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By Fbederick Houk Law, Ph.d.
New York

All rights reserved, including that of translation into foreign
languages, including the Scandinavian

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Introducing the Author

The founding of a course in the Mastery of Speech is an important step in the broad program of The Independent Corporation for national and individual efficiency, for self-improvement and for specific education in the things that will make the American nation, as a group of individuals, more useful, more successful and more prosperous.

Never before in our history have the responsibilities of American men and women been so great. Never before have their opportunities for service been so great. Never before has the need of self-improvement been 30 urgent.

It is therefore a privilege to be able to present this course of instruction by a man so perfectly fitted to show us how to speak correctly and pleasingly; how to use words correctly; how to speak well under ordinary or trying conditions in private life or in business life; how to find, and use effectively, the right material for talking and speaking.

Dr. Frederick Houk Law, the author of "Mastery of Speech," gives in his fascinating course of eight lessons, the secret which, if you had the choice of only one gift for you> boy or girl, you would probably choose above money, or power, or luxury, or any other desirable pousessior—namely, the ready ability to be a good talker at all tiirja and under every conceivable condition.

^' .aw comes from Yankee fighting stock. His great.ther served under Washington in the War of the ion, and his father fought with the Union Army Jivil War.

jaw was a brilliant scholastic figure at Oxford Academy, Amherst College, Columbia University, Teachers College, Brown University and New York University.


He won the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy.

He was the winner of the Oxford Mygatt Medal for excellence in writing and public speaking.

He has been on the public lecture platform for twenty years, in many states.

He has been a member of a legislative committee for the protection of children.

Dr. Law is now Lecturer in English in New York University, and Lecturer in Pedagogy at the College of the City of New York.

For fifteen years he has been Head of the Department of English in the Stuyvesant High School of New York City.

He is the writer of the weekly lesson plans of The Independent, officially adopted for study in more than five thousand class rooms throughout the United .States.

Dr. Law has traveled and studied in nearly every state in the Union, in every part of North America, in every country of Europe and in forty-five countries of the globe.

He has written history, novels, poetry, literary history, and many magazine and newspaper articles.

He is editor of six school textbooks. He was newspaper correspondent for three prominent dailies- special writer for The Providence Journal, and shorthae interviewer for a great New York daily. j\

He has been an organizer of courses in Erwidfa "•] in

French, a director of teachers and a buildvolut tiool publications, societies and libraries. the fl

So much for the man who brings you tbir. ^ et of

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