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Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


22 BROMFIELD STREET, BOSTON, Sept. 30, 1871.

To His Excellency the Governor, and the Honorable the Executive .

Council of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In compliance with a statute relating to the State Agency in Aid of Discharged Convicts, the Agent presents the following Report for the year ending September 30, 1871.

A condensed statement of expenditures is herewith annexed; the details and vouchers of which have been deposited, with accounts current to this date, in the office of the State Auditor.

Two hundred and sixty-five discharged convicts have come under my care during the past year, most of whom have received such material aid as seemed best adapted to their immediate wants, in the varied forms of board, tools, clothing, lodging, provisions and family stores. All have received sympathy and advice, and been further aided in securing places of employment, and in reaching their distant homes and friends.

I have made it an essential part of my duty to call often at the prison, for the purpose of obtaining information concerning the prisoners whose terms of service were about to expire, and, when practicable, it has been my custom to consult freely with the men themselves as to their wishes and intentions when liberated.

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