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WAREHOUSING Ports, continued.

East India Goods*, and Goods in Tables A,


Fustic, Hemp, Iron, Logwood, Mahogany,

Pitch, Rosin, Staves, Tar, Tallow, Tow,
Turpentine, Timber, and Wood in Table

C; and Flax in Table E.

.East India Goods, and Goods in Tables A, B,

C, D, and E. LEITH

. East India Goods, and Goods in Tables A,

B, C, D, and E. MONTROSE.

Wines, Spirits, and Sugart; and Goods in

Tables C, and D; Ashes, Butter, Cheese,
Coffee, Feathers, Hams, Hides, Honey,
Spruce Beer, Seeds, Vinegar, and Yarn.

TABLE FS.-Agates, rough, and polished, Almond Paste, Aloes, Ambra Liquida,

Ambergris, Balsams of all sorts, Beads of all kinds, Beer, Benjamin,
Bottles, Bugles of all kinds, Cambric, Camphor, Candles, Cantharides,
Cardamoms, Cards, Carmine, Cassia Buds, Cassia Lignea, Cassia Fistula,
Castor, China Ware and Porcelain, Crystal, Cider, Cinnamon imported
under License, Citron Water, Civet, Clocks, Cloves imported under Li.
cense, Cochineal, Coculus Indicus, Coloquintida, Columbo Root, Coral of
all sort, Corks ready made, Cuttle Shells, Dice, Eau de Colognei, Enamel,
Essences of all sorts, Extracts of all sorts, Feathers Ostrich, and others,
not otherwise enumerated, dressed or undressed ; Flowers artificial, Gar-
nets, Gauze of all kinds, Ginger Preserved, Glass of all kinds, Grains of
Paradise, and of Guinea, Gum Opopanax, Hair, human, Hair Powder,
Hats and Bonnets of all sorts, Jalap, Jet, Jewels, Emeralds, Rubies, and
all other precious stones, except Diamonds; Inkle wronght, Lace of all
kinds, Lapis Lazuli, Mace imported by License, Manna, Mercury, Me-
theglin, Morels, Musical Boxes, Musk, Myrrh, Nutmegs imported by Li-
cense, Nux Vomica, Opium, Or moulu, Otto of Roses, Paper, Pearls, Perry,
Pictures, Plate, Platina, Platting of all sorts, Powder of Bronze, anil of
Brass, Powder not otherwise enumerated, which will serve for the same use
as Starch, Qnicksilver, Radix Ipecacuanhæ, and Rhataniæ, Resina Jalapa,
Rhubarb, Saffron, Sal Limonum and Succini, Scammony, Silk, raw and
organzined, Snuff, Soap, Spikenard, Starch, Stones Bezoar, Storax of all
kinds, Succades, Sugar, Threads of all kinds, Tobacco, Tortoiseshell,
Treacle of Venice, Truffles, Turbith, Vanelloes, Vellum, Verdegris,
Vinegar, Watches of all sorts, Watch Glasses, Waters Mineral, and streng
of all sorts, Wires, Mohair Yarn; and also all Goods and Merchandize of
every description, which, under the provisions of the Warehousing Act,
may be imported for the purpose of Exportation only. All which Goods
may be deposited only in Warehouses inclosed by and surrounded with
walls, or in other Warehouses or Places of special security, especially to be

approved by the Commissioners of the Treasury.
* Treas. Order, 14 April, 1828. + Treas. Order, 24 July, 1828.

# Min. Com. Cus. 25 Feb. 1831.
$ This Table is Schedule A, of the Act 4 Geo. IV., c. 24.

cases containing not than forty-eight boxes, each box to contain rot less than six bottles of thirty to the gallon ; upon condition that the number of boxes be legibly marked on the outside of each package, and that the master of the importing vessel specify the contents of each such package in his manifest and report.-Treas. Order, 17 March, 1825.

The produce or manufacture of Guernsey and Jersey may be deposited in warehouses approved as of ordinary security.-Min, Com, Cus. 14 Sept., 1831.

WAREHOUSING Ports, continued.
PORT GLASGOW.. East India Goods, and Goods in Tables A, B,

C, and E.


East India Goods, and all other Goods inDUBLIN.

cluding Sugar in Table F, and excepting

the other Articles enumerated in the said BELFAST

Table. Cork to have the further privilege CORK

of bonding Vinegar in Table F, by Min.

Com. Cus. 8 Jan. 1830.
Warehouses have been approved, as of

ordinary security, for bonding all goods, COLERAINE..

except East India goods, and tobacco.-
Min. Com. Cus. 22 Dec. 1829.-Treas.

Order, 5 Dec. 1828.

All Goods, (except East India Goods, and LIMERICK.

the Articles enumerated in Table F., with LONDONDERRY *

the exception of Sugar in that Table.)

Wine, Sugar, Hemp, Iron, and Tallow,WEXFORD

Treas. Order, 8 Sep. 1828, and Foreign
Spirits and Vinegar.—Min. Com. Cus.

7 May, 1830. Warehoused Goods brought Coastwise, which are intended to be Re-weighing

entered for Home Consumption, immediately on arrival of Goods re. at the port of destination, are to be delivered without moved Coast. being re-weighed, upon due entry and payment of the

duty according to the account taken at the original port of importation.-Treas. Order, 18 March, 1826.

The re-weighing of Goods by the Officers previously to their removal coastwise under bond is dispensed with; and on parties making application to the proper officers to remove Goods coastwise, under bond, without the same being first re-weighed; the officers, on satisfying themselves that the packages are in the state in which they were imported, may permit their removal without being re-weighed, the usual notice being transmitted to the proper ufficers at the port of destination, who are to take care that the goods be re-weighed on landing, (except in cases provided for by the Order of the 18 March, 1826t, and if any deficiency he found between such re-weights and the original landing weights, the


* See Note under East India Goods, in page 117, as to privilege of moving such Goods from ports privileged to trade with India, to the Port of Londonderry.

+ See the Order immediately preceding this.

WAREHOUSING PORTs, continued. duty is to be paid on snch deficiency forth with.-Min.Com. Cus. 10 July, 1830.

On a petition of Mr. Brown, sugar refiner in Port Glasgow, praying that Sugar and Molasses brought under bond to that port, for home consumption only, may be allowed to be warehoused without being re-weighed by the officers of the customs, (as has been lately permitted in the case of Tobacco, see page 169), on condition that the duties be paid upon the import weight, when the same are taken out of the warehouse. The Lords of the Treasury have directed the indulgence, already sanctioned by their Lordships in case of Tobacco, to he extended to Sugar and Molasses, when taken out of the warehouse for home consumption only ;—and the Board of Customs have ordered tbat the directions herein contained be duly obeyed, and that in the case of Sugar and Molasses taken out of the warehouse for removal from one warehousing port to another, all subsequent weighings at the port to which the Goods are removed be dispensed with, provided the merchant, upon his taking the Goods out of the warehouse for removal, shall, previously to such removal, declare that the Goods are taken out and removed for home use only, and give security to pay the duty according to the weight ascertained at the time of removal.Treas. Order, 13, and Min. Com. Cus. 18 Feb. 1832.

On an application of Messrs. Wylam and Harle, praying to be relieved from payment of duty on a quantity of Rum lost on its removal under bond coastwise from London to Newcastle, and a reference

Bonded Goods having being made to the Attorney and Solicitor-General

shipped coaston the following point, viz., “ Whether warehoused Goods, wise, and lost shipped coastwise, and lost at sea on the voyage, are to be at sea, penalty considered as accounted for to the satisfaction of the Com

in bond not to

be enforced. missioners of Customs,”—they have given it as their opinion, “That such Goods are satisfactorily accounted for, and that the bond cannot be enforced.” The Lords of the Treasury, in consequence thereof, were pleased to direct, that the duties on the deficiencies in ques tion should be remitted.-Treas. Order, 24 Feb. 1832.

Rates for Warehouse Rent on goods deposited in the King's Warehouses at the several out-ports, viz.

On large cases and vats containing Toys, or other merchandize, and packages of wine,* and other liquids, per week, 6d. each.

Packages of baggage, small packages of presents, viz. boxes, kegs, jars, &c. per week, 2d. each.

All other packages not before described, (except tobacco) per week, 4d. each,

For every hogshead tobacco deposited in the King's Warehouse at London, 2s., and for every hogshead taken out of the same, 28.

For every hogshead of tobacco warehoused in the King's Warehouse at the out-ports, 14d. per week.—Treas. Order, 27 Nov. 1824, and 19 March, 1830.

The surplus stock of wine only, of Naval Officers, may be deposited in the King's Warehouse for a period not exceeding twelve months, without any charge for warehouse rent.-Treas. Order, 27 Nov. 1824.


do. do. do.

.....2 oz.

2 oz.


2 oz. 2 oz.


A LIST of ARTICLES of General Importation, and Quantities Allowed

as SAMPLES, if Warehoused. Under Board's Minutes of 4 Sept. 1823; 19 Jan: and 19 Feb. 1825. Alkali, or Barilla....5 lb. per Pile of 5 tons Oil of Rosemary loz. per Package Aloes .............. 2 oz. per Package

Spike. loz. do. Argol.. & lb.

Thyme. loz. Arruw Root + lb. do.

Orange Peel.. Alb. Balsam Capivi


Orchelia..... 2oz. Bark, Jesuits.. lb. do.

Orrice Root. *lb.

do. Bark in general, except


Toz. per Bag Jesuit's $ 16. do.


2 oz. do. Brimstone, Rough.. 2 lb. per Pile Radix Contrayerve 1 oz. per Package in Rolls... 1 lb. per Package

Galanga 2 lb. per Pile Cassia 1 lb do.

Ipecacuanhæ 1 oz. per Package Cantharides..


Seneko.....1oz. do.


Ib. each Mark


1 oz. per Package Cochineal Dust..

do. Coffee ..... 2 oz. per Bag Saffron


...1 oz.



1 lb.
& lb.

...2 oz.

....1 oz. ......oz.

.. llb.

+ lb.



do. Cocoa Nut Oil #pint each Cask Safflower

4 oz.

oz. do. Coloquintida 2 oz per Package Sago

2 lb. per Pile Coculus Indicus ..... l oz.


1 oz. per Package Cotton...

4 oz.

do. Cream of Tartar.....


Saltpetre Currants.


Seed, Anniseed.... oz. per Package Essence of Bergamot,

Clover. 2 oz. do, or Lemon

..1 oz.

do. Euphorbium.

1 oz.


1 oz. do. Feathers for Beds ... lb. per Lot of 6 Bags Mustard.

do. Galls


do. Gentian........

Silk, Raw........

2 oz. Ginger..

8 oz.

Thrown......1 oz. do.
Granilla, see Cochineal


2 oz.

do. Gum Arabic 1 lb. per Package Smalts

do. Senegal


#pint Tragacanth ....2 oz.

2 oz. per Bag Other Gum.......... 402.


4 oz. per Box not exHoney


do. Sugar, Foreign... ceeding 5 cwt. Jalap.. ..............1 oz.

8 oz. per Box or Chest Indigo

exceeding 5 cwt. Any further quantity (not exceeding 14.) to

It lb. per Hogshead be charged with duty on delivery of Package

li lb. per Tierce Isinglass


British 1 lb. per Chest
Juice of Lemons ....,


Plantation 12 oz. per Barrel Lac Dye... 1 oz. do.

lb. Molasses per Lead, Black......... 1 lb. do.

Hhd or Cask Lemon Peel. + lb. each Entry Shumack..

per Lot 10 Bags Liquorice Juice. 1 lb. per Package Tallow

4 lb. per Lot 10 Pacgs. Root....... 7lb do. |Таріоса.

1 oz. per Package Madder, manufactured 1 lb. do.


2 lb. per Pile
* 1b. do.


3 ib. per Lot Molasses, see Sugar

Wax, Bees'

per Package Oil of Almonds 1 oz.


1 oz. do. Wool, Cotton ......4 oz. per Package
loz, do.

Sheep or Lambs 1 16. do.
2 oz. do.
Spanish 1 lb.

Cocoa Nut, see

Yarn, Mohair

do. letter C


i lb.


Mother o'Pearl ..,7 lb. per Lot of 10
#pint per Cask

Shells Packages
Palm ....... #pint do.

Vermicelli ..... . 1 oz. per Package As other articles may be omitted in the above List, wbich, though not of general importation, the importers may have occasion to take Samples of, it is Ordered that a sample thereof, the duty on which shall not exceed Sixpence, may be allowed to be taken from each Package, without ihe special leave of the Board in each case, as is now required under the Minute of the 4th Sept. 1823.-Min. Com. Cus, 19 Feb. 1825.

.. 1 oz.

+ lb.

do. do.

do. do.

+ lb.


1 lb.



• #pint





Port to be rewarehoused for Twelve Months.

All articles of East India production may, after having been regularly warehoused at one of the ports approved for the impor- East India Goods tation of such goods (see list, page 117), be allowed to may be removed be removed to any warehousing port, to be there re

from the Port of warehoused for a period not exceeding twelve months, Importation to

any Warehousing under security for payment within that time, of the full duties on the whole quantity which had been delivered for removal, under the following regulations.

1st.—That bond be entered into with one sufficient surety for the due delivery of the goods to the proper Officers at the port of destination, and for payment of the duties within twelve months.

2nd.—That the Officers at the port of removal, when practicable, do mark the coutents upon every package intended to be removed ; and in all cases transmit a particular account of such goods by post, to the Colo lector and Comptroller at the port of destination.

3rd.—That the duties be charged in all cases according to the quantity and denomination of the articles as specified in the official account transmitted by the proper Officers at the port of removal, to the Officers at the port of destination. If the goods be such as are required by law to be sold by the East India Company, that the sale price be also specified in the account transmitted to the port of destination, and the duty charged thereon accordingly. And with respect to other goods subject to ad valorem duties, that the declaration of their value be made at the port of importation, and approved by the proper Officers prior to removal.

4th.—That upon arrival of the goods at the port of destination, the same be entered and the full duties paid thereon, or be re-warehoused for home consumption only, for a period not exceeding twelve months, and that in either case the officers do transmit to the proper Officers at the port of removal, a certificate of due landing of the goods in discharge of the bond.-Treas. Order, 8 June, 1831.

Frauds having taken place on the removal of Spirits under bond, from one port to another, by the substitution of packages of the same description and capacity, filled with Spirits of an inferior quality, but of the same strength and colour of the

Spirits under original, the Board have ordered, that the samples which are now required to be taken of each package of Spirits removed coastwise, be taken immediately before removal, and retained for a period of three months.

That the Officers at the port of destination do pay particular attention to the flavour of the Spirits on arrival ; and if they should find them of an inferior quality, or have any other cause to suspect that they have been changed or adulterated in the transit, they do forthwith communicate with the Officers of ihe port whence the Spirits were removed, and require the transmission of the samples to them, reporting specially to the Board, any circumstances of suspicion which may arise. --Min. Com. Cus.

Removal of


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