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11 20 78 00 13 50 1 55 6 31 9 30

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8. I. T. U. pensions... 10. W. W. Cowen-Expressage to Grand

Rapids 10. Postage 10. Millie Mulleney-Cleaning in build


R. Carey, Agent--Freight

dishes 11. W. W. Wood, Agent-Transportation

Charles W. Hill.. 12. W. W. Cowen, Agent-Expressage.. 13. Water rent, April 1, 1909, to April 1,

IOIO 15. Mollie Jones-Domestic.. 15. Ella Augsburger- Domestic.. 15. Florence Birmingham-Cleaning in

buildings 15. I. T. U. pensions. 15. G. A. Bloom-Assistant gardener.. 17. A. S. Blake-Hardware... 17. F. W. Hemen way-Teamster.. 17. Fleischmann Co.—Yeast... 18. W. H. Cundy, Agent- Transportation

S. A. Forquer..... 19. W. W. Wood, Agent-Transportation

W. E. Shaw... 19. W. W. Wood, Agent-Transportation

P. L. Graser. 19. J. W. Hays-Money left by Thomas

1. Brockman, deceased.... 22. I. T. U. pensions... 22. George Bloom--Labor on grounds. 22. Amelia Haradon-Cleaning in build.

ings 22. Katie Dillon- Baker.. 22. W. H. Cundy, Agent-Transportation

Charles S. Rogers... 28. W. W. Cowen, Agent-Expressage to

Indianapolis 28. F. G. Desha--Work on grounds.. 29. W. W. Wood, Agent-Transportation

H. T. Meehla.. 29. I. T. U. pensions.. 29. W. W. Wood, Agent-Transportation

H. T. Stein. 31. Charles Deacon-Sundries as follows:

Street car tickets, errands and fu

nerals Want ads..

Expressage 31. J. W. Hays-Sale of grease.. 31. J. W. Hays-Sale of garbage..

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recent number of The TYPOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL a correspondent from Victoria, B. C., seeks information as to a craft textbook, and mentions “Practical Printing," De Montford Press, Leicester, England. Though Victoria may be a little from the center of the printing industry in America and nearly off the map, such inquiry deserves more attention than it has received. The memory of the oldtimer will liark back with pleas. ure to the "American Printer," by Thomas MacKellar. Your correspondent knows of no textbook for the printing craft that has ever taken its place, although it, like its author, has passed and is now but a pleasant memory. With it outspread before him, he learned the boxes and set his first take: "The Mechanical Uses of Castor Oil." From it he drew his first knowledge of imposition, dress. ing pages, what constituted good work, the use and the abuse of material, working in “companionship," and a lot of other valuable information. He recalls contemplating with awe the picture of a press, with a flight of steps running up to the second and third stories, which could rattle off 15,000 or 20,000 impressions an hour, provided the building was stout enough to stand the pounding. All through its pages was reiterated that nowhere was heaven's first law more essential or more con. ducive to good work than in a printing office.

Some years later another book was published, "Harpell's Typography,” that was considered the ne plus ultra of display composition. Compared with styles now in vogue, this book would now be considered a curiosity, if not a monstrosity.

There are textbooks on law, medicine, architecture, engineering, mechanics, etc., but where, oh, where shall we find a compendium of what is essential and useful in the printer's art brought up to date? We all know that enough has been writ. ten and printed to make a book of this kind, but who will gather and codify it? The files of the Inland Printer alone would furnish about all that is needed for a first-class textbook, but it would be largely a labor of love for any one tc undertake the work. It is safe to say that very few who have gone into print for the instructior and benefit of the printing craft ever got their money back. As an adjunct to the I. T. U. Course in Printing alone, a textbook of the right sort and of sufficient scope would be a great help to the aspiring apprentice, and a vade mecum to the jour. neyman.

If "Practical Printing" is what its title indi. cates, for goodness sake let's get it. The objection that it is English is too frivolous for consideration. We might refuse to read Thackeray, Dick. ens, Macaulay, Dryden or Spenser, because they are English; and we should have to pass up much of our civil and criminal law procedure, because it also is English, you know. H. HARRALD.

Oklahoma City, Okla.

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RECEIPTS. I. Balance

... $936 28 May.

EXPENDITURES. 1. James Malloy-Laborer, one day excavating...

2 00 15. E. M. Portner-Superintendent 25 00 15. Laborer

Il 25 22. L. M. Peck-Man and team...

9 00 22. Thomas Gebbie-Man and team

11 25 22. Cash payroll, May 21--Work

on foundation.. 27. Charles Deacon, Superintend

ent-Expense Denver and re

turn account library addition 13 50 29. Cash payroll, May 28–Work on foundation..

125 96 31. George Schaaf-Man and team.

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Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee.Franklin.


Parsons, T. C., 210 P street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

Pettipiece, R. P., 421 Eleventh avenue, East, Vancouver, B. C.

Rodriguez, Armand B., Hotel Alcazar, Prado, Navana, Cuba.

Rust, F. A., care Labor Temple, Seattle, Wash. Sims, Ned, 103 Twelfth st., Wheeling, W. Va.

Stevenson, R. J., 68 Sullivan street, Toronto, Ont., Can.

Thompson, Clifford, box 504, Charleston, S. C. Wardlaw, W. S., box 266, Atlanta, Ga. Woodman, C. W., box 437, Fort Worth, Texas.

TRADE DISTRICT UNIONS. Mailers' Trade District Urion-Secretary, Robert T. Allen, box 1817, Boston, Mass.

SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATION. International Commission on Supplemental Edu. cation--A. H. McQuilkin, Chicago, Ill.; William B. Prescott, Chicago, Ill.; Robert E. Darnaby, Indi. anapolis, Ind.



Headquarters—Rooms 640-650 Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind. Long Distance Tele. phone-President, Main 2885; secretary, Main 2886.

GENERAL OFFICERS. President-James M. Lynch, Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

First Vice-President-George A. Tracy, room 122 Investors' building, Fourth and Market strects, San Francisco, Cal.

Second Vice-President-Hugo Miller, Newton Claypool byilding, Indianapolis, Ind.

Third Vice-President-Charles N. Smith, 1947 Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Secretary-Treasurer-J. W. Hays, Newton Clay. pool building, Indianapolis, Ind.


President-James M. Lynch, Newton Claypool building. Indianapolis, Ind.

Vice-President-Thomas McCaffery, West Boulder street, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Secretary-Treasurer-J. W. Hays, Newton Clay. pool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

L. C. Shepard, 209 Terrace avenue, Grand Rapids, Mich.

W. J. White, 4053 Twenty-third street, San Francisco, Cal.

Thomas F. Crowley, 12 Hulbert block, Cincinnati, Ohio.

T. D. Fennessy, 508 Union Trust building, Los Angeles, Cal.

Agent-George P. Nichols, 535 North Carrollton avenue, Baltimore, Md. DELEGATES TO FEDERATION OF LABOR.

James M. Lynch, Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

Frank Morrison, 801-809 G street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

Max S. Ilayes, 979 Parkwood drive, Cleveland, Ohio.

Hugh Stevenson, 176 McPherson avenue, Toronto, Ont. T. W. McCullough, 2028 Maple st., Omaha, Neb.

ORGANIZERS. Baker, John, box 400, Helena, Mont. Birdsall, F. C., box 681, Denver, Colo. Brady, B. G., 208 Minor bldg., Kansas City, Mo. Brown, Charles S., 637 Norwood ave., Toledo, O. Daly, Will, 757 Missouri avenue, Portland, Ore. Devereux, J. C., jr., 915 Thomas street, St. Paul, Minn.

Dodge, Frank H., Reaves bldg., Little Rock, Ark. Dolan, T. H., 6 Terrace street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Eichhorn, Theodore, 234 West Twenty-third street, Erie, Pa.

Fisher, K. S., box 794, Omaha, Neb.
Gibbons, Jos. P., 1331 Monsey ave., Scranton, Pa.

Gilmour, William, 30 Young street, Montreal Annex, Can.

Haight. Wm. S., 55 Eleventh st., Detroit, Mich. Harper, R. L., box 112, Jacksonville, Fla. Hayes, Max S., 979 Parkwood Drive, Cleveland, Ohio.

Hill, Albert E., 3352 Third avenue, north, Nashville, Tenn.

Kinskey, C. E., 6 Chapin block, Buffalo, N. Y.

McLernon, W. E., 508 Union Trust building, Los Angeles, Cal.

McLoughlin, J. E., 616-618 World building, New York city, or 1271 Bushwick ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Maloney, R. S., 31 Bennington street, Law. rence, Mass.

Mitchell, George E., 478 Twelfth avenue, San Francisco, Cal.

Nelson, C. W., 89% Gottingen street, Halifax, N. S., Can.


LIST OF SECRETARIES. Akron, Ohio-George Harding, 528 E. Buchtel av. Albany, N. Y.-B. J. O'Connor, 115 Bradford. Atchison, Kan.-G. W. Mesigh, 323 North Four.

teenth street. Atlanta, Ga.-E. L. Parham, 121/2 North Broad. Atlantic City, N. J.--Frank Kay, 7 Illinois avenue. Baltimore, Md.-R. A. Williamson, 100 N. Paca st. Baton Rouge, La.---A. M. Kalın, care Daily State. Battle Creek, Mich.-Geo. Wilson, 16 Howard st. Belleville, 111.--Andrew Schwarz, care St. Clair

Printing Company. Bellingham, Wash.—E. Hofercamp, u18 Forest. Binghamton, N. Y.-Allen Griggs, 37 Leroy street, Birmingham, Ala.-C. C. Hudson, 2121 First ave. Bloomington, Ill.-L. C. Spurgin, 604 West Nill st. Boise, Idaho-F. J. Clayton, 1410 Sherman ave. Boston, Mass.-D. J. McDonald, 543 Old South

building. Brockton, Mass.-W. W. Adams, 47 W. Rosseter. Buffalo, N. Y.- Joseph S. Wild, care William

Graser, 107 East Eagle street. Butte, Mont.-Edw. Kilfeather, Miner job office. Cedar Rapids, Iowa-R. G. Stewart, care Tribune. Charleston, S. C.-Clifford Thompson, box 504. Chattanooga, Tenn.-W. W. Mee, 809 Georgia ave. Chicago, Ill.-L. P. Straube, room 520, 275 La

Salle street. Cincinnati, Ohio-Frank E. Bell, 17-20 Fisher blk. Cleveland, Ohio-S. S. Hester, 23 Blackstone bldg. Colorado Springs, Colo.-C. J. Haase, box 1003. Columbus, Ohio-W. E. Bird, 318 Eberly block. Coshocton, Ohio--C. W. Carpenter, 328 S. Ninth st. Dallas, Texas--Z. M. Duckworth, room II, 401

Main. Decatur, I11.-- F. W. Ritter, 305 South Peake st. Denver, Colo.--William Tanner, box 1447. Des Moines, Iowa-C. H. Lockwood, 229 Tenth st. Detroit, Mich.-Charles A. Langlois, 281 John R

street. Duluth, Minn.-E. T. Hughes, care News-Tribune. East Liverpool, Ohio-M. S. Cemer, care Betz

Printing Company. Elgin, Ill.-M. Rosenheim, care Courier. Elizabeth, N. J.-L. B. Mathews, 561 East Third

avenue, Roselle, N. J. Enid, Okla.-H. A. Breitenstein, 503 Chamber of

Commerce building, Erie, Pa.-Geo. A. Cook, 238 West Twenty-third st. Evansville. Ind.--Leo E. Weiss, 1832 E. Oregon st. Everett, Wash.-E. Marcuson, 2718 Walnut st. Fall River, Mass.-D. F. Shea, 455 Peckham st. Fargo, N. D.--Robert Reid, 1319 Third ave., N. Fort Wayne, Ind.-- Joe J. Metker, 2144 John st. Fort Worth, Texas-R. W. Walker, 814 Fifth ave.


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Fresno, Cal.- Ray W. Baker, box 714.
Galveston, Texas-James P. Walsh, care Hunter

& Finck. Grand Rapids, Mich.-C. B. Waddell, 36 South

Division street. Hartiord, Conn.-George W. Saunders, box 856. Helena, Mont.--Charles J. Tipton, box 133. Houston, Texas-H. T. Tyner, 3104 Milan. Indianapolis, Ind.-G. E. Haines, 646 Newton

Claypool building. Jackson, Mich.-J. C. Welch, 512 W. Wilkins st. Jackson. Miss.-B. W. Waide, care Tucker Print

ing Company. Jacksonville, Fla.-A. W. Grooms, 32 East For

syth, Flat 5. Jamestown, N. Y.-J. B. Leach, 16 East Fourth st. Jefferson City, Mo.-Ed. Finke, 816 Madison st. Joliet, I11.--A. J. Becker, 109, Cora street. Joplin, Mo.-M. H. Gardner, 510 Gray ave. Kansas City, Mo.-Wm. Robertson, 1112 Locust st. Knoxville, Tenn.-M. J. Breen, 117 South Gay. Lafayette, Ind.-R. B. Shaw, 605 S. Nineteenth st. Leavenworth, Kan.-William J. Knight, Ninth and

Ottawa streets. Lincoln, Neb.-J. H. Brooks, 728 N. Eleventh st. Little Rock, Ark.-W. W. Wilkins, 612 State st. Los Angeles, Cal.-A. B. Jamison, 2511 Central av. Louisville, Ky.-John Schneider, 527 East Madi

son street. Lowell, Mass.-Edw. Turnbull, 27 Menthuen st. Macon, Ga.-J. W. Hancock, 706 First street. Marion, Ind. —Stephen Ott, box 62. Memphis, Tenn.-M. Ed. Wright, 221 West Iowa

avenue. Meriden, Conn.-T. E. Lawler, 127 Liberty. Milwaukee, Wis.- Richard Vogt, 248 Eleventh st. Minneapolis, Minn.-G. W. Willy, 2815 Clinton av. Mobile, Ala.-J. C. White, 57 South Ann street. Muncie, Ind.- Joseph Herdering, 916 S. Elm st. Muskogee, Okla.-L. C. Butler, care Democrat. Nashville, Tenn.-Lytton Alley, 1706 Underwood st. New Haven, Conn.-A. Lubinsky, 619 Congress av. Newark, N. J.-Frank J. Ostertag, 377 Bergen. New Orleans, La.- Robert J. Ames, 1677 N. Clai

borne avenue. New York, N. Y.-Morton B. Connelly, 310 Pu

litzer building. Niagara Falls, N. Y.-P. J. McCarthy, 810 Willow

avenue. Norfolk, Va.-E. W. Gaines, Virginia Unionist. Norwalk, Ohio-L. W. DeWitt, 41 West Elm st. Oakland, Cal.-W. H. Mallett, 690 E. Twenty-sixth. Oklahoma City, Okla. -Chas. S. Hall, box 1116. Omaha, Neb.-D. G. Craighead, 2409 Hamilton st. Ottawa, Ont.-William C. Blount, 375 Lyon. Paterson, N. J.-B. J. McNamara, 112 Jackson st. Pawtucket, R. I.-Laurence Anderson, 366 Car.

penter street, Providence, R. I. Pensacola, Fla.-R. E. L. Cresap, box 395. Peoria, I11.-W. S. Bush, 225 North Adams street. Philadelphia, Pa.- Robert L. Barnes, 131 North

Fifteenth street. Pittsburg, Pa.-C. O. Lafferty, box 644. Portland, Maine-Peter J. Curran, 54 Pleasant st. Portland, Ore.-George H. Howell, care Oregonian. Providence, R. I.-C. R. Christie, 26 Vine street,

East Providence, R. I. Pueblo, Colo.-H. J. Tollivar, box 73. Racine, Wis.-G. A. Williams, 1205 Summit ave. Raleigh, N. C.-L. F. Alford, 125 East South st. Rahway, N. J.-Harry Gage, 43 River. Richmond, Va.-J. T. Pulling, 517 N. Eleventh st. Roanoke, Va.-Lawrence E. Nichols, care Union

Printing and Manufacturing Company. Rock Island, Ill., etc.-B. M. Strom, 1430 Seventh

avenue. Rochester, N. Y.-Alex. Baird, 72 Cady street. Sacramento, Cal.-W. J. Shroads, care Morning

Union. Salt Lake, Utah-Jos. T. Watts, 274 A street. San Antonio, TexasW. L. Hoefgen, 923 South

Presa street. San Diego, Cal.-Robert Coats. 966 Tenth street. San Francisco, Cal.-- James D. Kelley, room 122,

Investors' building. 787 Market street. San Jose, Cal.-H. L. Young. 731 Locust. Savannah, Ga.-Ed L. Roberts, 1411 Barnard st.

Scranton, Pa.- John J. Sweeney, 1320 North

Wyoming avenue. Seattle, Wash.-R. M. McCullough, care Labor

Temple. Shreveport, La.-C. A. Cox, care Williams Print

ing Company. Sioux City, Iowa—A. Uline. 506 S. Iowa street. Sioux Falls, S. D.-H. Patterson, care Journal. Spartanburg, S. C.-J. L. Sauls, care Herald. Spokane, Wash.-Max Demuth, 213 Howard st. Springfield, III.-Bert Winter, care Journal Print.

ing Company. Springfield, Mass.-W. W. Barker, care Central

Labor Union. Springfield, Mo.-George A. Bauman, 827 N.

Grant street. Springfield, Ohio–John V. Smeltzer, 530 Linden

avenue. St. Augustine, Fla.--Tom McHan, drawer A. St. Louis, Mo.-John G. Warrington, room 308

Panama building. St. Paul, Minn.-J. E. Corcoran, 404-406 Court

block. Stockton, Cal.-W. E. Court, 1430 South Center st. Syracuse, N. Y.-J. J. Houck, 426 Bastable block. Tacoma, Wash.-G. E. Riggins, room 5, 110572 A st. Tampa, Fla.-H. H. Regener, box 473. Toledo, Ohio-Harry T. Batch, box 17. Toronto, Ont.-M. F. Tumpane, 99 Palmerston av. Trenton, N. J.-Warren M. Erwin, 458 West Han

over street. Tulsa, Okla.-Charles Putnam, care World. Utica, N. Y.-P. E. Kelley, care Dispatch. Vancouver, B. C., Can.-A. Ward, 932 Smythe st. Victoria, B. C., Can.-H. M. Diggon, 778 Hill st. Waco, Texas-J. L. McDonald, box 216. Walla Walla, Wash.-C. W. Gillingham, box 297. Washington, D. C.-Elmer Johnson, 2009 Flagler

street, N. W. Waterbury, Conn.-L. H. Baker, 48 Center st. Watertown, N. Y.-C. M. Burnett, care Reunion. Wheeling, W. Va.-E. M. Pierce, 66 Fifteenth st. Winnipeg, Man., Can.—Thomas S. Ezart, box 770. Worcester, Mass.-P. H. Beahn, 7 Preston. Youngstown, Ohio-Benjamin Evans, 108 Market.

SUBORDINATE UNIONS. LIST OF SECRETARIES, ETC. Notice of change or error in the following list should be promptly forwarded to the secretary-treasurer of the International Typographical Union:

ALABAMA. Anniston No. 419–R. E. Gann, 822 Quintard ave. Birmingham No. 104—W. M. Peterson, box 868. Mobile No. 27-John J. Russell, 28 South Ann. Montgomery No. 222-J. B. Walker, 15 Cleveland avenue.

ALASKA. Fairbanks No. 639—Charles A. Newton, care News. Nome No. 582—F. G. Kappelman, box 361.

ARIZONA. Douglas No. 544-1. A. De Ford, general delivery. Globe No. 367-C. F. Holdsworth, box 872. Phænix No. 352— Fred (. Adams, box 913. Prescott No. 375-W. J. Davis, box 128. Tucson No. 465–F. S. Moreno, box 147.

ARKANSAS. Fort Smith No. 249–Roger R. Barrett, box 72. Hot Springs No. 574--John B. Scudder, 1211 Mal.

vern avenue. Little Rock No. 92-Elmer Grant, box 258. Pine Bluff No. 447- -George C. Morris, box 566. Texarkana No. 313—W. H. Von Tierks, 810 Pine street.

CALIFORNIA. Bakersfield No. 439-H. E. Harris, 2011 Orange st. Chico No. 667–C. A. Reed. R. F. D. No. 2. Eureka No. 207--Edward B. Kain, 2235 J street. Fresno No. 144-W. P. Faddis. box 128. Long Beach and San Pedro No. 650-N. S. Cosby,

box 542, Long Beach, Cal.



box 396.

Los Angeles No. 174-G. W. Bowman, 203 Union

Labor Temple, 538-540 Maple avenue. Marysville No. 223-Eugene Austin, care Demo.

crat. Oakland No. 36–D. L. Beatty, 1055 Broadway. Palo Alto No. 521-Frank Kasson, 524 Emerson st. Pasadena No. 583-P. G. Gair, 843 North Wilson. Richmond-Martinez No. 597-H. Ē. Jennings, box

281, Martinez, Cal. Riverside No. 254-Phil V. Dewey, 879 Walnut st. Sacramento No. 46–J. W. Crawley, box 392. San Bernardino No. 84—Sydney Waite, 132 Fifth. San Diego No. 221-E. L. Fisher, box 259. San Francisco No. 21-L. Michelson, room 123,

787 Market street. San Jose No. 231–J. W. Bowman, 685 S. Ninth. San Luis Obispo No. 576—F. S. Finney, 670 Pismo. San Mateo No. 624–E. W. Thurman, care Ad

vance office, Burlingame, Cal. Santa Rosa No. 577—W. S. Linsley, 726 Orchard. Stockton No. 56-H. S. Hornage, box 140. Vallejo No. 389--G. M. Davis, box 231. Watsonville-Salinas No. 543-Mrs. Mollie Forester, Watsonville, Cal.

CANADA. Brantford, Ont., No. 3784E. R. Sayles, 126 Chat

ham. Calgary, Alberta, N. W. T., No. 449—S. Burnand,

box 1388. Cranbrook, B. C., No. 540-L. P. Sullivan, box 228. Edmonton, Alberta, N.' W. T., No. 604-A. J.

Healey, drawer 1861. Fernie, B. C., No. 555-A. J. Buckley. Fort William, Ont., No. 417–George R. Wallace, Fredericton, N. B., No. 664_F. Emms. Galt, Ont., No. 4114. W. Lapine, box 193., Greenwood, B. C., No. 358–Gilbert Kay, drawer

A, care Pioneer Office, Phænix, B. C. Guelph, Ont., No. 391-C. P. Doughty, box 574. Halifax, N. S., No. 130—Albert Beazley, box 492. Hamilton, Ont., No. 129–John J. Burns, 115 East

Murray street. Jacques-Cartier No. 145--Ovila Grandmaison, 68

St. Edward, St. Denis Ward, Montreal, P. O. Kingston, Ont., No. 204-S. Salsbury, Barrifield

P. O., Ontario, Can, Lethbridge, Alberta, N. W. T., No. 551–J. Jones, London, Ont, No. 133--Financial secretary, Fred

Chambers, cor. High and Chester streets, South London; corresponding secretary, William O.

Ruse, 14 Walnut street. Moncton, N. B., No. 636--J. H. Lang, 3 Park st. Montreal, Que., No. 176-F. Garrett, jr., box 734. Montreal, Que., No. 607 (Hebrew)-Solly Krems,

611 St. Lawrence boulevard. Moose Jaw, Sask., N. W. T., No. 627–George

Paterson, care Times. Nelson, B. C., No. 340-G. W. Priest, box 484. New Westminster, B. C., No. 632-R. A. Stoney,

box 965. Ottawa, Ont., No. 102—W. C. Metzger, box 491. Peterborough, Ont., No. 248–J. M. Galbraith,

125 Brock street. Port Arthur, Ont., No. 575-Hugh Flaherty, box

464. Quebec, P. Q., No. 302—President, Charles E.

Rousseau, 95 St. Paul street; vice-president, Jos. Coleman; corresponding secretary, M. J. Crane, 424 Champlain; recording secretary, William Garns; secretary, Alf, Larose, 337 Arago street;

treasurer, Ed Little, box 193. Regina, Sask., No. 657—W. B. Stevens, 1722 Os

ler street. Rossland, B. C., No. 335--John Wilson, box 335. Saskatoon, Sask., No. 663-L. A. Russell, care

Phoenix office. Stratford, Ont., No. 139-Roy Dunbar, 195 Bruns.

wick street. St. Catharines, Ont., No. 416—-Bert Gadsby, 16

Haynes ave. St. John, N. B., No. 85-Frank W. Stanton, 20

High street. St. Thomas, Ont., No. 459-Le Roy Leach, care

The Times Press.

Toronto, Ont., No. 91-President, Samuel Had.

den; vice-president, A. E. Thompson; corresponding secretary, William R. Steep; financial secre. tary, T. C. Vodden; treasurer, Ed J. How.

Address box 211, or room 6, 57 King street, west.

Union meets first Saturday in month. Vancouver, B. C., No. 226-President, A. C. Ben

son, 2002 Second ave., west; vice-president, A. E. Robb; financial secretary, R. H. Neelands, box 66. Union meets last Sunday in every

month. Vernon, B. C., No. 541—B. R. Campbell, box 414. Victoria, B. C., No. 2014G. M. Watt, box 209. Windsor, Ont., No. 553-George Marentette, 98

Albert st. Winnipeg, Man., No. 191–J. C. Bleaken, box 2024.

Canon City No. 425-George Miles, box 455.
Colorado Springs No. 82—President, Harry A.
Scholton; financial and corresponding secretary,

J. T. Reames, box 813.
Cripple Creek No. 227–J. R. Thompson,

Denver No. 49-President, E. S. Close;

president, George Allen; financial secretary, F.

C. Birdsall, box 681. Durango No. 373—D. B. McGue, 1051 Fourth ave. Fort Collins No. 592-0. E. Gaylord, box 987: Grand Junction No. 292-S. T. Ray, 830 North

Fifth street. Greeley No: 586-Otto L. Altvater, care Pioneer. Leadville No. 179–M. V. Devor, box 262. Loveland No. 567-H. H. Harris, 120 Fourth st. Pueblo No. 175–J. B. Royce, box 476. Trinidad No. 434--George D. Single, box 823.

CONNECTICUT. Bridgeport No. 252—P. W. Pulver, 40 Liberty st. Danbury No. 143-F. G. Capron, 4 Tower Place. Derby No. 365-George Baum, 85 Myrtle avenue,

Ansonia, Conn. Hartford No. 127-S. T. Pfund, box 856. Meriden No. 314—H. C. Maydwell, 41 Butler st. New Haven No. 47-J. J. Reilly, box 1269. New London No. 150—Ambrose Higgins, box 248. Norwalk No. 529—Walter S. Ireland, Broad River. Norwich No. 100–Geo. B. Neibert, 65 Seventh st. Stamford No. 503-Horace W. Graves, 19 Luther

street. Waterbury No. 329—John F. Murphy, box 63.

CUBA. Havana No. 514-Jose C. Otero, “La Borla," 41

Muralla. Santiago de Cuba No. 570—Joaquin Sune Hernandez, 17 Augustin baja.

Wilmington No. 123–Oscar C. Davis, box 331.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Columbia No. 101–George G. Seibold, 423-425 G street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

FLORIDA Jacksonville No. 162_W. N. Emlyn, box 271. Pensacola No. 293-E. P. Preston, 135 West Gov.

ernment street. St. Augustine No. 588-Tom McHan, Drawer A. Tallahassee No. 660—T. E. Andrews, box 77. Tampa No. 299–H. H. Regener, box 473.

GEORGIA Athens No. 595–A. A. Johnson, box 7. Atlanta No. 48–W. H. Grant, box 266. Augusta No. 41-J. H. Moorman, jr., 805 Bohler

ave. Macon No. 93--Charles R. Reid. 508 Cherry st. Rome No. 371-R. M. Wimpee, box 627. Savannah No. 183-Sidney Fenton, box 554.

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. Honolulu No. 37–Leslie Scott, box 556.

IDAHO. Boise City No. 271–J. C. Fleharty, box 85. Cour d'Alene No. 445-F. W. Holmes, 701%

Sherman street.

box 507

Lewiston No. 634-Lloyd R. Blair, care Tribune.
Pocatello No. 491-Otto Nelson, box 134.
Twin Falls No. 241-E. C. Nims, care The Times.
Wallace No. 617—R. G. Chambers, care Miner.

Alton No. 306—H. W. Bauer, 528 East Seventh.
Aurora No. 291- John B. Gummermann, 605 South

Fourth street. Belleville No. 74-A. F. Neubauer, 503 S. Spring. Bloomington No. 124–G. A. Summers, 901 West

Mulberry, Cairo No. 461-F. E. Thurman, 222 Eighth street. Canton No. 342-Clyde W. Underhill, box 61. Carlinville No. 458-Adam Flori, box 273. Centralia No. 479—C. E. De Lean, care Sentinel. Champaign and Urbana No. 444-A. C. Parris,

50114 North Randolph street, Champaign, Ill. Charleston No. 560_F. M. Mealey. Chicago No. 16-President, George J. Knott; vice

president, Walter W. Barrett; secretary-treasurer, William R. Miller, room 504, No. 275 La Salle street; recording secretary and organizer, John C. Harding; sergeant-at-arms, F. M. Cruik. shank: board of trustees, Gus Bilger (chairman), D. T. Wilson, C. F. Sheldon; executive commit. tee, Ben F. Harris, John F. Hayes, Paul J. Berry, W. M. Goodwin, Sam L. Oisen and the four executive officers. Union meets last Sun. day in each month at 2 P. M. Executive commit. tee meets the Sunday preceding the regular

meeting. Chicago No. 330 (Bohemian)-V. M. Hlavka, 602

West 18th street. Chicago No. 272 (Norwegian Danish)-H. Stock

seth, 1783 Cortez st. Chicago No. 546 (Polish)-J. Gretza, 104 Crystal. Chicago No. 247 (Swedish)-Nils Arvidsson, 1799

Halsted st. Danville No. 230—John F. Bartley, 605 West Wil

liams street. Decatur No. 215-E. A. Winter, box 484. Eriwardsville No. 354-C. H. Spilman, 310 Clay st. Elgin No. 171–Fred S. Pease, 64 Mallery avenue. Freeport No. 524-W. H. McCall, 411 Douglas ave. Galesburg No. 288-0. W. Walkup, 414 N. Cedar. Harrisburg No. 562--G. H. Layton, box 407. Herrin No. 599--Joe M. Bond, care of News. Jacksonville No. 356—E. 0. Mayer, 706 West

North street. Joliet No. 194-William Funk, 1211 Kelly avenue. Kewanee No. 164-5. R. Biedelman, 314 S. Main st. La Salle and Peru No. 442-). Al Meisenbach,

1815 First, Peru, Ill. Lewistown No. 557—Harry Mercer, box 405. Lincoln No. 327-F. P. Alexander, 318 Peoria. Litchfield No. 368—Marguerite Dunn, 722 Van

Buren. Marion No. 518—Minto Bradley, 1307 North Lo

gan street. Mascoutah No. 443--Carl Montag, care Herald. Mattoon No. 520-H. Pennington. 2701 Richmond. Mt. Carmel No. 594—Robert Gullett, 322 E. Fourth

street. Murphysboro No. 217--George Horsfield, 1314

Walnut. Ottawa No. 265-H. H. Wolslegel, in East Su

perior street. Pana No. 554-Rolland Owen, 506 W. Second st. Pekin No. 591-W. A. Rude, 512 Catherine. Peoria No. 29-W. S. Bush, 225 N. Adams. Pontiac No. 390-J. B. Spray. Quincy No. 59–E. D. Sweney, 1262 Vermont. Rockford No. 213-George Greene, care Morning Springfield No. 177— President, H. W. Doenges,

box 198; vice-president and chairman executive board, John M. Tipton; corresponding and finan.

cial secretary, George Hoole, box 198. Sterling No. 282–-Charles Willett, Rock Falls, Ill. Streator No. 328–F. W. Baxendale, 409 South

Vermillion street. Taylorville No. 369–F. J. Wheeler, South Chero.

kee street. Tri-City No. 107–C. S. Osborn, 411 West Second

street, Davenport, Iowa. Waukegan No. 294-D. Hamilton, 206 Edwards st.

INDIANA. Anderson No. 284-B, F. Harb, 2208 Fletcher. Brazil No. 508-Ivan Glidewell, care Daily News. Columbus No. 450-Celia Kremer, 636 Fifth st. Crawfordsville No. 229-W. V. McCormick, 712

Milligan street. Elkhart No. 266-F. W. Crisman, 1414 S. Main st. Evansville No. 35-President, Charles F. Froelich;

secretary-treasurer, Phil Voelker, 409 Sycamore. Fort Wayne No. 78—-J. L. Sessler, box 234. Frankfort No. 287–Jos. Gardner, 1208 South Main. Gary No. 590-G. E. Wulting, 701 Broadway. Greenfield No. 469---Elmer Johnson, 323 Meek st. Huntington No. 454--W. H. Grupe, 630 Guilford. Indianapolis No. 1-President, Edgar A. Perkins;

vice-president, James O. Keeler; recording secretary, W. A. Greene; financial and corresponding secretary, C. E. McKee, 216 K. of P. Castle

Hall, 230 East Ohio. Kokomo No. 412—B. C. Nicholson, 1031 S. Main

street. Lafayette No. 64-R. B. Shaw, 605 S. Nineteenth. Logansport No. 196—Henry W. Peters, 1010 Lin

den avenue. Marion No. 286-G. C. Chambers, 337 E. Swayzee. Muncie No. 332- Joseph Herdering, 912 South

Elm street. New Albany No. 169—Daly D. Busenbark, 327

Thirteenth street. Peru No. 97-Fred Felix, box 8. Princeton No. 488—W. R. Lamb, 112% East Broad

way. Richmond No. 301-H. H. Miller, 55 S. 17th st. Shelbyville No. 542-Valentine Hey, 163 E. Me.

chanic street. South Bend No. 128–C. E. Bertch, 802 Marietta st. Sullivan No. 610--Wm. Miles, 431 Thompson st. Terre Haute No. 76-J. S. Edmunds. 925 S. Third. Vincennes No. 395-James P. Ryan, 912 N. Second. Wabash No. 347–George Ply, care Plaindealer. Washington No. 538—H. E. Teufel, care Democrat.

IOWA. Boone No. 381-E. H. Brady, 1211 Carroll. Bluff City No. 203 (Council Bluffs) --U. G. Cox,

2552 Avenue B. Burlington No. 75-E. D. Morgan, 850 Arch st. Cedar Rapids No. 192—B. R. Abbey, 1206 Fifth Clinton No. 334—T. C. Thomsen, 506 Fourth ave.

nue, Lyons, Iowa. Des Moines No. 118-W. D. Ferree, box 556. Dubuque No. 22-Fred Tschirgi, 1831 Jackson st. Fort Madison No. 581-Qolie Yotter, box 262. Iowa City No. 515-Al Burger, corner Madison

and Prentiss. Keokuk No. 68—G. W. Eaton, 216 North Eighth

street. Marshalltown No. 414-Frank Corbin, 107 South

Third street. Mason City No. 406—Glen W. Scott, box 119. Muscatine No. 251–W. H. Deutschmann, box

573 Oskaloosa No. 526–1. Fred Cubberley, care Globe. Ottumwa No. 73-Charles B. Gilliland, care Cou;

rier. Sioux City No. 180-F. H. Lawrence, 1700 West

Fifth street.
Waterloo No. 319-A. Frank Case, box 543.

Atchison No. 113-G. Mesigh, 109 Ash.
Chanute No. 608-Wilfrid Cavaness, care Tribune.
Coffeyville No. 578—W. A. Bradford, 307 West

Second street. Fort Scott No. 343– Walter E. Ford, 1014 South

Judson street. Girard No. 348—S. Hampton, 301 North Carbon. Hutchinson No. 243-J. E. Workman, 328 E. Big

ger street. Independence No. 584-A. W. Rainey, 1107 West

Main. Iola No. 481-Charles E. May, lock box 32. Leavenworth No. 45–Edward Lanzer, 519 North

Third street. Ottawa No. 408-C. G. Schriver, 125 S. Elm st. Pittsburg No. 470-Frank C. Conover, 906 N. Pine.



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