Board of Trade of Philadelphia

against any cbange in the navigation laws that

will interfere with, and ship-building.....
Memorial of citizens of New York against any change

in the navigation laws that will interfere with,

and ship-building
American Grocers' Association, for the relief of the, of New

York. (See bill S. 683.)
American Iron and Steel Association, memorial of the, for

continuing the investigations by the board

appointed to test iron, steel, and other metals.
American Nurserymen's Association, petition of a committee

appointed by the, for the appointment of a com.
mission to visit Europe and investigate the sub-
ject of forestry....

Committee discharged and again referred..
American products and manufactures, resolution of New York

Produce Exchange in relation to the export of.
American registers. (See Registry.)
American Society of Civil Engineers, memorial of the, for con-

tinuing the triangulations of the coast survey

in certain States ....
Ammerman, William M., petition of
Anawalt, J. S., petition of
Apacostia and Potomac River Railway Company, letter of the

president of the, transmitting a statement of
the capital stock, gross and net earnings, &c.,

of said company
Anderson, Alexander-(See bill I. R. 82.)
Anderson, Mrs. Carrie E., petition of .....
Anderson, Otis B.-(See bill H. R. 767.)
Anderson, Syvert A.—(See bill H. R. 734.)
Andrews, George-(See bill A, R. 2520.)
Andrews, J. F., adverse report on petition of.....

(See bill H. R. 234.)
Animals, to amend certain provisions of the Revised Statutes

relative to the transportation of—(See bill S. 84.)
To provide for the care of all, to be slaughtered in

the District of Columbia. (See bill S. 1125.)
Annis, Ann-(See bill H. R. 1144.)
Anthony, Henry B, attended.

Resolutions submitted by, viz:

To inform the House that a quorum is assembled.....
For the appointment of a committtee to wait upon

the President and inform bim tbat a quorum of

each house is assembled .....
Report ...

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Anthony, Henry B.-Continued.

Resolutions submitted by-
For the appointment of a committee to await upon

the President and inforın him that Congress is
ready to adjourn

Report .....

Fixing the hour of the daily meeting of the Senate.

To print extra copies of the President's message with.
out accompanying documents.

Reported and agreed to...

Arranging the standing committees of the Senate..

Appointing the select committees of the Senate

Providing for printing and distributing 5,800 copies

of Colonial Charters and Constitutions, referred 41,42
Reported, amended, and agreed to....

(See, also, pages 516,517,518.)
Providing for compensation for editing the compila-

tion of Colonial Charters and Constitutions ... 42
To inquire into the expediency of purchasing the
papers of the Count de Rochambeau

To print extra copies of the last edition of the Bien-
nial Register..

Reported, amended, and agreed to.

Authorizing the Secretary to bind one copy of any
public document for a Senator

Calling for information relative to the improvement
of Providence River and Narragansett Bay

Report of the Secretary of War

To proceed to the consideration of unobjected cases
on the Calendar ....

.195, 213, 222, 392, 399
To print tbe second edition of the Report of Chief Engi.

neer King on European ships of war
Reported and agreed to.

House concurs.

To choose Thomas W. Ferry President of the Senate,
pro tempore..

236, 403
To print extra copies of the Report of the Commis-
sioner of Fish and Fisheries, referred.

Reported and agreed to...

İouse concurs..

To bind the copies of Colonial Charters and State Con-

To print extra copies of the message of the President
relative to the Fisheries Commission .....

Relative to the statue of General Greene at the inter-

section of Massachusetts and Maryland avenues. 652
To inquire into the means of improving the ventilation
of the Senate Chamber ..

To pay the funeral expenses of the late W.J. McDon.
ald, chief clerk of the Senate..

Apache Indians, petition of citizens of New Mexico for the re-

moval of certain bands of Ute and, to their res-
ervation in Western Colorado....

.. 62, 63, 79
Apalachicola River, petition of citizens of Florida for the im.
provement of the....


199, 200





Appalachian Mining Association, to incorporate the, of the Dis-

trict of Columbia. (See bill s. 1323.)
Appeals, to establish a court of-(See bill S. 416.)

Authorizing Commissioners of District of Columbia

to prosecute cases and take, without giving

bond. (See bill H. R. 1716.)
Resolution by Mr. Harris to inquire into the pro-

priety of allowing defendants in criminal and
the highest grade of misdemeanor cases to pros-

ecute, on writs of error to the Supreme Court..
To regulate, to the Supreme Court of the United

States. (See bill S. 1092).
Apis, José and Pablo, papers of ...

(See bill S. 854.)
Apothecaries, to authorize the appointment of, in the Nary.

(See bill H. R. 3344.)
Appropriation bills-

Resolution by Mr. Windom to confine debate on

amendments to
Agreed to......
To supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the

year ending June 30, 1878. (See bill H. R. 1526.)
For the support of the Military Academy for year

ending June 30, 1879. (See bill H. K. 2507.)
For fortifications and other works of defense, and

for armament thereof for fiscal year ending June

30, 1879. (See bill H. R. 2686.)
For the consular and diplomatic service of the gor.

enrnment for the year ending June 30, 1879, and

for other purposes. (See bill H. R. 3064.)
To provide for a deficiency in the miscellaneous fund

of the House of Representatives. (See bill H.

R. 3846.)
To enable the Secretary to employ temporary clerks,

&c. (See bill H. R. 2507.)
For tbe naval service for the year ending June 30,

1879. (See bill H. R. 3822.)
For filling up, draiving, &c., the ground south of

the Capitol. (See joint resolution H. R. 142.)
To supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the

service of the goverument for tbe fiscal year end.

ing June 30, 1879. (See bill H, R. 3740.)
For the payment of invalid and otber pensions for

the year ending June 30, 1879. (See bill H. R.

To provide for a deficiency in appropriation for the

public printing and binding for the current fis.

cal year. (See bill H. R. 4222.)
For the construction, repair, and preservation and

completion of certain public works on rivers

and harbors. (See bill H, R. 4236.)
For the current and contingent expenses of the In-

dian Department, and for fulfilling treaty stipula.
tions with various Indian tribes for the year end-
ing June 30, 1879, and for other purposes. (See
bill H. R. 4519.)


Appropriation bills—Continued.

For the service of the Post-Office Department for the

fiscal year ending June 30, 1879. (See bill H. R.

For the legislative, judicial, and executive expenses

of the government for the fiscal year ending
June 30, 1879, and for other purposes. (See bill

H. R. 4104.)
To amend an act making appropriations for the pres.

ervation, repair, aud completion of certain pub-
lic works on rivers and harbors, approved

March 3, 1875. (See bill S. 1262.)
For the support of the Army for the fiscal year end.

ing June 30, 1879, and for other purposes. (See

bill H. R. 4867.)
To provide for the expenses of the Select Committee

on alleged Frauds in the late Presidential Elec-

tion. (See bill H. R. 5053.)
To repeal certain provisions of acts making appro-

priations for the support of the Army, approved,
respectively, June 16, 1874, and March 3, 1875.

(See bill 8. 485.)
To supply deficiencies for the fiscal year ending June

30, 1878, and prior years, and those beretofore
treated as permanent appropriations, and for

other purposes. (See bill H. R. 5117.)
Authorizing an allowauce to certain clerks of com-

mittees. (See joint resolution S. 38.)
For sundry civil expenses of the government for fis.

cal year ending June 30, 1879. (See bill H. R.
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the

United States in relation to—(See joint resolu-

tion S. 40.)
In relation to the pay of committee clerks and other

employés of the Senate and House of Repre-

sentatives. (See joint resolution H. R. 195.)
To allow the Clerk of the House of Representatives

to pay certain clerks out of the contingent

fund. (See joint resolution H. R. 197.)
To correct an error in the enrollment of H. R. 4104.

(See joint resolution S. 42.)
Arbitration, petition of citizens of Pennsylvania for adoption

of, as a substitute for war in the settlement of

international diffierences....
Arctic expedition, to organize aud equip an—(See bill S. 458.)
Argle, Amos-(See bill S. 1214.)
Argols, to amend the Revised Statutes relating to duties on-

(See bill S. 1024.)
Arid lands, to provide for the disposition of—(See bill S. 400.)
Arizona, petition of citizens of, for the protection of their inter-

ests in Mexican land grants in that Territory...
To authorize the payment of vouchers for supplies

furnished Indians in-(See bill s. 705.)
To disapprove an act of the Territory of-(See joint

resolution S. 19.)





Petition of citizens of California for the appointment

of a commission to determine the titles to cer-

tain private land-claims in the Territory of.... 263
To provide for survey of private land.claims in,

known as the “El Paso de los Algordones."

(See bill S. 1008.)
Memorial of citizens of, against aid being granted for

tbe construction of the Southern Pacific Rail.

For the coustruction of a bridge across the Colo.

rado river at Fort Yuma, California. (See bill

S. 1140.)
To grant lands to, for university purposes. (See

bill S. 1282.)
Arkansas, Senators from

Stephen W. Dorsey, attended ....
A. H. Garland, attended

Citizens of, petitions and memorials-
For the establishment of a post-road from Osceola
to Chickasawba.....

For the establishment of a post-road from Conway
to Jacksonville ..

For the establishment of a post-road from Trask.
wood to Whittington

Arkansas, for the relief of officers and privates of the Fourth

Arkansas Cavalry Volunteers. (See bills S. 89,

S. 573.)
For the relief of purchasers at direct-tax sales in-

(See bill 8. 1106.)
Subjecting the Fort Wayne military reservation in,

to entry as other public lands. (See bill H. R.

Authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to adjust

and settle the debt due the United States by

the State of—(See bill S. 116.)
For tbe relief of the National Bank of Western-

(See bill S. 250.)
Resolution by Mr. Dorsey calling for a report of the
western boundary of.....

... 427, 428
Donating the military reservation of Fort Smith, to

the city of Fort Smith for educational parposes.

(See bill S. 129.)
Arkansas Institute for the Education of the Blind, petition of

the trustees of the, for the passage of a law to
provide for the education of the blind ...,

Arkansas River, for the removal of obstructions from the, and

the Mississippi, Missouri, and Red Rivers. (See

bill H. R. 2479 )
Resolution by Mr. Garland calling for a report on the

condition of the work of removing a bar in the,
near Fort Smith

Letter of the Secretary of War..
Memorial of the mayor and common council of Fort

Smith, Arkansas, for the removal of obstruc.
tions in the....

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