Journal of the Assembly of the State of New York, Том 3

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Страница 2182 - AN ACT to amend chapter four hundred and ten of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-two, entitled " An Act to consolidate into one act and to declare the special and local laws affecting public interests in the City of New York.
Страница 2188 - AN ACT to amend chapter five hundred and forty-eight of the laws of nineteen hundred and twelve, entitled "An act to erect the county of Bronx from the territory now comprised within the limits of the borough of Bronx, in the city of New York, as constituted by chapter three hundred and seventy-eight of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-seven and all acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto...
Страница 2443 - AN ACT making an appropriation for the payment by the state in the first instance of the federal government's share of the cost of construction and improvement of rural post roads within the state...
Страница 2623 - The electors of the several towns shall, at their annual town meetings, or at such other time and in such manner as the Legislature may direct, elect justices of the peace, whose term of office shall be four years.
Страница 2708 - If, upon the hearing, it shall appear to the court that testimony is necessary for the proper disposition of the matter, it may take evidence or appoint a referee to take such evidence as it may direct and report the same to the court with his findings of fact and conclusions of law, which shall constitute a part of the proceedings upon which the determination of the court shall be made.
Страница 2604 - ... justice for each sixty thousand or fraction over thirty-five thousand of the population thereof as shown by the last State or Federal census or enumeration. The Legislature may erect out of the Second Judicial District as now constituted, another judicial district and apportion the justices in office between the districts, and provide for the election of additional justices in the new district not exceeding the limit herein provided.
Страница 2613 - Peace and judges or justices of inferior courts not of record, may be removed by the Senate, on the recommendation of the Governor, if two-thirds of all the members elected to the Senate concur therein. But no officer shall be removed by virtue of this section except for cause...
Страница 2168 - A.~N ACT to amend chapter three hundred and ninety-four of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-five, entitled "An act to revise the charter of the city of Oswego," in relation to salaries of clerk, police officers, policemen and janitors.
Страница 2445 - Act making an appropriation for the state's share of the cost of construction and improvement of rural post roads within the state, under the provisions of certain acts of congress which provide that the United States shall aid in the construction of rural postal roads, and for other purposes, to be expended in accordance with article six-a of the highway law.
Страница 2212 - An act to amend chapter five hundred and seventy of the Laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled 'An act to establish the city court of Buffalo, defining its powers and jurisdiction and providing for its officers...

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