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importations have been comparatively small since The resolution submitted by Mr. Linn on the 21st |tion, informal or otherwise, to the negotiator on the the passage of the act. How far this state of things inst

. calling for information from the president re- part of the United States for the assumption or guaranmay have been influenced by the existing system of specting informal communications" &c. during the ty of the state debts by the government of the U. States duties it is impossible to determine. The smallness late negotiations with Great Britain, came up in or- to the holders of said debts. DANIEL WEBSTER. of the importations may be well accounted for byder, and led to a short debate in which Messrs. Archer, To the president. the embarrassed condition of the country and ex- Linn, King and Benton, participated. Adopted. A communication from the secretary of war in tremely limited means of purchase. The amount of The resolution submitted by Mr. Benton on the compliance with a resolution of the 21st inst. was foreign commodities in our markets is still found 21st calling for information from the president re- presented, informing the senate that the commissiongreatly to exceed the demand; and the fall in the specting any proposition for the guarantee of the state ers appointed to select sites for a western armory prices of merchandise since the 1st September, is Jebts by the United States government during the have not made any report. supposed to be, on an average, not less than 10 per late negotiation came up in order.

Mr. Erans from the committee on finance reported This fact will be found verified in a letter Mr. Benton presumed there could be no objection back without amendment the house bill making apfrom the collector at New York, annexed hereto, to to the resolution, as it related simply to an inquiry propriations for civil and diplomatic expenses for the which reference is respectfully made; and it is deem- concerning any communication made on the subject half year ending 30th June, 1843. Mr. E. said that ed conclusive to show that the decline in the impor- of the assumption of state debts.

the committee did not wish it to be inferred that the tations since the 1st September cannot justly be re- Mr. Archer said he would inform the senator from appropriation for the coast survey was to be dispensferred to our system of duties; and that the effect of Missouri that no allusion of the kind had ever been ed with. The committee designed to provide for the existing tariff remains to be determined by fur- made; and when he gave him that assurance, he hoped that object in the next hill. ther and more satisfactory experience. he would not press the resolution.

The bill was read a third time and passed. The importance of adequate provision for revenue Mr. Benton desired to have that declaration come Mr. Bayard gave notice that he would on to-morcannot be too often or too strongly urged upon the from the president himself, and to be placed in the row ask leave to introduce the following bills: attention of congress. The resources of the country archives of the government.

A bill to amend the act entitled "an act to reorgaare abundant; internal taxation, either direct or indi. Mr. Archer said the answer he had given was just nize the navy department of the United States," rect, has not of late years been found necessary, and as authentic as any that could be received, and he passed at the last session. it is still believed that a system of custom house du-should vote against the adoption of the resolution. A bill providing for the establishment of a school ties may be made sufficiently comprehensive to yield Mr. Benton asked the yeas and nays, which were of instruction in the naval service of the U. Slates. an income commensurate with all the wants of the ordered; and the resolution was then adopted by the A bill regulating the naval peace establishment country. following vote:

and for other purposes. There are various articles of import, several of

YEAS— Messrs. Allen, Barrow, Bayard, Benton, The following resolution submitted by Mr. Barthern of very large and universal consumption, at Buchanan, Calhoun, Crafts, Crittenden, Fulton, Hen- row on yesterday was taken up, and adopted: present untased, or subject to duties extremely low, derson, King, Lion, MeRoberts, Mangum, Sevier, Resolved, That the committee on public lands be and some of which without, perhaps, in any conside- Smith, of Connecticut, Smith, of Indiana, Sturgeon, instructed to inquire into the expediency of granting rable degree, lessening the amount of their consump- Tappan. Walker, White, Wilcox, Williams, Wood- to the state of Louisiana every alternáte section of tion, might bear imposts yielding an aggregate adui- bridge, Woodbury, Wright-26.

the public lands in the limits of that state which had tion to the revenue accruing under the existing laws

NAYS--Messrs. Archer, Bates, Berrien, Clayton, been returned as not worth the cost of survey, and of not less than $3,000.000. These offer theniselves Conrad, Evans, Graham, Huntington, Merrick, Mil- such alternate sections of said land as are subject to for selection, and it rests with the wisdom of conler, Viorehead, Phelps-12.

inundation by the overflowing of the Mississippi river, gress to make that selection, or adopt any other mode The bill to indemnify Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson upon condition that the said state construct levees, of securing the receipt of such an amount of revenue for damages sustained in the discharge of his official by means of which said lands shall be eifectually proas shall be suflicient to meet the expenses of an eco- duty was then taken up.

tected thereafter from inundation: And prorided, also, nomical administration of the government, and afford This bill led to a long and very animated discussion that the proceeds of the sales of lands reclaimed by the means of sustaining measures necessary for the as to its proper reference, in which Messrs. Critten- means of such levees shall be exclusively appropriatdefence of the country and the maintenance of the den, Linn, Buchanan, Bayard, Huntington, Conrad, /ed by the state of Louisiana to the making of roads public credit.

Jilen, Porter, Woodbridge, and others participated; and the improvement of rivers and bayous within its This last object is of infinite importance. The when, on motion of Mr. Linn. the further considera- limits. honor of the country, its just self-respect, the pride tion of the bill was postponed until Tuesday next. The resolution submitted by Mr. Benton on the which every citizen must feel in the high character The bill from the house making appropriations for 15th instant calling for information on the subject of of its government; all these require that the public the civil and diplomatic expenses of the government the “Quintuple treaty" was taken up, and after an faith, and the credit of that government, should be for the year 1843, was read a first and second time, address from that gentleman of some length, be

and referred to the committee on finance. placed above doubt or question.

modified it by adding as follows: At a late hour the senate adjourned.

Also, that the president be requested to communiDeeming it highly probable that the policy of establishing a warehouse system might engage the de

DECEMBER 23. The president of the senate laid tiation of the African squadron articles as will show

cate to the senate all such information upon the negoliberations of congress at the present session, the before the body the follow mg communications, made the origin of said articles and the history and proattention of collectors and other officers at various in compliance with the resolutions of the 21st and ports was called to this subject by a circular issued 22d inst. They were laid on the table, and ordered gress of their formation.

The subject was then postponed, and the sepate from the department on the 24th November last, a to be printed: copy of which, together with the answers received,

Washington, December 23, 1942.

adjourned till Tuesday next. and a table of exports of foreign merchandize, is To the senate of the United States:

DECEMDER 27. Mr. Young presented a memorial annexed. It has been thought advisable, also, for I have received the resolution of the 22d inst. re of Urialı Brown, of Schuyler county, Illinois, praying the sake of convenient reference in a matter of such questing me "to inform the senate of the nature and an investigation by congress of his right to the disa general interest, to attach to this report a copy of the extent of the informnal communications which took covery of the plan by which ships of war may be Statute of the 3d and 4th William IV, which embo- place between the American secretary of state and blown up by means of a current of galvanic electridies the warehouse system of Great Britain in a form the British special minister, during the cate negotia- city, to be discharged through submerged magazines matured by a long experience. In connexion with tion in Washington city, upon the subject of the of gunpowder; which, on his motion, was reierred this will be found a copy of regulations established claims of the United States and Great Britain to the to the committee on naval affairs. under authority of the statute above mentioned, by territory west of the Rocky mountains; and also to

Mr. Buchanan presented a memorial from citizens the commissioners of the treasury, which will afford inform the senate what were the reasons which pre- of Pennsylvania generally, stating that the country is a satisfactory view of the practical operation of the vented any agreement upon the subject at present, in an impoverished state, and asserting that it is owing system as it now exists in that country. I am, very and which made it inexpedient to include this subject that a sufficient currency cannot be had in coin, and a

to the want of a currency. The memorialists suggest respectfully, sir, your obedient servani,

among the subjects of negotiation." W. FORWARD, In my message to congress at the commencement sound currency cannot be had without a proper basis,

Secretary of the Treasury. of the present session, in adverting to the territory of and request that one-tenth of the public lands-which Hon. Willie P. Mangum, president of the senole. the United States on the Pacific ocean, north of the the memorialists estimate at 200.000,000 acres-be

42d degree of north latitude, a part of which is claim- appropriated among the states and territories in stock, TWENTY SEVENTII CONGRESS OF THE of the acquirement of individual right to these lands, rialists enter into a calculation as to the amount given ed by Great Britain, I remarked that, "in advance and recommend an immediate pledge of the sales of

the public lands in payment of interest. The memoUNITED STATES-TILIRD SESSION. sound policy dictated that every effort would be reSENATE.

to each state and territory, of which the reporter sorted to by the two governments to settle their reDECEMBER 22. Mr. Benton presented the creden-spective claims;”, and also stated that I should not mentions the District of Columbia and the territories

at 700,000 each; the state of New York at 26,000,000; tials of the hon. Lewis F. Linn, and Mr. Fulton or delay to urge on Great Britain the importance of an Ambrose H. Serier, as senators elect for 6 years from early settlement. Measures have been already taken the state of Pennsylvania at 18,000,000, Maryland the 4th of March 1843, the former for the state of der the circumstances, I do not deem it consistent in pursuance of the purpose thus expressed, and, un- 6,400.000, Virginia 14,000,000, &c.

Various petitions in favor of, and others against a Missouri, the latter of Arkansas. vir. Fulion desired to correct the erroneous im- with the public interest to make any communication repeal of the bankrupt law were presented and re

on the subject.


ferred; also others in favor of a modification but no pression made by some presses that Mr. Linn had

repea!. been elected for 6 years from 1845 instead of 1843.

Mr. Berrien took occasion to observe that of the On motion of Mr. Criltenden,

Department of state, Washington, Dec. 23, 1842. 50,000 persons who had petitioned relating to this Resolved, That the committee on military affairs The secretary of state, to whom the president has law at the last session and the present, there were be instructed to inquire into the expediency of creat- referred a resolution of the senate on the 22d inst. less than 3,000 in favor of its repeal. Some were in ing in the state of Kentucky an agency for the pur- in the following words, Resolred, That the president favor of certain modifications, but the remainder chuse of, and an establi:tunent for the manufacture of the United States be requested to inform the se- were fully in favor of a bankrupt law. of, merican water-rotted hemp for the use of the nate whether the late special minister from Great Mr. Bayard introduced three bills in relation to the

B.itain to the United States made any proposition, in- navy, &c. "pire 1994 se existien & vestahfinderat torual or otherwin', to the negotiator on the part of Mr. Woodbury submitted the following which was Larson naisipale on: 6 Uhin.!!! "rrazten trop the sunrption or guaranty of adopted:

ittig op te tel: !!!!01'rning of the United States Resolved, That the committee on commerce inquire mestill, Emai in fugt vi ne se retirs of the w the buldurs vivant debt-," has the honor to report into the state of our tonnage, freights, and commerce navy in relation to the cultivation and manufacture to the president that the late special minister from with foreign powers, and repori whether it is pros of hemp be referred to the committee on naval affairs. | Great Britain to the United States made no proposi- perous under the existing arrangements by treatie

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or laus in relation thereto; and also whether the re- Mr. Burnell spoke in opposition to the reduction. The resolutions were referred to the committee o gulations by other governments are equal and in con- Messrs. Aycrigy, C. J. Ingersoll, and Mallory, follow- the whole, to whom the bill in question was reser' formity to the spirit of these arrangements; and if ed in favor of the motion.

red at the last session. either be not so, what measures are proper to ensure The question was then taken, and the amendment 'The speaker announced the order of the day to be greater prosperity and reciprocity.

as modified was agreed to, by 82 yeas, noes not count- the bill for repealing the uniform bankrupt act; and The resolution submitted by Mr. Benton in relation ed.

Mr. Salionstall, being entitled to the floor, rose, and to the quintuple treaty came up in its order; when Mr. Gwin then moved that the entire clause be made an earnest speech in favor of continuing the

Mr. Archer said that when the resolution was last struck out. The vote stood, ayes 79 noes 64. act in operation. under consideration he explained that he had no objection to the resolution, further than the latter title of intercourse with foreign nations) by striking also against the repeal.

Mr. McKeon moved to amend the bill, (under the

Mr. Dawson, (of Ga.) next addressed the house clause, which called for the grounds of opinions of out the appropriation for the salaries of ministers to

He was followed by Mr. Cushing, who, after some the president as expressed in the message of August, Prussia, Austria, Spain and Brazil. Rejected. Mr. remarks against the repeal of the bill, branched off 1841: Although he saw no grounds for the change McK. further moved to amend the bill by striking into a speech on political matters, and the adminisof his opinion in the remarks made by the senator out the following item: "For salaries of the charges tration in particular: from Missouri (Mr. Benton) on a prior day, yet, inas- des affairs to Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Holland,

Mr. Thompson, (of Indiana), rose to reply, but gave might be drawn unfavorable to the administration, he Texas, Naples, and Sardinia, $27,000.” The amendmuch as, if the information were withheld, inferences Belgium, Chili, Peru, Venezuela, New 'Grenada, way for the reception of resolutions and executive

documents. should waive any objection to the resolution. It had ment was rejected.

The president of the United States communicated been asked why he (Mr. A.) should object, to which he could answer, as the government had no organ in

Mr. C. J. Ingersoll moved to amend the bill by ad- tion bill. And the house adjourned.

to both houses, his approval of the general approprithis body, he felt bound to answer. [Mr. Benton, solto ding thereto the following item: “For the pay of a

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 28. Mr. Brownson presented a li could not have a beter organ.] So far as commercial agent to Europe, $5,000." The amend

petition for the unconditional repeal of the bankrupt he was personally concerned, he thought the inquiry ment was rejected. objectionable, but he should waive all further objec- The committee rose and reported the bill and law, and Mr. Arnold presented a memorial from the tions. amendments to the house.

city of Philadelphia, praying that the law may not The resolution was then adopted.

On the call of Mr. Wise, the yeas and pays on

be repealed. The bill to indemnify General Jackson for dama- concurring in the amendment striking out the ap

Mr. Johnson, of Tenn. introduced a bill to prohibit ges sustained in the discharge of his duty, &c. came propriation for the coast survey, were taken and the allowance of extra compensation to oflicers of up in its order, whenappeared as follows:

the general government, which was read twice and Mr. Crittenden moved its reference to the commit- YEAS-Messrs. Landafr W. Andrews, Sherlock J. reserred to the committee of the whole on the state tee on the judiciary. Andrews, Arnold, Arrington, Atherton, Aycring, Bab of the union.

Mr. Edwards, of Mo. presented the petition of H. The question being taken, it was decided in the cock, Beeson, Bidlack, Black, Boardman, Bouls, Boyd,

Brewster, Bronson, Aaron V. Brown, Milton Brown, M. Smith, of that state, asking that a permanent affirmative, as follows: YEAS— Messrs. Archer, Barrow, Bates, Bayard, ler, Green W. Caldwell, Patrick C. Caldwell, William rotted hemp in Platte county, Missouri.

Charles Brown, Burke, William Butler, William 0. Bul- agent may be appointed for the purchase of waterClayton, Conrad, Crafts, Crittenden, Evans, Graham, B. Campbell

, Thomas J. Campbell, Caruthers, Casey, Henderson, Huntington, Merrick, Miller, Morehead, Chapman, Chittenden, Clifford, James Cooper, Mark

Mr. Toland presented a memorial from PhiladelPhelps, Porter, Simmons, Smith, of Indiana, Sprague, A. Cooper, Cowen, Cravenis, Cross, Garret DAVIS, R. D. phia asking for the warehousing system.

Mr. Thomas Butler King, on leave given, offered Tallinadge, White, Woodbridge--23.

Davis, Dean, Deberry, Duan, Doig, Eastman, Egbert, NAYS–Messrs. Allen, Benton, Berrien, Buchan- Fessenden, Jolin G. Floyd, 'Charles A. Floyd, A. L' the following resolution: an, Fulton, King, Linn, McRoberts, Mangum, Sevier, Foster, Gamble, Gentry, Gerry, Gilmer, Gouvin, Wm. Resolved, That a select committee of five be apSmith, of Connecticut, Sturgeon, Tappan, Walker, 9. Goode, Graham, Green, Gustine, Gwin, Harris, Hays, pointed to take into consideration the expedieney of Wilcox, Williams, Woodbury, Wright, Young—19. Honck, Houston, Hubard, Hunter, Jack, Andrew Ken- aiding individuals or companies in the establishment

On motion of Mr. Bayard, the senate proceeded to nedy, Lewis, Litlefield, A. McClellan, McKay, Mar- of lines of steam vessels, for the purpose of transthe consideration of executive business, and after well, Maynard, Medill

, Meriwether, Mitchell, Moore, northern and southern ports, to foreign ports, on the some time spent therein, adjourned.

December 28. Numerous petitions were present- Payne, Plumer, Ramsey, Read, Reding, Rencler, Rey: lakes, and the Mississippi river; said vessels to be ed respecting the bankrupt law, against its repeal, noids, Riggs, Rogers, William Russell, Shaw, Shepperd, constructed under the direction of the navy departfor its modification, or for its repeal.

Shields, Slade, Snyder, Sollers, Sprigg, Steenrod, Sioke- ment, as war steamers, and all times times subject The bill allowing draw back, upon foreign merchan- ly, Stratton, Alexander II. II. Siuart, John 7. Sruari, to its control, under such stipulations as may be prodise exported in the original packages to Chihuahua John B. Thompson, Jacob Thompson, Tripleti, Trotti

, vided by law. Also, to inquire into the expediency and Santa Fe, in Mexico, was ordered to be engrossed Turway; Ward, Walterson,

Weller, Westbrook. Joseph of employing armed steamers in the revenue service, for a third reading.

L. White, Christopher H. Williams, Yorke-119.
NAYS-Messrs. Adams, Allen, Baker, Barson, Birds. struction of said vessels, and report by bill or other-

and uniting it to the navy; and using iron in the conMr. Mc Roberts presented the credentials of hon.

eye, Blair, Borden, Bowne, Briggs, Burnell, Calhoun, Sidney Breeze, of Illinois, elected a senator in con- John Campbell, Cary, Childs, John C. Clark, Staley N

wise. Adopted. gress for six years from the fourth of March next. Clark, Clinton, Coles, Cranston, Cushing, Daniel, Daw.

Mr. Adans moved that the house resolve itself A number of private bills which passed the house sun, Everell, Ferris, Fillmore, 'Fornance, Gates, Cid into committee of the whole, on the bill in relation of representatives on Friday last, were read a first dings, Patrick G. Goode, Gordon, Granger, Ilastings, lo French spoliations on the American commerce, and second time by their titles, and each appro- Henry, Howard, Hudson, Charles J. Ingersoll, Joseph prior to 1800. priately referred.

R. Ingersoll, James Irvin, Wm. W. Irwin, W. C. John- On this motion the yeas and nays were taken, and The president of the senate laid before the senate con, J. W. Jones, I. D. Jones, Keim, John P. Kennedy, werc-yeas 88, nays 99. So the notiori did not prefrom the secretary, a sub pæna to appear before the King Linn, Lowell, Robert McClellan, M. Kennan vail. circuit court, now in session, as a witness in the case Pendleton, Benjamin Randall, Alexander Randall, Ridge

The bill to repeal the bankrupt law was then up. of Henry Addison and R. White, accompanied by a way, Rodney, Roosevelt, James M. Russell, Saltonstall, Mr. Thompson, of Indiana, entitled to the floor, recommand to bring with him a paper on file in the Sanford, Truman Smith, Stanly, Summes, Sunter Iplied to the remarks of Mr. Cushing, sı:bmitted yesoffice of the secretary of the senate--the paper being Taliaferro, Richard W. Thompson, Tillinghasi, Toland. terday. He said that within the last twenty-four an anti-bank memorial. Some discussion arose as to Trumbull, Underwood, Van Buren, Wallace, Warren, hours they had seen the influence of the government the right of the court to issue the summons to an Washington, T. W: Williams, Joseph L., Williams, held up as it were, to the highest bidder. The genofficer of the senate, and to command his presence Winthrop, Wise, Wood, Ary Young, John Young 4 tleman from Massachusetts did not only the princiwith one of the papers on file. The debate was merely conversational, and was whole on the state of the union in its amendment pal part of the speaking but the thinking of the ad

ministration; for that gentleman had proclaimed, participated in by Messrs. Berrien, Huntington, Mc Ro- striking out this item of appropriation.

semi-officially, certain doings which took place in berts and King. It was conceded that the secretary The bill having been ordered to a third reading, the cabinet; and this information, in the nature of of the senate was merely a ministerial officer of the [now], was read a third time and passed.

things, could have come only from the secretary of body and as liable as any other person to the sum- Mr. W. W. Irwin, on leave given, offered the fol- state and the president of the United States. lu remons of a court, his position being very different from lowing resolution, which was adopted:

lation to overtures having been made by the whig that of a member of congress. The command to ap- Resolved, That the secretary of war be, and he is leaders to the president, to give up the idea of a napear with a paper on the files of the senate was a hereby, directed to cause to be communicated, as tiurral bank if ihe executive would retain his cabinet matter entirely within the control of the senate. soon as convenient, to the house of representatives, officers, he denied the allegation, toto cælo, and asked The senate might or might not comply. The paper the report by captain George W. Hughes, of the for the names of those who were said to have made called for was nothing more than a memorial, and a United States corps of topographical engineers, of the proposal. He had heard it from good authority, resolution was introduced allowing the secretary of his late reconnoissance and survey of the Ohio river. that the proposition to postpone the bank bill came the senale to carry the paper called for.

Mr. Merriwether offered the following, which af- from the president himself, and not from whig leadA bill authorising the secretary of the treasury to ter some debate was adopted:

ers. He alluded to the speech of Mr. Webster, made compromise with the sureties of Samuel Swartwout,

Resolved, That the select committee on the coast in 1834, on Bunker Hill, on the subject of executive was ordered to a third reading.

survey inquire into the expediency of dispensing with patronage, contrasting it with that genileman's preThe bill to take possession of the Oregon territory, the topographical survey of the same; of limiting the sent political proceedings. introduced by Mr. Linn, was called up and postponed number of persons, including the superintendents

Mr. Everelt moved the previous question. The until to-morrow, when Mr. Linn expressed the hope and assistants, engaged therein, and of employing motion was not seconded. that the senate would be ready to enter upon the officers of the navy in the same. discussion of the subject.

Mr Kennedy of Indiana, delivered some general reThe house then adjourned.

marks in relation to politics in all their relationsAfter the passage of several private bills to a third reading the senate adjourned.

Friday, Dec. 23. The house devoted the day to declaring himself radical to the root, and advocating the consideration of bills for the benefit of private the presidency. He said that he intended to vote for

a national convention to nominate a candidate for claimants, passed over thirty thereof, and adjourned the repeal of the bankrupt law. If one could be HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Thursday, Dec. 222. The house having resolved to meet again on Tuesday next.

francú including banking corporations, and striking itself into committee of the whole, resumed the con- Tuesday, Dec. 27. Mr. Wise presented resolu-ulit tlie retroactive clause, he would prefer il; but he sideration of the bill making civil and diplomatic ap- tions recently adopted by the legislature of Virginia, would vote for the repeai, because le concern thout propriations for the half year ending June 30, 1843. instructing the senators, and requesting the repre- the American people had condemned the law. The question was on the modified motion to reduce sentatives of that state to vote for the bill to remit Mr. Wise obiained the thoor, but gave way to a the appropration for coast survey from 50 to $20,000. gen. Jackson's fine.

motion to adjourn.




a considerable amount of money with them; for there stove in by the ice on the Mississippi. She was built a CIROVICLE.

has been of late yeurs a marked and growing increase Pittsburgh in 1836, at an expense of $14,000, and mea.

in the respectability of the emigrating classes. Great sured 75 tons. Whoever wan's 10 see a prompt numbers of the small farmers and land owners in Eng.

STEAMER BRITANNIA. The Boston Transcript speaks and efficiem fire departinent neatly operating, let hiinland, Scoiland, Ireland, France, and Germany, are now come to Baltimore and spend a Christmas eve. Four annually seeking comfort and independence in the fer in warm terms of commendation of the Britannia steam several tires occurred in this city between 8 o'clock on tile plains of the west.

shin, which has crossed the stormy Atlantic twentySaturday evening and daylight on Sunday inorning last,

seven times in thirty-two months, with perfect safety,

J UDGE (ABRAHAM) SHRIVER, who for forty years has particularly encountering territic gales in January, 1841, at each of which the powers of the firemen were con: indefatigably fulfiled the duties of Advocale Judge of and December, 1842. During the last voyage the gales spicuous. The first one originated in the third story of the upper judicial district of Maryland, has resigned were constant and severe. Several of the hands were a chair naker's factory, adjoining the office in which that office from the 1st January ensuing.

wounded and disabled. One had several ribs badly our paper is published. Being at the viole a mile and a half from the spot, we are indebted particularly to four Kisi:KE-KOSH. The Burlington Hawk Eye says that being thrown down by the violence of the sea. Captain

bruken; another received various, if not fatal injuries, by or five friendly printers for their efficient measures of this interesting chief of the Sacs and Foxes, with some Hewitt was constantly at his post and exerting hiinself precaution, which prevented the office from at least he others of his tribe, have been taken to England on a to the extent of his ability, in the management of the ing thrown into pi-and no less indebied to the fire speculating expedition.

ship during the whole liine, and it is to his entiring enercompanies, for not only preserving the office from the flames, but also for their care in noi unnecresarily dis- Lard oil. The Burlington (Iowal Gazette, says the gy, on all occasions, that the ship has been brought safe. commoding the interior. Their hose were taken up our manufacture of lard oil is extensively carried on in that ly through so many dangers. At one time, on this last stairs into apartments in our third, fourth and fifth sto place, by Farnum & Kennedy, who furnish a superior voyage, while on ihe upper deck, in the worst of the ries, and operated from thence for hours upon the house articie, made different from the French and English pro- storm, a sea struck her, and Capt. Hewitt was washed on fire-and yet not a type was displaced, nor a sheet cess, or that formerly pursued in Cincinnati. This oil overboard, but by a most singular circumstance, he of the many volumes of Register, that were in the apart- will stand the cold until it reaches 7 degrees below the caught a guy rope as he went over the taffrail, and thus ments, seriously injured. Much credit is due to the First freezing point, or 25 degrees above zero. The lard from most miraculously saved hiinself from an ocean grave." Baltimore hose company, for their unremited exertions; mast or distillery hogs will yield from 70 to 80 per cent.

SPECIE. The steamer Britannia arrived at Boston, not forgetting the Mechanical;—she gave us volumes of of oil;,shat from corneted hogs about 50 per cent Near: brought $150,000 from Liverpoul in specie. Bills on

ly all the light pork cut up in that quarter, except the London are down to 105. Considerable amounts of hams and shoulders, is now manufactured into oil.

specie may be expected from Europe if the present rate BANK ITEMS. The Duchess County bank, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. is the first to give notice of their inten: States, chief Justice Taney and Judge Ileath on the

LEGAL DECISION. The circuit court of the United of exchange continues. tion to apply to the legislature for a reduction of capital. bench; have decided that the Insolvent Laws of the state rived from Valparaiso, bringing advices to the 14ih Octo

S. AMERICA. The ship Orpheus, Captain Hill, has ar They giidown from $600,000 10 $300,000. Other east. ern banks are expected to follow the example.

of Maryland have been entirely repealed and annulled ber, (five weeks later.) To Mr. Tyler, a passenger, we The Huntsville Advocate of Wednesday says, “The by the passage of the bankrupt law, and that a discharge are indebted for the following: The news froin Pera is Decatur bank, we understand, has ceased the partial under them, granted under applications made, since the important. Hercellis, a young general who was banishredemption of its norcs in specie. It nowv pays nothing bankrupılaw went into effect, will not avail to exempe ed sonce rime since from Peru, had secretly returned with

the person of a defendant in whse favor it has been about 300 men, and in a battle with the General Torrico, on them."

granted from arrest upon a capius ad sutisfaciendum issued who had a much larger force, obtained a complete vicThe BANKRUPT BILL. The bill to repeal the bank out of the circuit court.

tory, destroying a great number of the enemy. He has rupt act is under debate in the house of representatives,

Missouri. It is stated that this state has increased in possession, now, of all the northern provinces in Peru, or rather, that being the order of the day, thinks in ge population of late, more rapidly that any other section wiih u large force under his cominand, which is increasneral and the movements and views of political parties of the union. Plarie county, in pariicular, exhibits a ing daily. Peru was never in so unsettled a state as it in particular, are debated by the one hour rule. Mr. I wonderful progress. The Indian title has been extin. now is, and there are no prospects of peace for soine Cushing, on Tuesday, led off from the subject under guished only tive vears, and now, with the exception of time. debate into a vindica:ion of President Tyler's adminis. the county in which St. Louis is situa ied, Plarte is the Chili is in a prosperous condition; there is no republic tration; be was replied to on Wednesday by Mr. Thomp. most densely seuled in Missouri.

in South America su well governed; the people are per. sun, of Indiana. Mr. Everell made an attempt to get the house back to the question, but unavailing. Mr. Kenne- MESMERISM. The efficacy of this agent in important culture.

fectly satistied with the constitution and inclined to agridy, of la. next spuke. On Toursday, Mr. Wise entered surgical operations has at last been tested in a case of the political arena, and when the bankrupi bill will itself amputation of the leg, performed last Saturday week by

Bolivia is at present quiet, though temporarily. again be heard of is now quite uncertain. There seeins Mr. Ward, surgeon, Ollerton, near Workshop, and with Trade with China. It is stated in the English pato be little ditlerence what the subject before the house the most successful result. The parient, a man, had pers, that several ships had already sailed, or is

, whenever a poliucal debate is determined upon; at it previously been mesmerized by a gentleinan from York, about:o sail from England to China, in consequence of they are dragged, no rules being found imperative of high standing in the legal profession, whose humanity the conclusion of the treaty of peace. Four ships were enough to restrain the talkers.

on this occasion entilles him to the bighes! credit, and he named, of an aggregate ionnage of near 1.800 ions, as

succeeded in rendering him perfectly insensible to the about to sail in the course of the week. Is not this subTue Boundary Line between Great Britain and the pain of perhaps

one of the severest operations to which ject deserving the attention of our government? If the Uniird Slates from the Monument of the St. Croix !o mankind can be sutjectel. On being questioned after: Chinese war is finally ende i, and her porte or even one the Rocky Mountains, is thus estimated by captain wards, he stated that all the sensation he bad was an in- port are to open to the English vessels, it is of the highTalcott of the corps of topographical engineers in his re- distinct recollection of having heara a crash, but he had eat importance that the earliest steps should be taken to port to the secretary of state.

felt no pain or inconvenience. He was mesmerized and secure to our own merchants an equal participation in Alaine (line as awarded by the king of Hol

kept in a state of somnolence during the night; when the trade. land)

460 miles.

roused next morning he seemed quite refreshed, and go. New Hampshire

Texas. We learn from the New Orleans Tropic that, ing on very well. Ar the first dressing he was again on the 18th instani, information was received in iha! city Vermont

mesmerized, and was perfectly unconscious during the from Texas, stating that the divisions in the army of the New York

course of it, and, by the last accounts, was going on ve. west had at last ended in an open rupture. About seven Pennsylvania

ry favorably. The case his naturally excited greri in hundred and twenty-five men had 'withdrawn from the Oho

ierest in that part of the country, as it has opened up army under the command of General Somerville, had Michigan


quite a new era in the medical profession. Territory west of Lake Superior 1.150

elecied William G. Cooke, colonel, and G I. Howard {Sheffield Iris, Oct. 29.

lieutenant colonel, and laken up their line of march, une Total length of boundary line


Paxhan Guns. One hundred of these guns, manu. der the new organization, for Mexico. General Somer. Corrox. The Cincinnati Republican of a late day They were double charged with powder and sliot. - Houston, and the army becoming impatient aj bis delays

, factured in Pittsburgh, have been iested and found good. ville, it will be remembered, was appointed by president says. "Our landing this morning presented quite a soų. Usually in such tests, the slow maich is used in the disleri his cominand. His whole force before the division, thern appearance, owing to the arrival of three or four charge, the operator retiring to avoid accident. In this according to the latest accounts, consisted of about one hundreu bales of cotton, by the Monongalela, destined case, the contidence of the workmen was such, that they thousand men. Colonel Cooke and lieutenant colonel for Pitsburg, reshipped here, and we have no recollec; stood their ground and touched off the pieces. The grain Howard were both attached to the Santa Fe Expedi10.1 of our having seen su large a lot of this staple piled of the metal is close, and it is formed principally of a on our wharf at any one time. We suppose we may get mixiure of Juniata and Hanging Rock pig.

Tur LAST OF THE CREW OF Paul JONES. It is stated down the cause of this migration of cution to the northward w the lariff.”

PRESIDENTIAL. A meeting of the democratic mem. in the Gardiner (Me.) Ledger that there is now living in

bers of the legislature of Missouri was to be held for the the town of Livermore, in that state, Thomas Chase, Coal. An English paper says it has been calculated purpose of expressing the opinion of that state, on the one of the seamen who were with Paul Jones on board that the available coal beds in Lancashire amouni, in presidential question. It is said to be doubitul whether the famous Bun Homme Richard, when engaged with weight to the enormous sum of 8,400,000,000 tons; ihe ne friends of Mr. Van Buren or Cul. Johnson are most two Britisli ships of war. This veteran sailur is now of to al anomal consumption of this coal, it has been esti, numerous in the legislature.

the age of 86-apparently in the enjoyment of good mated, amounts to 3,400,120 tons. Hence it is inferred

Potatoes. Who knows but that our western people much impaired, is ihat of hearing. The tympanum of

health. The only organ of sense which uppears to be that the coal fields of Lancashire, at the present rate of

may be shipping potatoes to Ireland, soon, as well as his ear having been injured by the concussion caused consumption, will last 2,470 years.

pork and lard in England. The Lacun, Ill. Gazelle ! by the guns, he having exended his head through a port Col Josipa Cilley, of Nottingham, the whig candi stares, that over 50,000 bushels of potatoes were raised hile during the firing. Mr. Clase is a native of Mardate for governor in New Hampshire, fought, during the this season, in an area of four miles Square, in the east: tha's Vineyard, and has lived in Livermore fifty-iwo petitor was busy drumming up delegates to attend the and loaded out bleon pin, besideerumbrits between his children and grand-children, and in the enjoyment llar ford convention. Yet one is called a democrar, the con and Peru, ali otpora southero market. It is fear of a pension from the government. other "a Brisb whig.”

(Boston Atlas.

ed they have been ice bound, and if so, all their potatoes
are probably frozen.

The courr OF ENQUIRY, in the case of the mutiny on Eggs The quantity of epos used in France exceeds, says one of ihe journals, 7,250 000.000, of which enor.

Steam Boat frems. The steamer, Valley Forge is Weduesday lact, the 28th inst., un buard the North Ca

board the U.S. bry somers, comr. Mackenzie, mei on mous number Paris absorbs 120,000,000,

sunk at the Grave Yard, in the Mississippi. She rotia, in N. York harbor. They conduct their exami(Exchange paper.

struck a log which stripped ul 20 feet of her bottom, so ExGinger major T. S. Brown, lase of the United States that she sunk immediaiely. She was bound from New nation in public. After organizing and making some cups of engineers, has been appointed chief engineer of Orleans ., S. Louis, and was laden down to the guards preliminary arrangements, the couri adjourned to meet with Turk's Island salt, which will be, of course, a total cial report was laid before the court, and the reading

again next day, when commandant Mackenzie's offi.. the New York and Ere rail rvad.

loss, and prove a serious disappointment to the pork IMMIGRATION FROM EUROPE. According to the offi- packers at St. Louis and above, who are in great want,

was cominenced. cial recurus of the New York custom house, it appears and waiting for, the article. She was ihe first iron steam VERTICAL PADDLE WHEELS. The secretary of the navy the during the year, up to the 15th of December, there boalan the western rivers, and was built at Pittsburgh has issued an order through G. L Thompson, engineer arrived at that port 51,500 imigrants, and that 9,521 in 1939 by way of experiment, and at the expense of $60, in chief of that department, for the construction of the inve returned to Europe. It is probable that at least 06:0, and was 230 wns burther. She was owned al vertical paddle wheels

, invented by A. Raision Chase, 150,093 in m'ylants have during the year landed on our Partburgh.

of Ciochibali. The work is ordered to be done at Bal. shures, at this and other seaports, and by the way of The St. Louis papers announce the loss of the Loyal limore, by Wells & Miller, under the superintendence Canada. A great number of those persons have brought | Hanna, a luie, well known stern wheel boat. She was of the inventor.


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90 420

30 200




(Vol. LXIII.-WHOLE No. 1,632.




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the nomination of commander Wyman to fill the va- AN. In the house of representatives on December STATES OF THE UNION.

cancy occasioned by the death of Capt. Gallagher, 31st, the speaker laid before that body the following MISCELLANEOUS.

has been suspended in the United States senate, message from the president of the U. States. POLITICS OF THE DAY. COMTIMACKENZEL's official detail of the Somers affair. through the influence of the friends of Capt. Clack, To the house of representatives of the U. States:

in the hope of getting this dismissed officer rein- I communicate herewith to congress copies of a ANNUAL MESSAGE OF GOVERNOR OF ILLINOIS. Report of THE MAJOR GENERAL of the army. Milica statedrviceophie Flack has been twice dismissed from correspondence, which has recently taken place be

the service;' he is now out of it on the righteous ver-tween certain agents of the government of the IIaiwof the United States.

dict of a court martial; and to have the nomination aian, or Sandwich Islands, and the secretary of state. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS.

of a meritorious officer, like Commander Wyman, The condition of those Íslands has excited a good CHRONICLE.

suspended on the question of his restoration, is an deal of interest, which is increasing by every suc

insult to the claims of individual merit, and a fag- cessive proof that their inhabitants are making proNATIONAL AFFAIRS.

rant disregard of the honor and efficiency of the gress in civilization, and becoming more and more service.

(Phila. North Amer. competent to maintain regular and orderly civil goAPPOINTMENTS BY THE PRESIDENT.

vernment. They lie in the Pacific ocean, much nearer By and with the advice and consent of the senate.

IMPORTS AND EXPORTS OF THE UNIT- to this continent than the other, and have become an John F. Wray, to be receiver of public moneys, ED STATES. By the statement of the Register of important place for the refitment and provisioning of for the district of lands subject to sale at Pontotoc, the treasury department, it appears that imports this | American and European vessels. in the state of Mississippi, vice Solomon Clark, de-year have fallen off. In the three years past they

Owing to their locality, and to the course of the ceased. have been as follows:

winds which prevail in this quarter of the world, the 1840, imports

$107,141,519 Sandwich Islands are the stopping place for almost CONGRESSMAN. Alexander H. H. Stuart, a 1841 do.


all vessels passing from continent to contineut across member of congress from the seventeenth congress- 1842 do.

99,357,325 the Pacific ocean. They are especially resorted to

by great numbers of vessels of the United States ional district of Virginia, has addressed a letter to his constituents in which he declines being a candi- The exports of this year have been:

which are engaged in the whole fishery in those seas. date for re-election. Of foreign goods, $11,552,831

The number of vessels of all sorts and the amount of or domestic produce, 92,559,083

property owned by citizens of the U. States which are

found in those Islands in the course of a year, are THE NAVY.


stated, probably with suficient accuracy, in the letter AFRICAN SQUADRON. The president of the senate

Deduct imports, laid before that body on the 30th December a mes


of the agents.

Just emerging from a state of barbarism, the gosage from the president of the United States, made


vernment of the Islands is as yet feeble; but its disin compliance with a resolution of the senate of the 14th inst., in relation to information connected with Thus the difference between our exports and im- positions appear to be just and pacific, and it seems the African squadron, and the entire expense of the ports is in favor of the country over four and a half anxious to improve the condition of its people by the

introduction of knowledge, of religious and moral naval establishment for 1843. The statement shows millions. the number and class of vessels to be employed in The following tables are taken from the docu-institutions, means of education, and the arts of civi.

lized life. the squadron, with the cost of repairs, the number of ments accompanying the reports of the secretary of

It cannot but be in conformity with the interest officers, seamen, and marines, the probable amount the treasury:

and the wishes of the government and the people of of expense, &c.

The secretary estimates as follows: Two sloaps of Exhibiting a view of the imports quarter yearly, du- the United States that this community, thus existing the first class and four brigs or schooners, the cost ring the years ending Sept. 30, 1841 and 1812.

in the midst of a vast expanse of ocean, should be of which is $424,242; amount of repairs, wear and

Value of imports.

respected, and all its rights strictly and conscien

tiously regarded. And this must also be the true intear, $40,000; number of oflicers to be employed, 82; Quart. Year. Free of duty. Paying duty. Total. number of petty officers, seamen, and marines, 626; Fourth 1839 $14,316,875 $13,436,137 $27,753,012 terest of all other commercial states. Far remote

1840 annnal expenses under all the heads of expenditure, First 16,270,557 "12,663,745 23,934,302 from the dominions of European powers, its growth except wear and tear, $241,182; number of guns es

Second 1840 12,053,141 10,184,039 22,237,180 and prosperity as an independent state may yet be in

1840 timated for the year eighteen hundred and forty- Third 14,555,631 13,661,394 23,217,025 a high degree useful to all, whose trade is extended

to those regions; while its nearer approach to this three, 946; total estimated expense of the naval establishment for the year eighteen hundred and forty

1840 57,196,204 49,945,315 107,141,519 continent, and the intercourse which American ves.

Fourth 1840 three, $6,983,245. The armament of a sloop of war

11,637,880 11,042,450 22.700,330 sels have with it--such vessels constituting five-sixths

1841 of the first class is as follows: 2 eight-inch Paishan First 18,617.299 17,626,102 36,243,401 of all which annually visit it-could not but create

Second 1841 guns, 20 thirty-two pounder medium guns, 80 mus

17,104,123 14,380,295 31,484,418 dissatisfaction on the part of the United Stales at kets, 80 pistols, 150 cutlasses, 110 boarding pikes.- Third 1841 18,640,429 18,877,599 37,513,028 any attempt, by another power, should such at

tempt be threatened or feared, to take possession of The armament of a schooner is as follows: 10 thirty

1841 two pound carronades, 40 muskets, 40 pistols, 60

66,019,731 61,926,446 127,946,177 the Islands, colonize them, and subvert the native

government. Considering, therefore, that the Unitboarding-pikes, and 80 cutlasses. The U. s. schooner Grampus, Lieut. Com. Van

Fourth 1841 8,533,943 14,582,432 23,116,375 ed States possess so very large a share of the inBrunt, anchored off the naval hospital, Norfolk, on

First 1842 8,506,002 24.425,953 32,931,955 tercourse with those Islands, it is deemed not unfit the 3d inst. The usual salutes were exchanged be- Second 1842 8,191,214 17,919,887 26.111,101 to make the declaration, that their government seeks, tween that schooner and the Pennsylvania, Captain Third 1842 4,725,537 12,472,361 17,197,898 nevertheless, no peculiar advantages, no exclusive

control over the Haiwaian government, but is conZantzinger, Com. E. P. Kennedy.

1842 The Sackett's Harbor Democrat says, that orders

29,956 696 69,400,633 99,357,329 tent with its independent existence, and anxiously have been received from the navy department by the

Note.—The third quarter of 1842 is partly on es- wishes for its security and prosperity. Its forbearcommandant of that station to make preparations to timale.

ance in this respect, under the circumstances of the receive a quantity of naval stores, ordnance, &c.

Treasury department,

very large intercourse of their citizens with the Is

lands, would justify this government, should events The U.'S. steamer Poinsett, left New York the Register's office, Dec. 13, 1642. 28th Nov., stopped a week at Norfolk, one day at

T. L. SMITH, Register.

hereaster arise to require it, in making a decided re

monstrance against the adoption of an opposite policy Charleston, and reached Savannah 19th Dec., from

by any other power. Under these circumstances, I whence she is to proceed to Tampa Bay on a sur

recommend to congress to provide for a moderate veying expedition. We next find her at Jackson- Exhibiting the value of imports and exports during allowance to be made out of the treasury to the conville, Florida, on the 28th—having grounded on the

the year ending on the 30th Sept. 1842. sul residing there, that, in a government so new and bar going in, but got off without damage. Imports—Value of merchandise free of

a country so remote, American citizens may have The U. s. ship Marion, com. Armstrong, sailed


$29,956,696 respectable authority to which to apply for redress from St Pierre, Martinique, on the 16th ult. for the

Value of merchandise paying

in case of injury to their persons and property; leeward islands. Officers and crew all well.


69,400,633 and to whom the government of the country may also THE MARINES are coming into request since the

make known any acts commit!ed by American citi. affair of the Somers. A guard of this corps has

$99,357,329 zens of which it may think it has a right to complain. been ordered to the U. S. brig Boxer, Bullus, now at Esports-of foreign merchandise, viz:

Events of considerable importance have recently Norfolk, and another guard to the brig Bain

Value free of duty $6,733,117

transpired in China. The military operations carried bridge, about to sail from Boston for the coast of

Value paying duty 4,825,764

on against that empire by the English government Africa.

$11,558,831 have been terminated by a treaty, according to the COURT. We learn from the Chronicle, that a

Of domestic produce 92,559,088 terms of which four important ports, hitherto shut court martial, composed of officers of the marine

against foreign commerce, are to be open to British corps, will convene at the Philadelphia navy yard, on

$104,117,969 merchants, viz: Amoy, Foo-choo-foo, Ningpo, and the 19th inst, for the purpose of trying lieut. Ro- Note.-The value of imports and exports for the Chinghai. It cannot but be interesting to the merbert 'Tansil, upon charges preferred against him by quarter ending 30th Sept. is partly on estimate. cantile interest of the United States, whose interlieut. J. C. McLaughlin, commander of the late Treasury department,

course with China at the single port of Canton has alFlorida expedition, for some personal offences, grow- Register's office, Dec. 13, 1842.

ready become so considerable, to ascertain whether ing out of a quarrel upon the coast of Africa.

T. L. ŚMITH, Register. these other ports, now open to British commerce, are Vol.XIII-Sig. 19.



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[ocr errors][ocr errors]

to remain shut, nevertheless, against the commerce Mr. Cushing moved that the message and docu

NEW YORK. of the United States. The treaty between the chi- ment be referred to the committee on forcign affairs, INAUGURATION: Gov. Bush, who succeces Gov. nese government and the Britisti commissioner pre- and that tey be printed.

Seu ord, was inauguratest au tibny on the ed inst. vides neither for the admission nor the exclusion of,

Mr. C. said that the message just read proposed to The legislature assembled on the 34 ini. The lieut. the ships of other nations. It would seem, therefore the house two ohjects: 1st, That the United States governor presided in the senate; George Rex Davis, that it remains with every other nation, having com- governmeri should recognise the fact of the inde. (V. B.) was elected speaker ol the house. On the mercial intercourse with China, to seek to make pro- pendence of the Sandwich Islands; and secondly, to same day Gov. Bouck's message was communicated. per arrangements for itself with the government of enter into commercial negotiations with the govern- It is a very long document. that empire in this respect:

ment of the Chinese empire. The importations into the United States from Chi

PENNSYLVANIA. na are known to be large, having amounted in some sired to say that recent events which had transpired, and organized; Benjamin Crispin, of Philadelphia co.

In reference to the first of these subjects he de.

The legislature met at Harrisburg on the 3d inst. years, as will be seen by the annexed tables, to nine millions of dollars. The exports, too, from the U. together with the relations of the United States in president of the senate, and H. B. Wright, of Lu

those seas, conspired to render the proposed recogStates to China, constitute an interesting and growo nition an object of peculiar interest." The group of zerne, speaker of the house. On the 4th Gov. Por

ter's message was communicated. It is of reasona. that in the year 1841, in the direct trade between the Sandwich Islands was in fact the hotel or place of

ble length. two countries, the value of the exports from the U. visit and refreshment between the western coast of States amounted to seven hundred and fifteen thou- America and the eastern coast of Asia. England

VIRGINIA. sand dollars in domestic produce, and four hundred having by the success of her recent military move

Finances. The following statement of the debt, and eighty-five thousand dollars in foreign merchan- ments in the Chinese empire, opened several of the dise. But the whole amount of American produce ports of that empire to her commerce, the question resources and liabilities of the state of Virginia is which finally reaches China, and is there consumed, is of the independence of the Sandwich Islands had an copied from the late report of the committee of finot comprised in these tables, which show only the important bearing on the interests of the United nance of the legislature of that state: direet trade. Many vessels, with American products States, and peculiarly of that portion of her territoon board, sail with a primary destination to other by lying on the Columbia river and perceiving as he Certificates issued for loans, (internal


$6,519,492 countries, but ultimately dispose of more or less of did, that some gentlemen of the house were dispostheir cargoes in the port of Canton. ed to condemn the recent treaty concluded with Balance of appropriations unexpended,

(internal improvement,).

79,749 The peculiarities of the Chinese government and Great Britain, because it contained no article settling

450,107 the Chinese character are well known.

the question between the two governments in relation Debt created for subscriptions to banks, An empire,

$319,000 supposed to contain three hundred millions of sub? to the Oregon territory, (a settlement which Mr. C, War debt, 7 per cent.,

24,039 jects, fertile in various rich products of the earth had once been almost alone in pressing on the atten

343,939 not without the knowledge of letters and of many such gentlemen who be disposed to regard the first tion of the house,) he took it for granted that all

Total deficiency,

367,425 arts, and with large and expensive accommodation for internal intercourse and traffic, has for ages sought object recommended in the message with favor.

$7,759,812 But the most serious portion of the executive com- Deduct--held by executive ato exclude the visits of strangers and foreigners from its dominions, and has assumed for itself a superiori- munication was that which had reference to the Chi

gainst internal improvement ty over all other nations. Events appear likely to nese ports. The result of the recent military operabreak down and soften this spirit of n»n-intercourse, tions of the British force in China had been the Deduct-state stock held by


$100,000 and bring China ere long into the relations which throwing open of four additional ports of that em

board of public works, 182,316 usually subsist between civilized states. She has pire, and the ceding, in perpetuity, of a commercial

Mr. C.
Deduct-sinking sund,

68,330 agreed in the treaty with England that correspond- depot-a fortified post on the Chinese coast.

350,616 ence between the agents of the two governments did not understand that the British government had shall be on equal terms--a concession which, it is included in this arrangement a monopoly of the com

$7.409,166 hardly probable, will hereafter be withheld from mercial advantages thus accruing; but if other gov

Avai. assets to meet the annual liab's. of the state: other nations.

ernments wished to secure a share of them, it would, It is true that the cheapness of labor among the of course, be necessary that they should 'apply for Bank stock held by the treasu

ry 24,488 shares yielding at 4 Chinese, their ingenuity in its application, and the fix- that purpose to the government of China. Mr. C.'s ed character of their habits and pursuits, may dis . information, derived in part from private sources, D.. held by board of public

per cent. annual revenue, 97,952 courage the hope of the opening of any great and was, that there existed at this time in China a feeling sudden demand for the fabrics of other countries.- extremely friendly to the United States; the reasons 284 shares Old James River


But experience proves that the productions of west- of which probably were, lst, That it was not the
ern nations find a market to some extent, among the interest of the Chinese government that England

company stock at 30 per

Chinese; that that market, so far as respects the pro- should have a monopoly of the commercial supplies
ductions of the United States, although it has con- of that empire; and, 21, That the United States be- All other works of internal im-
siderably varied in successive seasons, has, on the ing, from the extent of her commerce, and especially Loan to Valley Turnpike com-

7,108 whole, more than doubled within the last ten years; her commercial relations in the eastern seas, the and it can hardly be doubted that the opening of sev- best competitor with the British for the peaceful

pany secured by personal se

curity and lien on the road, 1,500
eral new and important ports connected with parts possession of the Chinese commercial supply, the
of the empire heretofore seldom visited by Europe- pride of the government and people of China would

Estimated receipts from taxes
and ordinary sources,

652,500 ans or Americans, would exercise a favorable influ- be saved by allowing us to share the trade to the

49,242 ence upon the demand for such productions. ports recently opened: because, in that case, it would Bonus on bank capital annually,

xclusive concession ex

872,030 It is not understood that the immediate establish- not seem to be so much an

Of the public debt, ment of correspondent embassies and missions, or the torted by England, but rather as a voluntary revolu

1,365,300 is at 5 per cent. 68,265 permanent residence of diplomatic functionaries tion in her commercial policy towards foreign na.

25,300 tions. Should the negotiation terminate favorably,

1,361 with full powers of each country, at the court of the it might lead to the opening to American enterprise


22,330 other, is contemplated between England and China; of a free commercial intercourse with the three hun

5,699,566 6

341,974 although, as has been already observed, it has been dred millions inhabiting the Chinese empire. stipulated that intercourse between the two coun


433,960 tries shall hereafter be on equal terms.

The message and accompanying documents were

An ambassador, or envoy extraordinary and minister plenipo- referred to the committee on foreign affairs, and or- Profitable expenditure founded tentiary, can only be accredited, according to ihe dered to be printed.

on the estimates for 1813, 457,000 usages of western nations, to the head, or sovereign

899,060 of the state. And it may be doubtful whether the STATES OF THE UNION. court of Pekin is yet prepared to conform to these

Annual deficiency, usages, so far as to receive a minister plenipotentia

RHODE ISLAND. ry to reside near it.

The register of voters for the next state election James River and Kanawha company Being of opinion however, that the commercial in- in April, had closed. The Providence Journal claims

bonds, guaranteed by the state, terests of the United States connected with China re- that the supporters of the legal constitution have a Old James River company dividends anquire, at the present moment, a degree of attention majority of the voters both in the city and state.-

nually guaranteed by the stale, 6,720 and vigilance such as there is no agent of this govern- The number registered in Providence is 2,527. The

shares equal to a capital of

112,000 ment on the spot to bestow, I recommend to congress Dorr party rallied all its strength, and will doubtless to make appropriation for the compensation of a poll it in April. That will show who has the majorcommissioner, to reside in China, to exercise a watch ity.

[Sun. sul care over the concerns of American citizens, and

Subscription to Balt. and O. R. R. com.

Some very curious developments have been the refor the protection of their persons and property; em- sult, in Rhode Island, of careful enquiries into the powered to hold intercourse with the local authori- actual composition of the vote by which the so-called ties, and ready, under instructions from his govern-T"people's constitution” was alledged to have been ment, should such instructions become necessary adopted in December, 1841—that constitution under Debts and liab. of the commonwealth and proper hereafter, to address himself to the high which Mr. Dorr claims to be the rightful governor.


Loan-Banks. The legislature of Virginia in or functionaries of the empire, or through them to the At Newport, for instance, it has been discovered that der to meet deficiencies now existing, or soon to ocemperor himself.

of the 1,202 voies returned as for the constitution, cur, passed an act authorising the treasurer to borIi will not escape the observance of congress, that 231 were given by unnaturalized foreigners, 52 by row the sum of $350,000 from the banks. That ofin order to secure the important objects of any such United States soldiers, 5 by minors, and 20 by persons ficer transmitted to the house of delegates on Wedmeasure, a citizen of much intelligence and weight who either were not residents, or were absent from nesday last the responses of the banks received up to of character should be employed on such agency; and Newport at the time of their alledged voting. Eleven that time. Whilst some of the banks are willing to that, to secure the services of such an individual, a persons, moreover, are found to have voted twice, lend their proportion, others refused to advance any compensation should be made corresponding with and it is ascertained that several men are on the list part of the loan. This renders the passage of a new the magnitude and importance of the mission. as having voted, who now declare that they did not law on the subject necessary—the present one only

JOHN TYLER. vote at all. And all this in one town only! Washington, December 30, 1842.

contemplating a curtailment of five per cent. every (N. Y. Com. Advertiser. sixty days on the loan.

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$1,400 000

1,512,000 1,360,520

2,872,520 7,409.166

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