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"Nine years ago the great J. and B. Company erected this plant. When you and I took our places here we found ourselves under the eye of a keen, active man of business. Whether or not he had a heart we did not know."

2. Tell how the person's worth became established.

"As time went on we found not only a master and driver, but also a friend." (Name instances that show a sympathetic spirit.)

3. Name the immediate cause of the present feeling in the organization.

"All these things we had known. Then came the crowning event, the establishment of the free reading room, game room, and infirmary." (Comment on this in detail.)

4. Speak of the desire to express recognition.

"Because of all his many acts of kindness, and, in particular, because of this last great benefit, the J. and B. employees here wished to do something, however slight, to show recognition."

5. Exhibit the gift, with appropriate explanations.

"The J. and B. employees have procured this silver loving cup, which, we hope, will express for years to come, the good will and hearty appreciation of every employee here."

6. Make the direct presentation.

"Mr. Nelson, on behalf of all the employees of the J. and B. Company, it gives me pleasure to present to you this silver loving cup as a testimonial of gratitude for kindnesses of all kinds, and, in particular, for the establishment of the free game room, reading room, and infirmary."

Notice that not until the very end of your speech do you mention the name of the person to be honored, or the gift that you present.

Follow this summary:

1. Tell the story of the relationship to be honored.

2. Tell how worth was established.

3. Comment on the cause of present feeling.

4. Speak of the desire to express recognition.

5. Explain the nature and purpose of the gift.

6. Make a formal presentation of the gift, summarizing the immediate reasons for its presentation.


You have been appointed to present a gift to the retiring President of your Lodge. Think out the words of your speech.


How to Present Honors


You are one of the judges at a contest of some sort, and it has devolved upon you to present the decision of the judges.

Follow these five steps and you will have no difficulty:

1. Speak of the pleasure that you and the other judges have had in assisting in the particular contest.

"It has been a real pleasure for the committee of judges to be present at such an excellent debate."

2. Speak of the general value of the type of work concerned.

"Debating is a great field for training in Americanism. It teaches how to present ideas, and how to prove that ideas are well founded, or falsely founded." (Enlarge upon the value of debating.)

3. Speak of the value of the particular contest.

"The debate this evening was unusually good. All the speakers showed evidence of long and careful study." (Continue with further details concerning excellence.)

4. Speak of the value of the best work in the contest.

"One side particularly had mastered every phase of the subject, and was able to speak with unusual logic and power." (Give specific details to prove excellence.)

5. Make the definite award.

"The judges, therefore, while congratulating all the speakers, award the prize to the affirmative side."

Go from the general to the particular. Use whatever complimentary and inoffensive humor you please to enliven your rendering of the decision. Above all, do not name the winner of the contest until the last.

Apply this method to the making of any award.

The method is logical and simple, and will add dignity to the subject and to you as a speaker.


Think out the words that you would use in awarding the prize at a contest in public speaking.


How to Accept Gifts




It is far easier to present gifts and honors than it is to make a speech of acceptance.

Imagine that your organization has just presented you with a gift. You must respond.

There are two things that you should do:

1. Speak without any conceit at all.

2. Speak with a display of personal feeling.

At first the two principles seem to conflict. You must be personal, but not egotistic.

How is it possible?

Here is a suggestion.

1. Begin by expressing simply your own deep sense of gratitude.

"I can not tell you how deeply I appreciate the gift thakyou have just presented to me. Nothing, for years, has pleased me more. I feel the personality back of it.

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