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“ Fareweel, Meg !-And, O! may Heav'n

“Keep you ay within his care: “ Watty's heart ye've lang been grievin', « Now he'll never fash


mair. “ Happy cou'd I been beside

you, “ Happy baith at morn and e'en : " A'the ills did e'er betide you,

“Watty ay turn'd out your frien'.

“ But ye ever like to see me

“ Vext and sighin', late and air.“ Fareweel, Meg! I've sworn to lea' thee,

« So thou'll never see me mair.”

Meg a' sabbin', sae to lose him,

Sic a change had never wist, Held his han' close to her bosom,

While her heart was like to burst.

lea' me,

“O my Watty, will ye

“ Frien'less, helpless, to despair ! “O! for this ae time forgi'e me:

“ Never will I vex you mair.”

“ Aye, ye've aft said that, and broken A'

your vows ten times a-week. No, no, Meg! See !—there's a token

“ Glittring on my bonnet cheek.

“ Owre the seas I march this morning,

Listet, testet, sworn an'a', “ Forc'd by your confounded girning;

“Fareweel, Meg! for I'm awa.”

Then poor Maggy's tears and clamour

Gusht afresh, and louder grew, While the weans, wi' mournfu' yaumer

Round their sabbin' mother flew.

“ Thro' the yirth I'll wauner wi' you

Stay, O Watty! stay at hame; “ Here upo' my knees I'll gi'e you

“ Ony vow ye like to name.

“ See your poor young lammies pleadin',

“Will ye gang an' break our heart? “ No a house to put our head in!

“ No a frien' to take our part.” Ilka word came like a bullet,

Watty's heart begoud to shake; On a kist he laid his wallet,

Dightet baith his een and spake.

“ If ance mair I cou'd by writing,

“ Lea' the sodgers and stay still, « Wad you swear to drap your flyting ?"

Yes, 0 Watty! yes, I will!”

Then,” quo' Watty, “mind, be honest ::

“ Ay to keep your temper strive; “Gin ye break this dreadfu' promise, ,

“ Never mair expect to thrive.

Marget Howe! this hour ye solemn

“ Swear by every thing that's gude “ Ne'er again your spouse to scaul' him,

“ While life warms your heart and blood :

" That ye'll ne'er in Mungo's seek me,

“ Ne'er put drucken to my name “ Never out at e’ening steek me

“ Never gloom when I come hame:

ye swear

“ That ye'll ne'er, like Bessy Miller,

“ Kick my shins, or rug my hair « Lastly, I'm to keep the siller, “ This upo' your


3 “ Oh!"-quo' Meg, “ Aweel," quo' Watty,

“ Fareweel!-faith I'll try the seas. “ O stan' still,” quo' Meg, and grat ay;

“ Ony, ony way ye please."

Maggy syne, because he prest her,

Swore to a' thing owre again : Watty lap, and danc'd and kiss'd her;

Wow ! but he was won'rous fain.

Down he threw his staff victorious ;

Aff gaed bonnet, claes, and shoon; Syne aneath the blankets, glorious !

Held anither Hinny-Moon.

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