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Book of Nature, the, by John Mason Clark, Thomas, his Sketches of a Naval
Good, referred to, 408.

History of the United States, referred
Bounties, pecuniary, Hamilton's (Alex to, 349--the work limited in infor-
ander) opinion on, 616.

mation on the subject of the navy, 351.
Braclon, the father of English Law, 77. Colchos,-some of their customs, 144-

formerly it had no written laws, tradi-
Cæsar on the Banks of the Rubicon, 299 tion governing its jurisprudence, 150–
Caucasus, Mount, inhabited by fierce and its money revenue inconsiderable, 151

inhospitable tribes, 115mitsinhabitants -climate very damp, ib.
remarkable for a singular traffic in Columbus born in the city of Genoa, 6
their females, ib.—the central chain of, -his early education very limited, ib.
described, 115, 116—its boundaries, -his studies at Pavia, ib.-exhibited a

strong passion for geographical know-
Caucasus, the, Russia has extended its ledge, 7-owed little to adventitious

jurisdiction over the mountain tribes aid, ib.-began a sea-faring life at four-
of, 115—of the feuds of the inhabitants teen, ib.--accidentally led to Lisbon,
of the vallies of, 121–the Russians en-

where he married and settled for a
tered Georgia from the summits of, ib. time, 8—his opinion of the earth,

-the Chevalier Gamba's three jour offers his services to the king of Por-
nies around, noticed, 122.

tugal, 11-retires from Portugal, ib.
Chancery System, in England, referred visits the convent of Santa Maria de
to, 76.

Rabida, ib.-receives from Fray Juan
Cherokees, the, talk of Meriwether and Perez strong recommendations, on

Campbell with, referred to, 569. which he proceeded to Cordova. ib.-
Chivalry, origin of, 68, 69.

his appearance before the University,
Christians, what they studied in Spain,41. of Salamanca, 12-leaves the Court of
Chronicles of the Canongate, second se Spain in disgust, and is recalled by
ries, reviewed, 216-extracts from,

Isabella. 13—sails on his first voyage
220, 222-226, 228-245, 247-262. See of discovery, ib.-discovers land, 14
Fair Maid of Perth.

returns to Spain, 15-rejoicings at his
Cicero, has furnished the most complete success, 16, 17-called before his So-

account of the Roman orators, 493– vereigns to give an account of his
unjustly repro ed by Mark Anthony, voyage, and to describe the Islands be
that he had never experienced the li had seen, 17, 18-departs on his second
berality of his countrymen, 503—when voyage, attended by his sons, 19-mis-
about to be impeached by Clodius, the fortunes of his declining years, 20.
whole Equestrian order went into Commentaries on American Law, by
mourning with him, 507-spoke ex James Kent, reviewed, 72-extracts
tempore with pre-eminent success, 509 from, 105, 106.
sketch of his studies, 515-518-com- Confederation, the thirteenth article of
pared with Demosthenes, 519–Plu the, quoted. 438-recommendation of
tarch's remark on the character of a general convention of the States for
himself and Demosthenes, 523—had to amending the, 439—an act passed by
address a more patient audience than the General Assembly of Virginia for
Demosthenes, 531-did not generally amending the, ib.-New-Jersey, Penn
speak with an Attic severity of style, sylvania, North-Carolina, Delaware,

and Georgia, passed, each, an act for a
Cid, oldest Spanish Poetry, 44-46. similar purpose, 440—New-York ap-
Circassians, the, an unquiet race, and points delegates for revising the arti-

plunderers almost from necessity, 116 cles of, 441–South-Carolina, Massa-
own the coast of the Euxine for about chusetts, Connecticut, and Maryland,
two hundred miles, 117-an unsuccess. each appointed delegates for the same
ful attempt to civilize them by means purpose, 442-New-Hampshire ap-
of commerce, 131.

pointed commissionersforthe same pur-
Circassia, Temrouk and Taman, former. pose, 443—by the, no alteration could

ly belonged to, 127—contrast in the be made in the Constitution without
taste of its inhabitants for the fine arts the consent of the United thirteen
about the time of Pericles, and at the States, 445—Confederation and Fede-
present day, ib.-its commerce trans. ral Constitution used as synonimous
ferred to Anapa, 128—the coast of pos terms, 447.

no good harbours, 131—the Consonant rhymes, 48.
south-western coast of, remarkable for Constitution, on the Federal, 432-454.
its fertility, ib.

Constitution, the, formed by compro-


mise, 432-the American experiment Denmark, the correspondence between
in, eminently successful, 433-requires Mr. Hailes and the court of, referred
incessant vigilance on the part of the to, note, 283-attack on, by the Bri-
people, to uphold in its purity, ib—for a tish, commented on, 285.
series of years was in a state of promis- Dictionaries, rhyming, 32-48-indispen.
ing experiment, 434-an inquiry into sable to Arabian poets, 33.
the doctrine that it required not the Dictionnaire, Nouveau, d'Histoire Natu-
affirrnance, and could not have been relle, referred to, 408.
negatived by the state governments, Distichs, chief form of Arabic poetry, 47.
436 - the amended, confirmed, 445—of Documents accompanying the President's
1778, required that amendments should

message to Congress, &c. referred to,
also be agreed to in Congress as well 470.
as in the State Legislatures, 447. Domestic Industry, Address of the com-
Convention, the, Journal, Acts and Pro mittee assembled at Harrisburg, for

ceedings of, referred to, 432~supposed the encouragement of, referred to, 582.
they had reserved to the States the en- Drayton, Mr. his motion to alter the title
tire control of their domestic arrange of the tariff bill, referred to, 103.
ments, 434-meeting of, 443—none can Dunlop, John, his History of Roman
be called but by the Legislatures of Literature, vol. ij. reviewed, 491-ex-
the States, 452.

tracts from, 500, 501-a remark of his
Cooper, Mr. has made a declaration of on one of Cicero's treatises, 502-ex-

his intention to write a naval history tracts from the work, 506-515.518.
of his country,

Duties, protecting, Hamilton's (Alexan.
Corporation, a, on the instituting of, 99. der) opinion on, 616.
Corinne, the death of, 300.

Duties on Importations, Report of a com-
Cossacs of the Black Sea, their origin, mittee of the citizens of Boston and
127—their character, 128.

vicinity, opposed to a further increase
Cotton Goods, the fall in the price of, no of, referred to, 582.

minal, 586—the Custom-House fur- Duties, statement of the amount of, paid
nished evidence of the greater cheap on foreign merchandize imported, 619.
ness of British, 587—comparative wa. Dwight, President, bis experiment on the
ges of labour in the manufacture of, pellicle or scum of stagnant water,
588—comparative cost of production cited, 165.
of, between the United States and

Great-Britain, 589—the same views Elbourous, or Elbrus, higher than Mount

applicable to other manufactures, ib. Blanc, 127.
Course of Time, the, by Robert Pollok, Elichman, John, 38.

reviewed, 454-extracts from, 459, 462 Ellsworth, Judge, his opinion on the im-
-the subject of, 462-extracts from, portance of preserving state rights,

quoted, 453.
Courts, Admiralty, 106-110.

Engineers, the Board of, cost of military
Crusades against Raymond, 6th & 7th works projected by, 477-estimate of

the destroyers of Troubadour Litera the cost of the Ohio and Chesapeake
ture, 72.

cana), 485.

English Lawyers, jealous of the corpus
Dartmouth colległ, vs. Woodward, the juris civilis, 77.
case of, referred to, 88.

Envoy, of Provençal poetry, 64-70.
Declaration of Independence, the, not the

act of united America, but of the Unit. Fair Maid of Perth, the, scene laid at Perth
ed States of America, 546

about the close of the 14th century,
De Lisle, Rigaud, his opinion, that the 218_epitome of the work, 218–262.

most offensive quarters of a city are Federal Constitution, on the, 432-454.
sometimes the most healthy, combat- Ferguson, Dr. his opinion respecting the
ted, 167-gives an instance that it is production of Malaria, referred to. 164.
after the subsidence of the sacred river Flint, Timothy, his Valley of the Missis-

that Egypt suffers from Malaria, 171. sippi, reviewed, 192-a Presbyterian.
Demosthenes, excelled in extempore minister of New-England, 194—perils

speaking, 508—himself and Cicero on the Ohio, 197-visits Gen. Putnam,
compared,519_his peculiar privileges, 198-present at Vevay, in Indiana,
526--of his audience, 527-his first at when the town-house, &c. were lo-
tempt on the Bema, a total failure, 530 cated, 200-ascends the Mississippi to
-the celebrated passage in the oration St. Charles on the Missouri, 203-206-
for the crown, referred to, 534.

cultivates a small farm at St. Charles,

ago, ib.

206_removes from St. Charles, and how the

question hetween her and the
embarks on the Mississippi for the ter United States is to be settled, 571.
ritory of Arkansas, 207-sojourns as a Georgia Controversy, the, 541-582.
missionary at Cape Girardeau, 209– Georgia, invites Russia to assist her in
departs for the Arkansas, dangers of conjunction with Imerithia against the
the voyage, ib.—his residence sickly, Persians and Turks, 120-on the death
determines to return to New-England, of Irak'li became involved in civil war,
210-arrives at Chickasaw bluff, and 121-placed itself under the dominion
experiences great distress, 210, 211– of Russia upwards of two centuries
arrives at New-Orleans, 212-accepts
of the Presidency of the Seminary of Goldsborough, C.W. his Naval Chronicle,
Rapide, ib.—has a relapse, and leaves referred to, 349—-Secretary of the

his family to visit New England, 213. Board of Navy Commissioners, ib.
Forum, the Roman, description of, 506. furnishes no particular information of
France, Hist. de la Revol. de, quoted, the operations of the Navy during the

revolution, 355.
French, a southern dialect, 54.

Good, John Mason, his Book of Nature,

referred to, 408.
Gaelaeth, the monastery of, situated two Gouriel, the province of, governed by a

leagues from Kotaïs, 148-has a curious Prince subjected to Russia, 136_re-
iron gate, said to be one of the Cas markable for its fertility, but covered
pian gates, ib.-the convent of, ac with forests, ib.-its present Prince
cording to report ofthe monks,possesses anxious to introduce European industry
a collection of Georgian and Armenian into his territory, ib.-indigo attempted
MSS. ib.

to be cultivated in the territory of, 137
Gamba, the Chevalier, his Travels in -its population, 151.

the South of Russia, reviewed, 114– Gracchi, the, history of Roman eloquence
made three journies in the couutry, begins with, 494-were radical reform-
around the Caucasus, 122--passed ers, and perished by the violence of the
through Colchos on his way to Tiflis, Patricians, 495—the Senators caused
to reside as Consul of France, ib. them to become demagogues, 497
Government of Russia sends a vessel between their time and that of Cicero,
to Odessa to convey him to Redoubt four distinguished orators appeared,
kale, 123-embarks in a Russian fri. 498.
gate, 125-makes an excursion into the Great Britain, her improvements in ma.
country during his residence at Sou chinery for manufacturing cotton
koum, 130-dangers of the country goods, 587–the price of manufactur-
from bands of robbers, 131-travels ing labour in, 588-gives less protec-
through Mingrelia and' Imerithia to tion to her manufacturers than is given
Georgia, 138—-breakfasts and dines by the United States, 593-has the
with the Prince at Chichachi, 143-sets strongest motives to avoid a war with
out on a second expedition to visit the the United States, 599-our commerce
districts of Kotaïs and Schorapana, with, constitutes nearly one-half of the
145—his remarks on the Imerithians, whole commerce of the United States,
146-the third excursion made by his 603—her corn laws, referred to, 609.
brother, 148—hospitality of a noble Greek Books, what, studied by Arabians,
Imerithian, 149.

Georgia, at the Declaration of Indepen- Greek Poets, not studied by the Arabians,

dence, enjoyed the fee-simple in, and 41, note-54.
jurisdiction over the vacant lands of the Gregory, de Bechada's metrical history
state, 544-offered to cede a part of lost, 63.
her western lands to the United States,

548-possesses the power of disposing Hamilton, Alexander, extract from his
of the unappropriated lands within ber report on domestic manufactures, 616.
own limits, 550-deprived of the power Harpers, their rank, 21-51.
to treat with the Indians, and right of Hayne, the Hon R. Y. extracts from his
exclusive power over them, first, by the speech on the naval policy of the
treaty-making power, 553—secondly,

country, 378-381.
from the power to regulate commerce Heber, Bishop, confirms Ledyard's specu-
with the Indian tribes, 559—thirdly, lations on the diversity of the human
from the power to declare war, 560– complexion, 403.
elaims the right to extinguish the Indian Heineccius, his commentaries on the Di.
title within her limits, 570-an inquiry gest and the Institutes, referred to, 85.

History, Natural, what is its great object, extracts from the history, &c. 6-20,

History of the Life and Voyages of Chris- Isis, the temple of, its sublime inscrip-

topher Columbus, by Washington Ir tion, 411.
ving, reviewed, l-extracts from, 20, Italians copied from the Troubadours,

56. n. 61, 71. n.
Hortensius, the competitor of Cicero, Jurisprudence, on the teaching of, by

born A. U. C. 640; appeared in the lectures, 8
Forum at nineteen,499—his best speech

delivered in the sixty-third year of his Kent, Chancellor, his Commentaries on
age, ib.-his luxurious style of living American Law, reviewed, 72—his ex-
described, 500-dress, his tact in ad emplification of the equity of Roman
justing it for display at the Forum, 501. jurisconsults, 77--his opinion of the
I. J.


United States vs. La Vengeance,
Jefferson, Mr. one of his Kentucky reso quoted, 105, 106_illiberality of the
lutions, quoted, 618.

State of New-York towards, 112, 113.
Jesuits, missionaries of the society of, Kotaïs, the capital of Imerithia, the an-

sent to the Iroquois, Hurons, Illinois, cient Cyta, formerly the capital of all
&c. 306—their documents possess in Colchos, 141--its present population,

ternal evidences of their truth, 307. ib.--importance to Russia, ib.
Imerithians, might give instruction to

civilized nations in the location of Language, Persian, 39, note-Arabian,
their villages and houses, 146—profess ib.--copiousness of, ib.--Castilian æra
the Greek religion, and follow the rites of, 44--Sicilian not affected by the
of the Greek church, 150.

Arabs, 62.
Imerithia, the, district of, healthy and Languedoc, Poets of, 64-derivation of

extremely fertile, 118-invites Russia, the name, 65.
in conjunction with Georgia, to assist Lebeid, passage from,

her in her struggle against the Persians Ledyard, Jolin, the Life of, reviewed,
and Turks, 120-an ineffectual insur 383-bis eulogy on women, referred to,

rection in, 121—its population, 151. ib.-born in Connecticut—the son of a
Imports, duties on, the late law imposing sea captain-left an orphan under the
them, believed to be unconstitutional, charge of an estimable mother, ib.

committed to the care of a paternal
Incorporation, in England, the King grandfather, who sends him to Dart-
alone can grant a charter of, 99.

mouth College, 384—quits the college
Indian Springs, the treaty of the, referred without leave and wanders among the
to, 570.

Six Nations, ib.-on his return to col-
Internal Improvements, national, 470 lege builds himself a canoe, in which

sums expended on, 478amount re he ventures down the Connecticut,
quired to complete, 479-on the limits 385-enters as a sailor on board a ves-
to, 480—the amount appropriated to, sel bound to Gibraltar, ib.—his first
ought to be divided among the several visit to England, 386–introduced to
states proportionately, 481-Mr. Smith's Captain Cook, and made by him a
exposition of the partial distribution of corporal of marines on board his ves-
the national funds for, 482-on con sel, 387-published a short account of
necting Florence with Augusta, (Geu.) his voyage on his return to Hartford,

ib. a sketch of the expedition, 387-
Jones, John Paul, his victory over the 392—his visit to his mother at Long

Serapis, 356mhis magnanimity towards Island, 392-meets Mr. Jefferson in
Captain Pearson, ib.-assists Ledyard, Paris, and there becomes acquainted

with Paul Jones, who favours his pro-
Jones, Sir W. Essay on the Law of Bail jected expedition to the north-west,
ments, referred to, 80.

393-is disappointed in bis expectations
Jongleur, 52.

of receiving assistance from France,
Irving, Washington, bis History of the 394-meets Sir James Hall, ib.-on his

Life and Voyages of Christopher Co arrival in England, has the prospect of
lumbus, reviewed, 1-his earlier and a passage to the north-west, but again
latter works compared, ib._invited to disappointed, 395-goes over to Ham-
Italy in relation to documents respect burgh, where he meets his countryman,
ing Columbus, 3minstead of trans Langborn, 396—sets off for Stockholm,
lations, determines on a new work, as and travels from thence to St. Peters-
more acceptable to his country, ib. burgh, 397, 398obtains a passport

and sets off for Siberia with Dr. Brown, in the Southern States most rife and
399_resumes his journey to Kamt deadly in the fall, 171-on the action
schatka, ib.-remarks on the resem of the electric fluid, as a preventive
blance between the Tartars and Abo of this disease, 172-on the influence
rigines of America, ib.-arrives at Yak of moderate winds in the propagation
tusk, where he is detained on account of, 173 --uncertainty of all the hypo-
of the season, 401-where he writes theses in regard to the nature of, ib.-
his eulogy on women, 402-his remarks on its influence on the average du-
on the diversity of the humam com ration of human life, 175-178-on its
plexion, ib.-on the difficulty of making influence on the fertility of our species,
correct vocabularies of rude tongues, 178--on protection from, 181 183-on
403-meets Captain Billings, who in various modes of causing a diminution
vites him to accompany him to Irkutsk, in the production of, 183 186 --on the
were they arrive, 404----arrested by an question whether Rome suffers more
order of the Empress of Russia, 405– from this poison than formerly, 186. 187
carried to Moscow, ib.----finds his way -on the constitution becoming assimi.
to Konigsburgh, from thence to Lon lated to climates in which these dis-
don, 406-- -engages with the African eases prevail, 188, 189—on the irregus
Association to explore the interior of larities of temperature, 190.
Africa, ib.-----proceeds to Paris and Mathurins, became agents of the United
Marseilles, where he embarks for Alex States, in redeeming, American cap.
andria, ib -- his journey up the Nile to tives, 358-the French revolution sus.
Cairo, where he dies in his 38th year, pended their proceedings, 359.
407 ----his portrait as drawn by Mr. McCulloch, Dr. bis Essay on Malaria, re-
Beaufoy. ib.

viewed, 152-author of a work on the
Lettres Edifiantes et Curieuses, tomes vi. Highlands of Scotland, ib.

to ix. inc. reviewed, 305-----extracts Message from the President, relating to

from, 306--317, 320--335, 337--348. Internal Improvements. referred to,
Lipogrammatists, 33.

Literature, character of early Spanish, Mingrelia, separated from Abazie by the

41---Italian, 41--60-.-.Sicilian, 64, 65---- river Cador, 137-its population, 151.
Provençal, 63-72---Spanish, power and Muallakat, 33.
language, progress of, 42-64.

Monkish Legends, 100 folios of, 40, n.
Lilerature, the History of Roman, from Moors, estimate of their influence on the,

its earliest period to the Augustan age, Spanish Literature, 41, 49, 50—on the,
reviewed, 491-540.

Spanish Language, 42 n-on Trouba-
Locke, his treatise on Government, re dour Literature, 55, 66, 70.
ferred to, 555.

Monorhyme, 33-49.
Louise, the Lay of poor, 230, 231. Monosyllables, 54.
Louisiana, its early history, 192, 193. Montgomery, Robert, his poem on the

Omnipresence of the Deity reviewed,
M'Culloch vs. the State of Maryland, case 290—overrated when compared with

of, in the Supreme Court, referred to, some of the best modern English poets,
97, 435, 562.

292-extracts from his poem, 292-299.
Madison, Mr. would preserve state rights Music and Poetry, natural to man, 53.
as he would trial by jury, 453-.--his

Virginia Resolutions, referred to, 618. National Assembly, of France, meeting
Malaria, an Italian term, 153-its cause, of, 279-282.

ib.-no country totally exempt from it, Nature, the history of,-of inorganic sub-
154, 155—diseases produced similar to, stances, 411-on the composition of
156-marshes, the store-houses of, 157 substances, 414-on structure, ib.-on
on drains and ditches in the pro habit and instinct, 415—on qualities
duction of, 129---on the more lim and uses, ib.—on the impression that
ited sources of, 160-water the medium is made on the mind, in the wide dif-
of conveyance of, 162---threatens the ference which exists between the earth
entire depopulation of Rome, 163– itself, and the forms which occupy its
putrefaction not absolutely necessary surface, 417–of unorganized bodies,
to the production of, 164-President 418..--of organized bodies, ib...-unor-
Dwight is of opinion that it is produced ganized matter enjoys an independent
by animalcular putrefaction, 165—the existence, 421----organized bodies are
opinion combatted, that the crowded subordinate to other principles, 422-
and ill-ventilated parts of a city may an inquiry ---is organization life, 423..
be the most healthy, 167-170--fever's Nature, Views of, 408-431.

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