The Commonwealth at War

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Longmans, Green, 1917 - 256 страница

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Страница 57 - But thus much is certain, that he that commands the sea is at great liberty, and may take as much and as little of the war as he will.
Страница 17 - In one way or another we must square our account with France if we wish for a free hand in our international policy. This is the first and foremost condition of a sound German policy, and since the hostility of France once for all cannot be removed by peaceful overtures, the matter must be settled by force of arms. France must be so completely crushed that she can never again come across our path.
Страница 182 - We shall never sheathe the sword which we have not lightly drawn until Belgium recovers in full measure all and more than all that she has sacrificed, until France is adequately secured against the menace of aggression, until the rights of the smaller nationalities of Europe are placed upon an unassailable foundation, and until the military domination of Prussia is wholly and finally destroyed.
Страница 180 - ... a case of six of one and half a dozen of the other, and that the war is a conflict of rival myths.
Страница 60 - The obstacles we have met with in the operations of the campaign are much greater than we had reason to expect or could foresee ; not so much from the number of the enemy (though superior to us) as from the natural strength of the country, which the Marquis of Montcalm seems wisely to depend upon.
Страница 23 - The war undertaken by Austria, and the consequences which might result, had, in the words of the German Ambassador himself, an aggressive object. Both were therefore in conflict with the purely defensive character of the Triple Alliance, and in such circumstances Italy would remain neutral.
Страница 228 - All the empires we have known in the past and that exist to-day are founded on the idea of assimilation, of trying to force human material into one mould.
Страница 162 - Because we are persuaded that a sole, or even a first minister, is an officer unknown to the law of Britain, inconsistent with the Constitution of this country, and destructive of liberty in any Government whatsoever...
Страница 25 - Government had been obliged to take this step, namely, that they had to advance into France by the quickest and easiest way, so as to be able to get well ahead with their operations and endeavor to strike some decisive blow as early as possible.
Страница 25 - ... roads and the strength of the fortresses, to have got through without formidable opposition entailing great loss of time. This loss of time would have meant time gained by the Russians for bringing up their troops to the German frontier.

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