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Engroved by Page from a Painting ty. Mpok Elrummet


Paba March. 1. 1821, for La Belle Afsemblie, N. 146.

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| performance with increased applause.


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For FEBRUARY, 1821.

a few and improved Series,



Pumber One Hundred and Forty-six.


When to that extrordinary share of Miss Wilson adds to her eminent qualitalent which, in this young lady, may truly | fications as a singer, that action in the cha. be styled wonderful, are to be found united, || racters she performs which is truly classical; with youth's early bloom, every attractive she treads the stage with a grace and ma. grace of person, affability, native dignity, l jesty worthy the best days of the very best and amiability of conduct and manners, | actresses, her predecessors. Her elocution the artist and the biographer feel equal | is excellent; for which she has taken lesinterest in transmitting to posterity a faith-sous, as a private pupil, of Mr. Alvey, of ful portrait and a lasting record of that East-street, Walworth, under whose tuition celebrity which may, in this instance, be | her improvement, in a course of extensive deemed, and that justly, well-merited; instruction, reflects equal credit on herself and the reader will recollect, as the eye and on her teacher. wanders over this short memoir, how much

We canvot forbear summing up the chathe ear has been charmed by harmonic || racter of this young lady in the following skill and power, almost before unequalled.

lines from Dr. Young's Narcissa, and which Miss Mary Ann Wilson was boru on the seem peculiarly adapted to Miss Wilson : 10th of April, in the year 1803, in the vi

“ Sweet liarmonist! and beautiful as sweet; cinity of Berwick upon Tweed; her pa

“ And soft as beautiful; and fair as young." rents occupied a considerable farm in that We congratulate Mr. Elliston on this part of the kingdom, and she is the second great acquisition to his Theatre. of four daughters, who are all living. Thursday, January 18th, she made her

Miss Mary Ann Wilson was introduced debut in Mandane, in the favourite opera to Mr. Welsh, and earnestly recommended of Artaxerxes. Almost overpowered with to him by a lady now residing in Italy; || her grateful emotions at the reception she who, about five years ago was struck with || received from an overflowing audieuce, she the fine natural voice of the young lady, || yet went through the arduous task of a first and Miss Wilson was articled to Mr. Welsh appearance (on any stage), with that digin 1817.

nity, and proper courage, accompanied Mr. Welsh has been peculiarly fortu- || by the most unaffected modesty, which bate in his female pupils; nor can we for- | moved every heart in her favour, and which bear expressing the tribute due to their evinced itself by tears of raplure from many master; for he has given those pupils to who witnessed this triumph of youthful the world, wbo unite to their own native merit, and scientific harmuny. It is need. sweetness of voice extraordinary scieuce, | less for us to add, that Miss Wilson has and have the strongest claims to public been received every succeeding time of her favour and attention.

performance with increased applause.



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