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of organized labor in our city, and it is fitting to say that

"He has fought a good fight, has finished his course, and has kept the faith.'


The Faulkner-Ryan chapel, Chicago Union No. 16, adopted the following resolutions:

Whereas, Death has removed from our ranks our esteemed fellow craftsman, John Swenson, who departed this life June 8, 1909, at the age of 59 years; and

Whereas, This chapel lost one of its best members and one that commanded the respect and love of all; and

Whereas, We lose in him a man of fine principles and sterling qualities; and

Whereas, His family loses in him a loving and devoted father of irreproachable manhood; therefore, be it

Resolver, That this chapel extend to the bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy in its hour of trial, and trusting that "He who doeth all things well” will strengthen and support the loved ones who are left to mourn his loss; be it further

Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this chapel, and that a copy be forwarded to the bereaved family.

At a meeting of the Drew & Lewis chapel, New York, held June 8, 1909, the following resolutions were adopted:

Whereas, Death has seen fit to remove from our midst our associate and fellow worker, Albrecht W. Koehl; and

Whereas, We, the members of Drew & Lewis chapel, who have been associated with our departed brother and knew him as an upright and eventempered comrade, realize the great loss sustained by his sorrowing family; therefore, be it

Resolved, That we deplore his untimely death, realizing that we have lost a valuable member and a thorough-going union man, and offer the bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy in their great affliction; and be it further

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of our departed brother, and that they be published in The TYPOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL and the New York Union Printer.

E. J. BRACKEN. The following was read at the fifth annual Memorial day service, May 30, and later adopted at the regular meeting of Columbus (Ohio) Union


No. 5:

Resolutions adopted by Manchester Typograph. ical Union No. 152:

Whereas, Our Heavenly Father, in His infinite wisdom, has removed from the ranks of Manches. ter Typographical Union No. 152 Joseph Phaneuf, of Concord, N. H.; and

Whereas, By the death of Mr. Phaneuf this union has sustained the loss of an intelligent and conscientious member and a warm friend; therefor, be it

Resolved, That we hereby extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family of our deceased brother; and be it further

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the records of this union, a copy sent to the sorrowing relatives, and also sent to THE TYPOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL for publication, and that the charter be draped for a period of thirty days.


Edward John Bracken entered the Life Elysian through the portal we call Death on April 21, 1909, and the body was interred in Mount Calvary cemetery.

Edward John Bracken was born in New York city March 12, 1851, and came to Columbus in July, 1883, and at once identified himself with the organizations of labor. Always recognizing the benefits to be derived through organization he instituted the present International Lathers' Union, and was for several years a member of the organization of that craft in this city. Later he became identified with the newswriters' union, and was chosen fourth vice-president of the Interna. tional Typographical Union, under which the newswriters were chartered. Upon the abandonment of the newswriters' union, Mr. Bracken identified himself with Columbus Typographical Union No. 5, of which organization he was a member until his demise.

He was a member of the Columbus central labor body for twenty-six years, and served that body in its most important official positions. He was twice honored by the voters of Franklin county by election to the legislative body, where he was instrumental in furthering legislation in the interest of labor.

While Mr. Bracken has gone from among us, his works still live. To his untiring zeal for the uplifting of those who toil may be attributed, to some degree, the hastening of his departure. Al. ways a willing worker for the cause of labor, to which his whole life was devoted, he had not the grace to say no to those who, appreciating his ability. exacted of him much

than his strength, at times, would permit. To generals who win battles through carnage and sacrifice of lives, we erect monuments, but to this noble, true friend of humanity we bequeath the secluded mound and revere his memory. To those who knew him best there is no more fitting tribute than the martyred Lincoln's prayer:

"That he always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where he thought a flower would grow.'

Columbus Typographical Union No. 5 may well feel honored of his membership. and especially favored with his fellowship. His wise counsel, words and acts of encouragement and ennobling influence will be keenly missed, not only by the members of this organization, but by every member

Resolutions adopted by Springfield (Mass.) Union No. 216:

Whereas, In view of the loss Springfield Typographical Union No. 216 has sustained by the death of Charles Roache, and of the still heavier loss sustained by those who were nearer and dearer to him; therefore, be it

Resolved, That it is but a just tribute to the memory of our fellow craftsman to say that in regretting his removal from our midst we sincerely mourn for one who was worthy of ou res and bore his affliction to the end with commendable manliness and patience; and further

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent the family of the deceased, spread upon the records of this organization, and a copy sent to THE TYPOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL for publication.


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Official Budget





J. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher

move to unorganized towns fail to renew their cards. To prevent loss in such instances, it has been decided that members holding cards, and lo. cated outside of the jurisdiction of a local union, must either deposit their cards with the nearest union and pay dues cach month, or pay Interna. tional dues in advance, in order to get The JourNAL, Where a cardholder pays his dues to the local in advance, a specific report should be made by the secretary upon the case, in order that the name can be placed on the list and the magazine sent to the member for the time for which dues have been paid.

The 20th of each month is the latest date upon which changes for the succeeding issue can be made on our mailing list.

Upon request, secretaries will be furnished with a copy of the list of their members to whom The JOURNAL is being sent.

A11 correspondence regarding THE JOURNAL should be addressed to T. W. Hays, Newton Clay. pool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

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SPONDENTS. Items for the official columns of The Journal should be prepared on a separate sheet, and the style of the paper followed as closely as possible. Such items should not be made a part of a letter cealing with other subjects, for if ihis is done the items are likely to be overlooked, even though the greatest care be exercised. Write as plainly as pos. sbie-especially proper names--using one side of te sheet only. All official matter must be in the bands of the editor BEFORE THE TWENTIETII OF EACII MONTH, to insure insertion in the issue immediately following. The observance of the foregoing will tend to insure what is desired by allpromptness and accuracy in the publication of offi. cial matter.

Communications for the correspondence depart. ment of Tue JOURNAL must be in the hands of the editor BEFORE THE TWENTIETH OF EACH MONTH to insure insertion in the issue immediately following. No communication will be published that does not bear the full name of the writer.

ADDRESSES WANTED. Cornelius Johnson, please write Frank Johnson, 1757 North Arsenal avenue, Indianapolis, Ind.

C. E. Dietrich is requested to send his address to F. B. Richmond, 608 Browder street, Dallas, Texas.

William F. Schimmel is requested to communi. cate with Charles H. Bachtrup, 1504 John Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Red" Quarles, send your address to Will H. Stallings, care secretary typographical union, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Art Briley, last heard of in Memphis, is requested to write to A. McCormick, 2517 Pierce street, Omaha, Neb.

C. C. Beatty, last heard from in New York, is requested to communicate with Jo. Coffin, care Picayune, New Orleans, La.

Will Thomas L. Moody send his address to C. H. Banfield, care Times, Victoria, B. C., Can., and learn something of interest to him?

C. J. Stewart, last heard from in Berkeley, Cal., is requested to communicate with Alexander Stew art, 39 Duke street, Woodstock, Ont., Can.

D. P. Buell, or any one knowing his present address, is requested to communicate with Will McNair, care of Soliphone, Paragould, Ark.

H. J. Wilson, formerly of Chicago, is requested to communicate with Mrs. H. J. Wilson, care Mrs. White, 36.47 Wentworth avenue, Chicago, Ill.

William H. Reutzer, formerly of Cleveland, Ohio, is requested to communicate with Mrs. Fred Holley, 7510 Carnegie avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

J. Walter Tinsley, last heard from in Nashville, Tenn., is requested to write at once to his mother, Mrs. M. F. Tinsley, box 529, Spartanburg, S. C.

William F. Schimmel, last heard from in Cincinnati, is requested to communicate with Mrs. Minnie Schimmel, general delivery, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Frank G. Dayton, last heard from in Schenec. tady, N. Y., is requested to communicate with Mrs. E. A. Miller, 65 Railroad avenue, White Plains, N. Y.

Claud E. Carder, Charles T. Minot, Harry Lud. wig. R. W. Hinds and H. C. Saffin, send addresses to R. II. Curl, 621 Walnut street, room 17, Cin. cinnati, Ohio, and get mail.

Any one knowing the whereabouts of Frank Fisher will please notifv John S. Edmunds, secretary No, 76, 925 South Third street, Terre Haute, Ind. On October 26, 1908, he deposited card No.

TBE JOURNAL MAILING LIST. When a member requests a change in his JourNAL address, he should give the name and number of the union with which he is affiliated, together with his present and former address.

Additions to the mailing list can only be made when received through the local secretary. Members not receiving the magazine should furnish the local secretary with their addresses.

Additions, corrections or alterations reported by local secretaries should be kept separate from other correspondence. When a member deposits his card, and his name is reported for the subscription list, the secretary should state where the member previously received The JOURNAL, and give the name and number of the union with which he was affil. jated. When a member draws his card, is suspended or expelled, or in any manner ceases to be an active member of the local, the secretary should request that his name be dropped from the mail. ing list.

A large number of those who take cards and re

42345, issued by Bellaire (Ohio) Union. A per. mit was issued to him, since which time he has not been seen or heard of.

Charles Shultz is requested to communicate with John I. Loveless, 206 North Broad street, Guthrie, Okla., and obtain information concerning real estate in which he is interested.

George W. Hendricks, who sometimes works under the name of Cecil De Vere, is requested to communicate with L. N. Sibley, care Peoria Drill and Seeder Company, Peoria, ill.

Floyd B. Fanshaw, last heard from in Los Angeles, Cal., about two years ago, or any one know. ing his whereabouts, is requested to communicate with Alex. M. Cohen, 676 Park place, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Information wanted as to whereabouts of Wil. liam K. Mackey, a printer who crossed Colorado in 1907 with John A. Seabury, by the latter, solely for the sake of old friendship. Address box 873, Hoquiam, Wash.

Anyone knowing the address of Samuel T. Cocklin, printer, formerly a compositor on the Cincinnati Commercial, and later news editor, will confer a favor by communicating with Charles H. Leeds, 1314 Sixth street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

Otto F. Bading, F. F. Bean, C. C. Beatty, Arthur Close, Harry Coleman, R. O. Crow, Fred Dean, J. O.' Denham, W. A. Hackney, Ora L. Dibble, Guy S. Honeywell, W. J. Keegan, Paul B. Maltby, W. W. Roberts, Harry A. Weiss, Ralph H. Wright, send addresses to J. W. Hays, 640-650 Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind., and get mail.

John C. Quiner, a member of the International Typographical Union, died at Fort Smith, Ark., May 10 last. He was found in the railroad yards and removed to a hotel, where his death occurred. Fort Smith Union No. 249 took charge of the body and had it interred in a cemetery in which that local owns

a lot.

After defraying expenses of burial there was a small balance remaining, and No. 249 desires to locate any immediate relatives of the deceased, so that the money can be turned over to them.

Card No. 2478, issued to Vern B. Cole by Jackson (Mich.) Union No. 99, dated April 15, 1909, has been lost or stolen and a duplicate issued. If card is presented for deposit, it should be taken up and returned to J. 0. Harvey, 611 West Franklin sirect, Jackson, Mich.

Card No. 16360-A, issued to 0. E. Bodenheimer on May 27, 1909, by Secretary-Treasurer Hays, has been lost and a duplicate issued. This card, if found or presented for deposit, should be re: turned to J. W. Hays, 640-650 Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

Card No. 23009-A, issued by El Paso (Texas) Union No. 370 to Mrs. E. B. Hynes, has been lost and duplicate issued. The original card, if found or presented for deposit, should be sent to Ira Bacon, secretary-treasurer No. 304, 914 South Edith street, Albuquerque, N. M.

Card No. 23332, issued by Baltimore (Md.) Union No. 12 to Carl V. Eckdall, under date of May 1, 1909, has been lost and a duplicate issued. This card, if found or presented for deposit, should be returned to Robert A. Williamson, 100 North Paca street, Baltimore, Md.

Card No. 16668-A, issued by Fort Worth Union No. 198 to W. P. Peed Jụne 4, 1909, has been lost, and card No. 16670-A has been issued as a newal. Any one coming into possession of card No. 16668-A will please return same to R. W. Walker, P. O. box 167, Fort Worth, Texas.


WATCH OUT FOR BANGS. Fred Bangs, who was directly instrumental in causing the walkout on the Cæur d'Alene (Idaho) Press, and who worked night and day on the machine to prolong the strike, has met the usual fate of all such rodents--he has been fired by his unfair employers. Bangs will undoubtedly make an effort to get back into our ranks, and he deserves all the condemnation you can give him. Be on the alertthat's all.

SAMUEL A. KENNEDY, Secretary Typographical Union No. 193. Spokane, Wash.

MISCELLANEOUS. Card No. 15644, issued to H. Le B. Sharman by Seattle Union No. 202, has been lost. Finder please return to R. M. McCullough, Labor Temple, Seattle, Wash.

Card No. 4589-A, issued to James Sparrow, has been lost and duplicate issued. Secretary taking up the same will please return to E. A. Winter, secretary No. 215, box 484, Decatur, ill.

Card No. 13556, issued to Thomas H. Dorsey by Portland Union No. 58, has been lost and a dupki. cate issued. If found or presented for deposit, please return to J. J. Price, box 559, Portland, Ore.

Card No. 3932-A, issued to E. L. Wilson by Greensboro Union No. 397, has been lost and a duplicate issued. If found or presented for deposit, secretary please forward same to J. S. Pender, box 432, 'Greensboro, N. C.

Honorable withdrawal card, issued to Albert che by Columbus Union No. 5 on September 29, 1902, was revoked June 6, 1909. Mr. Scholl refused to deposit his card with Chillicothe Union No. 502 and is operating a non-union office.

Card No. 9362-A, issued to J. W. Kernan by Champaign-Urbana Union on May 29. 1909, has been lost and a duplicate issued. This card, if found or presented for deposit, should be returned to A. C.' Parris, 50142 North Randolph street, Champaign, Ill.

Card No. 7784-A, issued to J. N. Barnes March 29, 1909, by Coshocton Union No. 364, has been lost and a duplicate card issued. The original, if found or presented for deposit, should be returned to Charles W. Brownfield, 345 South Fifth street, Coshocton, Ohio.

UNION PRINTERS HOME. The following is a record of admissions, departures and deaths for the month of May, 1909:

ADMITTED. 1358–Fred O'Neill, Wichita No. 148; age 39 years; admitted May 5, 1909.

1352-John M. Campbell, Chicago No. 16; age 60 years; admitted May 8, 1909.

1356--Herman Mulack, Seattle No. 202; age 47 years; admitted May 10, 1909.

1359–J. W. Dunaway, Shreveport No. 155; age 43 years; admitted May 11, 1909.

1360-William E. Shaw, Grand Rapids No. 39; age 26 years; admitted May 13, 1909.

1364-Lew A. Gill, Pittsburg No. 7; age 56 years; admitted May 20, 1909.

1363-Joseph T. Pierson; Sacramento No. 46; age 76 years; admitted May 23, 1909.

1326-—M. F. Collins, Indianapolis No. 1; age 40 years; admitted May 26, 1909.

1365-C. C. Swinford, St. Louis No. 8; age 46 years; admitted May 26, 1909.

VA CATED. 1298-Charles W. Hill, Omaha No. 190; age 57 years; admitted January 17, 1909; vacated May 13, 1909; order of board.

1250--S. A. Forquer, Chicago No. 16; age 42 years; admitted June 19, 1908; vacated May 19, 1909; able to work.

13604 William E. Shaw, Grand Rapids No. 39: age 26 years; admitted May 13,

1909; vacated May 21, 1909; failing.

1350—Peter L. Graser, Buffalo No. 9; age 37 THE DEATH ROLL.

years; admitted April 4, 1909; vacated May 21, 1909; failing.

1081-C. L. Rogers, San Francisco No. 21; age 49 years; admitted February 21, 1907; vacated May 24, 1909; not improved.

1223-H. T. Meehla, New York No. 6; age 37 years; admitted March 31, 1908; vacated May 29, 1909; able to work.

1325-H. T. Stein, Muscatine No. 251; age 68 years; admitted February 18, 1909; vacated May 31, 1909.

DIED. 1321-H. W. Howard, New York No. 6; age 36 years; admitted February 12, 1909; died May 3, 1999; tuberculosis.

1320—Thomas I. Brockman, Denver No. 49; age 39 years; admitted February 1, 1909; died May 18, 1909; tuberculosis.

-Wilson J. Taylor, San Francisco No. 21; age 40 years; admitted April 24, 1909; died May 27, 1909; tuberculosis.


INDIANAPOLIS, IND., June 25, 1909. Section 1, article ix, of the constitution, requires that “International dues for each month shall be collected by subordinate unions and transferred to the secretary-treasurer of the International Typographical Union before the twentieth of the suc. ceeding month." Under this law the May per capita and the May, old age pension assessment of all unions was due at headquarters not later than June 20. The following unions were delinquent for per capita, or the old age pension assess. ment, on June 25, having failed to make their returns

In this connection attention is directed to section 14, article v, of the by-laws, which is as follows:

“Section 14. No funeral benefit claim shall be allowed unless the deceased was possessed of a current working card at the time of his death, nor shall a funeral benefit claim be allowed if, at the time of death, the union of which deceased was a member is in arrears for per capita tax to the International Union." 38, Haverhill.

462, New Philadelphia. 44, Rome, N. Y.

466, West Chester. 51, Lawrence.

470, Pittsburg, Kan. 69. Newark, Ohio. 473, Moderly. 98. Kingston, Jamaica.

477, Niles. 109, Pittsfield.

489, Livingston. 120, Lynn.

490, Shawnee. 125, Durham.

491, Pocatello. 140, Bismarck.

501, Clearfield. 143. Danbury.

513, DeSoto. 147, Ashland.

514, Havana. 164, Kewanee.

517, Buffalo (Polish). 208, Cambridge, Ohio. 534, Allentown. 214, Pendleton.

539, Gulfport. 217, Murphysboro. 542, Shelbyville. 241, Twin Falls.

569, Painesville. 246, Winona.

572, Marshall. 257. Lisbon.

580, Burlington, Vt. 267, Frankfort, Ky. 585, White Plains. 286, Marion, Ind.

592, Fort Collins. 290, Hamilton, Ohio.

593, Brainerd. 293, Pensacola.

595, Athens 293. Newport.

605, Teague. 303, Cleburne.

606, Bridgetown, Bar. 308, Watertown, N. Y.

bados. 325, Cohoes.

620, Central City. 326, Rutland, Vt.

621, Mayfield. 335. Rossland.

625, Salisbury. 365, Derby.

648, Bartlesville. 371, Rome, Ga.

650, Long Beach. 374, DuBois.

651, Urbana. 376, Minot.

652, Cleveland (Ilunga. 385, Greenville, S. C.

rian). 419, Anniston.

663, Saskatoon. 431, Manitowoc.

665, Rhyolite. 459, St. Thomas.

MAILERS. 5, Toronto.

15, New Orleans. 9, Los Angeles.

20, Providence. NEWS WRITERS.

I, Boston.

ADRIAN, A. J.-At Rochester, N. Y., June 3, 1909,

of tuberculosis. Age 42 years. BARTLETT, CHARLES-At New York, N. Y., Febru

ary 21, 1909, of pneumonia. Age 27 years. BROCKMAN, T. .1.–At Colorado Springs, Colo.,

May 18, 1909, of peritonitis. Age 47 years. BRYAN, William P.--At St. Paul, Minn., May 24,

1909, of broken neck. Age 55 years. Capps, F. A.-At Wichita, Kan., May 18, 1909, of

drowning. Age 48 years. Coyle, Barbara ELLEN--At Berlin, N. H., June 1,

1909, of typhoid. Age 22 years. Cross, JOUN-At Butte, Mont., May 13, 1909, of

pneumonia. Age 55 years. CURLEY, JOHN-At Chicago, Ill., May 29, 1909, of

Bright's disease. Age 65 years. DAWLEY, L. H.-At Independence, Iowa, April 22,

1909, of general paresis. Age 39 years. DECANIO, JOHN-At Jersey City, N. J., March 3,

1909, of tuberculosis. Age 29 years. DEMERS, DAVID At Troy, N. Y., June 2, 1909, of Bright's disease.

Age 69 years. DUNCAN, JAMES--At New York, N. Y., June 2,

1909, of icterus gravus. Age 72 years. DUTCHER, G. R.–At Schenectady, N. Y., May 29,

1909, of nervous debility. Age 68 years. Fritz, A. J.--At New York, N. Y., April 23, 1909,

of nephritis. Age 58 years. Geer, John M.--At New Brunswick, N. T., May

5, 1909, of general breakdown. Age 67 years. GRASER, P. L.-At Buffalo, N. Y., June 12, 1909,

of tuberculosis. Age 38 years. Gross, GUSTAVE-At New York, N. Y., January 12,

1909, of nephritis. Age 57 years. HEYWARD, AARON-At Brooklyn, N. Y., April 18,

1909, of pneumonia. Age 62 years. HIGGINS, WILLIAM H.--At Washington, D. C.,

May 25, 1909, of typhoid. Age 48 years. HOLLOWAY, ROBERT-At Victoria, B. C., May 21,

1909, of old age. Age 76 years. HUNTSBERRY, M. K.- At Washington, D. C., May

22, 1909, of tuberculosis. Age 52 years. JORDAN, Harry-At New York, N. Y., March 29, 1909, of Bright's disease.

Age 66 years. LaRue, J. B.-At Port Jervis, N. Y., April 6,

1909, of hemorrhage. Age 41 years. LEE, H. T.--At Denver, Colo., June 15, 1909, of

phthisis. Age 50 years. McCRAITH, AUGUST-At Brooklyn, N. Y., March

23, 1909, of typhoid. Age 45 years. MURRAY, EARNEST-At Knowlesville, N. Y., May

30, 1909, of tuberculosis. Age 31 years. MURRAY, T. F.-At New York, N. Y., April 6,

1909, of pneumonia. Age 41 years. OGDEN, H. T.-At Charlotte, N. C., May 18, 1909,

of general debility. Age 85 years. PHANEUF, JOSEPH-At Manchester, N. H., May 1,

1909, of mitral stenosis. Age 56 years. QUINER, J. C.--At Van Buren, Ark., May 10,

1909, of apoplexy. Age 55 years. Root, C. C.-At Topeka, Kan., May 13, 1909, of

tuberculosis of throat. Age 34 years. Scott, HENRY-At Philadelphia, April 22, 1909, of

pneumonia. Age 74 years. Scott, J. F.-At Cincinnati, Ohio, May 26, 1909,

of uremia. Age 68 years. Smith, B. B.-At New York, N. Y., May 9, 1909,

of nephritis. Age 40 years. Smith, H. K.--At New York, N. Y., March 28,

1909, of endocarditis. Age 62 years. Smith, T. E.-At Duluth, Minn., May 11, 1909,

of morphine poisoning. Age 35 years. STEWART, C. H.- At Toronto, Ont., May 6, 1909,

of diphtheria. Age 24 years.

SULLIVAN, J. C.-At St. Louis, Mo., May 25, 1909,

of tuberculosis. Age 53 years. SWENSON, J. L.–At Chicago, Ill., June 8, 1909, of

apoplexy. Age 59 years. TRIGGE, BENJAMIN--At Brooklyn, N. Y., April 29, 1909, of cardiac dilatation.

Age 73 years. Watso WILLIAM W.-At San Francisco, Cal.,

May 3, 1909, of suicide. Age 43 years. Wilcox, J. L.-At Galesburg, Ill., June 7, 1909,

of peritonitis. Age 51 years.

CHARTERS ISSUED. Amarillo (Texas) No. 525-D. R. Spragg, B. J. White, H. C. McElhaney, John G. Thiery, H. J. Gaither, A. G. Richardson, C. D. Williams, J. A. Garvin, R. W. Morgan, H. H. Bose, Gerald M. Brown, Tillman Bradley, T. H. Kidd.

Athens (Ohio) No. 482-Edward A. Tripp, T. A. Snyder, Clarence R. Maller, L. L. Deissle, Austin Smith, E. D. Cooley, L. E. Singer, A. T. Law. head, Will A. Hayes, H. J. Cooksey, Blanche Price, Otto C. Roush.

Logan (Ohio) No. 483-C. E. Brehm, A. E. Tolbert, J. F. Primmer, Roy L. Dupler, Goldie E. Unger, Ferd Smith, A. E. Huls, T. L. Allen, Ida Wuebber, W. H. Acker.


APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP. [Objections to the admission of these applicants must be filed with the union to which application is made within thirty days. ]

7, Pittsburg, Pa.- James P. Auman, at trade seven years; learned trade in Johnstown; worked in Altoona and Huntington, Pa.

9, Buffalo, N. Y.-Arthur W. Mooney, for reinstatement; age 42 years; learned trade in Buffalo; has also worked in Niagara Falls; dropped from No. 9 in 1889 for non-payment of ducs. Dominick De Gio, age 39 years; learned trade in city of Naples, Italy; has worked in Buffalo for eight years. Charles E. Umpleby, age 42 years; at trade twenty-five years; learned trade in Hamburg, N. Y.; now working in Lancaster, N. Y. Arthur B. Van Dusen, age 42 years; at trade twenty-five years; learned trade in Fairport, N. Y.; has worked in Geneseo, Batavia and Rochester, N. Y. Merle Bement, for apprentice membership; age 23 years; learning trade in Buffalo. George J. Heintz, for apprentice membership; age 19 years; learning trade in Buffalo. John J. Shaffer, jr., for apprentice membership; age 18 years; learning trade in Buffalo.

II, Memphis, Tenn.--A, A. Worsley, age 27 years; at trade twelve years; learned trade in Winchester, Ky.; formerly held card, but allowed same to lapse while working in country towns; has not worked in jurisdiction of union since. Lawrence Simpson, jr., age

23 years; at trade seven years; joined union in Memphis, but allowed card to lapse while working in Grenada, Miss., where he has been working continuously since.

17, New Orleans, La.—Juste J. Lamare, proprietor, age 38 years; served apprenticeship of five years with J. M. Lamare's Son in New Orleans. D. E. Drury, age 32 years; at trade twenty years; worked in Owosso, Mich., Rawlins, Wyo., Columbia and McComb, Miss., and Hammond, La. James P. Harvery, machinist helper, age 21 years; served apprenticeship of one year with D. M. Boudreaux and J. H. Walker at Daily States. E. B. Reichards, age 26 years; served apprenticeship of four and one-half years with Lanston Mono. type Company at Philadelphia, Altoona and York, Pa., Lakewood, N. J., and Des Moines, Iowa. D. E. Drury, age 32 years; at trade twenty years; worked in Owosso, Michi, McComb City and Hammond, La., and Columbus and Jackson, Miss. E. B. Richards, age 26 years; at trade four and one-half years; has worked at Philadelphia, Altoona and York, Pa., and Lakewood, N. J., and Des Moines, Iowa.

23, Milwaukee, Wis.--A. H. Peters, age 20 years; learned trade in Reedsburg, Wis.; has also worked in Minneapolis and La Crosse.

29, Peoria, Ill.--Charles De Graff; has worked at trade four years in Kankakee, Peoria and Bloomington, Ill.

33, Providence, R. 1.-Edith E. Colby, age 37 years; at trade four years; worked in Worcester, Mass., and Pawtucket, R. I.; recent application at Pawtucket withdrawn without prejudice.

41, Augusta, Ga.-M. C. Johnson, at trade five years in Aiken, S. C. 57, Dayton, Ohio-John A.

Stewart, age

28 years; at trade twelve years; formerly worked in Huntington and Decatur, Ind.

76. Terre Haute, Ind.-- John R. Davis, age 20 years; at trade four years; learned trade in Terre Haute. Fred C. Fiess, age 23 years; at trade four years; learned trade in Terre Maute.

78, Fort Wayne, Ind.-Coe G. Jackson, age 34 years; at trade twelve years; served apprentice. ship at Paulding, Ohio. Leroy Bowman, age 20 years; at trade four years; apprenticeship served at Warsaw, Ind.

81, Bay City, Mich.-Charles E. Morse, age 42 years; at trade twenty-two years; worked five years in government printing office, Washington; formerly held card, but allowed same to lapse while working in unorganized town.


[Objections to the admission of these applicants must be filed with Secretary-Treasurer Hays within thirty days.)

Alexandria, La.--Aaron M. Rosinthal, age years; at trade five years; learned trade in Ruston, La.; has worked in Bunkie and Alexandria, La.

Braddyville, Iowa-Fred B. Curtis, age 31 years; at trade fifteen years; was a member of former union at Nebraska City, Neb. Brattleboro, Vt.-John E. McKeon, age

38 years; at trade twenty-two years; learned trade in Concord, N. H.; worked in Lancaster, N, H., Boston, Mass., and Rockland, Me.; formerly held card, but allowed same to lapse.

Brockport, Ill.-William D. Harrington, age 31 years;

trade seven years; learned trade in Manila, P. I.; now working in own office.

El Centro, Cal.--L. F. Brooks, age 24 years; at trade five years; learned trade in St. Johns, Mich.; has worked in Corona, Cal.

Eureka Springs, Ark.-Claud P. Faught, age 20 years; at trade four and one-half years; learned trade in St. John, Wash.; has worked at Soldier and Culdesac, Idaho.

Jackson, Mo.- Martin F. Blank, age 22 years; learned trade in California, Mo.; worked in Civil Falls, Strong and Independence, Kan.; formerly held card, but sent same to secretary of Hutchin. son (Kan.) Union and it never returned; now working in Jackson, Mo.

Lawrence, Kan.-Guy M. Pennock, age 23 years; at trade five years; learned trade in Alma, Kan.; now working in Lawrence.

Mount Morris, 111.--Fred R. Croshy, age 30 years; at trade twelve years; learned trade in Mount Morris; worked in Oregon, Ill. Ben A. Drower, age 23 years: at

trade eight years; learned trade in Faithorn Company's shop, Chicago, Ill., and has worked in other shops in that city.

South Framingham, Mass.-D. J. McNulty, age 34 years; at trade fourteen years; learned trade in South Framinghamı.

Tallequah, Okla.--Clarence Terrell, age 29 years; at trade ten years; learned trade in Sardes, Miss.; worked in Bunkie, La., and Timson, Texas.

Willows, Cal.-D. J. De Gaa, age 20 years; at trade four years; has always worked in unorgan. ized towns.



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