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George Cuncliffe, Esq. of Balliol Coll.
Niden, Tate fellow of Caius College,
TOV, 19.--The Rev. James Collett Mr. John Hughes, of Pembroke Coll.

Dec.2.- The following Gentlemen were is appointed Junior Tutor of Trinity Hall, admitted: in the place of the Rev. Thomas Smart Doctor in Medicine.-Charles Lewis Me. Hughes.

ryon, of St. John's Coll. Dec. 6.-Richard Formhy, Esq. of Caius Bachelors of Arts.- Mr. Charles Ilerbert College, was on Wednesday last admitted Martin, of Exeter Coll, Doctor in Physic.

Mr. Thomas Johnson, of Merton Coll. Robert De La Cour Beamish, Esq. of St. Mr. Thomas Le Quesne Jones, of Queen's John's College; William Sharp Mac Leay, Coll. Esq. of Trinity College ; and the Rev. Dec. 6.-The following subjects are proHenry Poynder, of Christ College, were on posed for the Chancellor's Prizes for the the same day admitted Masters of Arts. ensuing year; viz.

Dec. 18.-The Hulsean prize for the pre. For Latin Verses" Titus Hierosolymai sent year is adjudged to Mr. John Weller, expugnans.” B.A. of Emmanuel College, for bis disserta For an English Essay~" Biography." tion on “ The probable causes of the appa For a Latin Essay—“Quam Vim in Morent neglect with which some celebrated ribus Populi conformandis exhibeant Rewriters of antiquity treated the Christian

rum publicarum subitæ Mutationes ?" religion.'

Sir Roger Nerdigate's Prize-" The The following is the subject of the Hul Coliseum." sean prize dissertation for the ensuing Messrs. Henry Washington, Robert Grant, year :-" The probable influence of Reve. and George Robinson, have been admitted lation upon the writings of the Heathen Fellows of New College. Philosophers and the morals of the Heathen At the election at Balliol College, Mr. Worid."

W. D, Longlands, Rev. C. A. Ogilvie, and The subject of the English poem for the Mr. C. T. Collins, were admitted Actual Chancellor's third gold medal for the ensu Fellows; the Rev. W. M. Tucker was ing year is~" Imperial and papal Rome.” chosen a Probationary Fellow; and Messrs.

Masters, Plumer, Matthews, and Williams, OXFORD.

Exbibitioners of that Society; and Mr. On Tuesday, the 18th of November, the Daniel Jones, B.A. of Jesus College, wag following Gentlemen were admitted to admitted Scholar of that Society. Degrees :

Also the following Gentlemen were ad. Naster of Arts.- Mr. John Anthony mitted to Degrees :Cramer, Student of Christ Church,

The Rev. William Davies, M.A. of Mag. Bachelors of Arts.-Mr. George Henry dalen Coll. Rector of Rockhampton, in Curtois, of University Coll.

the county of Gloucester, F.A.S, a MagisFrancis Baring, Esq. of Christ Church. trateand Deputy Lieutenant of the County,

Mr. Ichabod Charles Wright, of Christ was admitted Bachelor and Doctor in DiChurch,

vinity, by accumulation. Mr.John WitherAwdry, of Christ Church. Master of Arts.- William Hanmer, Esq. Mr. Frederick De Chair, of Oriel Coll. of Queen's Coll.

Nov. 25.--The following Gentlemen were Bachelors of Arts.--John Andrew Me adınitted to Degrees:

thuen, Esq. of Christ Church, Grand ComCharles Lewis Meryon, M.A. of St. pounder. Johu's Coll. was admitted Bachelor, and to Mr. Henry Hey Kright, of Exeter Coll, practise in Medicine,

Mr. Robert Strong, of Wadham Coll. Master of Arts.--Rev. Thomas Hodges, Mr. William Moss King, Student of of Balliol Coll,

Christ Church, Bachelors of Arts.--George Thomas, of Mr.James Mure, Student of Christ Church. St. Alban Ilall, Esq. Grand Compounder. Mr. George Henry Glyn, Student of

Thomas Fownes Luttrell, of Exeter Coll. Christ Church. Esq. Grand Compounder.

Mr. Charles Ranken, Student of Christ John Jones, of Trinity Coll. Esq. Grand Church, Compounder.

Mr. Henry Pearce, of Christ Church. Mr. Charles Hodges, of Queen's Coll. Mr. Owen Owen, of Jesus Coll. Mr. William Hale Hall, of Oriel Coll. Mr. John Jones, of Jesus Coll.

Mr. Rowland Thomas Bradstock, of Uni Mr. John Morrall, of Brasennose Coll. versity Coll.

Dec. 13.-The names of those candidates, Mr. Rice Hugbes, of Jesus Coll.

who, at the close of the Public ExaminaMr. Samuel Ellis Garrard, of St. Edmund tion, tbis term, were admitted by the Pub Hall.

lic Examiners into the tirst and second Mr. Henry Compton, of St. Edmund Hall. Classes of Litere Humaniores and Disa

Mr. John William Hughes, of Trinity ciplint Mallenatice et Physicæ respectColl,

iscly, according to the alplanetical ar.

rangement in each Class prescribed by the
statute, stand as follow:-
In the First Class of Literæ Humaniores.
Baring, Francis, Christ Church.
Greswell, William, Brasonose Coll.
Henderson, Gilbert, Brasepnose Coll,
Knight, Henry H. Exeter Coll.
Mure, James, Christ Church.
Sanderson, Stephen, Pembroke Coll,

Shuldham, John, Christ Church.
In the First Class of Discip. Mathemat, et

Baring, Francis, Christ Church.
Glyn, George II. Christ Church,

Powel, Baden, Oriel Coll.
In the Second Class of Lileræ lumaniores.

Glaister. William, University Coll.
Graves. John S. Brasenno-e Coll..
Hale, William A1. Oriel Coll.
Kekewich, Samuel, Christ Church,
Morrall, John, Brasenpose Coll.
Owen, Owen, Jesus Coll.
Pitt, Joseph, Christ Church.
Sullivan, Frederick, Brasennose Coll.
Tristram, Henry B, Christ Church,

Walker, John, Brasenno:e Coll.
In the Second Class of Discipl, Mathemat.

et Phys.
Hale, William H. Oric Coll.

Literæ tumaniores. Cleaver, Ilenry, Christ Church, Colson, John M, Balliol Coli. Duncombe, Charles, Christ Church. Glyn, George H. Christ Church.

Grove, William, Oriel College,
Hall, James, Wadham College.
Hewitt, Hon. John P. Christ Church.
Hughes, Jobo G. Trinity Coll.
Johnson, Thomas, Brasennose Coll.
Jones, John, Jesus Coll.
King, Moss, Christ Church.
Lewis, David, Braséonose Coll.
Mere wether, John, Queru's Coll.
Noble, Robert, Brasennose Coll.
Ranken, Charles, Christ Church.
Shapcott, Thomas L., St. Alban's llall.
Sydenham, John, Exeter Coll,
Troughton, James, Christ Church.

Discip. Mathemat.
Crabb, George, Magdalen all.

Yesterday the following Gentlemen were admitted to Degrees:

Doctor in Divinily.--Rev. George Au. gustus Lamh, of Magdalen Coil.

Bachelors of Arts. - Dir. Baden Powell, of Oriel Coll.

Mr. Matthew Grey, of Oriel Coll.
Mr. John Shuldham, of Christ Church.

Mr. Heury Baker Tristram, of Christ

Mr. Cornelius Cooper, of Magdalen Mail.

Mr. Join Lindsay Young, of Braseduose Coll.

Mr. William Joseph Walker, of Brasernose Coll.

Nir, James !all, of Wadham Coll.
Mr. Henry Sissmore, of Wadham Coll.


Dec. 9. At Mansfield Park, the lady of park, the lady of Kubert Wigram, Sir John Shelley, Bart, M.P. of a daugi. Esq. M.P. of a son.


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MARRIAGES. COV. 2. The Rev. S. F. Statham, vicar daughter of Richard Jones, Esq. of Ald

of Powerstock, Dorset, to Jemima, gate. daughter of Joseph Travers, Esq. of High 20. Stewart Crawford, M.D. of the city bury Grove, Middlesex.

of Bath, to Caroline, daughter of the lale At St. Luke's, Chelsea, Lieut, colonel P. A. A'Court, Bart, of Heytesbury House, Forsteen, 121h regiment, to Eliza Fitz Wiles, herbert, only daughter of the late Thomas 27. By special licence, at Rochelis, the James Cotton, Esq, of Sloane street. seat of the Earl of St. Vincent, Captain

9. Uvedale Corbett, Esq. of Lincoln's Edmund Palmer, of his Majesty's navy, to ini, second son of Archdeacon Corbelt, of Henrietta, great niece of his Lordsbip, avd Longnor Hall, Salop, to Mary-Anu-Jane, youngest daughter of the late Captain Jeronly daughter of the late Joseph Lyon, vis, R.N. Esq. of Bloomsbury-square.

Dec. 9. At Fulham, Frapcis Travers, 10. Robert Francis Jameson, Esq. of the M.D. of Newark, Nottinghamshire, to Inner Temple, barrister-at.law, to Isa. Martha, daughter of the late Jeremiah bella, daughter of B. Blackden, Esq. of Sution, Esq. of I'rieston, Lincolnshire. the Green, High Wycombe.

1. Thomas Josling, Esq. of Broad. Jl. James Henry Henderson, Esq. of street-buildings, to Miss Butler, of NorVerulam-buildings. (iray’s-j111), 10 Mary, wici. daughter of Mrs. Mellor, of Dunstable. 16. At Exeter, by the Rev. George Tre.

Mr. Thomas Cornock, of Orange street, celian, Archdeacon of Wilts, Joha Mel. Peullion square,

Susanna Bemrose, ford, jun, Esq. of that city. to Eliza, daughter of Joseph Morris. Esq. of North youngest daughter of John Neave, Esq. umberland street, Straud.

a grand-daughter of the late Sir Richard 14. William Salkeld, son of Thomas Sal- Ncave, of Dagenham, Essex, keld, E.q. vf Woodbridge, to flizabeth,


MONTHLY OBITUARY. LLLS ciet de name stoont line,

eight hours of the first attack, leaving a Atill, rclict of the late Jobn Athill, disconsolate widow and eight children, Esq. of the Island of Antigua, aged 86. Mr. Jones, of St. Mary Axe.

Lately, at Scorton, Yorkshire, John 7. In Leicester-square, Thomas Parker, Rider Wood, Esq. one of the partners in Esq. Alderman and Depnty Recorder of the Richmond and Leyburn banks.

Kidwelly, Caermarthenshire, aged 56. Lately, in the Adelphi, Lady Anderson, In Bond-street, Vice-admiral William relict of Sir John William Anderson, Bart. Bligh, F.R.S. of Furningham House,

Lately, in Georse-square, Edinburgh, Kent, aged 63. Sir Patrick Inglis, Bart.

7. At Brighton, W. S. Lemage, Esq. Lately, at Chelsea, James Glenie, Esq. Clerk to the Board of Overseers of the F.R.S. aged 67.

parish of St. Martin in the fields. Lately, at Little Walmer, Essex, aged 7. In Gloucester-place, Portman-square, 14, Mr. Evander Woolsteenholme Jenkyns. Samuel Wild, Fsq. aged 60.

APRIL 21. At Calcutta, Brevet Lieut.. At Woodford, Major Wright, Esq. aged col. Joseph Frederick Desbanes, C.B. of 69. the 67th foot.

9. At llereford, the Rev. Mr. Napple. June 25. At Bengal, Captain Henry ton, canon residentiary of that cathedral, Christopher, late commander of the Hon. chancellor of the diocese, master of Lcd. East India Company's ship Sir William bury Hospital rretor of Sloke Edith, and Pulteney. His urhanity of manners and vicar of Luguardine. Herefordshire. friendly disposition will cause him to be 11. Mr. James Pugh, of Lambeth, potlong remembered and regretted in a very ter, aged 73. wide circle of his friends and acquain II. Mr. Charles Halloway, of Warwicktance,

street, Charing-cross, formerly clerk to the Nov. 19. At Stanmore, William Ben banking-house of Alexander Davison and sley, Esq.

Co. 16. At Twickenham, Mrs. Gray, aged 16. In Chester-place. Kennington, Rols. 70.

Skelton, l'sq. secretary to the Westminster 17. At John Hall's, Esq. Montague Life and British Fire Insurance Offices. sqoare, John Esdaile, Esq. youngest son of 25. At Lower Belgrave Place, Pimlico, the late Sir James Esdaile.

after a severe illness, in the 61st year of his 19. At Bau, Isaac Dobree, Esq. of the age, Mr. Robert Palmer, the oldest actor, island of Guernses, and late of Pembroke and consequently the Father of the Theatre College, Oxford, aged 25.

Royal, Drury-Lane. This actor had long 19. The Rev. H. W. Chulthurt, D.D. been suffering under frequent vitations of virar of Halifax for 27 years.

the gout.

Ile was one of the school of 22. In the 13th year of his age, Master Garrick, and nearly the last. Francis Nichols, chorister of St. Paul's originally brought upon the stage under cathedral,

the management of the celebrated Sam 23. Alexander Menzies, Esq. of Brick Foot. If not very high in his rank as a lane, Behnal grena, aged 68.

comic actor, he endeavoured to tread in 24. At leworth, the Rev. Edward the steps of his brother, and was at least a Scott, D.D. late fellow of Queen's College, very respectable performer. There was Oxford, aged 58.

no affectation in his manner. Ile was con25. At Paris, roley, son of the Hon. tended to take the characters which he perCaptain George Elliott, R.N.

forned simply as the authors designed, and 26. lo Albemarle-street, the Rev. Tho always filler the outline with spirit, if not ma Coib, A.M. rector of Ightham, and with an exuberance of original humour. vicar of sitting ourne, Canterbury, pre In brisk footmen, and the characters of bondary of Chichester, and one of his middle life, that do not aspire to polished Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the manners and refinement, he gave always a county of Kent, aged 44.

faithful and spirited representation, and 23. At East Barkwith, near Wragby, particularly in scenes of inebriety. A toe Rer, Arthur Bonson, aged 76.

character of this kind in the comedy of Der. 1, Mr. William Gibbon, sen. of Ways and lieans, he performed much bet. Gateshead, miller,ged 83.

- ter than any person who succeeded hiry, Ai Weekly', Norilamptonshire, the Rev. He was a social, good-humoured and goodJohn Eastwicke, vicar of that parish, and

natired man,

and as a proof that he was in rector of Little Oakley, in the same county, kind and friendly babits with the members aged 39.

of liia profession, he was always mentioned 6. Al Norwood, Mr. James Lawson, of by the name of Bob Palmer,' a familiar Dove-court, Lombard-street, aged 30. le was taken ili of a complaint in the wind.

Portrait and Memoir, vide pipe, or quizay, and died siilin forty December 1901, v. 10,

He was

For a

mode of designation, which is seldom ap- performers announced their intention to plied to any but those whose social qualities provide for themselves as well as they recommend them to the kindness of their could, hopeless of seeing the Theatre reassociates. It should be mentioned to his erected, he declared that, sink or swim, honour, that on the destruction of Drury. he would stick by the old planks, and never Lane Theatre by fire, when several of the desert his Commander, Sheridan,

In the press,

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Penpant's London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a Few proof impressions of the Portraits that accompany this Work, are streck off on Columbia Paper, and may be bad separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be necessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED.

Familiar Lessons on Mineralogy. ADAME DE STAEL'S new work The Advertisement, or Twenty Years

Ago, a novel, in three volumes. be printed both in French and English, Observations, Moral, Literary, and An. under the superiotendance of Mr. William tiquarian, made by John Milford, jun. Schlegel, in three volumes, octavo.

The Hall of Wellingsley, or the DiscoDunsany, a novel.

very, a novel, by Sir Egerton Brydges, Sensibility, the Stranger, and other bart, M. P. &c. poems, by W. C. Harvey.

Excursions through the Counties of EsA Statement of some late Proceedings sex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, relative to the General Baptist Church at Travels through some parts of Germany, Nottingham.

Poland, Moldavia, and Turkey, by Adam A Biographical Account of the principal Neale, M. D. works relating to English Topography, in Letters from the Abbé Edgeworth to his three volumes octavo, by William Upcott Friends, written between the years 1177 of the London Lostitution,

and 1807, by the Rev. Thomas R. England. Dr. Armstrong's work on Scarlet Fever, Memoirs, with a Selection from the Cor. Measles, Consumptions, &c. and his volume respondence, and other uopublished Writ. on 7yphus Fever:

ings of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton. The Rev. J. Hunt's translation of Tasso's Conversations on Algebra. Jerusalem Delivered.

Scientific Tables, or the Juvenile StaDr, R. J. Thornton's Juvenile Botanist's dents Classical Guide to the Sciences, Companion, or Complete Guide to the

Just published, Vegetable Kingdom.

The History and Antiquities of the Ca. Lieut. Col. Johnson's Narrative of an thedral of Winchester, by Mr. Brittoo, Overland Journey from India, in 1817, with 30 engravings. through Persia, Armenia, Russia, &c. il. Mr. Britton's First Number of liestra. lustrated by engravings.

tions of York Cathedral, with six enThe Reverie, with Songs, Sonnets, and gravings. other Poems, hy Cor. Webb.

A Synoptical Catalogue of British Birds, A Walk through Switzerland, in Sep octavo, by Thomas Forsen, F.L.S. tember 1916.

Anecdotes respecting Cranbourn Chase, Rome, Naples, and Florence, in 1817. by William Challin, Clerk.

O'Regan's Memoirs of the Legal, Lite. Remarks, Moral, Practical, and Faces sary, and Political Life of the late Right tions, selected from the writings of the late llon. J. P. Curran.

William Hutton, esq. of Birmingham. The Rev. Daniel Tyerman's Essays on For the Benefit of the Insolvent Debtors the Wisdom of God.

in Newgate.- A Sermon on Compassion, Strictures on Dr. Chalmers's Discourses wherein it is considered as a Duty we owe on Astronomy, by John Overton.

to every Fellow Creature of whatever Sect To be continued monthly, Views of the or Country. By a Friend to Charity. Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen in Eng Rees Price's Critical Enquiry into the land, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, by Nature and Treatment of the Case of Her J. P. Neale.

Royal Highness the Priocess Charlotte of A Cruize, or Tiree Months on the Con. Wales and her Jurant. tinent, by a Nava! Oficer.

Monody to the Memory of the Princess An edition of Sallust, editing by Mr. Valpy. Charlotte Augasta, by the Author of Even

Thie Comedies of Terence, by the same. ing Hours. A new edirion of M. Dos Carriere's Histcire de Frauce,


PUBLISAED IN DECEMBER, At the Prices they are advertised at, in bourds, unless otherwise expressed ;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE. ECTURES of Scripture Doctrines, by. Biographical Illustrations, by Rebecca

Waroer, 8vo. 104, 6d. Lectures on Scripture Facis, by W. B. A View of the Constirution of the Church

Collyer, D.D. F.A.S'ibird edition, 8vo. of Scotland, new edition, by Dr. Hill, 14s.

6s. Reichard's Itinerary of Italy, with Maps The Clerical Guide, or Ecclesiastical Direcand Views, 18mo. bound, 10s, 6d.

tory, royal 8vo. 208. Burn's Christian Ollicer, tourth edition, Instructions for the Use of Candidates for 4s, 6d.

Holy Orders, by Christopher Hledgron, Buro's Who. Fares Best, fourth edition, 880. gs. 60. 25. 6d.

Philanthropy, a Poem, with Miscellaneous The Actress of the Present Day, 3 vols, Pieces, by logram Cobbin, M. A. boards, 12mo, 18s.

9s. Memoirs of the late John Philpot Curran, Immanuel, a Poem, 12mo. Ts. 6d. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Taylor's Aristottle, 2 vols. 8vo. 183. Cyprus Wreath, foolscap 8vo. 6s.

Farmer's Account Book for 1818, 108, 60. Fanny Fiiz York, 3 vols. 12mo. 218.

Bingley's Biographical Conversation, 12mu. Cowper's Task, with Westal's Illustration, 63.

Jauffret's Father's First Lesson, 18mo. half. Mandeville, a Tale of the Seventeenth Cen.

bound, 35, 6d. tury in England, by Mrs. Godwin, 2 vols. Family Suppers, or Evening Tales, 18mo. 1900. 215.

7s. Memoirs relating to European and Asiatic Essay on the Disorders of Old Age, by Ane

Turkey, by the Rev. R. Walpole, 410. thony Carlisle, lisq. 8vo. 58. 31, 3s.

Medico Chirurgical Transactions, vol. 8, Physiological Lectures, delivered in 1817,

part 2, 8vo. 10s, od. by John Abernethy, 8vo. 8s.

Transactions of the College of Physicians Observations on the Treatment of Piies, by in Ireland, vol. I, 8vo. 148. Jobo Kerby, 8vo. 35.

The Spirit of the British Essayists, new edit. Old Church of England Principles, in a Se. in 6 vols. royal 18mo. 24s. ries of Plain, Doctrival and Practical The Batchelor and the Married Man, 3 vols. Sermons, by the Rev. R. Warner, vol. I, 12mo, 16s, 6d. 12.no, 6s.

Park's Chemical Catechism. 8vo. edit. 148. Original Letters from Baxter, &c. with East Iodia Register, 1818, sewed, 7s, 6d.



ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO CORRESPONDENTS. UR library table is at this moment so Editor of the European Magazine to insert

origioal dramatic pieces; we must therefore scriptions, as to render it impossible for us decline J.R.'s communication, even 10 acknowledge the receipt of each The Editor earnestly requests obat those piece separately, and we bave therefore to Gentlemen who favour this Magazine with entreat the forbearance of our Poetical Literary Inielligence will send it on OR BECorrespondents, until it is hereafter in our FORE the 24th day of the Mooth, or they power to introduce such as may appear wor will be excluded fill the next Month. thy of insertion.

A Constant Reader -T.W.-N.-A CitiThe clumsy attempt to eulogise the cha zen - Fragmenta, No. XVIII., in our next. racter of a popular, or rather an unpo Musaeus and J.R. as soon as possible. pular, district Magistrate, is too fulsomne 10 Stanzas to Horatio-W.-N.-On the De. please more than two persons, -the Author parture of a Friend to Jamaica--Stanzas lo and his llero,

my Old House-The Sun-beam-to an ab. Monodies, Elegics, Sonnels, and Epi sent friend-L.R.S.-Peterkin-F. are retaphs op our late national bereavement, have ceived. poured upon us in such abondance, as to ren Lines, extentpore, by a Schoolboy-W.J.R der their insertion perfeclly impossible. :-Y.-Quinkquankquolly--The Philanthro. We shall be happy to select some, but there pist, are ipadipissable. are very many whose Authors should be indebted to us for consigning their produc

Errata for November. tions to oblivion.

Page 293, coluna 1, before '' son of," Alonzo's solicitations shall be promptly prelix was the." attended to.

Page 333, column 2, line 29, for TC It has not been the custom of the present ceiving," read “revising." Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXII. Dec. 1817.

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