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[SMITH & ROBINSON,.....Printers to the State.]


To the President of the Senate, and

Speaker of the House of Representatives :

GENTLEMEN.-In compliance with the requirements of the 3d section of an Act providing for the government of the State Prison and for the punishment of Convicts, the undersigned has the honor to submit the following statement and account of the concerns of the Institution.

The whole number of Convicts, Dec. 31st, 1839, is 68, and their employments is as follows, viz:In the Lime Quarry,

16 Attending Sick

"Blacksmith Shop, 4 Waiters


15 Lumpers






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8 Coopers

4 Invalids

2 Sick in Hospital,


It will be recollected that the undersigned took charge of this Institution on the 26th of April last, and therefore you have a report of about two-thirds of a year, and of course the gross amount of both debt and credit will fall short of previous years. This institution, in common with all others, has felt the pressure of the country. Many persons who

usually trade with this institution in the articles of Lime and Lime rock, Casks, &c., owing to the low price of Lime, both at home and abroad, have purchased very little.

The demand for Lime the past season has been quite limited. When the undersigned took charge of the Prison, there was a perpetual Lime kiln in operation in the Prison yard, which produced about twenty-two casks of Lime per day. On examination, it was found to be a losing business to the State. It was therefore discontinued. The principal business carried on now is, the quarrying of Lime rock, in the quarry which employs from 15 to 20 of the convicts, of those who come into the Prison on short sentences, or who are not competent to learn any trade. Although there is now on hand a considerable quantity of quarried rock, yet it is believed that branch of business will pay a small dividend to the State.

Another, and an important branch of business carried on in this institution, is the manufacturing of Boots and Shoes, which find a ready sale in this vicinity. From twelve to fifteen of the convicts are employed in this department; and it is believed that the number might be considerably increased whenever a sufficient number of convicts, having two or more years to serve, shall have arrived, that can learn the trade, or who can work at that trade when they may arrive at the Prison.

The demand for Boots and Shoes is good, and still continues to increase, owing to the character of the work, which I believe is good. I am of the opinion, that there could be sold to good advantage, all the work thirty or forty convicts could manufacture per annum. All the stock in this department, amounts to quite a large sum yearly. Yet it will pay for itself, and the labor added to it, as Boots and Shoes command more ready pay than almost any other kind of manufactured articles. In this department, the very best of order is observed, owing partly to the situation of the convicts, they being all situated in front of their overseer, who prepares the work for them, and gives his undivided attention to the business.

The Wheelwright department is carried on somewhat extensively. The principal business is the manufacturing of Stage carriages, gigs, Horse and Ox wagons, some sleighs, and much repairing to carriages is done for persons in the vicinity. A considerable amount of the manufactured articles on hand in this department, is large and well finished Ox wagons-as yet we find no sale for them. The stock now on hand, having been selected with care, is of first rate materials; and there appears to be an increasing demand for articles, to be manufactured to order.

In the Smiths-shop, there are from four to five of the convicts employed in that department. Their

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