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V. S. Supt. of Documents


Washington, February 1, 1933. This publication covers the Atlantic coast from Race Point, Cape Cod, to Sandy Hook, including Nantucket, Vineyard, and Long Island Sounds, New York Harbor, Hudson River, and tributaries. It is based mainly upon the work of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, including the results of a special examination in 1932.

This volume is the third edition of United States Coast Pilot, Atlantic Coast, Section B, the first edition having been published in 1918.

The present volume has been prepared by Lieut. J. M. Smook, United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. The compilation was supervised by Lieut. Commander R. R. Lukens, chief, coast pilot section.

Great courtesy has been shown by the United States Engineers, the Lighthouse Service, and local authorities in furnishing information for use in this publication.

The aids to navigation are corrected to February 1, 1933.

Navigators and others are requested to notify the Director of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey of any errors or omissions that they may find in this publication, or of any additional matter which they think should be inserted for the information of mariners.

R. S. PATTON, Director.



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Directions, Western Pariage 17


Descriptions and sailing directions—Continued.

Narragansett Bay—Continued.

Providence River...

Directions, Providence River.

Long Island Sound and adjacent waters---

Currents, Long Island Sound and adjacent waters_

Directions, Long Island Sound -

Block Island Sound-

Directions, Block Island Sound.

Gardiners Bay-

Directions, Gardiners Bay --

Shelter Island Sound and Peconic Bays.

Shelter Island Sound, north part.-

Shelter Island Sound, south part-

Peconic Bays.

Directions, Shelter Island Sound, north arm

Directions, Shelter Island Sound, south arm.

Fishers Island Sound.

Directions, Fishers Island Sound.

New London Harbor and Thames River.

Directions, New London Harbor and Thames River..

New London to Connecticut River.

Connecticut River..

Directions, Connecticut River..

Connecticut River to New Haven..

New Haven Harbor.

Directions, New Haven Harbor.

New Haven to Bridgeport----

Housatonic River..

Directions, Housatonic River.

Bridgeport Harbor.

Directions, Bridgeport Harbor.

Black Rock Harbor.-

Directions, Black Rock Harbor.

Black Rock Harbor to Norwalk Islands-

Westport Harbor --

Directions, Westport Harbor -

Norwalk Islands ..

Norwalk River.,

Directions, Norwalk River.

Norwalk River to Stamford..

Stamford Harbor -

Directions, Stamford Harbor.

Captain Harbor...

Directions, Captain Harbor.

Port Chester to Throgs Neck.-

City Island Harbor.

East Chester Bay -

North Coast of Long Island.

Orient Point to Port Jefferson.

Port Jefferson Harbor.-

Directions, Port Jefferson Harbor.

Old Field Point to Eaton Neck..

Huntington Bay

Directions, Huntington Bay-

Oyster Bay-

Directions, Oyster Bay-

Oyster Bay to Willets Point.

East River..

Directions, East River_

Harlem River and Spuyten Duyvil Creek -

South coast of Long Island --

Inland waters, south coast of Long Island..

Directions, inside route, south coast of Long Island.

Jamaica Bay -

New York Bay and Harbor.

Lower bay -

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