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this act; and who shall, in the absence or illness of such president, discharge all ► duties of such president. He shall, within the borough for which he shall have in elected, have cognizance and control: (1) of regulating, grading, curbing, flagging d guttering of streets and laying of crosswalks; (2) of constructing and repairing blic roads; (3) of paving, repaving, resurfacing and repairing of all streets, and of

relaying of all pavements removed for any cause; (4) of the laying or relaying of rface railroad tracks in any public street or road, of the form of rail used, or aracter of foundation, and the method of construction, and of the restoration of the vement or surface after such work; (5) of the filling of sunken lots, fencing of cant lots, digging down lots, and of licensing va ts under sidewalks; (6) of the noval of encumbrances; (7) of the issue of permits to builders and others to use or en the streets; (8) of the construction and maintenance of all bridges and tunnels ich are within his borough and form a portion of the highways thereof, except such dges as cross navigable streams; (9) of all subjects relating to the public sewers d drainage of his borough, and shall initiate the making of all plans for the draine of his borough, except as otherwise specifically provided in this act. He shall ve charge of the construction of all sewers in accordance with said plans. He shall ve in charge the management, care and maintenance of the sewer and drainage stem of the borough of which he shall be president and the licensing of all cisterns d cesspools.” The presidents of the boroughs of Queens and Richmond also have pervision of the street cleaning of their boroughs.

The act says in regard to the Bureau of Buildings: There shall be in the Ice of each borough president a bureaú to be known as 'the Bureau of Buildings for the Borough of

The presidents of the boroughs of Ireau of Manhattan, The Bronx and Brooklyn shall, each within the boruildings. ough for which he is elected, appoint a superintendent of buildings

for the borough. The presidents of the boroughs of Queens and chmond inay, whenever appropriation is made therefor by the Board of Aldermen on the recommendation of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, each within

borough for which he is elected, in like manner appoint a superintendent of buildIs for the borough, Each superintendent of buildings shall, within the borough or roughs in which he has jurisdiction, have charge of the administration of, and it all be his duty, subject to and in accordance with the general rules and regulations ablished by the president of the borough, to enforce such rules and regulations and ► provisions of this chapter and of such ordinances as may be established by the ard of Aldermen and of the laws relating to the construction, alteration or removal buildings or other structures erected or to be erected within such borough." The act creates twenty-five districts of local improvements, divided

as fol1, Richmond Borough. 2, Wards 1 and 2, Borough of Queens. 3, Wards

3, 4 and 5, Borough of Queens. 4. Third Senate District. 5. cal Boards. Fourth Senate District. 6. Wards 8, 30 and 31, Borough of

Brooklyn. 7. Wards 10 and 12, Borough of Brooklyn. 8. Sixth nate District. 9, Seventh Senate District. 10, Eighth Senate District. 11, Ninth nate District. 12, Tenth Senate District. 13, Eleventh Senate District. 14, Twelfth nate District. 15, Thirteenth Senate District, 16, Fourteenth Senate District. 17, Iteenth Senate District. 18, Sixteenth Senate District. 19, Fifteenth and Sevennth Assembly districts of the county of New York. 20, Eighteenth Senate District.

Nineteenth and Twenty-first Assembly districts of the county of New York. irty-first and Twenty-third Assembly districts of the county of New York. 23. entieth Senate District and that part of the Twenty-first Senate District in the rough of Manhattan. 24. That part of the Twenty-first Senate District in the Borgh of The Bronx west of the Bronx River. 25. That part of the Twenty-second nate District east of the Bronx River. Each local board of improvement has as its mbers the president of the borough wherein the district is situated, and each memof the Board of Aldermen "who represents an aldermanic district within such al improvement district.” The members of the local board serve as such members thout compensation. The act then says: A local board, subject to the restrictions vided by this act, shall have power in all cases where the cost of the improvement to be met in whole or in part by assessments upon the property benefited to initiate ceedings for the following purposes: To construct tunnels and bridges lying wholly thin the borough; to acquire title to land for parks and squares, streets, sewers, inels and bridges, and approaches to bridges and tunnels; to open, close, extend, len, grade, pave, regrade, repave and repair the streets, avenues and public places, i to construct sewers within the district; to flag or reflag, curb or recurb the sideIks and to relay crosswalks on such streets and avenues; to set or to reset street nps, and to provide signs designating the names of streets. All resolutions affect

more than one local improvement district or the borough generally shall be adopted ly at a joint meeting of all the local boards of the borough, and by a majority of members of said boards."

The Commissioner of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity has charge of the pply and

distribution of water, and also has the following duties: "of the

making and performance of certain contracts when duly partment of

authorized in accord with the provisions of this act, and for ater Supply, Gas the execution of the same in the matter of furnishing the d Electricity. city, or any part thereof, with gas, electricity, or any other

Illuminant, or of steam; of the selecting, locating and reving and changing of lights for the use of the city; of the inspecting and testing gas and electricity used for light. heating and power purposes, electric meters, ctric wires and of all lights furnished to said city; and of the use and transmission


of gas, electricity, pneumatic power and steam for all purposes in, upon, across, ove and under all streets, roads, avenues, parks, public places and public buildings; of th construction of electric mains, conduits, conductors and subways in any such streets roads, avenues, parks and public places, and the granting of the permission to ope streets, when approved by the borough president and to open the same for the pur pose of carrying on therein the business of transmitting, conducting, using and sellin electricity, steam, or for the service of pneumatic tubes."

The Commissioner of Street Cleaning, has charge of the sweeping and clean ing of the streets in the boroughs of Manhattan, The Bronx and Brooklyn, an

of the removal of ashes and garbage in these boroughs. Tu Street Cleaning, Commissioner of Bridges has charge of all the bridges an Bridges, Parks. of the operation of the railroad on the New York and Brood

lyn Bridge, and of the construction and management of tur nels beneath navigable streams, The three Commissioners of Parks have charge the parks in every borough; one has administrative jurisdiction in the boroughs Manhattan and Richmond, one in the horough of The Bronx, and one in the borougi of Brookiyn and Queens. Lach Commissivler rece. Ves Du, VUO saialy.

An Art Commission has as its members the Mayor, the president of ti Metropolitan Museum of Art, the president of the New York Public Library, ti

president of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, or Art Commission. painter, one sculptor, one architect, and three other resident

of the city of New York. The act then says: “Hereafter I work of art shall become the property of the city of New York, by purchase, gift 1 otherwise, unless such work of art or a design of the same, together with a statemei of the proposed location of such work of art, shall first have been submitted to ar approved by the commission." The Department of Public Charities has as its head one Commissioner

Public Charities, whose salary is $7.500 yearly. The commi Public Charities. sioner has charge of all hospitals, asylums, almshouses and othe

institutions for the care of the feeble minded, the sick and th destitute, except certain specified institutions, Bellevue Hospital and allied hospitals are in charge of a board of truste

of seven persons, consisting of the Commissioner of Publ Bellevue Hospital - Charities and six persons appointed by the Mayor. Department of

The Department of Correction has as its head 01 Correction.

commissioner at a salary of $7,500. He has charge of a

institutions for the care and custody of criminals and mi demeanants, except certain specified Institutions.

The Fire Department has one commissioner as its head, who receives $7,5 a year. He has charge of the government, management, maintenance and d

rection of the Fire Department of the city. The Department Fire, Docks Docks and Ferries has as its head one commissioner, who receiv and Ferries. $7,500 a year salary. He has exclusive charge of the wharf proj

erty belonging to the city of New York. and of the renaisin rebuilding, altering and leasing of this property. He cannot, however, make aj contract or execute any deed for the wharf property unless it has first been approv by resolution in writing passed by the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund. Tho Do Commissioner also is authorized to lease the franchise of ferries.

The Department of Taxes and Assessments has at its head five commissioi ers, one of whom is designated as the president. The salary of the president

$8.000 a year, while that of the other commissioners is $7.000 Taxes and

year. The commissioners appoint forty deputy tax commissionel Assessments. whose duty it is to assess all the taxable property in the sever districts to which they are assigned. The act then says:

• The shall be kept in the several offices established by the Department of Taxes and Asset ments books to be called 'the annual record of the assessed valuation of real a personal estate uf the borough of

in which shall be entered in detail the a sessed valuations of such property within the limits of the several boroughs of the cl of New York, as established by this act, which said books shall be open for public 1 spection, examination and correction from the second Monday in January until t first day of April in each year; but on said last mentioned day the same shall closed to enable the Board of Taxes and Assessments to prepare assessment rolls the several boroughs for delivery to the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor is authorized to appoint three persons to make assessments 1

local improvements. The Controller, the Corporation Cou Board of Assessors. sel and the president of the Department of Taxes al

Assessments by the terms of the act are the Board for t Revision of Assessments The Department of Education has

at its head a Board of Education forty-six membersappointed by the Mayor. The forty-six members of t

Board of Education are divided as follows: Borough of Ma Department of hattan, 22; Borough of The Bronx, 4: Borough of Brooklyn. 1 Education. Borough of Queens, 4; Borough of Richmond, 2. The Board

Education has the management and control of the public schou of the city. The act further says: "The Board of Education shall administer moneys appropriated or avallable for educational purposes in the city of New You subject to the general provisions of this acı relating to the audit and payment salaries and other claims by the Department of Finance. Prior to February 18, 19 the Board of Education shall divide the buroughs under its charge into forty-six sch board districts, of which twenty-two shall be wholly in the Borough of Manhatti ourteen wholly in the Borough of Brooklyn, four wholly in the Borough of The Bronx, pur wholly in the Borough of Queens and two wholly in the Borough of Richmond. 'here shall be in each of said districts a local school board consisting of seven momers, as follows:

Five persons to be appointed by the president of the borough, a member of the Board of Education designated by the president of that board, and tho istrict superintendent assigned to duty in such district by the city superintendent. lubject to regulation by the bylaws of the Board of Education, the duties and owers of the local school boards shall be as follows: In their respective districts hey shall visit, at least once in every quarter, all the schools in the district, and aspect the same, in respect to punctual and regular attendance of the pupils and eachers, the number and Adelity of the teachers, the studies, progress, order and iscipline of the puplls, the cleanliness, safety, warming, ventilation and comfort f school premises, and the observance of the provisions of the school laws in repect to the teaching of sectarian doctrines or the use of sectarian books; and shall all the attention of the Board of Education, without delay, to every matter reuiring official action. They shall also, on or before the first day of January and une of each year, make a written report to the Board of Education in respect to he condition of the schools, the efficiency of teachers, and wants of the district, specially in regard to schools and school premises. They shall report immediately

the Board of Education whenever additional accommodation is necessary for indergarten or elementary school purposes, with a recommendation of the sites ithin their respective districts which they consider it necessary to acquire for ich purposes. They shall also recommend the erection of such buildings on said tes or on any other property owned by the city of New York, and such repairs

alterations of school buildings, as they deem necessary or desirable. They shall ave power, and it shall be their duty. to try charges made by a principal, a disict superintendent, or by any parent or guardian of a pupil. residing in the disict.* against a teacher employed within their respective districts. for gross misndugt, insubordination, neglect of duty or inefficiency, On receiving notice of lid charges they shall immediately proceed to try and determine the case and all fix the penalty or punishment to be imposed for the offence committed, whics all consist of a fine, suspension for a fixed time without pay, or dismissal. Their termination upon such charges and the penalty or punishment imposed therefor all be reported immediately to the Board of Education, which may reject, conmn or modify the determinations of the local board, and the penalty or punishent imposed, and the decision of the board shall be final except as to matters in lation to which, under the general school laws of the state, an appeal may be ken to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction."

The Department of Health has at its head a Commissioner of Health, the lice Commissioner and the Health Officer of the Port. It is the duty of the

Department of Health to enforce all the laws of the state in partment regard to the preservation of human life. This includes all laws Health. relative to cleanliness, the sale of unwholesome food and the purity

of the water supply. The Board of Health is authorized to estah. h and maintain hospitals for the care of persons sick with contagious diseases. rths, deaths and marriages are reported to the Board of Health, whose members ep a record of them.

The Tenement House Department has at its head a Tenement House Commisner, whose salary is $7.500 a year. The department is divided into a new building

bureau, an inspection bureau and a bureau of records. The nement House building bureau examines plans for the light and ventilapartment. tion of tenement houses. the inspection bureau inspects all

completed tenement houses and records all violations of tenement house laws and ordinances, and the bureau of records contains a ord of every tenement house in the city. The City Court of New York and the Municipal Court are continued. The

several boroughs are divided into districts, in each of which ses

stons of the Municipal Court are held: In The Bronx, two dispal Courts. tricts; Manhattan. nine districts: Brooklyn, seven districts; Queens,

three districts; Richmond, two districts. For the purpose of the administration of criminal justice the city is divided two divisions, the first division embracing the boroughs of The Bronx and

Manhattan and the second division embracing the boroughs of erior Courts Brooklyn, Queens and Richmond. Toe Board of City MagisCriminal trates in the first Jivision consists of Afteen magistrates, while isdiction. in the secong division there are fifteen magistrates, ten of whom

residents of Brooklyn, four of Queens, and two of the rough of Richmond. In both divisions the magistrates are appointed by the yor.

The city publishes a City Record, in which are printed corird of poration notices relating to the various boroughs. When they Record relate to the Borough of Brooklyn they are also published in the

newspapers of that borough. The charter provides for the election of four coroners in the Borough of

Manhattan, two in the Borough of The Bronx, two in the Borough of oners. Brooklyn, two in the Borough of Queens, and one in the Borough

of Richmond, all for a term of four years.


NEW YORK CITY BUDGET, 1908. 1909 AND 1910. Statement showing appropriations made for the years 1908, 1909 and 1910 by the Board

of Estimate and Apportionment under authority of Section 226 of the Greater New York Charter:

City of New York,

Budget for Budget for Budget for

1910 Mayoralty

$70,900 00 $119,300 00 $135,400 Of Board of Aldermen and City Clerk.

238,856 00 261, 806 00 Department of Finance (including Cham

261,406 of berlain's office)

1,359,740 00 1,545,040 00 1,555,190 0 Interest, city debt

24,576,522 57 29, 671,070 13 32,178.760 41 Redemption, city debt.

9,767,161 67 10,919,425 15 7,104,320 3 Instalments payable

6,111,088 62 6,632.583 05 7,160,6148 ! Rents

755.835 96 982,342 31 1,059, 655 0 Law Department

784,370 00 879,340 00

843,410 0 Department of Bridges.

569,545 60 790,808 64 881.241 2 Department of Docks and Ferries. Department of Water Supply, Gas and

2,831,9220 Electricity

5,919,056 81 6,511,143 26

6,943.638 6 Department of Parks...

3,078,252 00 3,319.065 14 3.350.914 7 Department of Public Charities.

2,287,944 59 2.512,605 66 2,682. 6121 Rellevue and Allied Hospitals.

926,202 00 1,102,745 02 1,142,060 5 Department of Correction.

1,175, 145 50 1,274.957 50

1,271,351 0 Department of Health..

2,279,849 50 2,484,859 25

2,747.7250 Tenement House Department.

643, 227 00 812,720 00 833, 1025 Police Department

14,350,499 49 14,160,201 85 15,110,7976 Board of Elections.

1,035,850 00 1,035, 130 00) 1,056.750 0 Department of Street Cleaning.

6,632,856 19 7,418,299 20 7,531,3622 Fire Department

7,483,485 50 8,039,565 50 8,153.5424 Department of Taxes and Assessments.

455, 150 00 470,900 00

493,640 0 Board of Assessors..

45,400 00
44,500 00

44,500 0 Armory Board

101,250 00 109,950 00

111,950 0 Department of Education.

26,712.963 59 27,470, 736 80 23,130,014 4 College of the City of New York.

494,000 00 584,811 29

613.959 Normal College of the City of New York. 308,400 00 352,990 00 366.270 01 Brooklyn Disciplinary School..

59.290 0 Coroners

157,300 00 159,700 00 162.915 0 Commissioners of Accounts.

225, 110 00 230, 110 00 219,389 0 Commissioner of Licenses.

54,500 00 54,800 00

53,830 Civil Service Commission.

145,000 00 153,020 00

154.636 Board of City Record..

1,174,500 00 1,441,550 00

1,351,450 0 Examining Board of Plumbers.

6,259 00
6,259 00

6, 124 d F orary purposes....

954,400 68 1,101,268 00

1,165.758 The City Court of New York..

231, 750 00 233, 400 00

234.000 Municipal Courts, City of New York.

809,950 00 843,550 00 903, 1000 Court of Special Sessions, First Division

88,270 00 108, 170 00

94,050 Court of Special Sessions, Children's Court

15,850 00 26,250 00 Court of Special Sessions, Second Division

66,800 00

76,400 00 Court of Special Sessions, Children's

12,500 00 18,400 00

12.800 Court

223,400 00 335,800 00

233,900 City Magistrates' Courts, First Division. City Magistrates' Courts, Second Division 225,100 00 328,000 00

242,500 President Manhattan Borough.

2,715,428 75 2,697,868 62

2,735,158 President Bronx Borough.

1,512,975 85 1,289,928 88 President Brooklyn Borough.

1, 225,466

2,019.952 45 2,337,421 44 President Queens Borough.


1,282,827 50 1,327,307 18 President Richmond Borough.

1,349.708 637.018 00 776,069 60

789,549 For charitable institutions.

4,167,349 40 4,760, 650 98 Miscellaneous

4,734.252 584,609 67 426.385 441

384.226 Totals.

1$ 135,474,403 89/$148,446,904 83|$153,775,115

County of New York.
Board of City Record, New York County $52,500 00 $49,000 00
Preservation of Public Records..


48,970 00 Land title registration..

21,500 00


236.770 Sheriff

130,112 00 131.912 00 Register


233,000 00 Public Administrator

223,620 00


26.130 00 26, 130 00 Supreme Court, First Department.


1,045, 250 00 Court of General Sessions.

1,019,950 00 1,070.610

292,500 00 Surrogates'

291,500 00 Court.


169,550 00 County Clerk...

179,400 00

179,830 District Attorney

112,850 00 124,000 00

140.700 345, 440 00 371,860 00 358,840




Budget for

1910. $53,300 07 74,842 00 188.310 00 299,770 00 114,887 00

$3,223,541 00

Budget for Budget for

1909. imissioner of Jurors..

$50,370 00 654,300 00 imissioner of Records.

49, 150 00 39.610 00 National Guard..

173,428 00 183,565 00 cellaneous

289.520 00 468.920 00 ritable institutions.

128,200 00 125,819 34 Totals.

$3,146,970 00 $3,131,886 34

County of Kings. ellate Division, Supreme Court.

$25,244 01 $42,529 41 rd of City Record.

43.500 00

42,000 00 62,400 00

99.780 00 Ister.

231,620 00 229,840 001 reme Court, Second Department.

342.800 00 350,200 00 nty Court..

116,300 00 123,458 00 ogate'. Court

82,630 00 84.330 00 nty Clerk

80, 700 00 93 120 00 rict Attorney :::

99,000 00 106,000 00 imissioner of Jurors.

31,500 00 38.990 00 imissioner of Records.

100.000 00 100.000 00 National Guard..

128,194 50 133.955 00 cellaneous

130, 650 00 130,650 00 ritable Institutions.

46,970 00 50,580 00 Totals..

$1.550,956 87 $1,634, 460 74

$46,662 97 42,000 00 92,020 00 261,420 00 376,200 00 138,958 00 88,980 00 86.580 00 114, 120 00

37,590 00 100,000 00 138,444 50 132, 68000 47,340 00

$1,662,475 47

County of Queens. ellate Division, Supreme Court.

$25,244 01 reme Court and County Court.

88,500 00 rogate's Court

17,200 00 nty Clerk

24, 250 00 riet Attorney

27,600 00 Hne

59.050 00 imissioner of Jurors.

11,050 00 lic Administrator.

1,200 00 rd of City Record..

3,000 00 cellaneous

8,500 00 National Guard.

5,124 00 ritable institutions

4,370 00

[blocks in formation]


$302.088 01 $305,099 461 $356,045 86

County of Richmond. ella te Division, Supreme Court.

$15,598 40 $10,379 69 $10,962 51 rd of City Record.

3.000 00
4,300 00

4,450 00 Fire

22.754 00
23.545 00

23,495 00 nty Court and Surrogate's Court.

15,800 00
18,650 00

18.650 00 nty Clerk

9,750 00 15,250 00

23.950 00 rict Attorney

10,900 00 12.950 00

12,350 00 missioner of Jurors..

4.400 00
4,400 00

4,400 00 cellaneous

13,045 00
13,045 00

13,225 00 ritable fustitutions.

2,600 00
1,630 00

1,580 00 Totals...

$97,847 40 $104,349 69 $113,062 51 Deficiencies in Taxes Chapter 209, Laws of 1906. ount of deficiency on Jan. 1, 1906, in 16 product of taxes theretofore levied, semed to be uncollectible and

not herwise provided for.........

$3,000,000 001 $2,922,447 081 4,000,000 00 City and County Budget-Recapitulation,

Budget for Budget for Budget for

1910. of New York.

| $1135,474,403 89 / $148.446.094 83/$153,775,145 53 nty of New York.

3,146,970 00 3,131,886 34 3, 223,541 00 nty of Kirgs...

1,550,956 87 1,634,460 74 1,662.475 47 nty of Queens.

302.088 01 305.099 46 356.045 86 nty of Richmond.

97,847 40 104,349 69 113,062 51 Totals.

$ 140,572,266 17|$153,622,701 06[$159,130,270 37 iciencies in taxes, Chapter 209, Laws 1906

3,000,000 00 2,922,447 08 4,000,000 00 Grand totals..

|$ 143,572,266 17|$156,545, 148 141$163,130,270 37

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