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Lesson 11—How to Pronounce Consonant Sounds Correctly.

Lesson 12—How to Master Syllabification.

Lesson 13—How to Master Enunciation.

Lesson 14—How to Learn Correct Pronunciation.

Lesson 15—How to Avoid Typical Speech Errors.

Lesson 16—How to Conquer Foreign Accent.

Lesson 17—How to Gain Ease in Speech.

Lesson 18—How to Gain Fluency in Speech.

Lesson 19—How to Use Emphasis Properly.

Lesson 20—How to Speak with Proper Inflection.

Lesson 21—How to Speak with Proper Melody.

Lesson 22—How to Make Proper Speech Phrases.

Lesson 23—How to Conquer the Habit of Drawling.

Lesson 24—How to Prevent Lisping.

Lesson 25—How to Prevent Stammering.

Lesson 26—How to Cure Stuttering.

Lesson 27—How to Speak with Proper Subordination.

Lesson 28—How to Enlarge Your Vocabulary.

Lesson 29—How to Improve Your Speech Through Imitation.

Lesson 30—How to Improve Your Speech by Reading Aloud.

Conclusion to Book I.

Introduction to Book I

In Book I you are to learn how to speak correctly and pleasingly, and how to ,avoid the speech errors that interfere with both the pleasure of social life and the success of business life.

The 30 lessons in Book I, in an easy and highly condensed form, show you how to master every phase of the elements of speech. Follow these lessons carefully, and you will increase your ability as a speaker tenfold. Yoa will be unusual in your mastery of speech.

Follow all directions faithfully.

Remember: Practice makes Perfect.


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