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British Distilled Spirits:
Spirits or STRONG WATERS, other than such as may and shall be im-

ported with license of the Commissioners of the Customs. All Goods prohibited to be imported into the United Kingdom to be

used or consumed therein, on account of the sort or description of the same.—6 Geo. IV. c. 115. § 13.-9 Geo. IV. c. 18 & 70. § 32

& 27.–See page 3. Cattle and Sheep may be imported into Great Britain from the Isle of Man, and admitted to "entry in the same manner, as they

Cattle and were usually admitted previously to the 5 Jan. 1826 *.

Sheep. Treas. Order, 7 June, 1826. This order has been extended to Swine and Pork, the produce of and imported from the Swine and

Pork. said Isle.—'Treas. Order, 1 Dec. 1826.




No goods can be imported into, or any goods (except the produce of the fisheries in British Ships) be exported from any of the British possessions in America by Sea, from or to any place other than the United Kingdom, or some other of such possessions, except into or from the several ports in such possessions, called “ Free Ports :"

List of Free Portst.
Kingston, Savannah Le Mar, Montego Bay,

Santa Lucia, Antonio, Saint Ann, Falmouth, Jamaica.

Maria, Morant Bay, Annotto Bay...
Saint George....


Saint John's

San Josef....


Road Harbour.


New Providence.
Pitt's Town

Crooked Island.

Saint Vincent.
Port Saint George and Port Hamilton..... Bermuda.
Any Port where there is a Custom House... Bahamas.
Bridgetown ...

Saint John's, Saint Andrew's

New Brunswick.
The Port of the Island of .....

Auguillar. * See Ellis's Laws of the Customs for 1823, under the head of “ Isle of Man," + See List of Free Ports, at the Cape of Good Hope, in page 260.

Order in Council, 15 Aug. 1832. Query, if it should not be “ Anguilla."-Ed.

Free Porrs, continued.
Halifax, Pictou*, and Sydney

Nova Scotia.

Saint John's

George Town.

New Amsterdam.


Saint Lucia.

Saint Kitt's.
Charles Town



Cape Breton +

6 Geo. IV. c. 114. g 2. And if any goods shall be imported into any port or place in the said possessions, other than the “ Free Ports” aforesaid ; such goods shall be forfeited.—7 Geo. IV.c. 48. § 43. Nothing hereinbefore contained shall extend to prohibit the importa

tion or exportation of goods into, or from any ports or Newfoundland and Labrador. places in Newfoundland or Labrador, in British Ships.


List of Free WAREHOUSING Ports.
Kingston, and Montego Bay.


St. Vincents.

Nova Scotia.

New Providence.
Port of Basseterre.

St. Christophers ! Port Louis....

Isl. of Mauritius, !
Port of St. George

Grenada ll.
Port of Road Harbour.

Port of Spain....

Quebec, Kingstontt, and Montreal tt


St John's

Saint John's, and St. Andrew's.

New Brunswick. Bridge Town ..

Barbadoes. By the Act 6 Geo. IV. c. 114, certain places in the British posses

sions in America are enumerated and declared to be free Free Ports ports for the purposes of trade with foreign countries, and may be made certain places in the said possessions are also enumerated in Colonies

and declared to be free warehousing ports for the purpose for limited purposes.

of warehousing Goods without payment of duty upon the

first entry thereof: And whereas His Majesty is empowered by the said Act to appoint, by Order in Council, other places to be free ports and free warehousing ports respectively, and any places so Order in Conncil, 13 Feb. 1928.

+ Order in Council, 1 Nov. 1830. # For a list of free warehousing ports at the Cape of Good Hope, see page 260. $ Treas. Order, 29 July, 1831, founded on an Order in Council. # Treas. Order, 17 Dec. 1831, founded on an Order in Council.

Order in Council, 2 May, 1832. ** Order in Council, 18 May, 1831. #1 For the Warehousing of Goods brought by land or inland Navigation, and of goods imported by Sea in British Ships.


appointed by his Majesty become thereupon free ports and free ware. housing ports respectively, in as full and ample a manner as if the same had beeu appointed by the said Act: And whereas there are in the said possessions many places situated on rivers and in bays at which it may be necessary to establish ports for particular and limited purposes only ; be it therefore enacted, that it shall be lawful for His Majesty, in any Order in Council made for the appointment of any free port or of any free warehousing port, to limit and confine such appointments respectively, to any and such purposes only as shall be expressed in such Order.—2 and 3 Wm. IV. c. 84, § 53.

The Collectors and Comptrollers of the said ports respectively, may appoint warehouses from time to time, for the free warehousing of goods therein, and also declare what sort of Appointment

of warehouses, goods may be so warehoused ; and the importers of any such goods may warehouse the same in the warehouses so appointed, without payment of any duty on the first entry thereof.6 Geo. IV.c. 114. g 33 & 34.

Upon the arrival of any goods at any frontier port in the Canadas, they may be entered with the proper officer of the Customs at such port, to be warehoused at some ware- Goods passed on from housing port in the Canadas, and may be delivered

frontier ports in the

Canadas. by such officer to be passed on to such warehousing port, under bond to his satisfaction, for the due arrival and warehousing of such goods at such port.—7 & 8 Geo. IV.c.56. 36.

Goods warehoused at any warehousing port in any of the British possessions in America, may (on being duly entered) be delivered by the proper Officer of Customs, Removal of warehoused without payment of any duty, (except for any de- goods, to another port

in same possession. ficiency thereof,) for the purpose of removal to another warehousing port in the same possession *, under bond to the satisfaction of such officer for the due arrival and re-warehousing of such goods at such port.-937.

All goods which shall have been imported into the Island of Mauritius and which shall be imported into any part of the United Kingdom, or into any of his Majesty's pos

Goods from Mauritius sessions, shall be liable to the payment of the same

India goods. duties, and be subject to the same regulations, as goods the growth, produce, or manufacture of His Majesty's Islands in the West Indies, or having been imported into such islands, and imported into the United Kingdom, or into any such possessions respectively, would on such importation be liable to the payment of, or would be subject unto; and upon the exportation of any goods from the United Kingdom to the Island of Mauritius, they shall be liable to the same duties, and entitled to the same drawbacks, as would be charged and allowed on goods exported to His Majesty's islands in the West Indies; and all goods imported into, or exported from the Island of Mauritius, from or to any place, other than the United Kingdom, shall be liable to the same Duties and Regulations, as

to be treated as West

* Removing to a different possession, is deemed exporting.

the like goods would be liable to, upon importation or exportation into or from his Majesty's islands in the West Indies; and all ships and vessels

whatever, arriving at or departing from the Island of Vessels arriving at and Mauritius, shall be liable to the payment of the same departing from


duties, and subject to the same regulations, as they Mauritius.

would be liable to, if arriving at or departing from any of his Majesty's islands in the West Indies.—6 Geo. IV. c. 114. § 44. -7 Geo. IV. c. 48. § 47. It shall be lawful for any of the subjects of the King of the Nether

lands, being Dutch Proprietors, in the colonies of DeDutch Proprietors in Demerara,

merara and Essequibo, and of Berbice, to import in Essequibo, and Ber- Dutch ships, from the Netherlands into the said bice, may supply Colonies, all the usual articles of supply for their their Estates from

estates therein ; and also Wine imported for the purHolland.

poses of medicine only, and which shall be liable to a duty of ten shillings per ton, and no more; and in case seizure be

made of any articles so imported, upon the ground Duty on Wine Im

that they are not such supplies, or are for the purported by them.

poses of trade, the proof to the contrary shall lie on the Dutch Proprietor importing the same, and not on the seizing Officer. Provided always, that if sufficient security by bond be given in Court, to abide the decision of the Commissioners of Customs upon such seizure, the goods so seized shall be admitted to entry and released.-6 Geo. IV. c. 114, i 45. May not export the It shall not be lawful for such Dutch Proprietors produce of their

to export the produce of their estates to the United Estates to United Kingdom or Colonios. Kingdom, or to any of His Majesty's Colonies in

America.—$ 46. The several sorts of goods enumerated in the Table following are pro. hibited to be imported or brought, either by sea, or by inland carriage, or navigation, into the British Possessions in America, or into the Island of Mauritius, or can only be so imported or brought, under the restrictions mentioned in such Table.


TABLE OF PROHIBITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS. Gunpowder, Arms, Ammunition, or Utensils of War, are prohibited to

be imported except from the United Kingdom, or from some other

British possession. Tea is prohibited to be imported, except from the United Kingdom, or

from some other British possession in America, unless by the East

India Company, or with their license. Fish, dried or salted, Train Oilt, Blubber, and Fins, or Skins, the pro

* These prohibitions and restrictions are extended to His Majesty's Settlements at Sierra Leone, and all other His Majesty's Settlements on the western coast of Africa.-Order in Council, 12. Oct. 1829. As well as to His Majesty's Colony of the Cape of Good Hope.-Order in Council, 22 Feb. 1832.

# All Oil made from Fish or Creatures living in the Sea, shall be subject to the prohibitions and regulations of the 6 Geo. IV. c. 114 (as above recited), in respect of Train Oil.—7 & 8 Geo. IV. c. 56. § 31.

duce of creatures living in the sea, are prohibited to be imported, except from the United Kingdom, or from some other British possession, or unless taken by British Ships, fitted out from the United Kingdom, or from some British possession, and brought in from the Fishery, and except Herrings from the Isle of Man, taken and

cured by the inhabitants thereof. COFFEE, Sugar, Molasses, and Rum, except to be warehoused for export

ation only*, being of Foreign production, or the production of any place within the limits of the East India Company's Charter (except the Island of Mauritius), prohibited to be imported into any of the British possessions on the Continent of South America, or in the West Indies, (except the Bahama and Bermuda Islands,) or into the Island of Mauritius, and may also be prohibited to be imported into

the Bahama or Bermuda Islands, by his Majesty's Order in Council. BASE or Counterfeit Coin, and Books (such as are prohibited to be im.

ported into the United Kingdom)ť, are prohibited to be imported : And if any goods shall be imported or brought into


possession in America, or into the Island of Manritius, contrary to any of the prohibitions or restrictions above-mentioned, the same shall be forfeitedi. -6 Geo. IV. c. 114. g 7.

Coffee, Cocoa Nuts, Sugar, Molasses, and Rum (although British Plantation), imported into any British possession in America, into which Foreign goods of the like kind can be legally im. ported, shall upon subsequent importation from Coffee, &c. though Brithence into any British possession in America, into

tish Plantation, deemed

Foreign in which such goods, being of Foreign production, cannot be legally imported, or into the Island of Mauritius, or into the United Kingdom, be deemed to be of Foreign production, and shall be liable, on such importation respectively, to the same duties, or forfeitures, as foreign articles of the like description would be liable to, unless the same shall have been warehoused under the provisions of this act; and exported direct from the warehouse to the places mentioned.-8.



*7 & 8 Geo. IV. c. 56. & 28. That is to say, these articles being of foreign prodaction, may be imported into any of the free Warehousing Ports, for the purpose of being warehoused for Exportation only. + See page 103.

If the importing vessel (should the goods be brought into any B. P. in America) shall be of less burthen than 70 tons, it shall likewise be forfeited ; the tonnage to be ascertained in manner directed for British registered Ships.—7 & 8 Geo. IV. o. 56. 38.

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