The New York Social Science Review: A Quarterly Journal of Sociology, Political Economy, and Statistics...v. 1-2; Jan. 1865-Oct. 1966, Том 2

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Alexander Del Mar, Simon Stern, James K. Hamilton Willcox
Pub. for the proprietors, 1866
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Страница 55 - By that law of our nature which makes food necessary to the life of man, the effects of these two unequal powers must be kept equal. This implies a strong and constantly operating check on population from the difficulty of subsistence.
Страница 98 - At twelve o'clock, meridian of the day following that on which proceedings are required to take place as aforesaid, the members of the two houses shall convene in joint assembly, and the journal of each house shall then be read, and if the same person has received a majority of all the votes in each house, he shall be declared duly elected senator.
Страница 99 - States, said legislature shall proceed, on the second Tuesday after the commencement and organization of its session, to elect a person to fill such vacancy, in the manner hereinbefore provided for the election of a senator for a full term ; and if a vacancy shall happen during the session of the legislature, then on the second Tuesday after the legislature shall have been organized, and shall have notice of such vacancy.
Страница 12 - An act to provide ways and means for the support of the government...
Страница 98 - State, and the name of the person so voted for who receives a majority of the whole number of votes cast in each house shall be entered on the journal...
Страница 12 - All stocks, bonds, Treasury notes, and other obligations of the United States shall be exempt from taxation by or under State or municipal or local authority.
Страница 11 - States notes that may be issued under the provisions of this act; and all stocks, bonds, and other securities of the United States held by individuals, corporations, or associations within the United States, shall be exempt from taxation by or under State authority.
Страница 2 - Lord burn upon this man, and bring upon him all the curses which are written in the Book of the Law. The Lord blot out his name under heaven. The Lord set him apart for destruction from all the tribes of Israel, with all the curses of the firmament which are written in the Book of...
Страница 60 - But if public spirit, generous sentiments, or true justice and equality are desired, association, not isolation, of interests, is the school in which these excellences are nurtured. The aim of improvement should be not solely to place human heings in a condition in which they will be able to do without one another, but to enable them to work with or for one another in relations not involving dependence.
Страница 13 - In estimating the gains, profits and income of any person, there shall be inOn what assessed. eluded all income derived from interest upon notes, bonds and other securities of the United States ; profits realized within the year from sales of real estate purchased within the year or within two years previous to the year for which income is estimated...

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