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care that no grant ever shall be made. " Health of the weak.
What they give to aid Popery in “Refuge of sinners.
Ireland helps on Popery in England. "Comfort of the afflicted.

90 and 91 Sir Francis thus “Help of Christians. notices some peculiar traits of the “Queen of Angels. priestly character :

"Queen of Patriarchs. “Generally speaking they appeared

"• Queen of Prophets. to be in the enjoyment of perfect

666 Queen of Apostles. health ; many were exceedingly mus- "Queen of Martyrs. cular, sturdy, and robust ; almost all " Queen of Confessors. had clear ruddy complexions, and yet

666 Queen of Virgins. in the countenance of every one I "Queen of all Saints. happened to speak to were to be seen “O Lamb of God who takest away very faintly impressed the unmistake- the sins of the world. Spare us, good able lines which, in every country I Lord.'” have visited, more or less, characterize At page 92, Sir Francis expressed the lineaments of the Catholic priest." his opinion that the severity of the

The devotion to the Virgin seems to College had been increased by the have surprised him.

method adopted to improve Maynooth. “As I was ruminating on a bench, “I entered one of the chimneyless I observed at my side a small black rooms on the lower floor, and closing covered book, which a student had the door I could not help saying to apparently left there. A portion of it myself—'Well, here I am at last, a appeared to have been much thumbed, student of Maynooth !' And, after and, the leaves opening of their own thinking my new profession over for accord at that particular spot, I read some time, and looking first at my as follows ::

lofty walls, and then at the large tall Oh! Holy Trinity, one God, have chapel window above me, for it was mercy upon us.

so high from the floor that I could "Holy Mary, Holy Mother of God, scarcely look out of it, my mind Holy Virgin of Virgins, Mother of gradually came to the conclusion that Christ.

the fine new system by whomsoever it ""Mother of Divine Grace.

may have been devised, of giving to “ Most pure Mother.

each student a separate cell instead of «Most chaste Mother.

crowding, as in the old building, from 16. Most undefiled Mother.

two to eight in a room, will materially *** Most amiable Mother.

increase the monastic severity of the "• Most admirable Mother.

education to which they have hitherto 16 Mother of our Creator.

been subjected; indeed, to deprive "• Mother of our Redeemer.

them of their room-comrades will, I “ Most prudent Virgin.

submit, prove to be the bitterest drop « Most venerable Virgin.

in that cup of ecclesiastic medicine, “ Most renowned Virgin.

which, it is said, will cure them of-or “ Most powerful and most merciful rather kill-attachment to the things Virgin.

of the world." 5. Most faithful Virgin.

At pages 96 and 97, we have the 06 Mirror of justice.

following dialogue on the Bible:16. Seal of wisdom.

"I then observed to him that I was " Cause of our joy.

glad I had visited compartment A of 'Spiritual vessel.

the library, as people in England were ""Honourable vessel.

usually of opinion that Roman Catho" Vessel of singular devotion.

lics did not read the Bible. He reMystical rose.

plied in the following words, which I ««• Tower of David.

read to him from my note-book, to 66 Tower of ivory.

ascertain, as I told him, that I had cor"" Tower of gold.

rectly copied them from his mouth : « Ark of the Covenant.

a rule of our establishment,' « • Gate of Heaven.

said he, that every young man at Morning Star.

entrance should be provided with a


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copy of the Bible for his own indi- the opinion, the erroneous opinion,
vidual use; and so solicitous are we of Sir F. H., as to Maynooth, is thus
for the observance of this rule, that expressed as to taking away the
our Procurator purchases a number of grant:-
Bibles, one of which is handed by him “I deem it right to say that, in my
to each student, immediately after his opinion, no such act of vengeance
accession, if he has not already a Bible should be, I will not say indulged in,
in his possession. I then stated that, but committed.”
as I had truly told him on my arrival, There is no act of vengeance con-
it was not for theological information templated. As a matter of principle,
I had come to visit his college. But,' Protestants have for many years ob-
said I, as I feel a great interest in jected to the endowment of the Romish
the welfare of Ireland, may I ask you College of Maynooth.
what is the real cause of the schism But though Sir F. would continue
which so unfortunately exists between the grant, he feels compelled to say,
the Roman Catholic priesthood and the p. 395 :
Protestants, or, in other words, what « The addition to education-money,
is it that the Roman Catholic priest- granted in late years by Parliament,
hood desire ?' He replied, ' As you ask has not produced much improvement;
me plainly I will tell you frankly.' for although it has undeniably in-
After, however, he had done so, and creased the number of priests, it has
after I had, as he pronounced his not improved their qualily. In short,
sentences, written them in my book, Mr. Pitt's project in almost every
he added, “ On reflection I should not point of view, has proved to be a most
desire to make public my opinions on

serious failure."
a political subject with which it is not Yet he adds, fallaciously as it ap-
my province to interfere ;' and ac-

pears to us :cordingly I instantly drew my pencil “ Notwithstanding, however, all through the lines I had written, which these reasons in favour of the abolition of course I shall never feel myself at of the College of Maynooth, and notliberty to repeat.”

withstanding the misconduct of the Sir Francis Head, at page 393, thus Irish priesthood, of which no one can meets the assertion, that Roman Ca- be more fully convinced than myself, tholics being in the majority ought to I will not conceal my decided opinion have the property of the Established that by continuing to them our grant Church.

we shall administer to the degraded “ As a British House of Commons priesthood of Ireland an infinitely will, I feel confident, summarily deal heavier blow than we should inflict with physical force projects of this upon them by withholding it. In the nature as they deserve, I will only struggle and contention which for so observe, as a statistical fact, that the many years have disgraced the conargument for appropriating to Ca- nexion between England and Ireland, tholics the revenues of the Established it has been, and it is, of vital importProtestant Church of Ireland, simply ance that we should not only satisfy because the population of the former but undeniably prove to the civilised creed exceeds that of the latter, rests world who it is that has been to blame. on a foundation that will very shortly And as the priesthood of Ireland, be reversed, inasmuch as within a blood-stained with the barbarous couple of years there can exist no murders they have encouraged, have doubt whatever that the Protestant made themselves the objects of detespopulation of Ireland will form the tation and contempt, it is, I submit, majority,' in which case, if the present the duty as well as the interest of Proargument be worth anything, they, te tant England to evince, on the the Protestants, might, according to detection and self-degradation of an “the law of the strongest,' seize upon in reterate and ungrateful opponent, whatever property of the Roman that generosity and magnanimity which Catholics they might be inclined to have ever characterised her conduct covet."

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to Ireland in general, and to the Irish We next come to page 393-4; and priesthood in particular; and, there

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fore, although I have to the utmost of not conclude our notice without promy power acted as the public prose- testing against the advocacy by Sir cutor of their offences, with equal Francis, at p. 397, of friendly or diploenergy

I urge, as their advocate, that matic relations with Rome. It is the annual Parliamentary grant for sound in principle, and would be Maynooth, should be continued to unsafe in practice. them.”

Further notice of this we must defer Want of space forbids our noticing to our January number. further this question now; but we can



CONFESSION AND Convocation. - A was addressed by the Noble Chairman, Meeting of Members of the Church of Mr. Colquhoun, Rev. Mr. Magee of England was held on Wednesday, Bath, Mr. Carter Wood, Mr. Baxter, November 10, at the Freemasons' Mr. Cummins, Admiral Vernon HarHall, Great Queen-street, “ for the court, and Rev. D. Wilson. purpose of adopting Resolutions on In the early part of the present year the attempted introduction of auricular the Rev. R. Bickersteth, Rector of confession, and on the threatened St. Giles-in-the-Fields, established a revival of Convocation.” The body class for Roman Catholic inquirers ; of the large room in which the Meeting the result of which has been so far assembled was crowded by an audience successful, that up to the present time, consisting almost exclusively of gentle- upwards of thirty persons have men, while a numerous party of ladies publicly abjured the errors of Romanoccupied a spacious gallery appro- ism, and joined the Church of England. priated to their accommodation. The Two of these persons are in chair was taken shortly after twelve training to become Scripture Readers, o'clock by the Earl of Shaftesbury, and one has given up a situation of amidst considerable cheering. The considerable emolument, to proceed noble Earl was supported by the fol- to Ireland as a Scripture Reader, and lowing noblemen and gentlemen :- has left London to enter upon the The Rev. Dr. Marsh, Earl of Cavan, scene of his future labours. Lord Thomas Cecil, Hon, and Rev. H. M. Villiers, Rev. Canon Stowell, LUTHER AND Music.- Whoever deLord Henry Cholmondeley, M.P., spises music (said Martin Luther) I Sir H. Verney, Bart., the Rev. Lord am displeased with him. Next to Wriothesley Russell, J. C. Colquhoun, theology, I give a place to music; for Esq., Rev. E. Auriol, Rev. J. Meek, thereby is all danger forgotten, the Captain Trotter, Rev. T. Nolan, devil is driven away, and melancholy General Sir Peregrine Maitland, and many tribulations and evil thoughts Rev. D. Wilson, Hon. Captain F. are expelled. It is the best solace for Maude, Admiral Vernon Harcourt, Dr. a desponding mind. Cowan, Sir George Pollock, Rev. C. True Religion, THE BASIS OF True Kemble, Hon. A. Kinnaird, M. P., Rev. MORALITY.—Where religion is negM. Preston, Rev. Henry Venn, John lected, the duties of morality are never Thornton, Esq., R. C. L. Bevan, Esq., regularly practised. For such is the J. Macgregor, Esq., J. J. Cummins, propensity of our nature to vice, so Esq., J. H. Maxwell, Esq., Rev. G. A. numerous are the temptations to a Rogers, Rev. J. Miller, Birmingham, relaxed and immoral conduct, that Rev. W. Fremantle, Ven. Archdeacon stronger restraints than those of mere Hill, Rev. T. Tate, &c. After prayer, reason are necessary to be imposed by the Rev. Dr. Marsh, the Meeting upon man.

Macintosh, Printer, Great New-street, London,

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