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June 12.

Alcoholic beverages---

June 5.


June 11.

American selling price.

June 10.

Bearings and chains..

June 11.

June 12.

June 1.

June 5.

June 16.

June 16.
Ceramic tile_

June 15.

June 10.

June 15.

June 3.

June 12.

June 1.
Domestic International Sales Corp---

June 4.
Electrical equipment-

June 8.

June 8.
Exported articles, refund of duties--

June 4.
Farm products.

June 12, 16, 17.

June 12.

June 5.
Footwea (leather and rubber) and elated products. June 2, 16, 17.

June 9.

June 3.
General testimony

May 18, 19, 22, June 5, 9,

11, 16, 17.


June 15.


June 5.

Government officials-

May 11, 12, 13, 14, June 25.


June 15.


June 9.


June 16.

Industrial fasteners_-

June 11.


June 1.

Item 807__

June 8, 9.

Machinery and machine tools..

June 4.


June 15.


June 11.

Milk and milk products.

June 16.


June 16.


June 5.


June 3, 4.

Pins and fasteners.

June 12.

Scissors and shears---

June 5.


June 16.

Sporting arms.-

June 5.

State agencies.

June 5.

Steel -

June 1.


June 15.


June 17.

Textiles and apparels_

May 20, June 11, 16, 17.


June 5.


June 5.


June 5.


June 15.


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Page Letter from the President to Chairman Mills, dated May 11, 1970---

65 Press releases :

Dated Thursday, April 16, 1970, outlining future schedule of the Committee on Ways and Means_

1 Dated Monday, May 4, 1970, announcing public hearings on tariff and trade proposals--

2 Proposed Trade Act of 1969, committee print-

5 Draft bill (H.R. 14870, introduced by Chairman Mills and Congressman

John W. Byrnes of Wisconsin on November 19, 1969, at the request
of the administration).

15 Message of the President.

8 Section-by-section analysis.

20 Trade Expansion Act of 1962, as amended -

30 ORAL STATEMENTS BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS Agriculture, Department of: Hardin, Hon. Clifford M., Secretary-

626 Commerce, Department of: Stans, Hon. Maurice H., Secretary

299, 4417 Abbuhl, Forrest, Director, Trade and Commercial Policy Division - 299, 4417 Bodner, Seth, Special Assistant to Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resources

299, 4417 Butler, Michael F., Assistant General Counsel, Domestic and Internation Business

299, 4417 Fox, Lawrence, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Trade Policy

479 Johnson, Chadwick, Japan Desk Officer-

4417 Nehmer, Stanley, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resources.. 482, 4417 Labor, Department of: Shultz, Hon. George P., Secretary-

589 Blackman, Herbert N., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade and

Adjustment Policy---
Hildebrand, Hon. George H., Deputy Under Secretary-

589 State, Department of: Rogers, Hon. William P., Secretary-

557 Trezise, Philip H., Assistant Secretary for Economic Affairs--

570 Treasury, Department of: Kennedy, Hon. David M., Secretary-

499 Nolan, John, Acting Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy -

499 Patrick, Robert J., Associate Tax Legislative Counsel (International) 499 Petty, John R., Assistant Secretary for International Affairs---Rossides, Eugene T., Assistant Secretary for Enforcement and Operations

521 Volcker, Paul A., Under Secretary for Monetary Affairs..

524 Trade Negotiations, Office of the Special Representative for : Gilbert, Hon. Carl J., Special Representative for Trade Negotiations

67, 645 Garland, Allen H., chairman, Trade Staff Committee_

67, 645 Gates, Theodore R., Assistant Special Representative for Industry

and Labor-Pomeranz, Morton, acting general counsel, and secretary, Trade Executive Committee--

67, 645 ORAL STATEMENTS BY PUBLIC WITNESSES Abbitt, Hon. Watkins M., a Representative in Congress from the State of Virginia

4283 Ackley, Hon Gardner, on behalf of the American Retail Federation--- 921 Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc. : Harr, Karl G., Jr., president

3835 Marshall, Robert B., member, International Committee_--.

3847 Stoffel, Albert W., chairman, International Committee-Trade Policy Task Group--

3843 Alevra, Peter, Pulp & Paper Machinery Association---

2486 Allen, Edward A., Jr., on behalf of the Stainless Steel Flatware Manufacturers Association.

1810 Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Jacob S. Potofsky, president. 1267


67, 645


2130 2130

3157 3154

1373 1373 1373 1373


1490 1490 4178

1620 1620 1620

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1001 1022

1983 1983 2024 2016

Amalgamated Meat Cutters & Butcher Workmen of North America :

Feinglass, Abe, international vice president (statement delivered by

Mr. Wishart)--
Wishart, James, research director.
Fur and Leather Department:

Foner, Henry

Shapiro, Ralph, counsel -
American Apparel Manufacturers Association :

Brawley, H. W--
Flanagan, William S., board of directors and executive committee_-
Meredith, Ellis E., executive vice president.

Priestland, Carl, economic consultant-
American Association of Port Authorities, Clifford B. O'Hara, chairman,

committee XI.----
American Association of Woolen Importers, Inc. :

Bissinger, Fred, Jr., president

Daniels, Michael P., counsel..
American Butter Institute, Robert F. Anderson, executive secretary-
American Farm Bureau Federation :

McLain, Marvin, director, legislative department--
Sherwin, Dale, assistant director, legislative department-

Shuman, Charles B., president--
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations :

Biemiller, Andrew J., director, department of legislation..

Goldfinger, Nathaniel, director, department of research.
American Footwear Manufacturers Association :

Griffin, W. L. Hadley, chairman, board of directors_.
Olson, Iver M., vice president..
Shannon, Thomas F., counsel-

Sheskey, William, chairman, national affairs committee_.
American Fur Merchants' Association, Inc. :

Dreisin, Eugene, cochairman, foreign trade committee.-
Hessel, B. H., cochairman, foreign trade committee.-

Sharp, James R., Washington counsel..
American Fur Merchants Council, Eugene Dreisin, former president.--
American Gas Association, Herbert D. Clay, chairman, government re-

lations committee --
American Importers Association :

Cutler, Ralph H., Jr., chairman, trade policy committee-
O'Brien, Gerald, executive vice president-
Footwear group:

Beispel, Paul.
Davis, Jeff_

Hemmendinger, Noel, counsel -
Organic chemicals group:

Hochschwender, Dr. Karl A., chairman.
McCauley, Alfred R., counsel.

Stobaugh, Robert B.,-.
Textile and apparel group:

Daniels, Michael P., general counsel --
American Iron & Steel Institute:

Roche, John P., president-

Stinson, George A., chairman American Institute for Imported Steel, Inc. :

Graubard, Seymour, counsel_

Greenberg, Michael H., associate counsel -
American Loudspeaker Manufacturers Association, Herbert Rowe (chair-

man, parts division and distributor products division, Electronic In

dustries Association) ---American Mexican Association :

Blum, William...
Bramble, H. P---
Courtney, Gen. J. Cal, president--
Nathan, Robert R.-

3094 3096 3094 3159


933 933

2119 2103 2103

3508 3508 3509


1753 1753

1796 1796


3200 3218 3200 3202

American National Cattlemen's Association, C. W. McMillan, executive Page vice president...

3687 American Petroleum Institute, panel on behalf of : Dunlop, Robert G., chairman of the board, Sun Oil Co.--

2239 Ikard, Hon. Frank N., president-

2202 Wright, Myron A., chairman of the board, Humble Oil & Refining Co., also in behalf of Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey --

2210 American Pipe Fittings Association: Goodridge, Raymond H., secretary-treasurer.

1905 Vilsack, Robert M.-

1905 Wilcox, William F.

1908 American Retail Federation : Ackley, Hon. Gardner...

921 Keeney, Eugene, president...

921 American Saint Gobain Corp., J. Clifford Knochel, president and chief executive officer-

3976 American Soybean Association, D. Leslie Tindal, president--

4222 American Sprocket Chain Manufacturers Association, Edward M. Rhodes, special consultant-

3745 American Textile Manufacturers Institute, panel of : Dent, Frederick B., chairman, international trade committee.

1222 Jackson, Robert C., executive vice president.

1217 McCulloch, Donald F., president---

1217 Booth, Robert, chairman, Northern Textile Assn.

1240 Darman, Morton H., chairman of the board, National Association of Wool Manufacturers...

1243 Robie, Merle C., chairman, executive committee, Cordage Institute - 1264 Anderson, Hon. John B., a Representative in Congress from the State of Illinois

4290 Anderson, Robert F., executive secretary : American Butter Institute

4178 National Cheese Institute, Inc--

4178 Anderson, Robert W., on behalf of Tanners Council of America, Inc-- 2023 Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association, William E. Decaulp, chairman, foreign trade committee.

3740 Apparel Industries Inter-Association Committee:

Ferster, Herbert F., counsel, Clothing Manufacturers Association of the U.S.A.

1517 Korzenik, Sidney S., counsel..

1517 McEvoy, James, research director, National Knitted Outerwear Association

1517 Appleman, Leonard, immediate past president, Green Olive Trade Association

4347 Archer, John, counsel, Mass Retailing Institute-

2671 Arcuri, Andrew, International Union of Dolls, Toys, Playthings, Novelties and Allied Products of the United States and Canada--

2769 Ashley, James M., cochairman, board of trustees, Trade Relations Council of the United States, Inc.--

3649 Aspinall, Hon. Wayne N., a Representative in Congress from the State of Colorado

2397 Association on Japanese Textile Imports, Inc. : Ishikawa, Samuel, of counsel.

1388 Masaoka, Mike M., Washington representative-

1388 Atkins, Edward, executive vice president, Volume Footwear Retailers of America

2078 Atkind, Leon, chairman, Textile Importers Group of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce

1649 Baldanzi, George, international president, United Textile Workers of America

1290 Barnard, Robert C., counsel : Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association.

3371 Dry Color Manufacturers Association -

3371 Barnes, Delbert, tax counsel, Cummins Engine Co.--

2471 Bates, Victor, president, Bates Nitewear Co., Inc--

1550 Beispel, Paul, member, footwear group, American Importers Association.- 2119 Bennett, Hon. Charles E., a Representative in Congress from the State of Florida


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