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crimes against public order and decency; while there has been a decrease of 72 in the crimes against property.

The views presented at length in the former report of the Secretary upon habitual offenders and executive pardons, after further reflection, seem to him correct and to call for serious consideration.

The results of the observations of the year upon pauperism, crime, disease and insanity, and the methods of dealing with them have already been given as far as the usual limits of this Report admit.

The experience of the year encourages activity in all movements for the extirpation of these evils. Not, indeed, in our day, if ever on earth, will they disappear. But the vision which comprehends history sees them yielding day by day to human effort blessed of Heaven. Each man and women, each family, each generation must do the duty at hand, however rich or meagre the fruit, trusting in the gracious Providence which giveth the increase. There is a moral economy in the universe which allows neither material substance nor moral effort ever to be lost. Every deed done, every word spoken, every aspiration breathed for the welfare of mankind, is an imperishable gift to the present and bequest to the future. In that faith it becomes us to live and work, anxious that nothing shall be left undone which may help the poor, the disabled and the criminal, and never losing heart if not permitted in our own day to realize the full frution of our toil.


BOSTON, 1 December, 1871.








Boston, October 1, 1871.

To the Board of State Charities.

GENTLEMEN :The Eighth Annual Report of the General Agent is herewith submitted, " embracing all the proceedings and expenses* during the year” of that department.

* FINANCIAL STATEMENT. The following is a detailed statement of the receipts and expenditures of this department for the year ending September 30, 1871.

Expenses. Salaries,

Office, 8. C. Wrightington, General Agent, $3,000 00 1. Rent and taxes,

$540 00 1. Merritt Nash, First Deputy, 1,600 00

2. Fnel,

135 85 2. Charles M. Hanson, Assistant, 1,200 00 3. Repairs, .

17 47 3. Wm. J. Stetson, Second Dep'ty, 1,200 00

4. Water rates,

14 00 4. John E. Blaisdell, Ass't, 8 mos., 666 67

5. Ice, .

6 00 Daniel S. Luther, " 3

200 00

6. Stationery and record 5. Prescott T. Stevens, Third Dep., 1,200 00 books,

168 33 6. Patrick Glynn, Assistant, 800 00 7. Printing,

134 25 7. George F. Howard, Fourth Dep. 1,100 00 8. Binding,

30 00 8. Henry H. Fairbanks, Assistant, 800 00 9. Marine telegraph,

100 00 9. Fred. Moro, First Boatman, 900 00 10. Cleaning office,

80 00 10. Chas. A. Colcord, Sec. Boatm'n, 600 00 11. Postage,

31 99 11. Wm. 8. Baylies, Chief Clerk, 11

12. Incidentals,

12 05 mos, 916 66

$1,270 44 12. Willard D. Tripp, Examining

Boat, -

1,200 00
1. Wharfage,

$25 00 James V. Cox, Sup't, New Bedford, 98 00 2. Repairs,

4 17 Ephraim Burr, Bup't, Salem,.

54 00 3. Extra meals for boarding Lemuel Haskell, Sup't, Gloucester, 86 00


51 81 Henry Kimball, Sup't, Newburyp't, 11 00 4. Extra boating,

34 25 Nathan'l Atkins, Sup't Marblehed, 30 00

115 23 James Gifford, Sup't, Provinceto'n, 9 00


$17,642 21 $15,671 33 Travel,

The appropriation for the year end. No. 1. Merritt Nash, . $189 76

ing September 30, 1871, was $18,500 00 2. Charles M. Hanson, 316 45 3. B. C. Wrightington, 79 00

Deducting the expenses, there re. $585 21

mains an unexpended balance of $857 79

Net Receipts. From sundry persons, on account of immigra- | From sundry persons, for board of tion head money,

friends or selves at State alms. Port of Boston,

$31,264 00

houses and lunatic hospitals, $2,020 83 of Provincetown,

18 00

From cities and towns for board of of New Bedford,

196 00 city and town paupers at State of Salem,

102 00 almshouses and sunatic hospitals, 6,750 00 of Marblehead,

60 00 of Gloucester,

178 00

Amount paid. Treasurer, $40,610 83 of Newburyport,

22 00

$31,840 00


Two vacancies have occurred in the class of " Assistants," but the gradual decrease in the labor of the department has rendered other appointments unnecessary.

The permanent force now consists of a chief clerk, five deputies, three assistants and two boatmen, with annual salaries amounting to eleven thousand six hundred dollars, a decrease of eighteen hundred dollars during the year,

with a fair

prospect of further reduction. To these may be added the Superintendents of the ports of Provincetown, New Bedford, Salem, Marblehead, Gloucester and Newburyport, whose salaries, though paid from the General Agent's appropriation, are rated at one-half the collection at their respective ports. The ordinary expenses of the office, including travelling expenses, rent, taxes, fuel, water and other supplies, stationery, printing, office and boat expenses, amount to nineteen hundred and seventy dollars eighty-eight cents ($1,970.88).

There was paid for temporary service during the first quarter, from the appropriation for management of cases of settlement and bastardy, three hundred and eighty-nine dollars ninety cents. Similar services have not been required during the present calendar year. The receipts from the commutation of alien passengers' bonds at the port of Boston were forty-four thousand five hundred dollars ($44,500), from which amount there was refunded $13,236. The receipts from other ports amounted to $576. There has been paid by cities and towns for support of lunatics and paupers at lunatic hospitals and State almshouses, $6,750. There has been received from individuals, for support of themselves or friends at State hospitals and almshouses, $2,020.83; and from individuals in settlement of cases of bastardy, $308; all of which has been paid into the treasury of the Commonwealth.

SUB-DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION. The past year has witnessed a marked decrease in the immigration to the ports of the Commonwealth. This diminution in the earlier part of the year was confidently attributed to the unsatisfactory condition of the " Continent,” but the return of peace seems to have brought no increase of immigration to our

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