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FINANCES. The financial year just closed has been one of success, and, through its business management, has proved to be self-sustaining

The receipts in cash for the financial year ending this date are $134,660.27 (paid to the State treasurer), which, with stock on hand, $9,984.27, makes a total of $144,644.54. The expenditures in cash have been $113,054.90, which, with stock on hand October 1st, 1870, of $10,147.45, makes a total of $123,202.35, and a balance in favor of the prison of $21,442.19. The profits of the prison for five years have reached the sum of $126,772.58.

CONTRACTS FOR LABOR. During the past year a contract with the Tucker Manufacturing Company for two hundred men expired. Proposals were advertised for, through the newspapers and by circular, for the employment of those men. Acceptable bids were received from Messrs. Morgan & Dore, of Lynn, for seventyfive men, to make ladies' shoes, at one dollar per day, and from Messrs. Fearing, Rodman and Swift, for twenty-five men, to make chains, at one dollar and eight cents per day. The balance of the men were taken by the Tucker Manufacturing Company, at eighty-five cents per day. The contracts for labor now stand as follows:

Tucker Manufacturing Co.,

150 men,

Ira Blanchard,
Morgan & Dore,
Averell & Hunting,
Fearing, Rodman and Swift,

83 100 75 45 25

at $1.07 per day.

.85 .90 1.00 1.00 1.08

WORKSHOPS. We have felt for some time the want of more shop room to accommodate the various departments of labor, and the increasing number of convicts. This has been remedied the past year by raising the roof of the shop at the lower or west end of the yard, giving us a new workshop, 200 feet long and 36 feet wide. This room is light, airy and cheerful, affording work room for 75 men.

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CONCLUSION. In closing, we desire to express our thanks to the Clerk of the prison, Mr. William Peirce, for his uniform kindness and courtesy towards us in the discharge of our duties.



CHARLESTOWN, September 30, 1871.

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