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receive, consistently with propriety, he was seated. He then rose, and re. the most minute and carly investigas turned thanks to the House for the tion.

honour conferred on him. After the Chancellor of the Exche- Mr. Fox gave notice, that he should quer had sat down, the Marquis of on Monday next bring forward the Grabam and Sir George Howard led business of the Westminster Election. Mr. Cornwall to the Chair ; in wbich The House adjourned.

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Bonn, April 15.

enjoining such persons as are desirous of IS Serene Highness the Elector of Co- making any experiments of that nature, to a short illness.

pole, which he reserves to himself to grant Copenhagen, April 17. The King of or refuse, as he thinks proper. A decree of Deninark has been pleased to make a new police, dated the 23d of April, and pub. arrangement in his Council of State, in lished yelterday, prohibits the constructing which the Prince Royal took his seat on the or railing of any balloon to which are bung iqth. That Council now consists of his lamps of spirits of wine, or any other como Royal Highness, with Prince Frederick, the bustible matter. The above ordinance also for. King's brother, and the following Mem- bids the railing of any other balloon, without

- Count Thoit, Mons. de Rosen- previous permillion. The reasons for these crantz, Mons. de Schack Rathlow, Count de prohibitions, are the dangers which are Bernstorff, General Huth, and Monf. de likely to follow from the falling of these Stampe.

machines upon thatched houses, hay-stacks, Paris, May 2. Notice is given to the or other inflammable materials. These fuperintendants of the Ministerial offices in precautions are not intended, however, to the different provinces of this kingdom, that let this fublime discovery fall into neglect, his Majesty forbids the fabrication, or the but only that the experiments should be sending up of any aerostatic machine, under confined to the direction of intelligent pain of imprisonment; his Majesty strictly persons.

bers :

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dwelling-house of Mr. Delport, in Staining'IVE prisoners were convicted at the Old lane, and stealing five filver tca-spoons, &c. John Frazier, late a seaman belonging to entering the dwelling-house of Mes. Gardhis Majesty's ship Le Hector ; Simon Young, ner and Willon, in Cloth-fair, Smithfield, for feloniously personating Robert Saltmarsh, and stealing 20 certain quantities of printed a scainan, late belonging to his Majesty's cotton, value 2ol. Joseph Hawes and James Ship Swallow ; Charles Creswell, for felo Hawkins, for feloniously assaulting Samuel nously personating one Charles Creswell, Weft on the highway, Castle-street, Hound f. late a marine belonging to his Majesty's ditch, putting him in fear of his life, and tip Lizard; Peter Hallet, alias Edward robbing him of a metal watch, with a chain Verily, for feloniously personating James and seal. Howard, a seaman late belonging to his Thurfday, April 29. Christopher Atkinson, Majesty's ship Pallas; and John Moseley, Esq. after having absconded for some time for feloniously personating Amos Anderson, since he was convicted of Perjury, went into late a seaman belonging to his Majesty's ship the Court of King's Bench, and voluntarily Loyalist, in order to receive their wages, &c. surrendered himself to the Justice of his

28. Seven prisoners were capitally con- Country. The Court did not then pass judg, victed, viz. William Smith and Isaac Tor- ment upon him, for Mr. Bcarcroft moved res, for burglariously breaking and entering an Arrest of it: the grounds or which he the dwelling of Thomas Barber, and steals argued that Judgment should be stayed, were ing a muslin apron, a cap, and several other two-one, that at Common Law, the Justices things ; Patrick Burn and Charles Barton, of Sessions had no jurisdiction in cases of Per. for burglariously becaking and entering the jury; and that where they have that juris

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diction now, it is given to them by express Tho'bold the attempt by dying thus to live, terms in statutes made on particular occa- Still your indulgence might the act forgive ; hons, that have nothing in common with Still might the paradox be understood, Mr. Atkinson's case; which not being with. 'Tis for her benefit, if not, her good.in any of these statutes, was consequently But oh! what Itronger fears my mind affail, out of the jurisdi&tion of the Justices (the in- When just comparison mutt fink the scale ; dictment was found at Hicks's Hall). The For memory traces in this awful part, second ground was, that when by Certiorari The best, and noblet effort of the art. the Indi&tment was brought into the Court Here the first excellence of genius rose, of King's-Bench, the names of the Jurors For S1DDONS pictures Isabella's woes, who found it, ought to have been retarned In every gesture, Inovemnent, look divine ! with it, that the Court might have an oppor- Nature has stamp'd her worth in every line. tunity to try whether they were boni ei lega

Hard then my talk to follow powers like les homines –a point of the utmost conse

these, quence to the subject, as without such a rc- And separate confidence from wish to please ; turn and trial, a man might be deprived of On your indulgence must my merits rett, his liberty, property, or even life, by out- And soothe the terrors of an anxious breaft. laws, felons, or any other description of Tuesday, May 4. At eleven o'clock the men disqualified by law from sitting in Sheriffs, Mr. Sawbridge, his Scrutineers, and judgment on any one. The Court took time Counsel, Mr. Watson, and several of the Lito consider on the subject, and for the pre- very, attended in the Council Chamber, fent committed Mr. Atkinson to the custody when the books were examined, the rejea. of the Marshal of the King's Bench. ed votes calt up, and the numbers finally

Friday, April 30. The sellions for the adjusted. At twelve the Sheriffs, &c. ad High Court of Admiralty was held at the journed to the Hustings, when Sir Barnard Old Bailey, when only one prisoner was Turner declared the numbers following: triçd, viz. the master of a certain veffel or Brook Watson, Esq. 4776; Sir Watkia cutter, of about 35 tons burthen, of which Lewes 4541; Nathaniel Newnham, Esq. he was part owner, bound from London to

4441; Johe Sawbridge, Esq. 28:2; Ri. Ostend, for fcloniously and wilfully linking chard Atkinson, Esq. 2803; William Smith, the said vessel on the high seas, about three Esq. 277; Right Hon William Pitt, 56. miles from Margate, with intent to defraud Upon which the Sherifis declared that the the underwriters of a policy of insurance majority of legal votes upon the Scrutins for 300l. He was acquiited.

appeared in favour of Brook Watson, E14. Same day Mrs. Wells played Isabel- Sir Watkin Lewes, Kt. Nathaniel Newe. la in Southerne's Tragedy of The FATAL ham, Esq. and John Sawbridge, Esq. The MARRIAGE. Her appearance in that cha- Court was then adjourned till next day ra&ter was prefaced by the following address, at the said time and place, when those gen. written for the purpose very kindly by Mr., tlemen were declared duly elected, and the Topham.

return figned. Shall I, unpractis'd in the melting mood, 10. At the close of the poll this day, a Who late your Comic candidate have stood, violent affı ay happened in Covent-Garden, To that old laughing interest long allied, in consequence of which Nicholas Callon, a Now mount tlie huitings on the other side ? Peace Officer, received several wounds, Canvass this critic Corporation thorough, which occasioned his death. The CoroIn hopes to represent a tragic Borough? ner's Inquest have brought in their verdia Shall i, all tears, for votes and intereft teaze Wilful Murder against persons unknowo. you,


East India House, May 13, 9:34. Anxious not how to live, but die, to please By letters received froin Bombay, by his Beg that you'll be of my last moments heed- Majesty's frigate the Crocodile, dated the ful,

(needful? 30th of December, and 9th and roth of And when I'm dead request your poll--if January lall, the Court of Directors received Say, will no kiod good-natur'd freeman intelligence that some boats with seapoys

having been wreckod near Cannanore, al

about Thro' bowls and daggers simple Cowyflip's sacc? 200 of them were seized and detained by the No learned Lingo of this lower ichool

Bibby *, notwithstanding repeated applica

(The l'it. tions made for their release; and the Can. “ Decline my parts, and think me out of nanore Government being on all occabons rule ?"

thigh, inimical to the Company, Gen. Macleod, Then when the storms of passion swell most in order to take satisfaction for those injuWhen I fhail rave and weep, run mad and ries, made a capture of the place, in the ale die,

tack and reduction of which, and its depenWill not some voter on yon upper floor dencies, the King's and Company's tronps

(The Gall.

merited and received the warmest pratic juit as I'm falling, wish I'd ftand no more, from the Commander in Chicf. And in blunt, strong clection language tell us, That the Select Committee at Bombay " Low flip for ever, d--ll your Ilabellas ?" had just received a letter from the Pelhwar



* A Princess,


or Chick of the Marattas, wherein he ex- whose vote was obje&ted to, they found not presles his full acquiescence in the treaty, affelled in the land-tax, and Mr. Erskine, in and his readiness to join with the English behalf of Mr. Byng, contended he should in offensive measures against Tippoo Saib, be ftruck off the litt; which Mr. Cowper, on should he fail in performing the condi- behalf of the Sheriffs, objected to. 'Upon tions required from him. The advices this Mr. Byng said, he did not wish to har. however say, that the General of Tippoo rass the freeholders onc hour to no purpose, Saib's army in the Carnatic was in full and as this question was very material, he march to the Changama pass, accompanied would bring the matter into the House of by Messrs. Sadlier and Staunton, who were Commons. Mr. Cowper said, he was very appointed by Lord Macartney, &c. to set- glad to find both parties were dissatisfied tle the treaty with Tippoo ; and that their with his conduct, and took his leave of them arrival is mentioned by Tippoo in his letter in his judicial capacity. to General Macleod, as an event that will The same day a court of common council bring with it a certainty of peace. Even was held at Guildhall, when Mr. Alderman after the capture of Cannanore, the Bibby of Sanderson renewed his former oppolition to which was claimed by Tippoo as his ally, the receipt tax. He spoke freely on the bill General Maclend advises, that Tippoo had to explain and amend the first act, which he made no opposition to his again revictual- avowed to be vexatious, partial, and oppresling Mangalore and Onore.

live : he moved, “ Thai the Court do, at Inielligence had been received at Bom- the mecting of Parliament, address for a res bay, on which there was every reason to de- peal; the lame was feconded by Mr. Dornpend, that Ragonaut Row, or Ragobah, ford, and carried. the Pesh wa's uncle, died on the 11th of 17. At tbree o'clock the poll closed for the December.

city of Westminster, after being kept open 13. Was held the anniversary meeting of from the first day of April last. The numche Sons of the Clergy. The Sermon was bers appeared to be, preached by the Rev. Samuel Carr, D. D.

For Lord Hood, 6694 from 1 John iii. 17. r. But whoso hath

Mr. Fox, this world's good, and feeth his brother

Sir Cecil Wray, 5998 have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwellcth the As soon as the High Bailiff had declared love of God in him?"

the numbers, a scrutiny was demanded on

£. s. d. behalf of Sir Cecil Wray, which the High Collection at St. Paul's, on Tuer

Bailiff declared it was his intention to comday the 13th instant,

175 100 Ditto, on Thursday the 13th, 280 64

18. His Royal Highness the Prince of Ditto, at Merchant Taylors-Hall 548 3 8 Wales gave a public breakfast at Carleton

House. About 600 of the most distinguished

persons in the kingdom assembled in his A bill has been lately passed by the beautiful gardens about two o'clock. The Irish Parliament, to disqualify Viscount preparations on the occafion were full of Strangford from voting either by proxy or magnificence. Covers were laid under nine other ways in the House of Peers there. The extensive marquees for 250 persons, and the cause of this extraordinary proceeding, we entertainment consisted of the finest fruits of conceive, will be a matter of proper intelli- the season, confectionaries, ices, creams, and gence to our readers. We have it from an emblematical designs, ornamented with motIrish correspondent on whom we can rely. tos and other devices in honour of the triumph The great Ely cause, on which there appear which they were to celebrate. Four bands ed an equal division of sentiment, gave the of inftruments were placed at different parts noble Prer above-mentioned an idea of of the garden, and the company were entere serving himself, without doing a violence to tained with various noveltics of a comic kind. the truth of his opinion; and therefore he After they had taken refreshments, they imprudently wrote a letter to one of the par- rose to dance. A beautiful level in the unties, that if they would give him a certain brage of a groupe of trees was the spot which sum of money, he would give bis vote on his Royal Highness selected for their ball. that side of the question. The letter was

and he'led down the country dances, first instantly laid before the House of Peers, with the Duchess of Devon!hire, and afterand the consequences were the bill above- wards with one of the Lady Waldegraves. mentioned. The Viscount is a very old man, The company frequently changed their partof slender fortune, a clergyman, and has a ners, and at times grouped off into cotillons. large family. He resides within a few miles The Duchess of Poriland danced with Mr. of Dublin.

Greville, Lady Jersey with Lord Carline, 14. The sheriffs of Middlesex met pursu- Lady Ann Pawlett with Lord Berner, Lady #at to adjournment, and declared they were Duncannon with Sir Peter Burrell, Miss ready to begin a scrutiny. The firit person Keppel with Mr. -St. John, Lady Bcauchamp

ply with.


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with Lord Berkeley; Mrs. Anderson with Apfiey, and the Hon. Charles Percival, to Mr. Fitzroy, Mrs. Meynell with Nr. Wynd- be Commiffinners for executing the office ham, Miss Ingram with Sir Harry Feather- of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain, &c. ftonnaugh. Miss Townthend, Lady Augusta - Richard Pepper Arden, Era. to be bis Campbell, Lady Darby, the Miss Keppeis, Majesty's Attorney-General, Chief Justice of the Mits Norths, Mrs. Crewe, Mrs. Sheri- the Counues of Denbigh and Montgomery; dan, and many other ladies danced ; and we and Jultice of the Countics of Chelter and do not believe that a more superb cxhibition Flint - The Hon. James Luttrell, to be Maf. of beauty was ever seen.

ter Surveyor of his Majesty's Ordnance-Sir The breakfast ended about fixin the even- Richard Reynell, to be Secretary to the ing, when the Ladies retired to dress. Lord Steward of his Majelty's Houshold

21. Mr. C. Atkinson was again brought Archibald Macdonald, Esq. to be his Mabefore the Court of King's Bench, when, jesty's Solicitor-General - The Hon. Richard on reading the affidavit, and hearing Mr. Howard, to be her Majesiy's Secretary, and Bearcroft and Mr. Wood in behalf of Mr.

Comptroller of her Majesty's liousholdAtkinson, Lord Mansfield in a speech that Isaac Heard, 'Esq. (Cl.:renceux King of did him infinite honour, declared the unani- Arms) to be a principal Officer of Arms of mous opinion of the Court, That the record the most noble order of the Garter, and of should be amended as prayed. Lord Mani- the office commonly called Garier King of field concluded his addreis in words to this Arms-Daniel Hailes, Elo. Minister Plenieffect :

potentiary at the Court of Versailles, dur. “ There is a certain principle which I ing the absence of his Grace the Duke of " have laid down in this, as well as other Dorsel~ The Hon. Licut. Col. Henry Fire & places, which was never more properly roy Stanhope, to be a Groon of the Beda « applicable than in the present instance : chamber to his Royal Highness the Prince of · « That no-fiction of law shall ever so far Wales - Thomas Lock, Esq. (Vorroy King “ prevail against the real truth of the fact, of Arms) to be Clarencour King of Arms " as to prevent the execution of justice.” The Right Hon. Gcorge Lord Abergavenny,

By consent of the Attorney-General, the to be Viscount Nevill and Earl of Aberga. judgment of the Court against Mr. Atkinson venny-- The Right hon. George Towswas postponed till the next term, in order fhend, Baron de Ferrars of Chartley, to be that his Counsel may inspect the record when Earl of Leicciter - The Right Hon. Hersy amended ; they being itill entitled to take Lord Paget, to be Earl of Uxbridge-Sir any further objection that may not yet apo James Lowther, Bart. 2o be Baron Liwther, pear on the face of the record.

Kendal and Burgh, Viscount Lonsdale and Samc day came on the final hearing of Lowther, and Earl of Lonsdale - The Mr. Morris's cause, to establish his matri- Right Hon. Thomas Viscount Bulkcley of monial contract with Miss Harford, when the kingdom of Ireland to be Lord Bulkeley, the Court gave final judginent -" That Baron Beaumaris-Sir Thomas Egertoa, “ both pretended' marriages were void- Bart. to be Baron Grey de Wilton-Sir " that Miss Harford, fallely in the libel called Charles Cocks, Bart. to be Lord Somers, “ Morris, was at full liberty to marry again, Baron of Evetham - John Parker, E{q. Baron " and that Mr. Morris was condemned in Buringon - Nocl Hill, Elq. Baron Berwick 6 full costs."

- James Dutton, Esq. Lord Sherborne, Baren Same day a' Common-hall was held for Sherborne The Right Hon. John Scoti, lo the purpose of instructing the City Repre- be Baron Earlsfort, in the kingdom of Ire: fentatives against the Receip-Tax. M:. Sa- land, and allo to be his Majesty's Chief Jur. muel Smith opened the business with a tice in the Court of King's Bench in that speech, in which he pointed out the evils kingronn-- Henry Revelv, Esq. to be one ni resulting from the tax, and moved that the the Commiflioners of Excisc--Lieut. Col. Heprelentatives of this Ciry he instructed to Charles Rooke, to be one of the Gentlemen codcasour to obtain a repeal of the same. L'ihers to her Majesty. Mr. Alderman Sandeilon seconded the

Eccies!ASTICAL. monon, wher, upon the Thew of hands, The Rev. Folliot llerbert Walter Cornethere apprared about fitty in favour of the wall, M. A. Lo be a Prebendary of St. inttructions, and thirteen againit them, George's Chapel, Windos - The Rev. Wil

The infiructions were read, and carried liam Claver, D. D. to be a Prebendarch with rather a girater majoritv.

the collegiate church of Si, Peter, Hitle PROMOTIONS.

mintter- The Right Hon. the Earl of LCivil.

ven, to be Ilig. Commillioner to the GeneLlord Kenyon, Esq. to he Master of the ral Aftenbly of the Church of Scotland Rolls-- The Right Hon. Richard V scount The Right Rev. Dr. William Cecil Pery, Howe, Charles Brett, Esq. Richard Hop- and Bihop of Killala, to be Bihop of l.is kins, Flq. the Hon. John Jefferies Prati, merick in the kingdom of Ireland - The the Ilon. John Lavefon Gower, ehe Rt. Hon. Røv, Christopher Butson, M. A. 19 be Dcas Henry Bathurid, commonly called Lord of Waterford in the kingdoin of Ireland.



Parker and Robert Parker, of BishopsgateSir John Sheffield, Bart. to Miss Dighy, Atreet without, holiers-Alexander Sekrig, eidest daughter to the Dean of Durham of Bethnal-green, Middlesex, merchant Benjamin Hunter, Esq. 10 Mifs Halfell, of Richard Allen, the elder, of Stratford-uponHadleigh - The Rev. Mr. Turner, Arch- Avon, Warwickshire, grocer- Richard Dyde, deacon and Canop of Wells, to Miss Bur- of Wootton Underedge, Glouceftershire, naby.- Lady Louisa Nugeat, to Capt. Her- bookseller -- Joseph Crouch, of Birmingham, vey.-Henry Greswold Lewis, Esq. to Miss hatter, and holier-Thomas Awcock, of Bridge man.

Lewes, Sussex, draper John Shepherd of DE A T H S.

the Poultry, tin-plate worker - Henry Sir Alexander Powell, Knt. - The Rev. Temple, of Alton, Hampshire, hat-maker Thomas Hurdis, D. D. Canon of Windsor, Isaac Jacob Salomon, Gun-square, Hounds. and Residentiary of Chichester Irs. Wilkes, ditch, merchant- John Collins, of JewryLady of John Wilkes, Esq. Alderman, and frect, merchant and

insurer - Richard Chamberlain

of London - The Rev. Andrew Fletcher, of Weston-Flavell, Northampton. Etty, B. D, Rector of Selbourn, Hanrs, and shire, horse dealer-Issachar Thorp and Whitchurch, Oxford hire.-- Mr. George James Griffiths, . of Keames, Lancashire, Martin, Surgeon to St. Thomas's Hospital. - callico-printers – Peter Burns, of Chefer, The Rev. Timothy Burrell, Rector of Lid- dealer -- Elizabeth Edwards, of Bridgesdiard Millicent, in Wildhire, aged 88.- Street, Westminster, dealer in glass-GodThe Right Hon the Countels of Waldegrave. frey Fox, of Sheffield, inn-keeper - John - The Prince Bílhop of Liege, of an apo

Shute, the elder, of Christ-church, Spitalo plexy, in the 62d year of his age.--Mr. fields, sugar refiner-Samuel Mariton, the Reinhoid, page of the Presence to his Ma- younger, of Fore-strect, oilman - Elizabeth jeity and the late Prince of Wales, aged 85. Meade, of Coleman-street-buildings, mer

- The Rev. Robert English, M. A. Chaplain chant -- Humphrey Tomkinson, of South. to Lord Hawke. --The Right Honourable ampton-itreet, Covent-garden, JewellerJohn Gore, Baron Annaly, of Tenelick in Valentine Jones, of Balinghall-Itreet, merthe county of Longford, Lord Chief Justice chant- Joseph Kem, of Mortlake, Surrey, of the King's Bench in Ireland, and one of thop-keeper- Robert Dee, of Golwell-freet, his Majetty's moft Hon. Privy Council for inn-holder - James Stuard, of Wapping, that Kingdom. — At Caen-Wood, aged 76, allow-chandler- James Baimer, of Liver. the lady of the Right Hon. William Earl of poole, leather-seller- James Sley, of Yar. Mansfield, Lord Chief Justice of his Majel- niouth, Norfolk, thop-kceper- John Bentty's Court of King's Beuch, to whom the ley, of Bradford, Yorkthire, money-scrivehad been married 48 years. - Ai Cambridge, nor--Willian Hunt, of Hinckley, Leiccites. aged 81, Mrs. Mary Fowl, who was allied shire, in-hoider --Richard Moorey, of to the great Percy Family:- John Hanbuy, Buxted, Sulfex, corn-chandler -- William Esq. of Monmouth.--The Rev. Dr. Wilioni, Glover, of Worcester, clock and watchPrebendary of Weftininster, Rector of Si. maker---William Dobson, Cox's Quay, Margaret's, Wellminfter, and St. Stephen's, London, wharfinger-William Appleton, Walbrook ; he was the son of the pious Dr. of Wapping, cordwainer-Joshua Kettilby, Wilson, many years Bishop of Sodor and of Charing-Cross, glass-marufacturerMann. - The Ri. Hon. James Lord Rolic. Thomas Powell, of Corsham, Wilts, clo--Sir Bourchier Wray, Bart. aged 70. ther Henry Bicknell, of Bristol, tobaccoDavid Burton, Esq. in the Commission of niit and inuit-maker-Edward Swan of the Peace for the county of York and Durc Louguborough, cordwainer-John Banks, ham, aged 83. --- Andrew Pemberton, Esq. of D«piford, dealer - William Morgan, of Commissary to the university of Cambridge. Poitiinouth, mercer -John Courtney, of B A N K R U P T S.

Kingston, Herefordshire, dealer John George Sanders, of Bath, grocer-Themas Swain, Joseph Taylor, Joseph Jones and Becket, of Liverpook, merchant.. John John Willians, all of Birmingh. m, buildCochiran, of Berner's-treet, broker--tho- William Bacchus, of Birmingham, mas Tattersall, of Blackburn, Lancashire, Stell.zey-maker-Thomas Bill, of Billston, fustian manufacturer - John Trelawrey, of Staffordshire, buckle-chape-maker-Withers l'nion-row, Little Tower-hill, haberdaiher- Newman, otherwise Withers Holyman Moses Game, of Wivenhoe, Ellex, thip- Newman, of Drury-lane, brass-founderm builder - James Jewel, of Gosport, haber- James Oram Clarkson, of Balinghall-Street, dalher-Patrick Lawlon, of Cecil-Atreet, insurance-broker-John Miles, of whiteStrand, mariner - Adam Hamilton, of En- Waltham, Beiks, victualler and shopkecper field-highway, Middlesex, dealer-- William Robert Richards, of Amblecoat, SiatVeal, of Ringwood, Hants, shop-keeper-- fordshire, miller--George Kearlley, of John Benton, of Bath, hatter and holier- Fleet-treet, bookseller - Thomas Martin, of William Morland, of Illington-road, Mid- Cornhuil, watchmakerlaac Nallu, of dlesex, dealer in timber - Joseph Sevier, of Coleman-street, insurer and merchani- john Bristol, brush and toy-maker -- John Foxall, Collins, of Jewin-streel, merchant and ina of Wandsworth, Susry, inn.holder John fures-- William Stringer, of Elthain, Keni,


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