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Rec. Dec. 29, 1905-


This volume is a supplement to Burns' Annotated Indiana Statutes of 1901, and contains the general laws of the state enacted at the sessions of 1903 and 1905, with notes of decisions of the supreme and appellate courts rendered since the publication of the statutes of 1901, construing the laws in such revision, and subsequent enactments, and the state and federal constitutions. Notes of decisions of the United States supreme court construing the federal constitution are also included. The arrangement of the statutes is the same as in the Revised Statutes of 1901. Where sections in such revision have been amended the new section is set forth with appropriate references, and new statutes have been placed under the same chapters and headings that kindred subject matter is found in the 1901 revision.

Section numbers to new statutes which supersede old laws-such as the code of criminal procedure, the act defining crimes and the laws governing municipal corporations-are the same, as near as may be, to the numbers of corresponding sections in the revision of 1901, with notes referring to the sections supplanted. Section numbers to new statutes are indicated by the addition of letters, or letters and figures to the section numbers of the 1901 revision.

When notes construing statutes in the revision of 1901 appear without any statute being set forth, the number given is the number of the section in the 1901 revision which is construed.

The statutes are printed as they appear in the official publication of the session acts, except as to plain typographical errors, the compiler not feeling at liberty to correct apparent mistakes in the use of words.

At the close of the general statutes which are published in full, a list of the special, local and private acts of the sessions of 1903 and 1905 is set forth with appropriate references to the pages of the session acts. The index is believed to be full and complete.



October, 1905.

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