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Brazil-Argentine Republic, Treaty of Arbitration between. September 7,
190r, 1

Documents Concerning The Congo:

Declaration by the International Association of the Congo. April 22,

1884 5

Recognition of the flag of the Kongo Free State by the United States.

April 22, 1884 5

M. Strauch, President of the International Association of the Congo,

to M. Jules Ferry, President of the Council, Minister of Foreign

• Affairs. April 23, 1884 «

M. Jules Ferry, President of the Council, Minister of Foreign Affairs of

France, to M. Strauch, President of the International Association

of the Congo. April 24, 1884 6

General Act of the Conference of- Berlin. February 26, 1885 7

Declaration of Neutrality of the Congo Free State. August 1, 1885.... 26

The King's Testament. August 2, 1889 . 26

Letter of the King to M. Beernaert. August 5, 1889. 2?

General Act between the United States of America and other powers

for the repression of the African slave trade and the restriction of the

importation into, and sale in, a certain defined zone of the African

continent, of fire-arms, ammunition, and spirituous liquors. July 2,

1890 29

Convention between Belgium and the Congo Free State. July 3, 1890... 61

Treaty between the United States of America and the Independent State

of the Congo. Amity, commerce, and navigation. January 24, 1891.. 62

Arrangement giving the regulation of the right of preference of France

over the territories of the Congo Free State. February 5. 1895 69

Adhesion of the United States of America to the convention for the

regulation of the importation of spirituous liquors into certain regions

of Africa. June 8, 1899 70

Treaty of cession and annexation. November 28, 1907 73

Provisional arrangement. November 28, 1907 76

Bill providing for the government of the Belgian Congo 76

Decree suppressing the foundation of the crown. March 5, 1908 87
Documents Concerning The Congo Continued.

NUMBER 2, APRIL, 1909.

Brazil-colombia. Treaty concerning boundary. April 2-}, 1907 97

Brazil-colombia. Agreement of modus vivendi on the Putumayo. April

24, 1907 .. 100

Moroccan Question: Recognition Mulai Hand.

Joint note of Spain and France. September 14, 1908 101

Joint note of powers to Mulai Hand. November 18, 1908 103

Final note of recognition of Mulai Hafid. December 17. 1908 105

Panama Canal. Documents in reference to neutralization:

Austria-france-great Britain-prussia-russia. Convention for the

neutralization of Switzerland. November 20, 1815 106

Great Britain-austria-france-prussia-russia-netherlands, Annex

to treaty, establishing neutrality of Belgium. April 19, 1889 10S

United States-new Granada. Treaty of peace, amity, navigation, and

commerce, establishing the neutralization of the Isthmus of Panama.

December 12, 1846 10S

United States-great Britain. Convention for facilitating and protect-

ing the construction of a ship canal between the Atlantic and Pacific

oceans, and for other purposes. (Clayton-Bulwer treaty.) April

19, 1850" 110

Great Britain -austria-france-prussia-russia-sardinia-tuukey.

Provisions concerning the neutralization of the Black Sea and Danube

River contained in general treaty. March 30, 1856 114

Neutralization Of The Ionian Islands:

Great Britain-austria-france-prussia-russia. Treaty concern-

ing the annexation of the Ionian Islands by Greece. November

14, 1863 110

Great Britain-france-russia-greece. Treaty concerning the

annexation of the Ionian Islands by Greece. March .'.". 18(1.',. ... 117

Luxemburg. Treaty relative to the neutralization of the grand duchy

of. May 11. 1867 118

Argentine Republic-chile. Treaty establishing the neutrality of the

Straits of Magellan. July 23, 1881 121

Convention respecting the free navigation of the Suez Maritime Canal.

October 29, 1888 123

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