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63 155 100 ; 280, £3 195 2d ; 290, £4 2s 6d ; 300, £4.45 ; and in proportion for a greater tonnage. No charge for less than 5 tons. For 5 tons and upwards, the next rate to be charged. For removing a vessel within the limits of the port, 10/6. For a pilot remaining on board a vessel by request 10/6 for every 24 hours, or any part thereof. The above rates are for the whole service, in and out, but any pilot employed to conduct a vessel inwards only, is entitled to two-thirds of the said rates, the vessel having been properly moored in one of the regular harbs.

Towage.-£ 5 per vessel, or 24d per ton.
Official.-Steward, H. G. Allen.

Hotels.-“ Tregarthen's,” “Hugh House," “ Atlantic," and “ Telegraph.” SCRABSTER, Caithness, Thurso Bay. There are 2 piers for

steamers drawing from 12ft to post. Official. -Harb. Master, A. Cormack. SEAHAM HARBOUR, Durhamn. A seaport about 6 miles S. of

Sunderland. Lat. 54° 50' N; long. 1° 19' W. _Pop. 8,000. Auth. The Marquis of Londonderry. P. NC. THW. 3h 24m ; Sp. rise 153st ; N. rise ufft ; R. of N. 64ft. D. Outer harb. HW. at ST. 15ft. W. prev. E. and NE. Ry. Seaham and Sunderland. Tr.-I. Pit-wood, staves, hoops, timber, &c.; E. Coal principally, chemicals, glass bottles, &c. LV. 850 tons burthen. No vessel can enter at LW. The En. to the harb, is formed by the E. and S. piers, and is 115ft wide. The harb. Accn. is altogether 12 acres, viz:

Width Depth of water.


of entrance.

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12 to 13

Outer Harb.
North Dock
South Do.
Dry Harb.

Dries. The Londonderry slip is 18oft long, 18}ft wide, with 12ft at ST. and 6ft at NT.; cradle 78ft long, gridiron attached 1&oft long. There is good cranage-power of from 5 to 10 tons.

Charges.-Light and harb. dues. Night watch, gas, hospital, Trinity dues, cooking, fresh water, weighing anchors, pier rope, moving vessels in dock, lifeboat.

Pilotage and Towage.-See Whitby.

Officials.-Principal Agent for Prop., J. B. Emerson, J. P. ; IIarb, and Dock Man., W. Sheridan; Ry. Man., G. Hardy.

SEATON-UNDER-LYME, Dorsetshire. No harb. works. SELBY, Yorkshire. An inland port on the Ouse. Wharves

and 4 hand cranes. D. HWST. 15st ; HWNT. roft. Official. -Station Master, J. Bradford Harper. SHARPNESS, Gloucestershire. On the E. bank of the Severn,

16} miles from the sea. Lat. 51° 53' N ; long. 2° 14' W. Pop. 36,520. Auth. Sharpness New Docks, &c., Company. P. N.Č. THW. f. and c. 9h 45m; Sp. rise 29ft ; N. rise 16ft. W. prev. There are no prevalent or dangerous winds affecting the entrance to this harbour. Rys. G.W. and M. Tr.-I. Timber, deals, sleepers, grain, seed, oilcake, marble, bones, potatoes, guano, ores, clay, &c.; E. Coal, salt, pitch, iron, manufactures, bricks, earthenware, &c. LV. 2,300 tons. Accn.

50 o

15 0

35 8

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12 O




There is a tidal basin with an entrance 6ost wide. From this basin into the canal there is a ship lock 32ost long by 60ft wide; depth on sill 24st. There are two piers, one 400lt the other 500 ft long, carried to end of foreshore of river. Area of harb., Sharpness 20 acres, Gloucester 14 acres ; 4,00ost of quayage space. The above 14 acres, accommodation afforded by the new works are an addition to the old docks, and are approached by an entirely new entrance, the old one still remaining and in use. There is also about 16 miles of canal, which affords considerable additional area, and i mile of which is constantly used for the purposes of the timber trade. Docks, &c. :-

Width of Width of Depth of water Name. Length.

Remarks. floor. Entrance.on Sill, OHW.

ft.in. ft. in. Sharpness D'ck 350 бо

Opens into Floating Gloucester N'w

Dock. Dock 165 36

Do, Do. Old 113 31 29 5

Do. Crane power to 10 tons at Glo'ster. Charges.-Rates on vessels entering canal at Sharpness. Foreign and coasting. Regulations as to tonnage, wharfage, lockage, and moorage. Tonnage rates.

Dock charges. Pilotage.-District. The Bristol Channel east of Lundy Island, including the River Severn to the city of Gloucester, and the River Wye to Chepstow Bridge. Rates:

Under 100 and 200 and 300 and 400 and 500 and 600 and

under under under under under under Tons. 300.


600 800. From Lundy to £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. the Holmes or Cardiff Roads, and vice versâ 1 to

0 2 7 6 2 15 0 3 5 0 3 15 04 50 From Lundy to

Kingroad, and vice versa

0 3 0 0 3 10 04 2 6 4 15 0 5 7 6 From Lundy to

Sharpness, and

vice versa 400 500 600 700 85 o 910 0 10 15 From Nash Point

or Mineheadto
the Holmes or
Cardiff Roads,
and vice versa 1
o 5 0 10 0 1 15

2 6 2 10 0 2 17 0 From Nash Point or Minehead to Kingroad, and vice versa

61 2 10

0 3 0 0 3 10 From Nash Point

Minehead to Sharpness, and vice versat 3 10 0 4 5 05

2 6 6 0

o 7 2 6 8 5 0 9 7 5 From the Holmes or Cardiff Roads to Kingroad, and vice versa

0 0 12 0 0 15 0 17 6 1 2 617 6 1 12 6 From the Holmes

or Cardiff Roads to * Sharpness, and vice versa

6 3 15 0 4 7 6 5 on a 6700 Kingroad to

Sl.arpness. 8o and under 100

O 3 IO o 4 2 6 4 15 05 76

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o 22 12





2 6


1,000 1,200

1,400 1,600

1,800 under under under under

and under

above. 1,000. 1,200. 1,400. 1,600. 1,800. From Lundy to the £ s. d.' £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s.

Holmes or Cardiff
Roads, and vice versa.. 5 o 5 15 0 6 10 o 7 5

o 8

0 8 15 0 From Lundy to King. road, and vice versa 6 5 o 7 5 8 5 09 5


5 0 From Lundy to Sharpness, and vice versa

.. 12 TO
0 14 10

O 16 to O 18 to
From Nash Point

Minehead to the
Holmes or Cardiff

Roads, and vice versa.. 3 7 6 317 6 4 7 6 4 17 6 5 7 6 5 17 6 From Nash Point or

Minehead to Kingroad, and vice versi

4 1 2

5 7

6 6 2 6 6 17 6 7 12 6 8 7 6 From Nash Point

Minehead to Sharpness,

and vice versa 10 17 6 12 12 6 14 7 6 16 2 617 17 619 126 From the Holmes or Car

diff Roads to Kingroad,
and vice versa..

I 17
6 2 6 2 7 6 2 12 6 2 17 6

3 From the Holmes or Car

diff Roadsto Sharpness, and vice versie

8 6 9 7 6 10 12 6 11 17 6 13 2 6 14 7 6 Kingroad to Sharpness

80 and under 100 ........ 5 5 0 7 5 ol 8 5 0 9 5 0 10 5 011 5 0 In lieu of the rates charged in the above schedule the following reduced rates shall be paid from Kingroad to Sharpness or Lydney for all vessels coming light bona fide for coal, and for all such vessels laden with coal from Sharpness or Lydney to Kingroad :

£ s. d. Under 40 tons

O13 o
40 tons and under 60 tons

O 15

O 18

1 20
I 20

150 150

180 180

200 200


2 TO

3 2

3 15 6

4 7

5 5




9 5 1,800 and upwards

5 For pilots taken on board of any vessel inward bound to the westward of Ilfracombe, the same pilotage rates as from Lundy Island; if between the Nash Point and Ilsracombe, the same rates as from the Nash Point ; if between the Nash Point and the Holmes, the same rates as from the Nash Point ; and if between the Holmes and Kingroad, the same rates as from the Holmes. For pilots discharged from any vessel on the outward voyage between any of the stages mentioned in the above rates, the same rates as if they had been taken to the next stage beyond the place where they were discharged. For all vessels piloted to Chepstow or to Lydney, the same pilotage rates as to Sharpness, and vice versa. For vessels piloted from Sharpness to Lydney, or from Lydney to Sharpness, and then to



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Kingroad, the same rates as between Sharpness and Kingroad. For vessels piloted to and from any place in the river Severn above Sharpness, one-fourth more than the rates between Sharpness and Kingroad. All vessels bound to Lydney or Sharpness, or to any place in the river Severn above Sharpness, requiring and having the services of a pilot, shall also employ on board as assistants to the pilots from Kingroad, the following number of men, at the undermentioned charge:-All vessels of 200 and under 300 tons, I man at 7/6 for the first tide, and 2/6 for every other tide the vessel moves; 300 and under 500 tons, 2 ditto; 500 and under 700 tons, 3 ditto ; 700 and upwards, 4 ditto. With English crews : 300 and under 500 tons, i man at 7/6 for the first lide, and 2/6 for every other tide the vessel moves ; 500 and under 700, 2 ditto ; 700 and upwards, 3 ditto. Any pilot who remains on any vessel by request after he has discharged the duties for which he was engaged, shall be paid 10/ a day or part op a day; and any pilot who shall be required to move any vessel in the dock, harbour, or river, occupying only one tide, shall be paid for any vessel under 300 tons, 5/; 300 and under 500, 7,6; 500 and under Soo, 10/; 800 and upwards 12/6. Any pilot who shall be detained by request on any vessel in Kingroad, waiting for water up the river Severn ; or outward bound in any roadstead on account of contrary winds, longer than 24 hours, shall be paid 10! a day for each day's detention, in addition to the pilotage rates.

In case any vessel shall be compelled to bear up and return from the westward from stress of weather or accident, the pilot in charge shall be entitled to one-third of the pilotage charge in addition, according to the distance such vessel may have reached before she shall put back. In addition to the foregoing charges, a clerk or collector's see, as follows, viz. - All vessels under 100 tons 6d; 100 and under 300 tons 1/; 300 and under 500 tons 1/6; 500 and under Soo tons 2/ ; 800 and upwards 2/6.

Towage. -For the whole length of the canal: under 30 tons reg. 8/6; above 30 tons and not ex. 150 tons 4d; above 150 tons --for 150 tons 4d, for the remainder 2}d ton each way.

Officials.-Sec., Dock and Canal Co., H. Waddy; Harb. and Pilot Master and Lloyd's Agent, Capt. D. Farrant, R.N.; Harb. Master and Lloyd's Agent (Sharpness), Capt. Calway; Coll, of I M. Cust., G. T. Luxton.

Hotels.-Al Glo'ster, “ The Albion;" at Sharpness, “Pearce's Railway. SHEERNESS, Kent. Lat. 51° 26' 48" N ; long. 0° 44' 22" E.

A seaport and naval station situated on the Island of Sheppey at the mouth of the Medway, iim NE. from Chatham. Ry. LC. & D. The important government dockyard at this place has an area of about 60 acres.

THW. at f. & c. Hotels.-“ Royal," " Royal Fountain.” SHETLAND ISLANDS, situated about 50m Ne. of the

Orkney Islands, and 210m from Bergen in Norway. Sunborough Head, the S promontory of the principal island, Mainland or Pomona, is in lat. 59° 49' N. ; and the most northern point of Unst, the most remote of the group, is in lat. 60° 51'. The islands are about 30 in number, the principal being Mainland or Pomona, Yell, Unst, Whalsay, Bressa, East Burra, West Burra, Tronda, Fetlar, Papa Stour, Muckle Roe,

12h 39m

Housa, Mousa, and Fair Isle. Area about 558 square miles. The climate is wet and tempestuous, and the ports difficult of access. SHIELDS, SOUTH (see North Shields and Newcastle),

situated on the Tyne opposite N. Shields. Ry. NE. The Corporation Quay is 210ft. Iong, with D. 17ft HW., and dry at LW.; 11 dry and 2 floating docks. Portable steam ballast crane and a 10 cwt, hand crane. A lifeboat station. SHOREHAM. Lat. 50° 49' 50" N; long. 0° 15' W.

Pop. 3.750. Auth. Shoreham Harbour Trustees, under Acts of Parliament of 1816-1876 P. SC. THW. f. and c. in harb., 11h 20m ; Sp. rise 16ft and N. rise lift above zero.

There is generally a depth of 5ft below zero. W. prev. from SW., most dangerous SE, when blowing a gale. Ry. L. B. & S.C. Tr.-I. and E. General. LV. sailing vessel 1,422 tons, draught 16ft. Accn. The harbour is 4 miles long, and is formed by the outset of the river Adur between two piers. Width of entrance 176ft. It is divided by a third pier into the E. and W. arms. W. arm.-Depth of water 211 HWST., 16ft HWNT. ST. range from 14ft to 16ft, NT. from 8ft to uft, above zero. Good wharves, chiefly used by colliers and timber-laden ships. E. arm.--2ift at HWST., 16ft at HWNT. From this arm there is a floating canal entered by a lock 175st long, 32ft wide, with depth of water at HWST. 22}ft, LWST. 61st, HWNT. 17st, and LWNT.6}ft. Depth of canal 19ft HWST., 14st HWNT. Vessels drawing 16st can lie afloat inside the lock. The stream runs as much as 6 knots at Springs, and 3 knots at Neaps. There is in the harbour and under the direction and management of the harb. authority, quay space to the extent of 1,400ft frontage, besides this there are numerous private wharves having frontages to the harb. of about 2,500ft. The Adur slip is 420st long, 54ft wide, and capable of taking a vessel drawing list forward and izst ast. Gridiron, 152st by 32st wide.

Charges.—Harb. dues, vessels loading or unloading 3d to 6d ton according to size. Putting in for shelter 4/ each.

Pilotage.-District. From Brighthelmstone (exclusive) west ward to the Owers, and from the Owers eastward to Brighthelmstone (exclusive). Rates per foot. Inward and outward. Harb. pilotage, 8.t dft. and under, 1/6d, above 8ft and not ex. tost, 1/9d; above roft, 3/. Vessels inward bound, not boarded until they are within the bar at the entrance of the harb., are charged only onefourth of these rates. Ships going into Shoreham, and unloading near the harb, mouth, are subject to half-pilotage only; but if such ships are afterwards removed by pilots to any dock or wharf near the town, for the purpose of taking in a cargo, the full pilotage is to be paid.

Towage.-Rates for the use of the steam tugs plying within harb. limits, in and out of the harb. to and from Kingston, Shoreham, or the Lock :-Vessels under oo tons reg., 12/6; vessels of 60 tons reg. and upwards, 2 d per ton reg. ; towage one way (either in or out), one half of the above-mentioned rates ; up and down the canal, 2d per ton reg. ; up or down the canal, id per ton reg., with minimum charge of 5/. From the Lock to Kingston or Shoreham, or from Shoreham or Kingston to the Lock :—Vessels under 60 tons reg., 5/; vessels of 60 tons and under 100 tons, 8/ ; vessels of 100 tons and under 200 tons, 12/; vessels of 200 tons and upwards, 15/; moving a vessel in harb. other than as above mentioned, 5/; use of tow rope in or out of harb., 101.

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