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Congress proceeded to the election; and the ballots being taken, Joseph Ward, esq., was elected Commissary-General of Musters.

Richard Varick and William Bradford, jr., were elected deputy muster-masters-general.

May 2, 171919. Resolved, That all muster rolls directed to be taken be sworn to before some general officer of the Army, or in the absence of a general officer, before the commanding officer of the post where the muster is made, or some civil magistrate in the United States, and a certificate thereof be made on the back of each roll.

Resolved, That each deputy muster-master deliver to the deputy muster-master-general of his department one certified copy of all muster rolls, by which the latter shall make the abstracts required from him.

Resolved, That the commissary-general of musters and his deputies shall take an oath of office and fidelity to these United States.

Resolved, That in the absence of the Commander in Chief from any department the deputy muster-masters shall be appointed by the commander in that department.

Resolved, That the mustering officers be empowered and directed to require of the officers whose troops are mustered any papers or vouchers relative to the enlistment and muster.

May 14, 1777. Resolved,

The Commander in Chief and the commander in any separate department shall be authorized to allow such quantities of forage, and for and during such times as they shall think proper to the muster-master-general and his deputies:

Provided always, That if any of the officers above mentioned, their deputies or assistants, should be allowed forage in consequence of any general orders hereafter given, and should nevertheless not keep any or so many horses as they would be permitted to draw forage for, in such case no forage shall be issued for more horses than they really have, nor shall they at any time thereafter be allowed any forage as back allowance or any money in lieu thereof. May 20, 1777;—“Lewis Woodruff

, esq., is appointed deputy muster-master.”. (Orders, General Headquarters, Morristown.)

June 10, 1777.


XXXIV.—That no returns of rations drawn or returned by the several regiments be hereafter made

to the commissary-general of musters, or by him to the adjutant-general

as directed in the regulations of the muster-master-general's department passed by Congress the 4th of April last.

July 8, 1777. Resolved, That Robert Harrison, esq., be appointed to muster the said battalion [Maryland battalion of Continental troops commanded by Colonel Richardson) while employed in the service for which it is now destined; and that he be allowed a reasonable compensation for every muster which he shall perform.

August 6, 1777. Resolved, That the commissary-general of musters be allowed here- . after the pay and rations of a colonel; that the pay of his deputy commissaries be increased to 60 dollars a month, and that of the mustermasters to 45 dollars per month.

Resolved, That the several muster-masters be directed to omit making returns to the paymaster and deputy paymasters-general.

August 22, 1777. Resolved, That Lodowig Sprogle be empowered and directed to muster the militia of Pennsylvania instead of the deputy mustermaster-general, whose indisposition prevents his performing that service.

October 10, 1777. Resolved, That John Montgomery, esq., at Carlisle, be, and he is hereby appointed and authorized to muster the two companies under the command of Major J. A. Wilson, for the discharge of which duty a reasonable allowance shall be made to him.


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October 20, 1777. Resolved, That Mr. William Massey be appointed deputy mustermaster-general to the Continental troops raised or to be raised in the States of South Carolina and Georgia.

January 13, 1978. Resolved,


a deputy muster-master-general be appointed to act pro tempore for the troops aforesaid [from New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Connecticut constantly employed in Rhode Island for the defence of the State and of the Providence Plantations]; that the .. deputy mustermaster-general be appointed by the officer commanding at that post [Providence, and that each

take the oath of fidelity and office.

May 29, 1978. Resolved, That no person hereafter appointed upon the civil staff of the Army shall hold or be entitled to any rank in the Army by virtue of such staff appointment.

March 16, 1779.—The quartermaster-general was authorized to appoint a mustermaster for the corps of wagoners; and, April 19, 1779, he was empowered to establish regulations, to be approved by the Commander in Chief, for the mustering of that corps.

April 6, 1779. Congress proceeded to the election of deputy commissaries-general of musters in the room of Messrs. Bradford and Noarth, resigned; and the ballots being taken,

Mr. Henry Rutgers, jr., and Mr. Azariah Horton were elected.

December 24, 1779.—“The honorable the board of war having procured a small supply of shirts and linen and directed the distribution of them among the officers

of the

staff, who are not adopted by any State, the clothier-general is to deliver them upon returns sighed by the

heads of the following corps and departments at the rates directed by a resolve of Congress of the 25th of November last. Muster-masters.”

(Orders, General Headquarters, Morristown.)

January 12, 1780.

Resolved, That the mustering department be discontinued and the officers thereof discharged.

And whereas the said commissary-general of musters has proved himself a good and faithful officer, and those who have been employed under him have given satisfaction in their offices:

Resolved, that the said commissary-general of musters, and those officers who have continued in that department under him for eighteen months last past, shall be entitled to receive a sum equal to their pay respectively for the terms of twelve months from this day.

Resolved, That in future the business of mustering the troops be performed by the inspectors of the Army,

February 7, 1780. Resolved, That the commissary-general of musters, his deputies and muster-masters, be allowed 100 dollars per month for each detained ration from the 18th of August last to the 12th of January last, when the department was discontinued, in like manner as officers of the line.

October 12, 1781.

Ordered, That it be recommended to the executive of the State of Massachusetts to settle with and pay the officers of the late mustering department within that State, that have not been settled with, by allowing them what their arrears of pay and year's advance was worth in specie at the time they respectively became due, and charge the same to the United States.


May 15, 1777.-Elias Boudinot.
May 11, 1778.—Col. Francis Johnson.
May 28, 1778.- Maj. John Beatty.
Apr. 15, 1780.—Col. Joseph Ward.
Sept. 15, 1780.-Abraham Skinner.

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