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The majority of the residents have co-operated with the management towards the harmonious conduct of the institution, by strict observance of the few rules necessary to conserve the best interests of all.

During the year 87 residents have been admitted, 27 deaths occurred, 61 vacated, and 5 were expelled.

In closing I wish to thank President Lynch and Secretary Hays and Ex-Secretary Bramwood, who, on behalf of the board of trustees, have given prompt and courteous attention to all correspond

I also wish to express my appreciation of the co-operation of Resident Trustee McCaffery, who has given liberally of his time and attention when Home affairs demanded his consideration. Respectfully submitted,



In presenting the foregoing report the board of trustees of the Home has endeavored to fully com. ply with the laws requiring that conventions of the International Typographical Union shall be fur. nished with a complete account of the transactions of those intrusted with the management of the institution. We also desire to assure the delegates to the St. Joseph session and the membership in general that it has been our aim to fully carry out the terms of the trust reposed and to administer the affairs of the Home in such a manner would prove creditable to the International Typographical Union and beneficial to those enjoying the privileges of the institution.

Respectfully submitted,


Board of Trustees.


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Fifty-Fifth Session



The Auditorium, St. Joseph, Mo.,

Monday, August 9, 1909. The convention was called to order by Chairman Hill of the committee of arrangements. The Rev. Father Brady was then called on for an invocation.

Mayor A. P. Clayton made the opening Address and welcomed the delegates and visitors in a particularly warm-hearted and appropriate speech of welcome.

Louis T. Golding, publisher of The St. Joseph News-Press, expressed gratification regarding contractual relations with the International Typographical Union, extending welcome to the delegates and visitors. Former Congressman George C. Crow

who joined Leavenworth (Kan.) Typographical Union in 1866, welcomed the delegates and visitors in a wholenearted manner.

G. H. Larke, publisher of The St. Joseph Gazette, then gave the delegates and visitors a hearty welcome, inviting all to visit his newspaper plant.

President Burnham of St. Joseph Typographical Union No. 40, in a most appropriate address, welcomed the delegates in behalf of the union.

President Lynch then took the chair and responded in behalf of the International Typographical Union.

At this time the chair announced that the first order of business would be the report of the secretary-treasurer.

The secretary-treasurer then read his report, as follows: REPORT OF SECRETARY-TREASURER.

St. Joseph, Mo., August 9, 1909. To the Officers and Members of the Inter

national Typographical Union: Gentlemen-Pursuant to the requirements of section 8, article 111, of the by-laws, I submit the following list of delegates whose credentials in proper shape have been filed with me, and who are entitled to seats in this convention: 1, Indianapolis. Ind.—John C. Steffen,

William E. Lincoln. 8, Philadelphia, Pa.-John A. Smyth,

John D. Callan, Charles E. Hill.

3, Cincinnati, Ohio-Joseph B. O'Hara,

Ed. J. Farley, Robert B. Smith, 4, Albany, N. Y.-James H. Crowley,

John A. Boyle. 5, Columbus, Ohio-Charles M. Howle. 6, New York, N. Y.-Abraham J. Por

tenar, Silas W. Gamble, Louis Selig,

John W. Hallett. 7. Pittsburg, Pa.-C. WIII Koch, Charles

H. Leighley. 8, St. Louis, Mo.-James H. Mason, sr.,

Wallace W. Cato, Joseph A. Jack

son, Henry C. Braunhold. 9, Buffalo, N. Y.-John L. Fair, Harry

Herbert. 10, Louisville, Ky.-W. R. Hickman, J. O.

Ames. 11, Memphis, Tenn. Robert Armstrong,

J. N. Everett. 12, Baltimore, Md.-Edmund M. Evans,

A. S. Harding. 13, Boston, Mass.—Wallace B. Stoodley,

Eugene F. Sweeney, George H. Ho

bin, Joseph J. Dallas. 15, Rochester, N. Y.-Edward J. Walsh. 16, Chicago, Ill.—Omar E. Carter, Joseph

B. Simonds, Richard F. Doyle, R. L.

C. Brown. 17. New Orleans, La. -James F. Shea,

John L. Ebaugh. 18. Detroit, Mich.-Otto C. Sprunk, J. D.

Roberts. 20, Nashville. Tenn.-James J. White,

George G. Bell. 21, San Francisco, Cal.-W. J. Higgins,

Wil J. White. 22, Dubuque, Ia.--Max Rathberger. 23. Milwaukee, Wis.--Hugh E. Carney,

James E. Killian. 25, Baton Rouge, La.-Joe Snyder. 27, Mobile, Ala.-D. P. Baker. 28, Galveston, Tex.-Oliver S. Gusman. 29, Peoria, Ill.—John A. Crawford. 30, St. Paul, Minn.-C. H. Dimond, A. J.

Thode. 32, Norfolk, Va.-Harry Anderson. 36, Oakland, Cal.-Joe A. Mulhall. 39, Grand Rapids, Mich.-Seth R. Brown,

L. C. Shepard. 40, St. Joseph, Mo.-William J. Jones,

P. W. Curtiss. 42, Minneapolis, Minn.-E. J. Shaw, H. B.

Benson. 45, Leavenworth, Kan.-Fred Metschen.

46, Sacramento, Cal.--W. W. Cuthbert. 47, New Haven, Conn.--Geo. H. Sanders. 48, Atlanta, Ga.-Ed. L. Sutton, R. L.

Whites. 49, Denver, Colo.-J. A. McNamara, T. F.

Dolan. 61, Lawrence, Mass. Matthew DeGrey

Ripon. 52, Troy, N. Y.-Geo. E. McMurray. 53, Cleveland, Ohio--J. N. Merwin, John

E. Howlett. 55, Syracuse, N. Y.-William F. Beard. 67, Dayton, Ohio-Geo. S. Lindsay. 58, Portland, Ore.-R. Percy Coburn. 59, Quincy, 11.-Otto Linz. 63, Toledo, Ohio-W. F. Ehlenfeldt, C. A.

Benedict. 64, Lafayette, Ind.-Harry Longwell. 71, Trenton, N. J.-Geo. M. Applegate. 72, Lansing, Mich.-L. B. Morris. 73, Ottumwa, Iowa-E. G. Johnson. 76, Terre Haute, Ind.-0. S. McNabb. 79, Wheeling, W. Va.—Harry L. Mills. 80, Kansas City, Mo.-R. J. Kincaid, O. P.

Weakley. 82, Colorado Springs, Colo.-J. J. MC

Carty. 83, New York, N. Y. (Hebrew-American)

Hyman Rosenson. 86, Reading, Pa.--Frank H. Fischer. 87, Houston, Tex.-Tom C. Millis, John H.

Brown. 88. Hannibal, Mo.-Benjamin F. Brown. 89, Chattanooga, Tenn.-Ralph D. Stone. 91, Toronto, Ont.-W. R. Steep, Duncan

McDougall. 92, Little Rock, Ark.-J. E. Purkins. 94, Jersey City, N. J.-Percy L. Anderson. 95, Helena, Mont.--Don C. D. Moore. 101, Washington, D. C.-Louis R. Taylor,

F. N. Whitehead, W. S. Schinnerer,

Jos. C. Whyte. 102, Ottawa, Ont.--Michael Powell. 103, Newark, N. J.-Wm. H. Hackett, R. E.

Throssell. 104, Birmingham, Ala.–J. E. Carson, C. J.

Deaton. 107, Tri-City (Rock Island, Ill., etc.)-H. J.

Gaspard. 112, Scranton, Pa.-Edward T. O'Malley,

M. W. Walton. 113, Atchison, Kan.-Robert Tompkins. 115, Salt Lake City, Utah-H. W. Dennett,

Arthur E. Graham. 117, Springfield, Ohio-James H. Thrasher. 118. Des Moines, Ia.-W. A. Needham, G.

H. Krukenmeyer. 119, Jefferson City, Mo.--G. E. Root. 121, Topeka, Kan.-T. B. Garrett, Otto C.

Kasten. 136, Duluth, Minn.-G. A. Bergstrom. 146, Charleston, W. Va.-J. L. Heizer. 148, Wichita, Kan.-A. M. Carr. 155, Shreveport, La.-John F. Ellsworth. 168. Springfield, Mo.-George A. Bauman.

160, Columbia, Mo.-J. Guy McQuitty. 170, Tacoma, Wash.-0. N. Miller. 172, San Antonio, Tex.--Robert A. Miles. 173, Dallas, Tex.-James A. Florer. 174, Los Angeles, Cal.-F. P. Rowe. 175, Pueblo, Colo.-J. L. Baldwin. 176. Montreal, P. Q. (English)-Fred Gar

rett. 177. Springfield, [ll.-Henry W. Doenges. 180. Sioux City, Ia.--Wm. N. Emerson. 186. Fargo, N. D.-W. H. Dietrich. 187, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.-Joseph R. Wylie 189, Lexington, Ky.-Fred A. White. 190. Omaha, Neb.--Harry Thacker, K. &

Fisher. 191. Winnipeg, Man.-Charles A. Watson. 192, Cedar Rapids, Ia.-Ross D. Smith. 194, Joliet. 11.-A. J. Steffey. 195, Paterson, N. J.-W. F. McGrath. 198. Fort Worth. Tex.-Jack L. Robinson. 199. Zanesville, Ohio-Roy W. Hocking. 202. Seattle, Wash.-A. N. Petty. 203, Council Bluffs, Ia.-U. G. Cox. 209, Lincoln, Neb.-G. E. Locker. Lynn

Freeman. 213, Rockford, 11.-Charles Oudin. 215, Decatur, H.-George W. Shaffer. 217. Murphysboro, Ill.-T. S. Tarpley. 218, Sioux Falls, S. D.-G. F. Brucker. 230, Danville. lll.- Amos W. Bishop. 242, York, Pa.-Charles W. Bastian. 243. Hutchinson, Kan.- John E. Carroll. 249, Fort Smith, Ark.—John T. Dormois. 265, Ottawa, Ill.-Owen F. Kelly. 271, Boise City, Idaho-H. L. Straight. 282, Sterling, Ill.-H. E. Llewellyn. 283, Oklahoma City, Okla.-Mike J. WI)

liams. 286, Marion, Ind.-G. C. Chambers. 288. Galesburg, Ill.-Harry H. Wager. 298, Massillon, Ohio-Harry Hamilton. 301, Richmond, Ind.-William R. Bloom. 303, Cleburne, Tex.--George D. Dobbs. 310, Lowell, Mass.-Walter E. Turnbull. 313, Texarkana, Ark.-W. H. Von Tiercks. 316, North Adams, Mass.-Ernest 0. Cooke. 324, Racine, Wis.--F. A. Parker. 329, Waterbury, Conn. Alexander Mac.

Lean. 332, Muncie, Ind.-B. W. McGinnis. 333, Denison, Tex.-L. E. Stewart. 339, Beaumont, Tex.-M. L. Andrew. 348, Girard, Kan.-W. T. Nelson. 349, Waterloo, Ia.-G. D. Ralston. 350, Joplin, Mo.-Charles W. Fear, 352, Phoenix, Ariz.--H. D. Lawrence. 355, Bellingham, Wash.-R. C. Galbraith. 363, Jackson, Miss.-O. F. Brown. 388, Walla Walla, Wash.-Daniel Fergu.

son. 390, Pontiac, nl.-Thomas S. Black. 395, Vincennes, Ind.-James P. Ryan. 400, Sunbury, Pa.-C. B. Lyon. 403, Tulsa, Okla.-D. E. Booth. 406, Mason City, la.-Edward H. Tolson.

408, Ottawa, Kan.-S. B. Mills. 414, Marshalltown, Ia.-Ed. T. Austin. 424, Orange, N. J.-William M. Hamler. 427, Vicksburg, Miss.-S. N. Williamson. 444, Champaign-Urbana, I11.-W. F. Stol.

tey. 471, Sherman, Tex.—Dick Chamberlain. 473. Moberly. Mo.-Albert Welsz. 484, Muskogee, Okla.-E. C. Dighton. 494, Abilene, Tex.-Robert B. Gragg. 520, Mattoon, Ill.-J. Frank Davis. 524, Freeport, Ill.-H. A. Lohff. 633, Ņuntington, W. Va.-W. W. Meadows. 568. Lake Charles, La.-George W. Bray

ton, 571, Chickasha, Okla.-Rufus Payne, jr. 578, Coffeyville, Kan.-W. A. Bradford. 584, Independence, Kan.-A. W. Rainey. 587, Guthrie, Okla.-T. Westbrook. 599, Herrin, Ill. - Joe M. Bond. 608, Chanute, Kan.-Lemuel A. Woods. 613, Enid, Okla.-H. C. Moody. 633, Lawton, Okla.-S. C. Chatham. 638, Salina, Kan.-Grover M. Harris. 649, Ardmore, Okla.–J. W. Campbell.

German-American. 3, St. Louis, Mo.-Wendel Schneider. 8, Newark, N. J.-Andrew Ohmberger.

Mailers. 1, Boston, Mass.-T. B. Spillane, Bernard

P. Fouhy. 2, Chicago, Ill. Florence Donoghue:

James P. McNichols. 3, St. Louis, Mo.--James J. Mulcahy. 5, Toronto, Ont.-J. G. Gallagher. 6, New York. N. Y.--Danel L. Corcoran,

James J. Winters. 7, Kansas City, Mo.-Norman A. Snapp. 18, San Francisco, Cal.-E. L. Bangs.

Newspaper Writers. 9. Milwaukee, Wis.-Frederic Heath.

Contested Credentials. Credentials in regular form have been received from: 33, Providence, R. 1.-Charles Carroll.

A protest, however, has been filed against the seating of Mr. Carroll by John F. Lennon, who claims Mr. Carroll's election to have been irregular. I recommend that this protest be referred to the credentials committee for investigation. It will afford me pleasure to appear before the committee if it desires my presence, and furnish it with all the information in my possession concerning this case.

Respectfully submitted,

J. W. HAYS, Secretary-Treasurer.

Assistant secretary-T. D. Fennessy, Los Angeles Union No. 174.

Reading clerk-E M. Martin, Boston Union No. 13.

Sergeant-at-arms-J. E. Murphy, St. Joseph Union No. 40.

Messengers-W. A. MacDonald, Milton Hilpp and J. H. Berry, St. Joseph Union No. 40.

President Lynch then announced the fol lowing committees:

Committee on laws-Fisher (Omaha), Dennett (Salt Lake City), Florer (Dallas), Brown (Chicago), Throssell (Newark), Higgins (San Francisco), McDougall (Toronto).

Committee on credentials--Walsh (Rochester), McNabb (Terre Haute), Stevens (Erie), Tompkins (Atchison), McQuitty (Columbia, Mo.), Steffey (Joliet), McGrath (Paterson).

Committee on returns and finances-Dallas (Boston), Brown (Grand Rapids, Needham (Des Moines), Moore (Helena), Shaw (Minneapolis), Garrett (Montreal), Stone (Chattanooga.).

Committee on appeals -- Armstrong (Memphis), Selig (New York), Steffen (indianapolis), Farley (Cincinnati), Baldwin (Pueblo), Thrasher (Springfield, Ohio). Schmidt (Pekin).

Committee on political policy-Hickman (Louisville), Brown (Hannibal), Kasten (Topeka), Robinson (Fort Worth), Ryan (Vincennes), Andrew (Beaumont), Fear (Joplin).

Committee on Union Printers HomeCuthbert (Sacramento), McCarty (Colorado Springs), Whyte (Washington, D. C.), Purkins (Little Rock), Anderson (Jersey City), Bergstrom (Duluth). Roberts (Detroit).

Committee on promotion of health--Mills (Wheeling). Hallett (New York), Millis (Houston), Miller (Tacoma), Doenges (Springfield, 111.), Emerson (Sioux City), Hocking (Zanesville).

Committee on supplemental trade education-Koch (Pittsburg), Doyle (Chicago), Bauman (Springfield, Mo.), Rowe (Log Angeles), Watson (Winnipeg), Smith (Cedar Rapids), Ferguson (Walla Walla).

Committee on Typographical Journal Brucker (Sioux Falls). Fischer (Reading), Carr (Wichita), Palmer (Meridian), Diet. rich (Fargo), Wylie (Wilkes-Barre), White (Lexington).

Committee on resolutions-Gamble (New York), Ripon (Lawrence), Howle (Colum. bus), Ebaugh (New Orleans), Walton (Scranton), Crowley (Albany). Gusman (Galveston).

Committee on subordinate unions--Car. ney (Milwaukee), White (Nashville), Crawford (Peoria), Bond (Herrin), Drennen (Greeley), Harris (Washington, Ind.). Jones (St. Joseph).

Committee on arbitration-Sprunk (De. troit), Beard (Syracuse), McMurray (Troy), Ellsworth (Shreveport), Hamler (Orange). Turnbull (Lowell), Galbraith (Bellingham).

Committee on officers' reports-Taylor (Washington, D. C.), Dimond (St. Paul), Linz (Quincy), Ehlenfeldt (Toledo), Petty (Seattle). Cox (Council Bluffs). Mulcahy (St. Louis Mailers).

Committee on Los Angeles Times and Philadelphia Inquirer contests-- Weakley (Kansas City), Callan (Philadelphia), Baker (Mobile). Hamilton (Waukegan), Williamson (Vicksburg), Gragg (Abilene), Bloom (Richmond, Ind.).

The report of the secretary-treasurer was received and the recommendations concurred in.

The president then announced the following convention officers:

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