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1. The animal made an angry noise.

2. The animal growled.

1. The water came against the rock.

2. The water splashed the rock.

1. The window fell, and broke.

2. The window fell, and crashed below.

Some other imitative words are the following:

1. patter

2. howl

3. shriek

4. snap

5. whistle

6. whack

7. murmur

8. moan

9. hum 10. buzz

11. whir

12. clatter

13. sputter

14. stutter

15. cackle

Use such words habitually and you strengthen your speech by making it more expressive.


Listen to the sound outside your window. Speak of it, using an imitative word.


How Use to Synonyms


A synonym is a word that may be used in place of another word, with practically the same meaning.

There is, of course, a shade of difference in meanings. You should, therefore, select synonyms with such care that your speech will be very expressive.

Enlarge your vocabulary. Avoid using the same words again and again. Give your speech variety.

Study the dictionary, or any special book of synonyms as a means of enlarging your vocabulary.

Here is a list of synonyms that will help you:

1. Abandon, forcake, give up, renounce.

2. Able, efficient, expert, clever.

3. Abolish, stamp out, annihilate, suppress.

4. Abuse, insult, upbraiding, reviling.

5. Accident, mishap, chance, misfortune.

6. Address, speech, oration, talk.

7. Announce, give notice, publish, report.

8. Argue, debate, dispute, reason.

9. Authentic, reliable, true, trustworthy.

10. Avoid, elude, escape, keep away from.

11. Bad, wicked, evil, depraved.

12. Band, gang, clique, body.

13. Believe, conceive, suppose, think.

14. Bold, heroic, brave, fearless.

15. Bright, shining, gleaming, radiant.

16. Calm, quiet, still, placid.

17. Capable, able, competent, gifted.

18. Caution, heed, prudence, discretion.

19. Cheerful, light-hearted, gay, jolly.

20. Cold, raw, icy, wintry.

21. Dark, gloomy, shady, murky.

22. Deceit, fraud, trickery, imposture.

23. Delicate, slender, slight, frail.

24. Difficulty, trouble, predicament, perplexity.

25. Droll, funny, comical, laughable.

26. Ease, quiet, peace, content.

27. Eloquent, impressive, vigorous, persuasive.

28. Emergency, crisis, exigency, juncture.

29. End, conclusion, completion, close.

30. Equal, like, equivalent, uniform.

31. Faint, weak, feeble, depressed.

32. Familiar, friendly, affable, social.

33. Fight, battle, conflict, struggle.

34. Fix, place, set, fasten.

35. Follow, pursue, chase, succeed.

36. Gay, lively, jovial, merry.

37. Gift, present, contribution, subscription.

38. Gloomy, dejected, sad, depressed.

39. Grief, sorrow, sadness, affliction.

40. Guide, direct, lead, conduct.

41. Happy, glad, pleased, gratified

42. Hard, perplexing, difficult, puzzling.

43. Hold, keep, retain, grasp.

44. Honor, respect, dignity, fame.

45. Humble, meek, modest, unassuming.

46. Idle, indolent, lazy, inactive.

47. Immense, boundless, unlimited, measureless.

48. Immoral, wicked, corrupt, sinful.

49. Impertinent, impudent, saucy, rude.

50. Incompetent, unfit, disqualified, incapable.

51. Join, combine, unite, connect.

52. Kind, benevolent, gracious, philanthropic.

53. Leave, abandon, desert, give up.

54. Lively, agile, nimble, brisk.

55. Main, principal, chief, leading.

56. Manage, direct, administer, conduct.

57. Memorable, celebrated, notable, famous.

58. Near, immediate, close, nigh.

59. Obscure, unknown, nameless, humble.

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