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the morning advanced, the scene gathered | issued for the accommodation of those who fresh interest. The sun rose in full splen- | came in carriages, and the limitation of the dour about four o'clock, and imparted his hour at which the visitors were to obtain golden brilliancy to all around, shewing to admittauce to the Abbey and Hall, the full advantage the dazzling glitter presented throng of carriages by six o'clock was exto the admiring spectator. At an early tremely great, and at that hour there was hour, the bells of St. Margaret's commenced a complete stoppage for a considerable time. a merry peal, and continued ringing alter- Long before this hour many of the comnately every half hour.

pany, impatient of the ordinary delay of The morning was ushered in by dis- || setting down at the doors, got out of their charges of artillery in the Park, and from carriages, and hastened to their places of the men-of-war boats on the river, which | destination through the crowd. were continued at intervals during the

(To be concluded in our next.) morning. In consequence of the orders




At Ealing Church, Spencer Perceval, Esq.

eldest son of the late Right Hon. Spencer The Lady of Capt. Korbight, Coldstream | Perceval, to Anna Eliza, youngest daughter Guards, of a son.

of the late General Macleod, of Macleod. At his house in Manchester Square, the

At Clifton, C. Dalton Grace, Esq. to Lady of Henry Usborne, Esq. of a daughter. Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Thomas

The Lady of Andrew Spottiswoode, Esq. of Baynton, Esq. of Clifton. Bedford-square, of a daughter. At the house of General Forbes, Ham, Venables, Esq. to Anne, fourth daughter of

At St. George's, Hanover-square, Thomas Surry, the Lady of Gordon Forbes, Esq. of a

John King, Esq. of Grosvenor-place. daughter.

On the 25th September 1819, at St. John's In Albemarle Street, the Countess of Lusi, Cathedral, Calcutta, Charles W. Hutchins, of a daughter.

Esq. to Ann, daughter of John White, Esq. At Paris, the Duchess de Cazes, of a son.

of Chiltagong. In Langham Place, the Lady of Sir J.

At Rochetto, O. Markham, Esq. CompLangham, Bart. of a son.

troller of the Barrack Department, to Miss Af his house in Dover Street, the Lady of | Jervis, great neice of the Earl of St. VinWilliam Newton, Esq. of a son. At Upcott House, the Lady of George

W. Lawson, Esq. of Brayton House, to Gardiner, Esq. of a son and heir. The Lady of Colonel Woodford, of the Caroline, daughter of Sir J. Graham, Bart.

of Netherby, Cumberland. Coidstream Guards, of a son. In Upper Seymour Street, the Lady of Col. Reeve, Grenadier Guards, ot Leaden

At Wakerley, Northamptonshire, Lient.. John Sanders, Esq.ot Reigate, of a daughter. ham, Lincolnshire, to the Right Hon. Lady

At Woodbine Lodge, Cheltenham, the Lady Susan Sherard. After the ceremony the of Capt. Inglcfield, R. N. of a son.

Colonel and his Lady left Finislade, the seat On the 15th, the Hon. Mrs. Newnham of the Hon. J. Monckton, for Stapleford Collingwood, ot a daughter.

Park, the seat of the Lady's brother, the On the 21st, the Lady of Paulet St. John

Earl of Harborough. Mildmay, Esq. M.P. of a son.

At St. Marylebone New Church, T. Dunin Lower Grosvenor Street, the Right bar, Esq. second son of the late Sir G. DunHon. Lady Catherine Whyte Melville, of a

bar, Bart. to Clementina, only daughter of

S.J. Trickey, Esq. of Upper Charlotte-street, At South Down Cottage, Dorset, the Hon.

Fitzroy-square. Mrs. Weld, of a daughter.

At St. Marylebone Church, John ComMARRIED.

merell, Esq. only son of John W. Commerell,

Esq. of Strood, in the county of Sussex, and At St. Marylebone New Church, by the of Berkley-street, London, to Henrietta Rev. Edward Dawkins, Fellow of All Souls, Sophia, second daughter of the late William Oxford, Godfrey Thornton, Esq. of the Bosanquet, Esq. of Upper Harley-street. Grenadier Guards, eldest son of Stephen Osgood Gee, jun. Esq. of Earl's Coln, Thornton, Esq. of Moggerhanger House, Essex, only son of Osgood Gee, Esq. of Bedfordshire, to Susannah, eldest daughter Lower Seymour-street, Portman-square, to of the late John Dixon, Esq. of Cecil Lodge, Mary, second daughter of Sir William BulkeHertfordshire.

ley Hughes, of Plascoch, Anglesey.


At Bexley, Kent, Arthur Shakespear, || tive of the city of Chichester in every suc. Esq. R. N. to Louisa, second daughter of || cessive parliament from 1784 to 1812. the late Joseph Sage, Esq. of the Royal At his seat, in Hampshire, aged 76, Sir Mint.

T. Champneys, Bart. At Southampton, J. Dickson, Esq. of His At Bath, in the 91st year of his age, the Majesty's 67th Regiment, to Fanny Carolina, Rev. Sir C. Wheeler, Bart. of Leamington youngest daughter of the late Charles Bacon, | Hastings, Warwickshire, and Prebendary Esq. of Moor-park, Surrey, and of Grosvenor- of York. place, Bath.

At Llanvibangel Court, Abergavenny, H. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Powell, Esq. Treasurer of St. Bartholomew's Very Rev. the Dean of Carlisle, William S. Hospital, London. Best, Esq. eldest son of the Hon. Mr. Jus. Ai his house, in Cleveland.row, Sir John tice Best, to Jane, youngest daughter of W. Compton, D.C. L. late Judge of the Vice William Thoyts, Esq. of Sulhamstead-house, Admiralty Court at Barbadoes, and Fellow Berks.

of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. At Thame, Oxford, J. Cookney, Esq. of In Limerick, the Hon. Mrs. Stretton, wife the Mauritius, to Tabitha, titth daughter of of Major Stretton of the 40th Regiment, the late Rev. W. Perkins, of Twyford, Bucks, and second daughter of the Right Hon. and Kingsbury, Somersetshire, Chaplain in Lady (larina. This most amiable and laOrdinary to His Majesty, &c. &c.

mented young lady had been married but At Paris, in the Chapel of his Excellency a few months. the British Ambassador, by the Rev. E. For- Suddenly, at his house in Portland-place, ster, Chaplain to the Embassy, Charles Charles Thomson, Esq. one of the Masters Robert King Dallas, Esq. of the Island of of the High Court of Chancery. Jamaica, and lately of H. M. 32d Regiment, At Paris, to the unutterable grief of her to Julia Maria, youngest daughter of Robert family, Miss Rosa Tunno, youngest daughter Charles Dallas, Esq. of St. Adnesse in Nor- of the late John Tunno, Esq. of Devonshire. mandy, and of the Island of Jamaica.

place. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Captain At Boulogne, Sir T. H. Page, of the Royal H. Parker, R. N. to Miss Caroline Eden, || Engineers. youngest daughter of the late Sir Frederick At Caen, in Normandy, Ann, the wife of Morton Eden, Bart.

Major Joseph D'Acre Watson, of the Hon.

East India Company's forces.

At Bere Ferrers, Devon. C. A. Stothard, R. Conway, Esq. R. A. This gentleman, Esq. F.S.A. eldest surviving son of Thomas who has long been an ornament to the Arts Stothard, Esq. R.A. of our country, but has for some years been After a long illness, at the residence of the prevented from the exercise of his great Dowager Lady Mordannt, at Harrow, Mrs. talents by severe indisposition, has closed a Erskine, widow of the late John Erskine, brilliant career at an advanced age.

Esq. Comptroller of Army Accounts. At his apartments in Chelsea Hospital, In Queen square, R. Boyle, Esq. Captaio aged 76, Thomas Keate, Esq. Surgeon to in H. M. 42d regiment. that Establishment during upwards of thirty At Havre, Rear Admiral The Hon. F. F. years; Surgeon to the King, and late Surgeon Gardner, aged 49. General to the Army.

At Carlogie Cottage, Aberdeenshire, Mrs. At her seat, Bookham Grove, in Surrey, Garden Campbell, of froup and Glenlyon. the Hon. Catherine Dawnay, daughter of the At Brighton, William Grant, Esq. of Con. late Viscount and Viscountess Downe, and galton, Haddington. sister to the present Viscount, in the 53d In Switzerland, after a few days illness, year of her age.

the Rev. Robert Cormack, of Kilkenny,

Ire. At his seat in Yorkshire, in his 82d year, land, in his 85th year. Colonel Coore.

At Islington, Lewis Herne, Esq. brother At the Grove, Mitcham, the infant son of of Sir Wm. Herne, in his 89th year. G. M. Hoare, Esq.

At the Island of St. Helena, on the 5th of At her house, in Audley Square, the Hon. May, Napoleon Buonaparte. His death apBarbara St. John, in the 90th year of her age. pears to have been occasioned by a lingering

At his seat, Pinner Grove, Middlesex, Sir hereditary disease, which, during the last F. Milman, Bart. M.D. F.R.S. in 75th year six weeks only, was of sufficient severity to

require particular medical attention and to At the Admiralty House, Cove of Cork, interrupt his accustomed amusements and Mrs. Rowley, the lady of Capt. Rowley, R.N. exercises, and was considered dangerous but and sister-in-law of Admiral Sir J. Rowley. during the last fourteen days. [Ă detailed

D. J. De Castro, Esq. aged 74. This gen- account of the last moments, the funeral, &c. tleman had been 36 years chancellor of the of this extraordinary personage, will be given Spanish and Portuguese nations.

in our next Number, under the head of Mis. At his seat, at Watergate, in Sussex, in cellaneous Occurrences.] his 73d year, G. Thomas, Esq. Representa

of his age.

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No. 4, Brydges-street, Covent-garden.






A New and Improved Series.



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91 Ascent of Mr. Green's Balloon in honour

Funeral of Her Majesty

93 of the Coronation


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The Editor acknowledges the receipt of many Poetical Contributions, of which those that seem to do credit to their Authors and the Magazine, will be thankfully

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Sept. 1, 1821.

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