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A Course in Eight Parts on General Speech, Business
Talking and Public Speaking, What to Say and
How to Say It under All Conditions



Lecturer in English in New York University, and Head of the Department of English in the Stuyvesant High School, New York City

Book One

How To Speak Correctly And Pleasingly
Book Two
How To Use Words Correctly
Book Three

HOW To Speak Well Under All Ordinary Conditions
Book Four .-
HOW To Speak In Daily Business Life
Book Five

, How To Speak Under Trying Conditions
Book Six

How To Speak In Private Life And In Public Places
Book Seven
How To Speak On Public Occasions
Book Fight

How To Find Material For Talking And Speaking
Founded By

Division Of Business Education

119 West Fortieth Street

New York . . . , ,

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All rights reserved, including that of translation into foreign languages, including the Scandinavian

Lesson 71. How to Conduct Interviews.

Lesson 72. How to Give Suggestions.

Lesson 73. How to Give Directions.

Lesson 74. How to Give Explanations.

Lesson 75. How to Give Oral Reports.

Lesson 76. How to Make a Business Proposal.

Lesson 77. How to Present Plans.

Lesson 78. How to Give Estimates.

Lesson 79. How to Give Business Orders.

Lesson 80. How to Give Advertising Talks.

Lesson 81. How to Give Demonstrations.

Lesson 82. How to Give a Sales Talk.

Lesson 83. How to Talk in Selling Insurance.

Lesson 84. How to Sell Investments.

Lesson 85. How to Give Expert Opinion.

Conclusion to Book IV.

Introduction to Book IV

With Book IV you begin a new part of your study of speech. You are now to learn how to apply speech to the needs of everyday business life.

You will need to use all the physiological and psychological factors that you mastered in Books I and III, and all the art of word usage that you learned in Book II. That will be taken for granted.

Book IV will point out new ways in which you may make speech bring you to success in business life. You will find in Book IV help for every need that you will meetin ordinary business life.

Study this book carefully.

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