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July 25, 1777.-Mr. Robert Erskine.
Dec. 4, 1780.- Mr. Simeon De Witt.
May 4, 1781.-Mr. Thomas Hutchins, for the southern army.


Topographical Engineers.

Apr. 12, 1813.-Bvt. Lieut. Col. John Anderson' (Vermont). Sept. 14, 1834.-Bvt. Lieut. Col. John J. Abert (Virginia).


Corps of Topographical Engineers.

July 7, 1838.—Col. John J. Abert (Virginia).
Sept. 9, 1861.-Col. Stephen H. Long (New Hampshire).

1 While Colonel Anderson was the senior topographical engineer until his death in 1834, the Army Register for 1829 gives Maj. Isaac Roberdeau, T. E., as in charge of the Topographical Bureau. At his death, January 15, 1829, Major Roberdeau was succeeded in that charge by Colonel Abert.



June 16, 1775.


That there be one Chief Engineer at the Grand Army, and that his pay be sixty dollars per month.

That two assistants be employed under him, and that the pay of each of them be twenty dollars per month.

That there be one Chief Engineer for the Army, in a separate department, and two assistants under him; that the pay of the Chief Engineer be sixty dollars per month, and the pay of the assistants each twenty dollars per month.

October 3, 1775.

Resolved, That the committee appointed to repair to the camp do confer with Mr. Rittenhouse and enquire of him whether he apprehends he can be of service to the continent as an engineer, and if he can, to engage him, and desire he would, with all convenient speed, repair to the camp.

January 16, 1776. Resolved,

That if General Washington think proper, Colonel R. Gridley be continued chief engineer in the army at Cambridge.

That the pay of the assistant engineers in the army at Cambridge be 26 dollars and two-thirds per month.

March 28, 1776.

Resolwell, That two engineers be employed for the Southern Depart. ment.

March 30, 1776.

The committee proceeded to the election of two engineers for the Southern Department; and the ballots being taken,

John Stadler and Monsieur Massenback were elected.

April 26, 1776. Resolved, That Mr. Baldwin, the assistant engineer, ordered to Canada, be allowed, in consideration of his merit, the pay and rank of lieutenant-colonel on the Continental establishment.

April 29, 1776.

Major Wrixon declined commission of Chief Engineer.

May 18, 1776.


That the pay of the deputy engineers be raised to 30 dollars a month, and that they be allowed rations for themselves and forage for their horses when in camp or necessarily absent on Continental duty.

June 26, 1776.

Resolved, That Mons. Antoine Felix Weibert, who applies to be employed as an engineer in the Continental Army, be recommended to General Washington as a person who appears to be qualified to act in that capacity; but as he asks no more at present than to be placed in a situation in which he may be enabled to evidence his ability, that the General be desired to employ him in such a way as he shall judge will best conduce to the good of the service and answer Mons. Weibert's request.

July 16, 1976. Resolved, That Monsieur Kermovan be appointed an engineer in the Continental service, with the pay of 60 dollars a month and the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

July 23, 1776. Resolved,

That Monsieur St. Martin be appointed an engineer, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, and that he be directed to repair to New York and put himself under the command of General Washington.

July 29, 1770. Resolved,

That Mons. Christopher Pelliser, who has suffered considerably by warmly espousing and taking an active part in the cause of America, in Canada, be appointed an engineer in the service of the United States, with the pay of 60 dollars a month and rank of lieutenant-colonel.

August 5, 1776. Resolved,

That Lieutenant-Colonel Rufus Putnam be appointed an engineer, with the rank of colonel and pay of 60 dollars a month.

August 12, 1776.--"The Congress have likewise been pleased to appoint Rufus Putnam, esqr., an engineer, and have given him the rank of colonel of the Army." (Orders, General Ileadquarters, New York.)

August 14, 1776.

Resolved, That Monsieur Weibert, now serving in the Continental Army at New York as an engineer, be appointed assistant engineer, with the rank and pay of lieutenant-colonel.

September 3, 1776. Resolved, That Jeduthan Baldwin, esq., be appointed an engineer in the Continental Army, with the rank of colonel and pay of 60 dollars a month.

September 19, 1776. . Resolved,

That Monsieur Jean Louis Imbret, a gentleman well recommended as an engineer, be sent to General Washington to be employed in that capacity in order to show his abilities, and that one month's pay as a captain be advanced for his expenses.

October 18, 1776.

Resolved, That Thaddeus Kosciuszko be appointed an engineer in the service of the United States, with the pay of sixty dollars a month and the rank of colonel.

April 12, 1777.

Resolved, That the Count de Vrecourt he appointed an engineer in the service of the United States, with the rank and pay of a colonel.

May 14, 1777.


The Commander in Chief and the commander in any separate department shall be authorized to allow such quantities of forage, and for and during such times as they shall think proper, to the chief engineer and his assistants;

Provided, always, that if any of the officers above mentioned, their deputies or assistants, should be allowed forage in consequence of any general order hereafter given, and should nevertheless not keep any or so many horses as they would be permitted to draw forage for, in such case no forage shall be issued for more horses than they really have, nor shall they at any time thereafter be allowed any forage as back allowance or any money in lieu thereof.

May 22, 1777. Resolved, That Louis Fleury, engaged by our commissioners in France, be sent as a captain of engineers to General Washington.

July 8, 1777.

Resolved, That the treaty made by the commissioners in France on the 13th day of February last be confirmed as far as it respects the Chevalier du Portail, Mons. de la Radiere, and Mons, de Gouvion; the first to be a colonel, the second a lieutenant-colonel, and the third major of engineers.

July 22, 1777.

Resol red, That the Chevalier du Portail, colonel of engineers, take rank and command of all engineers heretofore appointed.

July 25, 1777.


That General Washington be empowered to appoint Mr. Robert Erskine, or any other person that he may think proper, geographer and surveyor of the roads, to take sketches of the country, the seat of war, and to have the procuring, governing, and paying the guides employed under him; the General to fix the

pay of the said geographer, etc., and the allowance that shall be made to the guides.

September 17, 1777.—Mr. Charles Tronson du Coudray, having been drowned in attempting to cross the Schuylkill, Congress ordered his interment at the expense of the United States. On August 11 a committee of four-Messrs. Wilson, Duane, Heyward, and S. Adams—had been appointed to define the powers to be granted him, but his death stopped further action, and there is no record that the committee ever made a report.

October 2, 1777.—The treaty made by Benjamin Franklin and Silas Deane at Paris, February 17, 1777, was ratified so far as relating to Mons. de Laumoy.

November 17, 1777.

Resolved, That the Chevalier du Portail be appointed to the rank of brigadier-general, Mons. de Laumoy and Mons. de la Radiere to that of colonel, and Mons. Gouvion to that of lieutenant-colonel in the Army of the United States, the said gentlemen to be employed, as heretofore, in the capacity of engineers.

November 26, 1777.

Resolved, That Monsieur Fleury, in consideration of the disinterested gallantry which he has manifested in the service of the United States, be promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the Army.

January 1, 1778.

Resolved, That the Chevalier De Villefranche be appointed major in the Corps of Engineers, under the command of the Brigadier Du Portail.

February 11, 1778. Resolved,


in the grand army, with the Chief Engineer,

shall be a subordinate board of ordnance, under the direction of the Commander in Chief or the board of war and ordnance, for transacting all business of the Ordnance Department necessary to be done in the field, and to have the care of all ordnance and stores at camp.

[blocks in formation]

Resolved, That Captain Ferdinand De Brahm, who has heretofore acted as an engineer in the State of South Carolina, be appointed an engineer in the Continental establishment, with the rank of major in the armies of the United States.

April 16, 1978.

Resolved, That a commission of captain be granted to Mr. Capitaine in the Corps of Engineers in the service of the United States of America, and that he rank from the 1st of December, 1776.

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