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be seen, that Missions, and CHRISTIAN EDUCATION, as the two points most dwelt on, in this Memoir, were the broadest and the deepest places, in the broad, deep current, of this life. To bring this out, and to develop the beautiful unity of my Father's life, I have taken up these points, and traced out, without interruption, his whole connection with each of them ; returning, after a review in each case of his whole life, (in one bearing of it,) to the date, from which the opening of the subject began. The reader is asked to remember this. The Appendix, in some degree, but not altogether, relieves the seeming confusion.

The order of the Poems, as far as possible, is that of time. Most of the original “ Songs by the Way” are reprinted; and as many are added, as could be, with a proper regard, to the sacredness of personal affection.

The order proposed for the Sermons, combines subjects, and time. Under the head of Episcopal Sermons, are included many preached, parochially. But my Father wrote no sermons, for his visitations, except in cases of Institution, Ordination, or some special service of that sort. His confirmation sermons, and those ordinarily preached at visitations, were written for his own people of St. Mary's. A few of these visitation sermons are included. The Baccalaureate addresses, and the addresses to the graduating classes of St. Mary's Hall, are reserved for the fifth volume.

To the many friends of my Father's, whose tributes to his blessed memory adorn these pages, the Author personally owes a most pleasing debt, of grateful affection. To the Rev. Dr. Mahan, who was for many years my Father's most trusted and beloved counsellor and friend, the Author gladly acknowledges his obligations, for suggestions and services that have been invaluable to him, as well as for the graceful words, that introduce this volume. And there are kind hearts and hands, that have helped on the labour of this writing, whose love is its own best reward.

BURLINGTON, January A. D. 1860.



Tor now,

leep hot, dwut Rachel, for try babes,

Us dhe that weht before, Refusing to be compritec

Because they were no more; Nor nurse with tears one bitta thronglet,


wakens here The vision of those bunica tioins,

Beside then brother, bier. the gentle Javroue soup,

Set "little duldun" Corne? He becur them, lamb.leke, indtis aimo;

dis Jase, a thie hastuses of deur love,

ho pain, wo towow mure,
They wait ttue, in theat balu wirke,

hot lust, but you before"

awa Rurunde, 12 Juke, litur

heavenly fola, their home,


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