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Maine Medical School,
N. H. Medical School,
Castleton Med. College,
Vt. Medical College,
Med. School Har. Univ.,
Berkshire Med. School,
Med. Instit. Yale College,
Coll. Phys. & Sur. N. Y.,
Med. Insti. Geneva Coll..
Med. Faculty Univ. N. Y.,
Albany Medical College,
Med. Dep. Univ. Penn.,
Jefferson Med. College,
Med. Dep. Penn. Coll.,
Franklin Medical Coll.,
Med. School Univ. Md.,
Washington Med. Coll.,

Med. School Columb. Coll., Washington,
Med. School Univ. Va..
Richmond Med. College,
Winchester Medical Coll.
Med. Coll. State of S. C.,
Med. College of Georgia,
Med. Coll. of Louisiana,
Memphis Med. College,
Med. Dep. Transyl. Univ.,
Louisville Med. Instit.,
West'n Reserve Med. Coll.,

Medical College of Ohio,

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Prof. Stu.

Lects. commence.














New Haven,

1823 1810

New York,
New York,

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6 52

8306 w. aft 3d Th. Aug.


852 1st Mon. in Nov.

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58 1st Tues. in Oct. 4,774 1st Mon. in Nov. 1,232 1st Mon. in Nov. 1st Mon. in Nov.

6 100










2d Mon. in Oct.

909 October 31st.

1st Mon. in Nov. 81 1st Mon. in Nov. 1st Mon. in Oct. 14 1st Mon. in Nov.

1st Mon. in Oct.

2d Mon. in Nov.

124 2d Mon. in Nov. 3d Mon. in Nov.

1,351 1st Mon. in Nov.


216 130

53 1st Mon. in Nov. 96 1st Wed. in Nov. 331 1st Mon. in Nov.

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According to returns made in 1844–7, and by estimate.

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XXIII. Table exhibiting the Seats of Government, the Times of the Election of State officers, and the Meeting of the Legislatures, of the several States.

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2d Monday in September, 2d Wednesday in May.
2d Tuesday in March, 1st Wednesday in June.
1st Tuesday in September, 2d Thursday in October.
2d Monday in November, 1st Wednesday in January.
1st Tuesday in May.
Last Monday in October.
1st Wednesday in May.

1st Wednesday in April' {

Hartf'd & N. Hav. 1st Monday in April,






Rhode Island,


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New Jersey,


Pennsylvania, Harrisburg,







N. Carolina,


S. Carolina,












New Orleans,

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Jefferson City,



Iowa City,

Little Rock,




1st Monday in November, 1st Tuesday in January.
Tues. af 1st Mon. in Nov. 4th Tuesday in January.
2d Tuesday in October, 1st Tuesday in January.
2d Tuesday in November, 1st Tues. in Jan. biennially.
1st Wednesday in Oct. Last Monday in Dec., bienn.
4th Thursday in April, 1st Monday in December.
Commonly in August, 2d Monday in Nov., bienn.
2d Monday in October, 4th Monday in November.
1st Monday in October, 1st Monday in Nov., bienn.
1st Monday in October, 1st Monday in November.
1st Monday in August, 1st Monday in Dec., bienn.
1st Mon. and Tue. in Nov. 1st Monday in Jan, bienn.
1st Monday in November, 3d Monday in Jan., bienn.
1st Monday in November,
1st Monday in August,
1st Thursday in August,
1st Monday in August,
2d Tuesday in October,
1st Monday in August,
1st Monday in August,
1st Monday in August,
1st Tues. in November,
1st Monday in Aven

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With their Salaries, Terms of Office, and expiration of their respective Terms; the Number of Senators and Representatives in the State Legislatures, with their respective Terms.

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In all the States, except Virginia and South Carolina, the Governor is voted for by the people; and if no one has a majority of all the votes, in the States in which such a majority is required, the Legislature elects to the office of Governor one of the candidates voted for by the people.

The seat of government of Louisiana, after 1848, is to be at Baton Rouge.

* Wisconsin is not yet a State, having rejected the constitution which the convention had prepared.


Tariff of Duties on Imports and Tonnage, and Regulations for collecting the same in such of the Ports of Mexico as may be now or hereafter in our Military possession by conquest, prepared by the Secretary of the Treasury, and accompanying his Report to the President of the United States, dated 30th March, 1847.

On all articles not here enumerated, a duty of 30 per cent. ad valorem is imposed; when the duty is stated as so much per cent. it is reckoned as so much per cent. ad valorem.

Alabaster and spar ornaments, forty per ct. Ale, see Beer.

Anchors, four cents per lb.

Anchovies, twenty-five cents per lb.
Anvils, four cents per lb.
Apples, one dollar per barrel.

Arms, and warlike instruments, contraband.
Artificial flowers, forty per cent.

Bacon and smoked hams, six and one-quarter cents per lb.

Bags of flax, hemp, or grass, not exceeding one yard square in size, twelve and onequarter cents each; if exceeding that size, twelve and one-half cents per square yard of material. See Cotton.

Baizes, see Wool.

Bead bags, forty per cent.

Beads, forty per cent.

Beef, smoked and jerked, one cent per lb. Beef, salted and pickled in barrels or half barrels, two cents per lb.

Beer, ale, porter, and cider, in quart bottles,
one dollar per dozen, which includes the
duty on bottles. In pint bottles, fifty
cents per dozen, which includes the duty
on bottles. In casks or any other des-
cription of package, other than the above-
named, twenty-five cents per gallon. In
all cases of liquids, imported in casks or
barrels, the duty shall be levied on the ca-
pacity of the cask or barrel, without re-
gard to any deficiency of its contents.
Beeswax, twelve and a half cents per lb.
Blank books, twenty cents per lb.
Blankets, see Wool.

Boards, ten dollars per thousand feet.
Bockings, see Wool.

Bonnets, see Wearing apparel.

Books, printed, bound, half bound, or in sheets or pamphlets, fifty cents per lb. Boots, for men, women, or children, one dollar per pair.

Bottles, of black or green glass, not exceeding the capacity of one quart each, three dollars per gross; if exceeding that capacity, five dollars per gross. Bowie knives, contraband of war. Boxes, fancy, forty per cent. Brads, four cents per lb. Braids, forty per cent.

Brandy, and other spirits, in demijohns, one dollar per gallon. The same rules to be applied to brandy and other spirits, when imported in demijohns, or in bottles of greater capacity than two and one-half gallons to the dozen, as are made for

wines. Brandy in pipes, not exceeding one hundred and twenty gallons each, sixty dollars per pipe; if in half pipes, not exceeding sixty gallons each, thirty dollars per half pipe; in quarter casks, not exceeding thirty-two gallons each, sixteen dollars a quarter cask; if in Indian barrels or octaves, not exceeding twenty gallons each, ten dollars per package. Brandy and other distilled spirits, in bottles, not exceeding two and one-half gallons to the dozen, three dollars per dozen, which includes the duty on bottles.

Brass, manufactures of, see Manufactures.
Brass, see Copper.

Bread, ship, and biscuit, three cents per lb.
Brimstone, contraband of war.
Butter, six cents per lb.

Cables and cordage, five cents per lb.
Cables, iron, four cents per lb.
Camphor, forty per cent.

Candles, wax and sperm, twelve and one-
half cents per Ib. Candles, tallow, six
and one-half cents per lb.
Cannon, contraband of war.
Caps of fur, leather, cloth, or straw, fifty
cents each.

Cards, playing, twenty-five cents per pack.
Carpets, not more than thirty-six inches in
width, forty cents per running yard.
Carriages, forty per cent.
Cheese, four cents per lb.
China ware, forty per cent.

Cigaritos, or paper cigars, three dollars per thousand.

Cinnamon, cassia, and cloves, fifty cents per lb.

Cider, see Beer.

Coaches, forty per cent.

Coal, anthracite, bituminous, and charcoal, one dollar per ton. Cocoa, three cents per lb. Coffee, three cents per lb. Copper, in pigs or bars, old copper, sheathing copper, brass in pigs or bars, old brass, zinc or spelter, in pigs, bars, or sheets, and on steel in bars not over one inch square, intended only for mining purposes, two cents per lb. Copper manufactured, see Manufactures.

Cordials, in bottles not exceeding two and one-half gallons to the dozen, four dollars per dozen, which includes the duty on bottles.

Cords, see Cotton.

Cosmetics, all kinds, forty per cent.

Cotton trimming laces, cotton insertings and
trimmings, tapes, cords, galloons, tassels,
and all other manufactures of cotton or of
cotton mixed with any other material, ex-
cept wool, worsted, or silk, not otherwise
specially mentioned and provided for, for-
ty per cent.

Cotton shawls or rebosas, thirty per cent.
Cotton handkerchiefs, not over one yard
square, six cents each; over that size,
one-fourth of one cent per running yard,
each additional inch in width.
Cotton yarn and twist, eight cents per lb.
Cotton thread and balls, twenty-five cents
per lb.

Cotton thread on spools, six cents per dozen

piece, not exceeding thirty-six inches in
width, fifteen cents per running yard; and
for every additional inch in width, one-
half cent per running yard additional

Grain of all kinds, except rice and Indian
corn, forty cents per bushel.
Gun cotton, contraband of war.
Gunny bagging, see Bags and Cotton.
Gunpowder, contraband of war.
Handkerchiefs, see Cotton and Linen.
Harness, forty per cent.

Hats of straw, fur, or silk, one dollar each.
Hemp, flax, Sisal, or India grass, India,
Sunn, one cent per lb.
Hemp, see Manufactures.

Hosiery, say caps, gloves, cuffs, mits, socks,
stockings, shirts, and drawers of whatever
material composed, except silk, thirty per


Cotton, or of cotton, manufactures of, mixed
with any other material, except wool,
worsted, or silk, in the piece (excepting
shawls and handkerchiefs), not exceeding Indian corn, ten cents per bushel.
thirty-six inches wide, five cents per run- Indian meal, one-half cent per lb.
ning yard; and for every additional inch Iron, pig, one-half cent per lb.

in width, one-fourth of one cent per run- Iron, bar, rolled or hammered, old or scrap ning yard additional duty.

iron, one and one-half cents per lb.

Cotton bagging, gunny bagging, and all
other bagging and matting of all kinds,
five cents per running yard.
Cotton, raw, two cents per lb.
Counterpanes, see wool.
Currants, three cents per lb.
Cutlery, say pocket knives, scissors, razors, Knives, forty per cent.
and table cutlery, and on all manufac- Laces, see Cotton.
tures of iron and steel, except those pro- Lances, contraband.
hibited and including iron and steel wire Lard, four cents per lb.
and cap and bonnet wire, forty per cent.
Dates, three cents per lb.

Iron, sheet, rod, hoop, and all other descrip-
tions of rolled and hammered, four cents
per lb.

Iron castings of all descriptions, not other-
wise enumerated, three cents per lb.
Jute, one cent per ĺb.

Demijohns, three dollars per dozen.
Dirks, contraband of war.

Drawers, leather, fifty cents each.
Earthen ware, forty per cent.
Engravings, forty per cent.

Epaulets and wings, one dollar per pair.
Figs, three cents per lb.

Fire-arms, contraband of war.
Fish, pickled or salted in barrels, one dol-
lar per barrel; if in half barrels, sixty-
two and a half cents; if in quarter bar-
rels or kegs, forty cents each.

Fish, smoked or salted, dried codfish, and on
beef and pork salted or pickled, in barrels
or half barrels, two cents per lb.

Flax, see Hemp.

Flour, see Wheat.

Furniture (household), forty per cent.
Galloons, see Cotton.

German silver, manufactures of, see Manu


Gin, in square bottles (in cases), of not exceeding three gallons to the dozen, four dollars per dozen, which includes the duty on bottles.

Lead, contraband of war.

Linen thread, twenty-five cents per lb.
Linen handkerchiefs, not over one yard
square, twelve and one-half cents each;
if over that size, one-half cent per run-
ning yard, for each additional inch in

Lumber, hewn timber, or scantling, ten dol-
lars per thousand feet.
Laths, fifty cents per thousand.
Maccaroni, four cents per lb.
Machinery, and machines to be used in the
gold and silver mines, free.
Manilla, one cent per lb.

Manufactures of hemp, grass, and flax,in
the piece, not otherwise specially enumer-
ated and provided for, and not exceeding
thirty-six inches wide, six cents per run-
ning yard; and for every additional inch
in width, one-fourth of one cent per run-
ning yard additional duty.
Manufactures of copper, brass, tin, zinc, or

spelter, pewter, and German silver, ex-
cept such as are prohibited, thirty per ct.
Millinery, see wearing apparel and silk.
Molasses, five cents per gallon.
Musical instruments, forty per cent.
Muskets, contraband of war.
Nails, four cents per lb.

Ginger, fifty cents per lb.
Glass, window, ten cents per lb.
Glasses (looking), looking glass plates,
on glass ware of all kinds, except those
specially mentioned otherwise, and on Oatmeal, one cent per lb.

Nuts and almonds, four cents per lb.
Oats, see Grain.

China ware, stone ware, and earthen ware, Oil cloth and oil floor cloth, not exceeding forty per cent. seventy-two inches in width, fifty cents per running yard.

Gloves, thirty per cent.

Goats' hair or mohair, manufactures of, the Oils, whale, sperm, linseed, and olive, and

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