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Whereas, It has been alleged on responsible authority that the very serious crime wave existing for some time past in the said city is due to grave abuses, inefficiency and corruption in the police department and the district attorney's office of the county of New York; and

Whereas, It has also been alleged by competent authority that the financial problems of the said city and the inefficiency and waste in the administration and its government is due in part to duplications and defects in the structure of said government as prescribed by the Greater New York charter and other statutes; and

Whereas, A strong public sentiment demands of the Legislature an investigation of all the matters above mentioned for the purpose of remedying and preventing a continuance and repetition of such abuses and defects by proper legislation; now, therefore, be it

Resolved (if the Assembly concur), That a joint legislative committee is hereby constituted, to consist of four senators, to be appointed by the President of the Senate, and five members of the Assembly, to be appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly, with power and authority to investigate the general financial conditions of the city of New York, and to inquire and examine into all and singular the aforesaid matters and allegations and to prosecute its inquiries in any and every direction in its judg ment necessary and proper to enable it to obtain and report the information required by this resolution; further

Resolved, That such committee be hereby authorized to sit in the city of New York or elsewhere within the State and conduct the investigation herein described during the session of the Legislature and during its recess or after its adjournment with the same power and authority it would have were the Legislature in session, to choose a chairman from among its own members, to employ a secretary, counsel, accountants and such other assistants as may be needed, to take testimony, subpoena witnesses and compel the production of books, documents and papers and otherwise to have all the powers of a legislative committee; further

Resolved, That the committee, when in its judgment the public interest demands it, may grant immunity from prosecution to any person giving evidence before it which might tend to incriminate such person; further

Resolved, That such committee report with all convenient speed, but not later than February 1, 1922, the results of its investigation to the Legislature, together with such proposed legislative measures as it deems advisable to carry its recommendations into effect; further

Resolved, That the expense of such committee, not exceeding $50,000, be payable from the contingent fund of the Legislature upon the certificates of the chairman of such committee.

Ordered, That such resolution be referred to the committee on finance.

Mr. Lockwood offered a resolution, in the words following:

Whereas, A joint legislative committee was heretofore constituted pursuant to resolutions duly adopted April 18, 1919, and April 24, 1920, whereby such committee was duly authorized, among other things, to investigate, ascertain and report on all housing conditions and causes for the lack of construction of new houses, flats and apartments for occupancy and renting in cities, and especially in the city of New York; and

Whereas, Said committee presented a preliminary report to a special session of the Legislature held on September, 1920, from which it appears that its investigations were then still unfinished, that the same could not be concluded during the then special or extraordinary session of the Legislature and that the resolution under which it had been acting was inefficient in its delegation of powers to permit the scope of inquiry that was believed by the committee to be necessary; and

Whereas, The Legislature at the aforesaid special or extraordinary session directed the continuance and enlargement of the investigation that was then being conducted under the aforesaid resolutions of April 18, 1919, and April 24, 1920, by a joint and concurrent resolution dated September 24, 1920, to which reference is hereby made and which is hereby embodied herein as a part hereof; and

Whereas, The said committee has continued and is still engaged in the investigation directed by each and all of the aforesaid resolutions and its work is still unfinished and it appears that in order to complete said investigation and to report thereon and to formulate adequate recommendations for legislation based thereon the powers conferred by each and all of the aforesaid. resolutions should be continued and re-enacted and that the same should be materially enlarged in the particulars hereinafter specified; and

Whereas, It is deemed necessary or advisable that for the purpose of enabling the committee to more fully investigate and report upon certain of the matters referred to in the aforesaid resolutions the committee should be clothed with power to fully inquire, among other things, into the organization, management, conduct, business and affairs, as well as into the character of the past and present investment of corporations and associations that are authorized or required by the laws of this State to invest their

loanable funds in mortgages on real property in this State and that are under the supervision of or required by law to report to the Superintendent of Insurance or the Superintendent of Banks of the State or to secure the permission of either of those officials to conduct business in this State; now, therefore, be it Resolved (if the Assembly concur), as follows:

1. That the aforesaid resolutions of April 18, 1919, and April 24, 1920, and September 24, 1920, and all the powers thereby conferred are hereby re-enacted, continued and conferred upon the committee appointed under this resolution, with the same force and effect as though the text of all such resolutions were hereby expressly repeated and embodied herein as a part hereof. All such powers so continued in, conferred upon and delegated to the committee hereby appointed are in addition to the powers conferred by the aforesaid resolutions and all the testimony taken and all the other acts and things done by the committee acting under the above described resolutions are to be deemed and taken as the testimony and as the acts and things done by the committee appointed under this resolution.

The committee as hereby recreated, reconstituted and continued shall consist, as did the previous committee, of ten members, two of whom shall be the members of the old committee who are members of the present Senate, and the remaining three Senate members shall be forthwith named by the Temporary President of the Senate, and five members of the Assembly, including such of said members as are members of the present Assembly, the balance of such five members to be named by the Speaker of the Assembly. In the event of one or more vacancies from time to time in the committee as so reconstituted, the same shall be filled (whether such vacancies occur during any recess or after the adjournment of the Legislature), as to the Senate members, by the President pro tem. of the Senate, and as to the Assembly members by the then Speaker of the Assembly.

The committee may at any time and from time to time, by resolution of a majority of its members, be subdivided into subcommittees of such number as it shall by a majority vote determine. Such subcommittees may sit at the same times and places or at different times and places in the State of New York. Each of such subcommittees shall appoint its own chairman and may act by a majority vote of its own members; it may administer oaths and issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers and documents and do all other acts and things that may be done by the committee as a whole or that may be delegated to it by the committee, subject [SENATE JOURNAL]

always to the subsequent approval or ratification of its acts by the

full committee.

The powers and duties of the committee enumerated in the above recited resolutions and of any subcommittee, to the extent authorized by the committee, are hereby enlarged so as to include also the following powers in addition to those delegated and prescribed under each and all of such resolutions:

A. It may inquire into each and every matter and thing that in its judgment affects the past, present or future conditions surrounding or in any way bearing or relating to the construction, ownership, transfer, leasing and renting of stores, houses, lofts, apartments and other buildings in all or any of the cities of the State, and particularly in the city of New York, the causes for any present lack of living and business accommodations, the danger or probability of the future lack thereof and the reasons and remedies therefor, the increase in construction costs and rents and the reasons and remedies therefor, including in such investigation and in its report the operation and effect of the various laws on this subject passed at the regular session of the Legislature in 1919, and at the regular and the special or extraordinary sessions of the year 1920, and the advisability of amending or repealing the same or any of them. The committee, or any subcommittee thereof, constituted as herein provided, is empowered, and it shall be its duty in so far as it may deem advisable, fully to investigate and report upon the organization, management, conduct, business, affairs, operations and past and present investments of all life, fire, health, burglary, compensation and casualty insurance companies and associations, organized under the laws of this State or transacting or having authority to transact business therein, whether or not the same be organized under the laws of this State, and of all savings and other State banks and of all trust companies and other corporations or joint-stock or other associations that are now under the supervision of the Superintendent of Insurance or of the Superintendent of Banks in this State or that are permitted by law to transact any such businesses in this State.

The investigation of the committee may include any and every other matter and thing not specifically mentioned in this resolution and in the above described resolutions made part hereof that may be deemed by it relevant to the general question of providing, maintaining, stimulating or increasing accommodations for housing or business purposes for the people of the cities of this State and especially of the city of New York, as though the same had been expressly specified herein.

5. The committee as a whole or through subcommittees may hold sittings beyond the sessions of the Legislature and during

the recesses thereof and after its final adjournment. It shall immediately resume its sittings and investigation and shall report the result of all investigations heretofore made under the above recited resolutions with its recommendations, with all convenient. speed, but in no event later than March 1, 1922. The committee may meanwhile from time to time make intermediate reports with such recommendations for remedial legislation as it shall deem advisable.

6. The Superintendent of Insurance and the Superintendent of Banks are hereby severally directed to place all the data in their respective departments at the disposal of the committee and its representatives and to permit the use of their staffs for the gathering thereof.

Resolved, That no person shall be excused from attending and testifying before said committee or before any subcommittee thereof, or from producing books, papers, contracts, agreements or other documents before the committee or such subcommittee in obedience to its subpoena on the ground or for the reason that the testimony or evidence, documentary or otherwise, required of him may tend to incriminate or degrade him or to subject him to a penalty or forfeiture; but no person so attending and testifying or producing such books, papers or documents shall be subjected to prosecution or to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of the particular transaction, matter or thing concerning which he may testify or produce evidence, documentary or otherwise, before said committee or subcommittee or in obedience to its subpoena.

Resolved, That the further sum of fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated from and out of the contingent fund of the Legislature for the necessary expenses heretofore incurred and hereafter to be incurred by said committee, to be paid in vouchers approved and audited according to law.

Ordered, That said resolution be referred to the committee on finance.

Mr. Lockwood offered the following:

The Senate and Assembly of the State of New York have the honor to transmit to the Congress of the United States the following memorial:

Accompanying you will please find copies of (1) an intermediate report to the Legislature of the State of New York by a joint committee on housing of the Senate and Assembly, which was this day adopted by both Houses; (2) a joint resolution attached to that report, which was this day passed by the Legislature; (3) the memorial referred to in that report, of which this

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