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Queens. Herman Vossnack, jr., R., 1,837; Irew Zorn, D., 4,073; Hugo Schwabe,

267; John H. Ralph, jr., Pro., 25; imas H. Todd, C. A., 3,598; Joseph rerstone, Soc. Lab., 9.

Christian Weiland, R., 5,720; William in. D., 3,408; George Arzt, soc., 177; · Payne, Pro., 47.

Charles Hummel, R., 3,808; Charles zendorf, D., 9,896; George Sieburg, 498; Gustav Haflinger, Pro., 24. · Theodore P. Wilsnack,

4,664; n Hughes, D., 3,599; Peter Berg, Soc., Charles G. Matteson, Pro., 49; Fredk A. Storm, C. A., 3,461.


(Returns delayed.) F. C. Filley, R., elected.B. R. Lansing, R., elected.


(Returns delayed.) Tilliam A. Shortt, D., elected.


(Returns delayed.) I. Odell, R., elected.

St. Lawrence. Fred J. Gray, R., 2,030; Abner D. itney, D., 802; Frank D. Wallace,

267. Edwin A. Merritt, jr., R., 1,819; W. G, Peck, D., 663; William T. Leonard, 6 194.

Saratoga. eorge H. Whitney, R., 8, 112; Denis J. rington, D., 5,450; Charles W. Wood, 118; George C. Wilkins, Pro., 523.

Schenectady. hn R. Parker, R., 7,680; Loren H. te, D., 7,984; Timothy W. Burns, 1,040.

Schoharie. muel B. Nichols, R., 2,980; Daniel D. bie, D., 3,266; A. M. Kling, Pro., 195.

Schuyler. ifayette W. Argetsinger, R., 1,645; iam E. Leffingwell, 'D., 1,627; Arthur Norton, Pro., 130.

Seneca. lexander C. Martin, R., 2,977; Charles Cosad, D., 3,492; Homer C. Case, 190.

Steuben. Job L. Miller, R., 4,694; Clarence is, D., 4,552; Frank E. Hewitt, Pro., Charles K. Marlatt, R., 4,994; Charles Cotton, D., 3,649; Zina C. Bowen, 324.

Suffolk. J. M. Lupton, R., 3,420; Young, D., ; Halsey, Pro., 177; Paine, Soc., 96. G. L. Thompson, R., 2,752; Youngs, 1,632; Sherwin, Pro., 98; Burchard, 87.

Sullivan. vidson, R., 3,481; J. K. Evans. D., · Henry, Pro.; 138.

Tioga. ank L. Howard, R., 2,696; Mathew pole, D.. 1,838; Norman L. Wish,


Tompkins. Fox Holden, R., 4,004; George R. Peck, D., 3,108; William P. S. Clapp, Soc., 77; Earl J. Snyder, Pro., 367.

Ulster, 1. Joseph M. Fowler, R., 4,917; Harry T. Keeney, D. 4,591; Chauncey P. Finger, Pro.. 122.

2. Edward Young, R., 5,008; Webster D. Bond, D., 4,337; Edgar M. Marshall, Pro., 258.

Warren. William R. Waddell, R., 3,349; Daniel P. De Long, D., 4,111; Perry B. Gordon, Pro., 162.

Washington. James S. Parker, R., 6,461; Louis H. Hausler, Soc., 86; George H. Northrup, Pro., 652.

Wayne, Marvin J. Greenwood, R., 6,683; Elisha D. Curtis, D., 4,547; William A. Salisbury, Pro., 240.

Westchester, 1. Harry W. Haines, R., 6,760; Frederick Hughes, D., 5,929; John A. Morgan, Soc., 171; James W. Beacon, Pro., 52.

2. William S. Coffey, R., 6,992: Charles B. Forbes, D., 5,551; John E. Shatzer, Pro., 75.

3. Frank L. Young, R., 7,077; Wilson R. Yard, D., 4,960; Charles A. Brady, Pro., 195.

4. John A. Goodwin, R., 5,716; John R. Bushong,

4,453; Lewis H. Miller, Pro., 193.

Wyoming. J. E. Brainerd, R., 2,139; P. J. O'Leary, D., 1,145: Bela Poste, Pro., 165.


(Returns delayed.) L. J. Barden, R., elected. VOTE FOR JUSTICES OF THE SU


First Judicial District. Nathan Bijur, R. and C. A., 161,745; Edward J. Gavegan, R. and c, A., 160,609; Alfred R. Page, R. and C. A., 163,872: Charles H. Truax, D., 144,474; John J. Delany, D., 142,465; Francis K. Pendleton, D., 139,317; Meyer London, Soc., 7,502; Jacob Hillquit, Soc., 7,468; Nicholas Aleinikoff, Soc., 7,461; James H. Laird, Pro., 521; John C. Wallace, Pro., 304; George K. Hinds, Pro., 300; Charles H. Chase, Soc. Lab., 897; Joseph P. Johnson, Soc. Lab., 877; William A. Walters. Soc. Lab., 867.

Second Judicial District. Almet Reed Latson, R., 110.628; Isaac M. Kapper, D., 118,667; Robert Stewart, C. A., 61,378; Louis B. Boudin. Soc., 5,640; Harold D. Watson, Pro., 1,173.

Third Judicial District. Alden Chester, R. and D., 117,043; James Farrell, Pro., 1,881.

Fourth Judicial District. Chester B. McLaughlin, R. and D., 90,958; Robert Dornburgh, Soc., 2,047; Charles P. Sanders, Pro., 3,412.

Fifth Judicial District. William E. Scripture, R., 54,000; Edgar S. K. Merrell, D. and Ind., 65,598; Clarence Elwyn Pitts, 5,223.


Sixth Judicial District.

Alfred Spring, R. and D.. 157.046; V
George F. Lyon, R. and D., 82,006; T. Bliss, Pro., 3,882; Nathan D. L
Erwin J. Baldwin, Pro., 4,051.

Pro., 3,804.
Eighth Judicial District.

Ninth Judicial District.
Frank C. Laughlin, R. and D., 157,382; Martin J. Keogh, R. and D., 99,

Four constitutional amendments were exempted from computations of the submitted to the voters of New York limit of third class cities bonds is State on November 2, 1909, and all were for water supply purposes. It also adopted. They were:

vided with reference to New York Amendment No. 1. This fixed the "Any debt hereafter incurred by salaries of justices of the Supreme Court. city of New York for a public impr After re-enacting the age limit provision ment owned or to be owned by the of the constitution of 1894 it provided which yields to the city current as follows:

revenue, after making any necessary "Each justice of the Supreme Court lowance for repairs and maintenane shall receive from the state the sum of which the city is liable, in excess or $10,000 per year. Those assigned to interest on said debt and of the an the Appellate divisions in the Third and instalments necessary for its amor Fourth departments shall each receive tion, may be excluded in ascertal in addition the sum of $2,000, and the the power of said city to become ot presiding justices_thereof the sum of

wise indebted, provided that a sin $2,500 per year. Those justices elected fund for its amortization shall in the First and Second judicial depart- been established and maintained ments shall continue to receive from

that the indebtedness shall not b their respective cities, counties and dis

excluded during any period of tricts, as now provided by law, such ad- when the revenue aforesaid shall no ditional compensation as will make their sufficient to equal the said interest aggregate compensation what they are amortization instalments, and exc now receiving. Those justices elected further than any indebtedness hem in any judicial department other than

fore incurred by the city of New the First or Second, and assigned to the

for any rapid transit or dock investr Appellate divisions of the First and may be so excluded proportionatel Second departments shall, while so as

the extent to which the current net signed, receive from those departments

enue received by said city there respectively, as now provided by law,

shall meet the interest and amor such additional sum as is paid to the

tion instalments thereof, provided justices of those departments. Ajus

any increase in the debt incurring tice elected in the Third or Fourth de

er of the city of New York which partment assigned by the Appellate

result from the exclusion of debts hi Division or designated by the Governor

tofore incurred shall be available to h a trial or special term in a judi.

for he acquisition or construction cial district other than that in which

properties to be used for rapid tre he is elected shall receive in addition

or dock purposes. The Legislature $10 per day for expenses while actually

prescribe the method by which and engaged in holding such term, which

terms and conditions under which shall be paid by the state and charged

amount of any debt to be so exclu upon the judicial district where the

shall be determined, and no such service is rendered."

shall be excluded excent in accord The first amendment was ratified by a

with the determination SO presor vote of 278,415 for to 249,576 against - The Legislature may, in its disere blank votes, 490,766.

confer appropriate jurisdiction on Amendment No. 2.-This amendment Appellate Division of the Supreme C authorized the Legislature to alter the

in the First Judicial Department for rate of interest paid on state bonds. It

purpose of determining the amoun was ratified by 253,744 votes for to

any debt to be so excluded." 223,331 against-blank votes, 522,517.

This amendment was ratified Amendment No. 3.-This amendment

vote of 290.795 for to 207,781 again authorized the Legislature

to confer blank, 500.454. auditing power on auditors or fiscal offi

A referendum was held on the a cers in the various counties which have

tion of issuing bonds to the amoun such officers. It was ratified by 253, 744

$7.000.000 for the improvement of votes for to 223,331 against-blank votes,

Cayuga and Seneca Canal. The t 522,517.

was approved by 285,515 votes foi Amendment No. 4.-This amendment 216,418 against-blank, 512,953. dealt with the limit on city debts and


| Rep. Dem. | Pro. Soc. S. L. | Pop. LIG 1900, President..

821,992 678,386 22,043 12,869 12,622 1900, Governor

804,859 693, 733 22,704 13,493 13,762 1902, Governor.

665,150 656,347 20,490 23,400 18,866 1904, President,

859,533 683,981 20,787 36,883 9,127 7.459 1904, Governor. 813, 264 732, 704 20,568 36, 239 8.976

6,015 1906, Governor.

749, 002 691,105 15,985 21,751 4,624 1908, President.

870,070 667,468 22,667 38,451 3,877 1908, Governor.

804,651 735,189 18,802 33.994 3,655

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PRINCIPAL STATE OFFICERS. (The dates given are those when the terms expire.) Office.


Term. 1 Term ends. Salary 10r..

Charles E. Hughes.. 2 years.. January, 1911.... |$10,000 nant-Governor. Horace White...

2 years.. January, 1911.

5,000 ary of State. Samuel S. Koenig.

2 years.. January, 1911.. 5,000 ller. *Clark Williams.

2 years.. January, 1911. 6,000 rer. Thomas B. Dunn.

2 years.. January, 1911. 5,000 ey-General. Edward R. O'Malley 2 years.: January. 1911. 5,000 Engineer..

Frank M. Williams.. 12 years.. January, 1911.. 5,000 I state officers (elective) Republicans. * Appointed to fill vacancy caused by the of Charles H. Gaus. lic Service Commissions: First Dis- Salamon, 1910; William Johnson McKay, comprising counties in New York 1913;

John (term, 6 years; salary, $15,000)- McNamee, 1912; Sarah L.

Davenport, m R. Willcox, chairman, February 1912. 3; William McCarroll, February 1, Superintendent of Prisons (term 5 years, Edward M. Bassett, February 1, $6,000)-Cornelius V. Collins, April 17, Mllo R. Maltbie, February 1, 1910; 1913. E. Eustis, February 1, 1914.

State Commission in Lunacy (term 6 nd District. comprising all other years, except for president, for whom no es (term, 6 years; salary, $15,000) term is fixed)—Albert W. Ferris, presiStevens, February

1, 1913; dent, $7,500; William L. Parkhurst, $5.000, B. Olmsted, February 1, 1912;

-; Sheldon T. Viele, $5,000, LS M. Osborne. February 1, 1911; December 31, 1910. I S. Decker, February 1, 1910; Jas. Civil Service Commissioners (no term, rue, February 1, 1914.

$3,000)-Charles F. Milliken, Roscoe C. E. isel to Commissions: First District Brown, John E. Kraft. ge S. Coleman, $10,000. Second Board of Charities (term 8 years, not to t-Ledyard P. Hale, $10,000.

exceed $500 and expenses)--William R. etaries to Commissions: First Dis- Stewart, March 23, 1913; Anne G. De Travis H. Whitney, $6,000. Second Peyster, May 28, 1913; Simon W. Rosen-John S. Kennedy, $6.000.

dale, March 23, 1911; William H. Gratints of the University (no salary)-- wick, March 23, 1917; Horace McGuire, aw Reid, Chancellor (term expires March 23, 1916; Stephen Smith, May 28, St. Clair McKelway, vice-chancel

1913; Thomas M. Mulry. Mav 25, 1914; m expires 1917); Eugene A. Philbin

Augustus Floyd, March 23, 1912; Ralph W. expires 1920); Chester Lord Thomas, March 23, 1914; Joseph C. Baldexpires 1910): Edward Lauterbach win, jr., May 29, 1915; Richard L. Hand, expires 1912): Pliny T. Sexton (term March 23, 1910.

1914); Albert Van der Veer (term Superintendent of Public Buildings | 1915); Lucien L. Shedden (term (term 2 years, $5,000)—Daniel W. Cahill,

1916): William Nottingham (term May 11, 1910. 1918); Daniel Beach (term expires State Architect-Franklin B. Ware, Francis M. Carpenter (term expires $7,500. No term set.

Health Officer of New York-Dr. Alvah nissioner of Education--Andrew S. H. Doty, $12,500 and fees, January 4, (term 6 years). April 1, 1911.

Commissioner of Health (term 4 years, rintendent Banking Department $3,500)-Eugene H. Porter, December 31, 3 years, $7,000)-Orion H. Cheney, 1912. 1911.

Canal Examiner and Appraiser (term 3 tant General (term 2 years, $4,000) years. $4,000)-Harvey J. Donaldson, May a H. Henry, December 31, 1910. 1, 1911. r General (no term)-Charles F. State Tax Commission (term 3 years,

$5,000)—Frank E. Perley, December 31, nissioner of Agriculture (term 3 1910; Benjamin E. Hall, December 31, $4,000)-Raymond A. Pearson, April 1909; Egbert E. Woodbury, December 31,

1911. t. Fish and Game Commissioner State Historian-Victor H. Paltsits,

years. $5,000)- James H. Whip- $4,600 (no term fixed). ril 14, 1912.

Miscellaneous Reporter (term 5 years, Commissioner (term 6 years, $4,500)-Charles C. Lester, January 14, -Maynard N. Clement, May 2, 1911. 1912.

Commissioner (term 3 years, Superintendent of Elections (term 4 -John Williams, December 31, 1911. years, $5,000)-William Leary, January 16, intendent of Public Works (term 1910. B $6.000)-Frederick C. Stevens, Fiscal Supervisor of State Charities jer 31, 1910.

(term 5 years. $6,000)--Dennis McCarthy, intendent of Insurance (term 3 June 4, 1912. 7,000)— William H. Hotchkiss, Feb- State Water Commission (term 5 years, 7, 1912.

$5,000)-Henry H. Persons, president, Commissioners of Prisons (term 4 June 5, 1910; Ernst J. Lederle, not to exceed $500 a year and ex- -; John A. Sleicher, June 5, 1913; Milo -Charles F. Howard, president, M. Acker, June 5, 1912; Charles Davis, rancis C. Huntington, 1910; Henry June 5, 1911.




State Roads Commission (term 6 years, April 17, 1911; the Lleutenant Gove salary of chairman, $6,000; of other com- and Commissioner of Agriculture, ex missioners, $5,000)-8. Percy Hooker, ciis. chairman, January 6, 1915; Thomas W. State Probation Commission (terr Allen, January 6, 1913; Robert Earl, Jan. years, no salary)-Homer Folks, p! uary 6, 1911.

dent, 1911; Charles F. McKenna, 1 Canal Board--Lieutenant Governor, Sec- Alphonso T. Clearwater, 1913; Fran) retary of State, State Controller, State Wade, 1912; Francis C. Huntington, i Treasurer, Attorney General, State Engi- nis McCarthy and Andrew S. Draper neer, Superintendent of Public Works. officio.

Land Commissioners-Lieutenant Gov- State Board of Parole (term 6 ye ernor, Speaker of Assembly, Secretary of $10 a day)-Gherardi Davis, 1912; Ge State, State Controller, State Treasurer, A. Lewis, 1912; Cornelius V. Collins Attorney General, State Engineer.

officiis. Board of Mediation and Arbitration Racing Commission (term 5 years The Commissioner of Labor and first and salary)—John Sanford, May 2, 1 second Deputy Commissioners of Labor. James W. Wadsworth,


2. 1 Niagara Reservation Commission-WII- Harry H. Knapp. May 2, 1911. iam B. Howland, Alexander J. Porter, Fire Island State Park Commission Thomas P. Kingsford, Charles M. Dowe salary)-John H. Vail, John Clinton and Eugene Cary. All terms expire May bins, Samuel H. Parrish, Henry W. S 11, 1913.

ett and Edward C. Blum. State Fair Commission (term 3 years, Judges of Court of Claims (tern salary $3,000)-Charles A. Wieting, April years, $5,000)-Theodore H. Swift, P 17, 1911; Ira Sharp, April 17, 1911; Abra- December 31, 1914; Adolph J. Rodent ham E. Perren, April 17, 1911; De Forest December 31, 1914; Charles H. Mui Settle, April 17, 1911; William Pitkins, December 31, 1918. THE JUDICIARY OF NEW YORK STATE.

The Court of Appeals.

Residences. Counties. Sal'r's. | Politics. *Terms Edgar M. Cullen, Chief Judge Brooklyn.. Kings

|$14,200 | Dem... Dec. 31, Albert Haight, Asso'te Judge Buffalo. Erie

13,700| Rep. Dec. 31, John Clinton Gray,

New York. New York. 13,700 | Dem. Dec. 31 Irving G. Vann,

Syracuse. Onondaga 13,700 Rep. Dec. 31, Edward T. Bartlett,

New York. New York. 13,700 Rep. Dec. 31 William E. Werner, Rochester.. Monroe

13,700 Rep. Dec. 31 Willard Bartlett, Brooklyn... Kings

13,700 | Dom... Dec. 31 Emory A, Chase, Catskill. Greene

Frank H. Hiscock,
Syracuse.... Onondaga

Rep.... 1 Justices of Supreme Court serving temporarily by designation of Governor. ) are given for the expiration of terms for which judges of all classes are ele though they may be subject to retirement earlier because of age limit to sei which is seventy years.

The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court.




Desig. 1 1st. The county of New York George L. Ingraham.. New York.. Rep.. Dec. 31

Chester B. McLaughlin. Port Henry. Dem.. Dec. 31
Frank C. Laughlin.. Buffalo..... Rep... Dec. 31
John Proctor Clarke. New York. Rep... Dec. 31
Francis M. Scott.. New York.. Rep... Dec. 31
Victor J. Dowling. New York... Dem. . Dec. 31
Nathan L. Miller......


Dem.. Dec. 31 2d. The counties of Kings, Michael H. Hirschberg Newburg.... Rep... June 4

Queens, Nassau, Richmond, John Woodward.. Jamestown.. Rep... Dec. 31 Suffolk, Rockland, West-Almet F. Jenks.

Brooklyn... chester, Putnam, Orange, Adelbert P. Rich. Auburn.. Rep Dutchess.

Joseph A. Burr. Brooklyn. Rep... Dec. 31
William J. Carr.

Edwin B. Thomas. Brooklyn

Rep.. Dec. 31 3d. The counties of Sullivan, Walter Lloyd Smith... Elmira. Rep... Dec. 31

Ulster, Greene, Columbia, John M. Kellogg. Ogdensburg. Rep... Oct. 25 Schoharie, Albany, Rensse- Aaron V. S. Cochrane.


Rep... Dec. 31 laer, Fulton, Schenectady, Albert H. Sewell... Walton..


2 Montgomery, Saratoga, James W. Houghton. Saratoga S.. Rep.. Dec. 31 Washington, Warren, Hamilton, Essex, Clinton, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Delaware, Otsego, Broome, Chenango, Madison, Cortland, Tioga,

Tompkins, Schuyler, Chemung. 4th. The counties of Herki- Peter B. McLennan. Syracuse.... Rep... Dec. 31 mer, Oneida, Lewis, Jeffer- Alfred Spring,

Frank'nville Rep... Dec. 31 Bon, Oswego, Onondaga, Pardon C. Williams.. Watertown.. Rep.

...Dec. 31

Dem.. Apr.





Residences. Pol. Desir. ends. A, Seneca, Wayne, Frederick W. Kruse.. Olean.

Rep... Dec. 31, 1910 O, Yates, Steuben, James A. Robson... Canand'gua. Rep... Dec. 31, 1911 iston, Monroe, Alle

Wyoming, Genesee, is, Niagara, Erie, augus, Chautauqua.

Justices of the Supreme Court. salaries of Justices of the Supreme Court are: First, Second and Ninth 1, $17,500; remaining districts, $10,000; but non-resident justices sitting in the é Divisions of the First and Second departments receive the same compensa

the justices in those departments; justices assigned to the Appellate
s of the Third and Fourth departments receive $2,000 additional and the
ig justices in those divisions $2,500 additional; non-resident justices as-
to duty in the First and Second departments, other than in the Appellate
1, receive an additional compensation of $10 per day.


| Terms Exp.

New York.. Dem.. le city and county of Samuel Greenbaum.

Dec. 31, 1915 York.

George L. Ingraham. New York.. Dem.. (Dec. 31, 1917
Francis M. Scott. New York.


Dec. 31, 1911 James A. Blanchard. New York.. Rep... Dec. 31, 1915 Vernon M. Davis.. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1916 Philip H. Dugro.. New York.. Dem..Dec. 31, 1914 Victor J. Dowling. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1918 Edward E. McCall. New York.. Dem..Dec. 31, 1916 James Fitzgerald. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1912 James A. O'Gorman.. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1913 Henry Bischoff, jr. New York... Dem.. Dec. 31, 1917 Leonard A. Giegerich.. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 Edward B. Amend.. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1916 John Proctor Clarke.. New York.. Rep... Dec. 31, 1915 Joseph E. Newburger.. New York.. Dem.. (Dec. 31, 1919 John W. Goff..

New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 Samuel Seabury.

New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 Charles W. Dayton. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 John Ford..

New York.. Dem..Dec. 31, 1920 M. Warley Platzek.. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 Peter A. Hendrick. New York.. Dem.. (Dec. 31, 1920 John J. Brady

New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 Mitchell L. Erlanger. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 Charles L. Guy..

New York.. Dem. Dec. 31, 1920 James W. Gerard. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1921 Irving Lehman.. New York.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1921 Nathan Bijur...

New York..

Rep.. Dec. 31, 1923 Edward J. Gavegan.. New York... Dem.. Dec. 31, 1923 Alfred R. Page.

New York.. Rep... Dec. 31, 1923 Edward B. Whitney... New York... Dem.. Dec. 31, 1910 ngs, Queens, Nassau, Josiah T. Marean.. Brooklyn.

Dem.. Dec. 31, 1912 nond and Suffolk Almet F. Jenks.

Brooklyn... Rep... Dec. 31, 1912 len. Garret J. Garretson..

Newtown... Dem.. Dec. 31, 1910 William J. Kelly.


Rep... Dec. 31, 1917 Samuel T. Maddox.

Brooklyn... Rep...

Dec. 31, 1910 Joseph A. Burr...

Brooklyn... Rep... Dec. 31, 1919 Edward B. Thomas..

Brooklyn... Rep.. Dec. 31, 1920 Walter H. Jaycox.

Riverhead.. Rep... Dec. 31, 1920 Joseph Aspinall.

Brooklyn... Rep.. Dec. 31, 1920 Frederick E. Crane..

Brooklyn.. Dem.

Dec. 31, 1920 Lester W. Clark.

N'w Brigh'n Rep... Dec. 31, 1920 William J. Carr.

Brooklyn... Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 Townsend Scudder.

Glen Head.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1920 Abel E. Blackmar.

Brooklyn.. Rep... Dec. 31, 1922 Luke D. Stapleton.

Brooklyn... Dem.. Dec. 31, 1922 Isaac M. Kapper.

Brooklyn. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1923 Harrington Putnam. Brooklyn.. Dem.. Dec. 31, 1910 plumbia, Rensselaer, Wesley 0. Howard. Troy.

Rep... (Dec. 31, 1916 van, Ulster, Albany, A. V. S. Cochrane.

Hudson. Rep.

Dec. 31, 1915 ne and Schoharle coun-Alden Chester.

Albany Rep... Dec. 31, 1923 Emory A. Chase. Catskill.

Dec. 31, 1910 James A. Betts..

Kingston... Dem.. Dec. 31, 1912 Varren, Saratoga, St. John M. Kellogg. Ogdensburg Rep... Dec. 31, 1917 rence, Washington, Edgar A. Spencer.

Gloversville. Rep.. Dec. 31, 1915 Franklin, Clinton, James W. Houghton... Saratoga S. . Rep... Dec. 31, 1914 gomery, Hamilton, C. C. Van Kirk.. Greenwich.. Rep... Dec. 31, 1919 in

Schenectady Henry T. Kellogg. Plattsburg. . Rep... Dec. 31, 1917 ties.

Chester B. McLaughlin. Port Henry. Rep... Dec. 31. 1923



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