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Orange No. 424~W. M. Hamler....
Yonkers No. 468--H. S. Bilyeu.
Ennis No. 641-T. J. Pritchett.
Philadelphia German-American No.

Julius Erdmann..
Cincinnati German-American No. 2--Wil-

liam Geiger... St. Louis German. American No. 3

George Odenbach.. Cleveland German-American No. 6-Mat

Barbian New York German-American No. 7-G.

E. Arbor, $16; Otto Delle, $16; Sieg. fried Oestreich, $16; Amandus Prundt, $16; Ignatz Regen, $16; F. J. Hrad

ecky, $16.... Chicago German-American No.9- Robert

Milwaukee German-American No.

Valentine Burkhard.....
Baltimore German-American No.

IIHenry Norwig... Belleville German-American No.

18Charles Stieler...

16 00

96 00

16 00


16 00


INDIANAPOLIS, InD., September 20, 1909. In compliance with section 3. article v, of the by-laws, the following is published:

GENERAL FUND. Balance on hand August 20, 1909..... $95,092 84 Receipts to date....

15,691 09

16 00

16 00

[blocks in formation]

BURIAL BENEFITS, 8353. Denver No. 49--W. H. Montgomery

75 00 8354. Harrisburg No. 14-F. D. Hoerner

75 00 8355. Des Moines No. 118-A. E. Blank 75 00 8356. St. Louis No. 8-B. F. Baker...

75 00 8357. New Orleans No. 17-B, A. Ed. wards

75 00 8358. Missoula No. 277—W. S. Moore...

75 00 8359. Birmingham No. 104-J. H. Singleton

75 00 8360. Philadelphia No. 2-David Dunlop

75 00 8361. Chicago Bohemian No. 330--Victor Rozporka

75 00 8362. St. Louis No. 8-Charles Roloff..

75 00 8363. New Orleans No. 17—B. C. Barlow

75 00 8364. Seattle No. 202—A. Seeburger..

75 00 8365. St. Paul No. 30-0. W. Greenleaf.

75 00 8366. Sacramento No. 46--M. M. Glenn 75 00 8367. Mobile No. 27-T. B. Shepperd.... 75 00 8368. Boston No. 13-Henry McMahon..

75 00 8369. Scranton No. 112-W. A. Browning

75 00 8370. Baltimore No. 12-George Basel.. 75 00 8371. Utica No. 62-G. W. Mandeville..

75 00 8372. New York German-American No. 7 -Charles Schlichte

75 00 8373. St. Paul No. 30–M. M. Bovd.

75 00 8374. Sacramento No. 46-H. P. Reece..

75 00 8375. Columbia No. 101-II, A. McPike.

75 00 8376. San

Diego No. 221-Augustus

75 00 8377. Cincinnati German-American No. 2 -F. H. Jackmann...

75 00 8378. Wilmington No. 123–George Wol. ferth

75 00 8379. Denver No. 49–Mrs. Erlith Reed.

75 00 8380. Milwaukee No. 23-1. J. Ronan..

75 00 8381. Joplin No. 350-E. M. Ackerman.. 75 00 8382, Chicago No. 16-John Moneur..

75 00 8383. Detroit No. 18-Frederick O'Con. nell

75 00 8384. Camden No. 132-R. L. Campbell.

75 00 8385. Anderson No. 284-W. E. Moore..

75 00 Total

. $39,008 22 SUMMARY OF RECEIPTS. General fund...

. $15,691 09 Home fund..

7,347 81 Old age pension fund.

18,423 15 Total

. $41,462 05 SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURES. Defense expense and benefits.

$7,611 38 Burial benefits..

2,475 00 General expenses

8,590 44 Typographical journal expenses.

4,649 59 Home fund-Transferred to treasurer..

7,347 81 Old age pension fund..

8.334 00 Total

. $39,008 22

[blocks in formation]



21 00

INDIANAPOLIS, IND., September 22, 1909. To the Board of Trustees of the Union Printers


GENTLEMEN—The following is a report of the receipts and expenditures of the Home fund from August 24, 1909, to September 22, 1909, inclusive: 1909.

RECEIPTS, Aug. 24. Balance in fund.

. $28,278 19 ug. 31. Joseph Tracydeceased, per Charles Deacon

7 25 Sept. 2. Interest on bank deposit..

48 13 Sept. 3. Sale of grease, per Charles

Sept. 7. Cash from secretary-treasurer
I. T. U.

21 30 Sept. 9. Cash from secretary-treasurer I. T. U....

7 25 Sept. 10. W. W. Griffey, deceased per Charles Deacon

6 91 Sept. 20. Cash from secretary-treasurer

I. T. U....


4 68

68 50

7,319 26

[blocks in formation]

257 66

170 76

913 26

Northfield Land and Water Co.-Water rent to October 1.

$125 00 Western Electric Co.-Electrical Slip

plies S. M. Duncan Painting and glass..

52 10 Hendrie & Bolthoff Mfg. Co.--Electrical supplies

4 41 Newton Lumber Co.-Screen doors and lumber

697 90 E. M. Portner-Carpenter work.

117 50 Houston Lumber Co.--Roofing..

92 00 Standard Electric Co.- Material and labor

106 83 Argust Bros.- Plumbing and repairs... 764 03 Hill Brick and Tile Co.-Brick on account library addition..

25 50 H. C. Loesch-Sharpening tools on count library addition..

17 09 J. M. Lynch-- August salary.

33 33 J. W. Hays-August salary.

33 33 Charles Deacon-Jugust salaries Home employes

1,430 50 Charles Deacon- Balance expense attend

ing St. Joseph convention.
Expenses Trustees' Meeting at Colorado

Springs--J. M. Lynch. $163.95; J. W.
Hlays, $190.65; L. C. Shepard, $239.70;
T. F. Crowley, $233.04: T. D. Fennes-
sy, $283.45; W. J. White, $124.14;
Thomas McCaffery, $50...

1,284 93 Mrs. Irene Putnam--Cash in possession M. H. Clark, deceased..

21 30 Mrs. J. Broadhurst-Cash in possession Joseph Tracy, deceased...

7 25 Library Addition-Gravel, $3; labor on

building, $858.26; teamster, $30; rent of horse, $12; sand, $7; rent jack

screws, $3 Charles Deacon--Yeast, $6.30; express.

age on trunk tags, $1.35; repairing safe, $2; August pensions to inmates, $304.50; transportations Messrs. Roa: nan. Mearns, Roby, Hindle, Le Roy, Collins, Ilicks, Dunaway, Kelsey, Ward

and Campbell. $361.80; pressage on sundries, $8.83; expressage on monthly reports, $2.40; repairs, 50c; want ads, 70c; car tickets, rands and funerals, $8.50; correspondence in state land, $6; balance August salaries to employes, $141.09..

843 97 Total

$10,610 04 RECAPITULATION. Balance in fund August 24. 1909......$28,278 19 Receipts to September 22, 1909.

7,414 78 Total

. $35.692 97 Expenditures

10,610 04 Balance

. $25,082 93 The balance reported consists of $22,606.80 on deposit with the American National Bank, Indianapolis, and $2.476.13 in the hands of Superintendent Deacon, the expenditure of which is yet to be reported. The sum in the hands of the superintendent includes $1.343.84 advanced to pay for the construction expenses of the library addition to the Home. Respectfully submitted,

J. W. Hays,

Secretary-Treasurer. INDIANAPOLIS, IND., September 22, 1909. State of Indiana. County of Marion, ss:

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22d dav of September, 1909. Witness my hand and notarial seal. (seal! ALBERT Smitu, Notary Public.

My commission expires August 19, 1912.

4 00

290 86




118 75

88 79

EXPENDITURES. Shields. Morley Grocery Co.-Groceries.. $190 02 Puffer-Tucker Mercantile Co.-Groceries 196 92 Ira J. Morse--Fruits and vegetables.. Seldoniridge Grain Co.-Flour, hay and

grain Colorado Springs Creamery-Butter... 43 74 Freidline & Taggart-Fruits and vegetables

75 37 Colorado Springs Broom Manufacturing

Co.- Brooms
O. E. llemenway-Fruits, vegetables and

National Commission Co.--Fish and

85 00 Colorado Packing and Provision Co. Veats

607 81 May Clothing Co.-Clothing.

1 20 50 T. E. Manning--Repairing shoes..

4 50 J. H. Gardner Shoe Co.-Shoes.

22 95 Robinson Drug Co.-Drugs and hospital

supplies Colorado Springs Electric Co.--Lights for August

64 30 Tudor Coal Co.-Coal.

102 48 l'nion Ice and Coil (0.-Ice and coal. Kaufman & Co.-Dry goods.. W. W. Wilcox Co. --Trunk checks.

18 00 VcCracken & Ilubbard--- Bed springs..

8 00 Tucker Furniture Co.-Rugs and furni.

tre Ilibbard & Co.- Towels..

7 92 Johnson Jewelry (0.- Spoons.. Lowell Veservey Ilardware Co.-Building hariware

42 45 Carrick Harness and Carriage Co.-llarness repairs

4 45 Enterprise Furniture Co,- Curtains. Hassell Iron Works (0.-Structural iron work library addition...

1,059 89 Colorado Springs Gazette-\dvertising.. Antlers Livery--Carriage hire..

4 50 A. T. Harlan--Photographs...

10 75 McRay & Son-- Tobacco for residents.. 4 75 Out-West Printing Co.-Office supplies. Zimmerman Supply Co.- Office supplies. 3 75 Promnt Printery-Office supplies..

14 00 Hallett & Baker Co.-Burials Messrs. Clark and Tracy..

90 00 Tohn Jones-Shoeing horses.

TO 50 Continental Oil Co.-Gasoline

9 35 Colorado Springs Laundry (0.-August laundry

35 00 Colorado Telephone (0.-'Phone rent to October I and tolls.

10 00 Postal Telegraph Co.-August messages. A. B. Baker- Dentistry.

2 50 F. G. Ilayner-Spectacle repairs.

1 75

43 87

95 20

8 00

I 50

8 35

5 65

[blocks in formation]
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3. W.

32 60

[blocks in formation]

9. W.

31 60


6 30

17. M. H. Clark, deceased.

$21 30 26. J. W. Hays-Current expenses.

500 00 28. Colorado Hide and Tallow Co.-Sale of grease

4 68 28. Joseph Tracy, deceased.

7 25 Total

$1,012 34 August.

EXPENDITURES. 3. Ruth Phelan-Domestic..

$3 00 W. Wood, Agent-Transporta

tion M. J. Ronan.. 4. J. W. Hays-Money left by 0. W. La Rash, deceased...

2 85 6. W. H. Cundey, Agent-Transportation George A. Mearns.

53 85 6. Ferd Bauer-Yardman..

5 50 7. L'nited States Express Co.---Expressage on trunk tags..

I 35 7. I. T. U. pensions..

77 50 W. Wood, Agent- Transporta

tion G. W. Roby. 12. United States Express Co.-Expressage on reports.

I 50 12. Thomas McCaffery-Expressage monthly reports.

3 45 12. Fleischmann Co.-Yeast. 14. I. T. U. pensions...

78 00 14. C. B. Briggs--Repairing safe.

2 00 14. W. H. Blanchard-August salary...

75 00 16. B. L. Jefferson-Correspondence on land question..

6 00 16. William Simpson-Yardman..

10 50 17. J. W. Hays--Money in possession of M. H. Clark, deceased..

21 30 18. Winnie Woodward--Domestic.

5 42 21. I. T. U. pensions..

74 50 21. W. I. Cundey, Agent—Transportation W. W. Kelsev..

2 25 21. Agent Colorado & Southern-Trans

portation E. A. Ilicks......

W. Wood, Agent ---Transportation Robert B. Hindle...

22 85 Wood, Agent-- Transportation Beniamin Le Roy..

33 50 25. W. W.

Wood, Agent - Transportation M. F. Collins..

36 05 25. Laura Larson-Baker.. 26. W.

W. Wood, Agent-Transportation J. W. Dunaway.

31 00 28. I. T. U. pensions...

74 50 28. W. W. Cowen, Agent-Expressage on package to Indianapolis..

3 88 28. J. W. Hays-Money in possession Joseph Tracy, deceased..

7 25 30. W. W. Wood, Agent- Transporta

tion John H. Ward... 31. W. W. Wood, Agent - Transporta

tion John M. C. Campbell. 31. Charles Deacon-Sundries as follows: Expressage

2 40 Repairs

50 Want ads.

70 Street car tickets, errands and fu

nerals 31. J. W. Hays--Sale of grease..


[Concluded from Page 452.] Jackson, Tenn.-President, W. H. Mainord; vice-president, J. B. Balch; secretary-treasurer, C. T. Russell; sergeant-at-arms. W. F. Blackwell; executive committee, J. P. Balch, P. D. Bruton and T. C. Kelley; delegates to trades council, W. F. Blackwell, W. H. Mainord, J. P. Balch and C. P. Craig.

Lafayette, Ind.--President, John B. Clark; vice. president, George II. Fachinger; sergeant-at-arms, William Teny; secretary R. B. Shaw; treasurer, L. II. Busha; auditing committee, A. J. Klinker, S. HI. Saltzgaber, D. F. Mackeever; arbitration board, John B. Clark, R. B. Shaw.

Marion, Ind.-President, E. C. Aborn; vice-pres. ident, L. M. Cilles; secretary-treasurer, George C. Chambers; recording secretary, F. H. McClellan; trustees, Stephen S. Ott, and N. L. Wallace; ser. geant-at-arms, George L. Bryer; delegates to cen. tral trades council. Frank Barr. W. F. Enslen, L. M. Cilles, F. H. McClellan, J. H. Macadam and J. H. Britt.

Niles, Mich.-President, C. R. Harwood; vicepresident, W. A. Brown: secretary, (). II. Towns. ley; treasurer, W. H. Hathaway; executive committee, C. R. Harwood, W. A. Brown, O. H. Townsley and W. H. Hathaway.

Norwich, N. Y.-President, J. B. Van Duesen; vice-president, R. R. White; secretary-treasurer, W. E. Miner; sergeant-at-arms, George Sherwood.

Pine Bluff, Ark.-President, T. A. Wilson; vicepresident, J. J. Harrison; secretary-treasurer, H. R. Chandler; sergeant-at-arms, George Hill.

Rome, N. Y.-President, Charles P. Byam; vicepresident, James Doyle; recording secretary, Hen. ry Smith; financial secretary, Nicholas J. Fortune; treasurer, Francis T. McNamara; sergeant-at-arms, Gustavus C. Ilossfelt.

28 90

23. W.

25. W.

41 67

57 60

31 60

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8 50

4 68

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Years ago unionism, as applied to the trades, was looked upon with curiosity or suspicion by those who did not understand its full meaning. The em. ployer felt that unionism meant only a combination of interests against him; of men who desired to get as much as they could, giving as little as possible in exchange. But with time comes understanding; and today the employer knows that unionism, in its best sense, stands for sane and sensible co-operation; for the enactment of better laws, affecting both those who employ and those who are emploved; for the betterment of the social conditions of the workingman; for the protection of women and children; for the stamping out of tuberculosis; for the sanitary shop and the comfortable home. Cincinnati Times-Star.


RECEIPTS. 1. Balance

.$1,257 10 26. Cash-Library addition, J. W. Hays. 1,000 00 Total

. $2,257 10 August.

EXPENDITU'RES. 2. S. J. Dyer--15 loads of gravel

$3 00 7. Payroll-Week ending Au. gust 6.....

299 83 10. Clyde Remington Teamster June salary..

30 00 10. James Long-Rent horse.... I 200

PRACTICALLY all the London daily and weekly newspapers are set with the aid of type-composing machinery. We believe the only one in London now composed entirely by hand is the Morning Ad. vertiser--one of the cleanest set papers in the kingdom.-London Typographical Journal.

I 21

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Nelson, C. W., 89% Gottingen street, Halifax, N. S., Can.

Parsons, T. C., 210 P street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

Pettipiece, R. P., 421 Eleventh avenue, East, Vancouver, B. C.

Rodriguez, Armand B., Hotel Alcazar, Prado, Havana, Cuba.

Rust, F. A., care Labor Temple, Seattle, Wash. Sims, Ned, 103 Twelfth st., Wheeling, W. Va.

Stevenson, R. J., 68 Sullivan street, Toronto, Ont., Can.

Thompson, Clifford, box 504, Charleston, S. C. Wardlaw, W. S., box 266, Atlanta, Ga. Woodman, C. W., box 437, Fort Worth, Texas.

TRADE DISTRICT UNIONS, Mailers' Trade District Urion--Secretary, Robert T. Allen, box 1817, Boston, Mass.

SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATION. International Commission on Supplemental Education-A. H. McQuilkin, Chicago, 111.; William B. Prescott, Chicago, Ill.; Robert E. Darnaby, Indianapolis, Ind.



Headquarters—Rooms 640-650 Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind. Long Distance Telephone-President, Main 2885; secretary, Main 2886.

GENERAL OFFICERS. President, James M. Lynch, Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

First Vice-President-George A. Tracy, room 122 Investors' building, Fourth and Market streets, San Francisco, Cal.

Second Vice-President-Hugo Miller, Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

Third Vice-President-Charles N. Smith, 1947 Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Secretary-Treasurer-J. W. Hays, Newton Clay. pool building, Indianapolis, Ind.


President - James M. Lynch, Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind."

Vice-President-Thomas McCaffery, West Boulder street, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Secretary-Treasurer-J. W. Hays, Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

L. C. Shepard, 209 Terrace avenue, Grand Rapids, Mich.

W. J. White, 4053 Twenty-third street, San Francisco, Cal.

Thomas F. Crowley, 12 Hulbert block, Cincin. nati, Ohio.

T. D. Fennessy, 508 Union Trust building, Los Angeles, Cal.

Agent-George P. Nichols, 535 North Carrollton avenue, Baltimore, Md. DELEGATES TO FEDERATION OF LABOR.

James M. Lynch, Newton Claypool building, Indianapolis, Ind.

Frank Morrison, 801-809 G street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

Max S. Hayes, 979 Parkwood drive, Cleveland, Ohio.

Hugh Stevenson, 176 McPherson avenue, Toronto, Ont. T. W. McCullough, 2028 Maple st., Omaha, Neb.

ORGANIZERS. Ackerman, N. D., 109 West First street, Joplin, Mo.

Baker, John, box 400, Helena, Mont. Birdsall, F. C., box 681, Denver, Colo. Brady, B. G., 208 Minor bldg., Kansas City, Mo. Brown, Charles S., 637 Norwood ave., Toledo, O. Daly, Will, 757 Missouri avenue, Portland, Ore. Devereux, J. C., jr., 915 Thoinas street, St. Paul, Minn.

Dodge, Frank II., Reaves bldg., Little Rock, Ark. Dolan, T. H., 6 Terrace street. Pittsburg, Pa.

Eichhorn, Theodore, 234 West Twenty-third street, Erie, Pa.

Fisher, K. S., box 794, Omaha, Neb.
Gibbons, Jos. P., 1331 Monsey ave., Scranton, Pa.

Gilmour, William, 30 Young street, Montreal Annex, Can.

Haight, Wm. S., 55 Eleventh st., Detroit, Mich. Harper, R. L., box u12, Jacksonville, Fla. Ilayes, Max S., 979 Parkwood Drive, Cleveland, Ohio.

Hill. Albert E., 335% Third avenue, north, Nashville, Tenn.

Kinskey, C. E., 6 Chapin block, Buffalo, N. Y.

McLernon, W. E., 508 Union Trust building, Los Angeles, Cal.

McLoughlin, J. E., 616-618 World building, New York city, or 1271 Bushwick ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Maloney, R. S., 31 Bennington street, Law. rence, Mass.

Mitchell, George E., 478 Twelfth avenue, San Francisco, Cal.


LIST OF SECRETARIES. Akron, Ohio-George Harding, 528 E. Buchtel av. Albany, N. Y.--Jos. Lederer, 2 Myrtle avenue. Atchison, Kan.-G. W. Mesigh, 1019 Ash street. Atlanta, Ga.-E. L. Parham, 1292 North Broad. Atlantic City, N. J.-Frank Kay, 7 Illinois avenue. Baltimore, Md.-R. A. Williamson, 100 N. Paca st. Baton Rouge, La.-A. M. Kahn, care Daily State. Battle Creek, Mich.-Geo. Wilson, 16 Howard st. Belleville, Ill.–Andrew Schwarz, care St. Clair

Printing Company. Bellingham, Wash.-E. Hofercamp, 1118 Forest. Binghamton, N. Y.-Allen Griggs, 37 Leroy street. Birminghiam, Ala.-C. C. Hudson, 2121 First ave. Bloomington, Ill.-L. C. Spurgin, 604 West Nill st. Boise, Idaho-F. J. Clayton, 1410 Sherman ave. Boston, Mass.-D. J. McDonald, 543 Old South

building. Brockton, Mass.-W. W. Adams, 47 W. Rosseter. Buffalo, N. Y.- Joseph S. Wild," care Williain

Graser, 107 East Eagle street. Butte, Mont.-Edw. Kilfeather, Miner job office. Cedar Rapids, Iowa--R. G. Stewart, care Tribune. Charleston, S. C.-Clifford Thompson, hox 504. Chattanooga, Tenn.-W. W. Mee, 809 Georgia ave. Chicago, Ill.-L. P. Straube, room 520, 275 La

Salle street. Cincinnati, Ohio-Frank E. Bell, 17-20 Fisher blk. Cleveland, Ohio-S. S. Hester, 23 Blackstone bldg. Colorado Springs, Colo.-C. J. Haase, box 1003. Columbus, Ohio-W. E. Bird, 318 Eberly block. Coshocton, Ohio-C. W. Carpenter, 328 S. Ninth st. Dallas, Texas–Z. M. Duckworth, room II, 401

Main, Decatur, 111.-F. W. Ritter, 305 South Peake st. Denver, Colo.-T. A. Conkle, box 1.447. Des Moines, Iowa-C. II. Lockwood, 229 Tenth st. Detroit, Mich.-Charles A. Langlois, 281 John R

street. Duluth, Minn.-E. T. Hughes, care News-Tribune. East Liverpool, Ohio-M. S. Cemer, care Betz

Printing Company. Elgin, Ill.-M. Rosenheim, care Courier. Elizabeth, N. J.-L. B. Mathews, 561 East Third

avenue. Roselle, N. J. Enid, Okla.-H. A. Breitenstein, 503 Chamber of

Commerce building. Erie, Pa.-Edward Roth, 432 E. Twelfth st. Evansville, Ind.---Leo E. Weiss, 1832 E. Oregon st. Everett, Wash.-E. Marcuson, 2718 Walnut st. Fall River, Mass.-D. F. Shea, 455 Peckham st. Fargo, N. D.--Robert Reid, 1319 Third ave., N. Fort Wayne, Ind.-H. Yaryan, 1326 Cass st.


Fort Worth, Texas-R. W. Walker, box 167.
Fostorio, Ohio-Chas. E. Scharf, 353 W. High st.
Fresno, Cal.--Ray W. Baker, box 714.
Galveston, Texas-James P. Walsh, care Hunter

& Finck. Grand Rapids, Mich.-C. B. Waddell, 36 South

Division street. Hartford, Conn.--S. T. Pfund, box 856. Helena, Mont.--Charles J. Tipton, box 133. Houston, Texas-H. T. Tyner, 3104 Milam. Indianapolis, Ind. --G. E. Haines, 646 Newton

Claypool building. Jackson, Mich.-J. C. Welch, 512 W. Wilkins st. Jackson, Miss.-B. W. Waide, care Tucker Print

ing Company. Jacksonville, Fla.--A. W. Grooms, 32 East For.

syth, Flat 5. Jamestown, N. Y.-J. B. Leach, 16 East Fourth st. Jefferson City, Mo.--Ed. Finke, 816 Madison st. Joliet, Ill.--A. J. Becker, 109/ Cora street. Joplin, Vo.-M. H. Gardner, 510 Gray ave. Kansas City, Mo.-\m. Robertson, 1112 Locust st. Knoxville, Tenn.- M. J. Breen, 117 South Gay. Lafayette, Ind.-R. B. Shaw, 605 S. Nineteenth st. Leavenworth, Kan.-William J. Knight, care Even

ing Post. Lincoln, Neb.-T. H. Brooks, 728 N. Eleventh st. Little Rock, Ark.-W. W. Wilkins, 612 State st. Los Angeles, Cal.-George A. Peterson, 636 N.

Grand ave. Louisville, Ky.-- John Schneider, 527 East Madi.

son street. Lowell, Mass.-Edw. Turnbull, 27 Menthuen st. Macon, Ga.-J. W. Hancock, 706 First street. Marion, Ind. - Stephen Ott, box 62. Memphis, Tenn.-M. Ed. Wright, 221 West Iowa

avenue. Meriden, Conn.-T. E. Lawler, 127 Liberty. Milwaukee, Wis. --Bert W. Wedereit, 1368 Richards

strect. Minneapolis, Minn.-Andrew Carlson, care Augs

burg Ptg. Co. Mobile, lla.--F. L. Van Horn, 105 N. Water st. Muncie, Ind.- Joseph llerdering, 916 S. Elm st. Muskogee, Okla.--L. C. Butler, care Democrat. Nashville, Tenn.-Lytton Alley, 1706 Underwood st. New Haven, Conn.- Lubinsky, 619 Congress av. Newark, N. J.-Frank J. Ostertag, 377 Bergen. New Orleans, La.--Robert J. Ames, 1677 N. Clai.

borne avenue. New York, N. Y.-Morton B. Connelly, 310 Pu.

litzer building. Niagara Falls, N. Y.-P. J. McCarthy, 810 Willow

avenue. Norfolk, Va.-E. W. Gaines, Virginia Unionist. Norwalk, Ohio-L. W. DeWitt, 41 West Elm st. Oakland, Cal.- Bert A. Griffin, 534 39th st. Oklahoma City, Okla.--Chas. S. Hall, box 1116. Omaha, Neb.-R. G. Hinman, box 794. Ottawa, Ont.-- William C. Blount, 375 Lyon. Paterson, N. J.-B. J. McNamara, 112 Jackson st. Pawtucket, R. I.-Laurence Anderson, 265 Martin

st., East Providence, R. I. Pensacola, Fla.--R. E. L. Cresap, box 395. Peoria, Ill.--W. S. Bush, 225 North Adams street. Philadelphia, Pa.--Robert L. Barnes, 131 North

Fifteenth street. Pittsburg, Pa.-C. Q. Lafferty, box 644. Portland, Maine-Peter J. Curran, 54 Pleasant st. Portland, Ore.-George H. Howell, care Oregonian. Providence, R. I.-C. R. Christie, 26 Vine street,

East Providence, R. I. Pueblo, Colo.-H. J. Tollivar, box 73. Racine, Wis.-G. A. Williams, 1205 Summit ave. Raleigh, N. C.-L. F. Alford, 125 East South st. Rahway, N. J.-Harry Gage, 43 River. Richmond, Va.-J. T. Pulling, 517 N. Eleventh st. Roanoke, Va.--Lawrence E. Nichols, care Union

Printing and Manufacturing Company. Rock Island, Ill., etc.-B. M. Strom, 1430 Seventh Rochester, N. Y.- Robert N. Chapman, 101 Cox

building. Sacramento, Cal.-W. J. Thomas, box 392. Salt Lake, Utah-Jos. T. Watts, 274 A street. San Antonio, Texas-W. L. Hoefgen, 923 South

Presa street.

San Diego, Cal.-Robert Coats, 966 Tenth street. San Francisco, Cal.- James D. Kelley, room 122,

Investors' building, 787 Market street. San Jose, Cal.-H. J. Young, 731 Locust. Savannah, Ga.-Ed L. Roberts, 1411 Barnard st. Scranton, Pa.- John J. Sweeney, 1320 North

Wyoming avenue. Seattle, Wash.-R. M. McCullough, care Labor

Temple. Shreveport, La.-E. S. Tiffin, care Castle Printing

Company. Sioux City, Iowa--V. L. Baker, care Journal. Sioux Falls, S. D.-II. Patterson, care Journal. Spartanburg. S. C.-J. L. Sauls, care Herald. Spokane, Wash.-Max Demuth, 213 Howard st. Springfield, Ill.-Bert Winter, care Journal Print

ing Company. Springfield, Mass.-W. W. Barker, care Central

Labor Union. Springfield, Mo.-George A. Bauman, 827 N.

Grant street. Springfield, Ohio-John V. Smeltzer, 530 Linden St. Augustine, Fla.- Tom Mcllan, drawer A. St. Joseph, Mo.- John H. Berry, 623 N. Ninth st. St. Louis, Mo.- John G. Warrington, room 308

Panama building. St. Paul, Minn.-J. E. Corcoran, 404-406 Court

block. Stockton, Cal.-W. E. Court, 1430 South Center st. Syracuse, N. Y.-J. J. Houck, 426 Bastable block. Tacoma, Wash.-G. E. Riggins, room 5, 110572 A st. Tampa, Fla.-H. H. Regener, box 473. Toledo, Ohio-Harry T. Batch, box 17. Toronto, Ont.--Wm. H. Walker, 602 Givens st. Trenton, N. J.-Warren M. Erwin, 458 West Han

over street. Tulsa, Okla.-Charles Putnam, care World. Utica, N. Y.-P. E. Kelley, care Dispatcli. Vancouver, B. C., Can.-A. Ward, 932 Smythe st. Victoria, B. C., Can.-H. M. Diggon, 778 Hill st. Waco, Texas-T. L. McDonald, hox 216. Walla Walla, Wash.-C. W. Gillingham, box 297. Washington, D. C.--Elmer Johnson, 2009 Flagler

street, N. W. Waterbury, Conn.-L. H. Baker, 48 Center st. Watertown, N. Y.-C. M. Burnett, care Reunion. Wheeling, W. Va.-E. M. Pierce, 66 Fifteenth st. Winnipex, Man., Can.-R. J. Prendergast, 455

Cumberland avenue. Worcester, Mass.-P. H. Beahn, 7 Preston. Youngstown, Ohio-Benjamin Evans, 108 Market.

SUBORDINATE UNIONS. LIST OF SECRETARIES, ETC. Notice of change or error in the following list should be promptly forwarded to the secretary-treas. urer of the International Typographical Union:

ALABAMA. Anniston No. 419-R. E. Gann, 822 Quintard ave. Birmingham No. 104-W. M. Peterson, box 868. Mobile No. 27—John J. Russell, 28 South Ann. Montgomery No. 222-J. B. Walker, 15 Cleveland avenue.

ALASKA. Fairbanks No. 639-Charles A. Newton, care News. Nome No. 582-F. G. Kappelman, box 361.

Douglas No. 544- Joseph P. Fagan, care Evening

Miner, Bisbee, Ariz.
Globe No. 367–C. F. Holdsworth, box 872.
Phænix No. 352–Fred O. Adams, box 913.
Prescott No. 375--W. J. Davis, box 128.
Tucson No. 465-F. S. Moreno, box 147.

Fort Smith No. 249--Roger R. Barrett, box 72.
Hot Springs No. 574-H. R. Stewart, 115 Róse st.
Little Rock No. 92-Elmer Grant, box 258.
Pine Bluff No. 447—H. R. Chandler, care Graphic.
Texarkana No. 313—W. H. Von Tierks, 810 Pine



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