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[Acts 1903, p. 180. In force March 7, 1903.]

4590a. Street and interurban railroads.-1. That any number of persons, not less than three, may voluntarily associate themselves into a corporation in the manner set forth in an act entitled: "An act concerning the organization and perpetuity of voluntary associations, repealing all laws in conflict therewith, legalizing the organization of certain associations organized under former laws, and declaring an emergency," approved March 9, 1901, with all the rights and privileges granted by said act, and subject to all the provisions thereof, to promote, finance, construct, equip, rent and operate, in the State of Indiana or elsewhere, street or interurban railroads, and plants for the creation and distribution of electric and other heat, light and power, and in connection therewith to take, own, hold, negotiate, sell or otherwise dispose of and deal in stocks and securites of other companies, and to do all other things needful or connected therewith.

[Acts 1903. p. 27. In force February 19, 1903.]

4592a. Coliseum buildings.-1. That any number of persons, not less than fifteen, may voluntarily associate themselves by written articles of association, signed and acknowledged by each person who may wish to join in said articles of incorporation, for the purpose of purchasing and owning ground and the construction, maintaining and operating thereon of a "coliseum building," in which to hold national political and other conventions and assemblies of the people, including horse shows, cattle shows and all other exhibitions of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, mercantile and manufacturing displays and for military and uniformed society drills, gymnasium, ball and bowling contests, musical and theatrical entertainments, athletic games, sports and contests and all other purposes for which said "coliseum building" can be used: Provided, however, That none of such purposes or uses are contrary to law. And the same may be used by the company constructing and owning said "coliseum" or by other persons or associations to whom said company may rent the same.

4592b. Articles, contents.-2. That said articles of association shall specify: The corporate name of said association. The amount of capital of the same not exceeding one million ($1,000,000) dollars and the number and amount of said shares which shall not exceed ten ($10) dollars.

That the object of the association shall be that contained in the first section of this act. The name and place of residence of each signer to said articles incorporation. The principal place of business of the association and the term of the existence of said association, which shall not exceed one hundred years. The description of the corporate seal.

4592c. Directors, election, powers.-3. That said association shall elect fifteen of its stockholders as directors of the same; each shareholder in all elections and votes shall be entitled to one vote for each share of stock held by him and said directors shall elect a president, three vicepresidents, a secretary and treasurer. The said president and vice-presidents shall be elected from the members of the directory and the offices of secretary and treasurer may be filled by one person and may be elected from persons not directors. That said directors shall manage the business and prudential affairs of said company for one year and until their successors are elected and qualified. That the duties and compensation of the secretary and treasurer shall be prescribed by the board of directors and amount of the bond to be given by the secretary and treasurer shall be prescribed by the directors and their bonds shall be approved by the board of directors.

4592d. Bonds, mortgage, interest.-4. That said board of directors may submit to a vote of the stockholders of said company the question as to whether they may issue and sell bonds secured by mortgage on said company's property, and in case a majority of the shares of stock voted at such election are cast in favor of giving such authority to the board of directors, they may then issue such bonds and secure the same by mortgage of the property of said company in amount not to exceed fifty cents on the dollar of the cash value of the property mortgaged, which value shall be determined by an appraisement made under oath by three disinterested freeholders of the city wherein such coliseum building is situated and such bonds shall not bear a greater rate of interest than five per cent. per annum, payable semiannually, and shall not be sold for less than par.

4592e. Donations, sale.-5. That the board of directors of said association may receive real or personal property as gifts or in payment for subscriptions to the capital stock of said association and shall have full power and authority to sell and dispose of all real and personal property so taken and received as a gift or in payment for stock in said association on such terms and conditions as they may agree upon.

[Acts 1903. p. 403. In force March 9, 1903.]

4593. Real estate, insurance, gas and oil wells.-11. To organize associations for the purpose of buying, holding and selling real estate, collecting rents and soliciting and writing insurance in the manner fully stated in such articles: Provided, That voluntary associations organized under this act for investment or developing purposes, in counties containing a city having a population of more than 50,000 and less than 100,000, according to the last preceding United States census, in addition to the

power to buy, hold, sell or rent real estate and collect the rents, shall also have the right to bore for gas or oil or to mine and sell coal or rock or other minerals, and to pipe or transport the same into said city. And said associations shall also have the power to take stock or bonds in any manufacturing plant which it may locate in such counties, and to have the same rights to vote, sell, pledge or transfer said stock by its authorized officers or agents as a natural person could do.

This section amends section 4593, Burns' R. S. 1901.

[Acts 1903, p. 116. In force February 28, 1903.]

4595i. Buying securites, loans.-22. To organize companies for the purpose of buying and selling state, county, municipal and all other bonds, of borrowing and loaning money, of buying and selling promissory notes, bills of exchange, accounts, choses in action, fees and all other evidence of indebtedness, and of buying, holding, owning, mortgaging, leasing and selling real estate and personal property, all in the manner and on a plan to be fully stated in such articles. Such associations shall not be authorized to do a general banking or trust business.

This act amends section 4595i, Burns' R. S. 1901.

[Acts 1903, p. 204. In force March 7, 1903.]

4596a. Orphan children, allowance by county.-1. That the board of county commissioners in all of the counties of this state, wherein there is a city of more than one hundred thousand population, as shown by the last preceding United States census, shall allow and pay to any nonsectarian society or corporation maintaining an institution or asylum for the care, keeping and education of orphan and dependent children, which has also a special ward for the care of foundlings and infants and employs special trained nurses for their care, thirty (30) cents per day for the keeping and education and placing in family homes of each and every child legally placed in such institution or asylum and so maintained by such society, corporation, institution or asylum, with the approbation and sanction of the county council of any such county, in the manner now provided by law.

[Acts 1903, p. 537. In force March 12, 1903.]

4596b. Children, allowance to custodial institution.-1. That when any child that is either mentally or physically defective, that is or shall be legally committed to any orphan's home, custodial institution or training school in this state, other than a state institution, maintained for the support and education of dependent, neglected, ill-trained or orphan children, the board of county commissioners of the county in which such child shall have legal settlement shall allow and pay to said orphans' home, custodial institution, or training school, the sum of thirty (30) cents for each day said child shall be in the custody of said orphans' home, custodial institution or training school, which payment shall be made as now provided by the laws of this State: Provided, That all bills

for such allowances shall bear the certificate of the attending physician that the child or children named therein are either physically or mentally defective: And provided, That the board of state charities shall have the right of supervision and revision of all such allowances: And provided, This act shall not apply where a county orphans' home is established by the board of county commissioners, and the dependent children of the county are supported therein by said board on the plan of the county poor asylum.




Section numbers to notes refer to Revised Statutes of 1901.

Sections omitted have not been construed since 1901.


4700a. Deed to township, directors, control.

Acquiring lands.


4708a. Exemption from taxation.
4708g. Highways on cemetery lands.

[Acts 1905, p. 158. In force April 15, 1905.]

4700a. Deed to township, directors, control.-1. That where any cemetery association, corporation, church organization or individual, who is the owner of any lands which are used as public or private burial places for the dead, and who shall be vested with sufficient title to convey such lands in fee simple, and shall make application to the township trustee of the township in which such lands are situated to convey such grounds, to be used by such township for a public cemetery, then it shall be the duty of such township trustee to take said title to said lands as a donation and such lands so conveyed shall be the property of said township. That when said lands are acquired as aforesaid, then it shall be the duty of the trustee of said township to appoint a board consisting of three directors to take charge of any cemetery in said township which already belongs to said township or may be acquired by the provisions of this act, and the order appointing said directors shall designate by name the cemetery or cemeteries over which they are to have supervision. The first directors appointed under this act shall hold their offices, one for one year, one for two years and one for three years from the second Monday in May after their appointment or until their successors have been appointed and qualified; thereafter one director shall be appointed each year to serve three years from the second Monday in May succeeding his appointment. All such directors when appointed shall have the entire charge and control and of the laying off and embellishing the grounds. They may also plat said grounds and take charge of the receipts arising from the sale of lots. They may receive donations by bequest, devise or deed of gift, or otherwise, or money or other property, the principal or interest of which is to be used for the enlargement, embellishment or care of the cemetery grounds generally, or for the embellishment, care of or improvement of any particular part or parts of lot or lots therein, as the donor may direct, or as the directors may from

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