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Copyright 1918
By Frederick Houk Law, Ph.d.
New York

All righto reserved, including that of translation into foreign languages, including the Scandinavian

Lesson 52—How to Gain the Power of Silence.

Lesson 53—How to Use the Power of Brevity.

Lesson 54—How to Arouse Interest in What You Say.

Lesson 55—How to Speak Humorously.

Lesson 56—How to Be Epigrammatic in Speech.

Lesson 57—How to Use Slogans in Speech.

Lesson 58—How to Gain Power in Speech by Questioning.

Lesson 59—How to Speak Inductively.

Lesson 60—How to Speak Deductively.

Conclusion to Book III.

Introduction to Book III

Since, in Book I, you mastered the art of uttering English sounds correctly and pleasingly, and in Book II the correct and effective use of words, it might seem that you had learned all the foundations of speech.

There is, however, one further step to take.

In Book III you are to learn the psychological foundations of speech—the art of making personal appeal to your hearers.

This Book will complete the foundations of your study of speech. Master the first three Books, and you will be an accomplished speaker.

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