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received this month from the subscri- of the master. If such a class already bers to your Magazine, for the Sanc- exists, I should be glad to hear of it. tuary of S. Mary's, Ripple? E. R., (Lin- Address, Miss JAMES, Clarghyll Hall, coln,) 18.; the Misses Backhouse, $2.28.; Alston, Carlisle. “Every little helps,” (Warwick,) 28. 6d.

A SAD CASE. I have now in hand $12.188.5d., thanks to yourself and the readers of the SIR, -Allow me to gratefully acknowChurchman's Companion.-Yours, &c., ledge a second donation of 5s. from GEORGE C. CAFFIN, Rector of Ripple, Dona Elena; 2s. Benedicta ; 1s. A symDeal, Kent.

pathizer; 28. 6d. Phæbe. May I still

beg for further replies to my appeal? WILBERFORCE CONFIRMATION MEMORIAL WINDOW IN 8. MARY'S,

-Miss A., Miss Hughes, 98, Loughbo

rough Road, Brixton. SOUTHAMPTON.

A handsome East Window, designed by Mr. Street, R.A., in Clayton and Bell's Glass, will be put up next Fe

SIR,-In response to my appeal to bruary, as the offering of the Bishop's

clear the chancel from debt, viz., 18, Confirmation Children. £309 received.

I beg to acknowledge the following: £156 still required. Miss L. PHILLI

Routh Is. 3d., H. J. H. 5s., S. N. 58., MORE, 6, Arlington Street, London, S.W.,

Redditch 38., total 14s. 3d.; thus ' £7. will gladly receive contributions. Post

5s. 9d. is still needed. I am most anOffice Orders made payable at Mount

xious to get this cleared off by WhitStreet, Grosvenor Square.

sun Day; should more come in than I

have asked for, the balance will be deSKETCHING CLASS.

voted to reglazing the nave windows. I am anxious to get up a Sketching Fancy articles which can be disposed of Class to make excursions in the neigh- will also be accepted, and their value bourhood of London, from the middle expended on the restoration. Will all of June to the middle of July. The class Johnians help ?-Yours, &c., J.T. RAYwould be accompanied and instructed MOND, M.A. of S. John's, Cambridge, by a professional artist in water-colour Rector of Eglwys-Cummin, Laugharne, sketching from Nature. Terms, about Carmarthenshire. 78. per lesson, each member paying own P.S. Post Office Orders payable at travelling expenses and sharing in those Laugharne. Stamps not refused.

Notices to Correspondents. Lucy. It would not be very easy to find complete Tales suitable to young men which could be read in half an hour. You would probably obtain what you require more suitably in Church Magazines. Mr. Masters's list, however, will supply you with numbers of good books which could be read by instalments ; amongst others we may mention“ Jemmy's Lie,” by Constance Cross.

Accepted : “The Myrtle ; " " Qui descendunt mare in navibus,” (but we have no room for it at present ;) “Devotional Literature of the day.”

We regret much that we have been obliged to postpone, for want of room, the greater part of our Correspondence this month.


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