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A CCEPT, fair Patriot! from the Mufe's Lo bruidend patriot-bard, and chieftain


To a LADY.

To the Author of the Dramatic Poem of



O!'at the Poet's call hand This myrtle-crown with roses interleav'd

, This, stretch'd on yonder cliff, thy Poet Who bent on freedom, or a glorious weav'd,

grave, Embower'd by rocks, by rising breezes To veteran arms oppos'd their native fann'd;

might, Meantime his eye the boundless océan scann'd, When past the cliffs that break the Belgic Whose waves with pausing found his car

wave, reliev'd,

The Julian eagles wing'd a bolder flight And fancy dwelt on naval palms alchiev'd To reach the bound where Thule's icy

By sea-girt Albion's tutelary band. Nor thou reject, however rudely twin'd, Reflects the doubtful sun's declining light. Those native emblems of thy face and Yet, Mason! yet another task remains mind,

To fill the trump of Albion's carly fame; Nor scorn the verse which lionest warmth Be thine to paint superior to his chains inspires;

The captive Prince before the Claudian For well thou know'ft, that art can ill con

throne, troul

While Rome beholds with tributary The wild luxuriance of a British soul,

Thame When freedom animates, and beauty fires. The lofty port of virtue once her owa,


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EDICT of the EMPRESS of RUSSIA_" giving leave to all foreigners, of what nation of

“ country loever, to carry on a free and unlimited trade, both by sea and land, with the • several countries bordering upon the Euxine, which have lately been annexed to the " Russian dominion; and allotting specially to such foreign nations, the ports of Cherson " in the government of Catherinollaw, Sebastopolis (formerly called Acht-iar) and The“ odosia (formerly Caffa) both in the province of Taurica, where they may relide and “ carry on their traffic, with the same immunities and privileges, religious and civil, as are

" allowed at Petersburgh and Archangel.” We

of God, Empress and Autocratrice of commerce, which we concluded with of all the Russias, of Muscovy, Kiovia, Wo- the Ottoman Porte on the 10th of June, 1783, lodomiria, Novogorod ; Czarina of Cazan, having finally removed those impediments Czarina of Attrachan, Czarina of Siberia, and difficulties, which, from the particular Czarina of the Cherfonefus Taurica, Lady of constitution of the Turkish Government, had Pskof, and Great Duchess of Smolensko, obstructed the faid trade in every step of its Duchess of Estonia, Livonia, Carelia, Twer, progress; and which can only be guarded Ingoria, Permio, Viatkia, Bulgaria, and against by the institution of proper laws, for other places ; Lady and Great Duchess of the protection of commerce, and by granting the country of Lower Novogorod, Cherni- it that entirc freedom which its various fpegof, Razan, Poloszk, Rostof, Jaroflof, Bc.' culations and turns lo indispensibly require. losersk, Udersk, Obdorsk, Coudinsk, Win The principles of this unlimited freedom we tympfk, Mstislawsk, and Sovereign of all the have adopted, and followed from the carlief northern coasts, Lady of the Twersky coun- period of our Government, as is manifeft try, of the Carthalinian and Gruzinian Czars, from the several ediêts and regulations which of the country of Carbardinia ; of the Princes have been issued from our throne ; and we of Circassia, and those of the mountains, now extend these cdicts and regulations in and of other countries, Heiress, Lady, and Bheir utmost latitude to the trade of the Black Sovereign Ruler.

Sca. The security and convenience of that Our endeavours to increase the trade of commerce are now fully provided for by the our fubjets, and of other nations through annexation of the province of Taurica, and the Black Sea, and the Mediterrancan, have the neighbouring territories, to our other

dominions i


dominions ; and we have opened therein ourselves have confirmed and augmented, 'divers sca-ports for the use of all persons who permitting all strangers residing in Rusia to will carry away from thence the produce of worship the Almighty agreeably to the reRussia, and bring thither the produce and ligion of their forefathers, offering prayers to manufactures of other countries.

him, together with our own subjects, that It is well known that the last Turkish war he will encrease the welfare, and strengthen (a war which during the last six years that it the power of our empire. We give leave lafted was signalized by so many

victories of to all and every one to carry on their trade our arms) was no sooner concluded, than we with absolute freedom, either singly or in com erected within the Government of Catherino- panies, promising by Our Imperial Word, law, upon the river Dniper, and at a short that all foreigners shall enjoy the same pridistance from its entrance, the city of Cher- vileges in those three towns as they enjoy in son; it having appeared to us, that that situ. Our Imperial City of St. Petersbourg, and ation was particularly commodious, as well in Our Provincial Town of Archangel; and for exporting the produce of Russia as for in case of a war every one shall be secured importing, from other countries, such things by the principles of that neutral system as might be useful to us; and we secured the which we have crected, and which, on our trade thereof by the most effectual means of part, thall be kept sacred and inviolable. defence, encouraging it morcover by such Finally, if any foreigners should wish to helps as were best suited to it, and were settle in these or any other towns or places not inconsistent with the general principles of our empire, and to become our subjects, of commerce.

we will receive them moft graciously under This town, as allo Sebastopolis (formerly our dominion, promising that they shall not called Acht-iar)and Theodolia (formerly only be allowed the free exercise of their recalled Caffa), both which latter are situated ligion, (as mentioned above) but the full in the Province of Taurica, and are provided enjoyment of all such privileges and exempwith excellent sea-ports; we have, on ac- tions with regard to trade and navigation, count of the commodiousness of their fitua- as have been granted to our other subjects ; tion, ordered to be opened to all nations as alto to erect fabricks and manufactories, living in amity with our empire, for the pur- paying only fuch taxes as shall be paid by poses of their commercial intercourse with our other subjects of the same condition with our faithful subjects. Accordingly we most themselves. All persons, who shall thus folemnly declare, by these presents, that all become our subjects, shall be at liberty, they such nations are at liberty to come to the and their descendants, to remain under our laid ports, either in their own or hired Government as long as may be agreeable to velsels, and under their own colours, as also them, or as their intereft may require ; and to repair thither by land ; and they are like in case they should afterwards chule to withwise free to depart from thence at their plea- draw from the same, they shall be freely sure, paying the duties of importation and permitted fo to do, on paying the taxes that exportation agrecable to the Tariffs eltablish- had been laid upon them for three years to ed in the respective custom-houses. More

The particular privileges which will over all persons, of what nations or countries be granted to the above-mentioned towns, soever, may remain in these towns as long as will be set forth in their respective charters, their business or inclinations may lead them, which are speedily to be published. Given and enjoy the free exercise of their religion, at St. Petersbourg the 22d of February, agreeably to those laudable institutions which 1784, and in the 22d year of our reign. have been handed down to us from our an- The Original ligned with her Imperial Macestors, Sovereigns of Ruslia, and which we jetty's own hand.


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HEREAS Definitive Articles of peace Definitive Articles aforesaid, did by a certain

A&t under the seal of the United States, bearStates of America and his Britannick Majesty, ing date this 14th day of January 1784, ap. were concluded and signed at Paris, on the 3d prove, ratify, and confirm the same, and day of September 1783, by the Plenipoten- every part and clause thereof, engaging and tiaries of the said United States, and of his said promising that we would sincerely and faithBritannick Majesty, duly and respectively au- fully perform and observe the same, and nethorised for that purpose ; which Definitive ver suffer them to be violated by any one, Articles are in the words following: or tranfgressed in any manner as far as should

AND we the United States in Congress ase be in our power : And being sincerely dislembled, having seen and duly considered the posed to carry the said artieles into execution



truly, hone@ly, and with good faith, accord- States present :-"That it be, and it is ing to the intent and meaning thereof, we hereby earnestly recommended to the Legií. have thought proper, by these presents, to latures of the respective States, to provide notify the premises to all the good citizens for the restitution of all estates, rights, and of these United States, hereby requiring and properties, which have been confiscated, beenjoining all bodies of Magistracy, legislative, longing to real British subjects, and allo of executive, and judiciary, all persons bearing the estates, rights, and properties, of persons office, civil or military, of whatever rank, resident in districts which were in pofleffion degree, powers, and all others the good ci- of his Britannick Majesty's arms at any time tizens of these States of every vocation and between the zoth day of November 1782, and condition, that reverencing those ftipulations the 14th day of January 1784, and who have entered into on their behalf, under the au- not borne arms against the said United States ; thority of the federal bond by which their and that persons of any other description shali existence as an independent people is bound have free liberty to go to any part or parts of up together, and is known and acknowledged any of the Thirteen United States, and therein by the nations of the world, and with that to remain twelve months unmolested in their good faith which is every man's surest guide, endeavours to obtain the restitution of such within their several offices, jurisdictions, and of their eftates, rights, and properties as may vocations, they carry into effect the faid De- have been confiscated. And it is also bereby finitive Articles, and every clause and senti- carnestly recommended to the several States, ment thercof, lincerely, Itrictly, and com- to reconsider and revise all their acts or laws pletely

regarding the premises, so as to render the Given under the Seal of the United States. Wit

said laws or acts perfectly consistent not only ness his Excellency THOMAS MIFTLIN, of conciliation which, on the return of the

with justice and equity, but with that spirit our President, at Annapolis, this 14th day of January, in the year of our Lord blessings of peace, should universally prevail. one thousand seven hundred and eighty. And it is also hereby earnestly recominended four, and of the sovereignty and inde

to the several States, that the estates,rights, and pendence of the United States of Ame- properties of such last mentioned persons

ihould be restored to them, they refunding rica the eighth.

to any person who may be now in possession, CHARLES THOMOSN, Secretary: the bona fide price (where any has beca And in compliance with the 5th article of given) which such persons may have paid on the treaty alluded to in the foregoing Pro- purchasing any of the said lands, rights, or çlamation, they refolved unanimousy: Ninc properties, since the confiscation.

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Extract of a Letter from Naples, Feb. 19. be heard, had a most sublime effect. In about H ?

IS Majesty, the King of Sweden, having twenty-seven minutes it had disappeared by ment of the Air Balloon, there was yesterday discover any appearance of it by the best a grand exhibition by order of the Court of telescopes. It was exactly twelve o'clock Naples, and in the presence of their Ma- when the machine began to risc, and at two jesties. Perhaps it was the noblest fight the it had not been again visible. An anxiety human eye was ever regaled with. Imagine scened to prevail amongit all the spectators, an immense globe of 150 feet diameter, and some offering up prayers for the safety of the 200 in height, gilt, and bearing on the top travellers, whillt others were of opinion that an enormous crown, sparkling with well-imi- God had taken them into heaven.' But their tated precious stones of various colours; ima- acclamations were excellive, when, at thirteen gine, that to this globe was annexed a build minutes afier three, they observed a small ing of the most beautiful architecture of the speck in the air at an imniense distance, but Doric order, formed of pumice-itone, and which foon showed itself to be the wished. surrounded by a terrass or gallery, railed in, for machine, which gradually descended till with orange-írces and lemon. Imagine, í it reached the earth, about a mile distance fay, this wonderful machine rising majefti. from the place of its ascent, which was from cally to the heavens in a clear sky at noon, a plain caitward of the town. Every thing in light of an applauding multitude, carrying succeeded well, and the serial navigators trod with it an orchestra of eighe capital perform the earil in safety again after their furpring ers, whosc muliç, for the frore time it could fight! Belides the above-mentioned orchettre,


and two persons (who had contrived the ma. Mein, and the Neckar. Many houses and chine) who werc there to regulate it, there mills at Sachsenhausen have been swept away; went up seven persons of rank, confifting of 13 houfes were thrown down at Miltemberg, three Neapolitan noblemen ; a French, three and a number of persons buried in their ruins; Spanish, and an English gentleman. On their many cdifices have been washed away by the return they were taken to court in the royal torrent at Kitringen ; one half of the town of carriages, amidst the inconceivable acclana- Bonn is under water, as well as the villages of tions of a delighted people. Their account Limperic, Beul, and Schevartz-Shandorffe; of what they experienced and observed in the Lutheran Church, and 130 houses have their flight will be speedily published ; at been destroyed at Mulheim. present they affirm that they mounted to the Hague, April 5. The Prussian Amballaheight of twelve Italian miles. It is report- dor has, by order of his Master, delivered ed now, that cach adventurer will receive a letter from the King to their High Mightisome diftinguished honour or reward from nesses, in which his Majesty refers them to the two Sovereigns who were witnesses to a letter delivered to them by his Minister on the whole: and Signor Antonio Lippetti, the the 21st of January, relative to the public person who had the conducting of the affair, insults offered to the Stadtholder, and says, has been rewarded with 2000 pounds sterling, that it is with the greatest displeasure he and a patent of nobility.

perceives those insults still continued by the “ P.S. The globe was formed of the skins publication of the grossest libels almost daily. of kids, and covered with filk inside and out, His Majesty brings to the minds of their with an elastic gum over it, which took the High Mightinesses, that the Republic was gilding extremely well : it required several founded by the courage, prudence, and even hours filling with inflammable air, but when the blood of their Stadtholders, and that full, it was so closely stopped, that nothing whenever they have been so ill advised as to could evaporate."

abolith the Stadtholderate, the State has been Venice, March 6. The Bey of Tunis has torn by internal troubles; and thence his broke the peace with the Republic, on ac- Majesty infers, that no Member who wishes count of our not making him presents four well to the Republic can have the most distimes more valuable than usual." The Senate tant idea of abolishing the Stadtholderate, immediately came to a resolution to send out or to confine its authority to such narrow a squadron 'of nine ships of the line, of 70 limits as to render it a mere cypher. His and 90 guns, four frigates and eight chebecks, Majelty says, he is not ignorant that a jeato bring that Regency to reason, and to pro- lousy for the public liberty has, at times, tect, at the same time, the Venetian flag in caused the abolition of that dignity; but the Mediterranean, which is under the com- without enquiring how far that fear was wellmand of the Chevalier Emo, a noble Vene- founded at that time or not, he is convinced tian of the highest reputation in the marine' no such thing can happen now; and was of the Republick.

the Republic in any such danger, his MajeVienna, March 6. Mr. Busching has fty would be the first to intereft himselt for published an account of the population of the the Republic; but the King affures them, different estates of Germany by which it that neither the present Stadtholder nor his appears that Bohemia contains 2,100,000 immediate fuccellors wish to do any thing inhabitants; Moravia 1,000,000; the Circle against the liberty of the Republic, of which of Austria 4,259,000 ; the Circle of Burgundy his Majesty is ready to become guarantec at 1,600,0.30; and Bavaria 1,148,000. There any time. This being the truth, the King adare only the principal estates, the total of vises their High Mightinesses, as a friend, whose inhabitants, according to the above, to put an end to the public infults offered to amount to 21,000,000 fouls. The population the Prince of Orange; that they will endeaof Germany has, however, been reckoned at vour to put a stop to every idea of dangerous 25,000,000 ; but Mr. Busching cannot think innovation in their government, and re-citathat the inhabitants of those parts which he blith a good understanding between the has omitted can amouut to 4,000,000.

Prince and his opponents. Franckfort on the Main, March 7. We Paris, April 5. According to accounts receive from every quarter the most melan- from L'Orient, the Council of War is broke choly accounts of the consequences of the up, and M. Dc Grasse entirely acquitted of shaw and overflowing of the Rhine, the the charges.

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Mell. Brook Watson,

gratitude of the whole kingdom; for that, Richard Atkinson, while he was discharging the duty he owed

Samuel Smith, jun. to his King and Country, he had protected And last, though not least in fame,

the property of such of onr fellow-subjects The Right Hon. WILLIAM PITT as had fallen into his hands, from rapine and was proposed by Mr. Dornford.

plunder, forgetting the enemy in the captive. All the Candidates, except Mr. Pitt, were The Marquis de Bouillé received every present, and severally addressed the Livery, testimony of applause; he bowed very poprevious to their names being put up, litely, and seemed much pleased with the

After the several Candidates had been reception he met with. heard, and Mr. Dornford had unexpectedly April 1. Came on the election for two proposed the Right Hon. William Pitt, whose Members to represent the City of Westmin. name was received with a thunder of applause, ster in the ensuing Parliament, when an imMr. Alderman Saunderson proposed a reso- menfe body of people assembled in Coventlution to the following purport :

Garden before' ten o'clock. About noon That each Candidate should sign an agree- Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray ascended the ment, promising, npon his honour, faithfully hustings, attended by a numerous train of to obey the instructions of his Constituent's friends; and soon after Mr. Fox, preceded legally convened in Common Hall for that by a band of music and several flags, arrived purpose; or, thould his opinions militate from St. James's-itreet. The writ, with the with those of his Constituents, folemnly en- act to prevent bribery and corruption, being gaging himself to resign his seat to thein. read, the several Candidates, Lord Hood,

This Resolution was carried with only Sir Cecil Wray, and Mr. Fox were about to one or two diffentient hands; as was also be nominated as Candidates, when the High another, recommending it to all the other Bailiff judging it impossible to collect the Electors of the kingdom to exact a similar sense of the Electors, from the tumult which test from every Candidate for their favour. prevailed, was of opinion, that as a poll

Finding the resolutions so warmly espoused, had been demanded by several of the Elecand so highly pleasing to the Livery, all the tors, a show of hands was not necessary on Gentlemen who had offered themselves on the occasion. the present occasion now came forward, and At Wood's Hotel, enligns of the French severally professed their readiness to lign fuch and Spazish nations taken by Admiral Hood an engagement.

during the late war were displayed, and a The names of all the Aldermen, and the band of music, playing “ Britons strike other Candidates, were now put up, when Home," was seated in the windows of the the Sheriffs declared the shew of hands to be Hotel. A flag was displayed before the in favour of

Hulings, on which was written “ Lord The Right Hon. W. Pitt,

Hood, Sir Cecil Wray; No Bribery, No Sir Watkin Lewes,

Receipt Tax;" and under these words the Alderman Newnham, and

“ Ville de Paris” was displayed. Brook Watson, Esq.

On Mr. Fox's flags were written “ Fox Mr. Pickett, after saying that he did not and the Constitution, No Tax on Maid Sermean to serve himself, but the Livery, in vants, and May Chelsea Hospital stand for coming forward on this occasion, declared

cver! bis intention, since the Livery were not in- The whole was one continued scene of clined to accept his services, to give them no riot and confusion till about two o'clock. farther trouble.

The poll then commenced, and continued A Poll, however, was demanded by the until three. friunds of the other seven Candidates; the

6. At the final close of the poll, at Guildbooks of which were opened at four, and

hall, the numbers were as follow on each elolid at five o'clock that afternoon.

day: The same night, the Right Hon. William

Tu. W. Th. F. S. M. Tu. Tot. Pitt sent a complimentary letter to the Sheriffs, Watl. 101 717 1148 1057 497 718 551 4789 thanking them and the Livery for the honour

Lew. 90 637 1078 1008 488 724 537 4554 they intended him in putting him in nomi- Newn. 100 635 1066 1010 482 684 494 4479 nation to be one of their Representatives in Sawb. 73 435 673 573 292 420 357 2823 Parliament; but he begged leave to decline Atk.

57 362 583 614, 293 471 424 2816 fanding the poll, as he was engaged for ano

Smith, 20 237 declined. ther place, and was to set out immediately.



3 declined. In the course of Mr. Brook Watson's

A fire broke out at a house near Paradise. speech to the Liverymer, he pointed to the

row, Rotherhith, which consumed the same, gallery over the steps, and said, “ In that

with four more, and damaged three. “ gallery Itands the Marquis de Bouillé." The eyes of every person present were in

8. A Common Hall was held at Guildhall ftantly fixed upon the Marquis.- Mr. Watson fur the election of Bridge-master, in the prorceded, declaring the conduct of that room of Mr. David Buffar, deceased; there Nobleman to have been luch as to merit the were two Candidates, viz. Mr. Henry Gret


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