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Augusta, December 31, 1839.

His Excellency JOHN FAIRFIELD, Governor and Commander-in-Chief:

DEAR SIR: I have the honor of making herewith the General Inspection Return of the Militia of the State, for the year 1939. A duplicate thereof will be made to the President of the United States.

The number of the Militia, as appears by this return, is forty-five thousand six hundred and thirty-three, being an increase from the return of 1838, of one thousand seven hundred and thirty-two, and a larger number than ever before returned.

The military force is composed of the following corps, viz :

Cavalry, one thousand six hundred and twenty


Artillery, two thousand one hundred and thirtythree,

Infantry, thirty-five thousand one hundred and fifteen,

Light Infantry. four thousand eight hundred and sixty-six,

Riflemen, one thousand eight hundred and









The number of Companies returned this year is the same as in 1838, and forty-seven more than 1837. The following Regiments, Battalion and Company were not returned up to the first day of November, viz:

1st Regiment of Infantry, 2d Brigade, 1st Division,
Regiment of Cavalry, 1st Brigade, 2d Division,
2d Regiment of Infantry, 2d Brigade, 4th Division,
1st Regiment of Infantry, 1st Brigade, 5th Division,
Battalion of Artillery, 1st Brigade, 6th Division,
2d Brigade, 6th Division,

Company of Cavalry,
2d Regiment of Infantry, 2d Brigade, 7th Division.
Number of Companies returned this year,
Number not returned,

Whole number of Companies, May 1, 1839,

Of the Companies not returned this year, seventy-seven, or about one half, were returned in 1838, and the others in previous years, as stated in the table annexed.

Annual Brigade Returns have been received this year from all of the Brigades, and an abstract return of the Inspection by the Brigade Majors, is annexed to this report. By this inspection it will be perceived, that of the forty-five thousand six hundred and thirty-three, including officers, enrolled in the Militia, only twenty-two thousand six hundred and fifty-nine were actually in the field, performing duty at the annual inspection by Regi





Twenty-two new Companies have been ordered to be organized during the past year, viz:


Artillery, one company,
Infantry, seven
Light Infantry, six
Riflemen, eight

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Nine Companies have been disbanded, viz:
Infantry, one company,
Light Infantry, seven,
Riflemen, one


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Ten hundred and twenty-three officers have been commsioned the past year, and five hundred and fifty have been discharged.

There have been only one General and two Division Courts Martial held this year, and five officers only have been tried, all of whom were found guilty of charges preferred. Three were dismissed the service and two were reprimanded in orders. Fines were imposed to the amount of thirty-five dollars, and orders have been issued to the Division Advocate for the collection thereof. The pay rolls of the cost of these Courts will be presented to the Legislature for examination and allowance.

The following appropriations for military purposes were made by the last Legislature, and for the expenditure thereof the Acting Quartermaster General was made accountable, viz:

For the erection of a gun house in Garland, 250 00
For the erection of a gun house in Lincoln, 250 00
For the erection of a gun house in Frankfort,
For the erection of a gun house in Phillips,
For the erection of a gun house in Warren,
For repair of the gun house in Turner,
For repair of the gun house in Boothbay,
For repair of the gun house in Farmington,
For finishing the gun house in Bowdoinham,
For finishing the Arsenal in Bangor,

For repair of the Arsenal in Portland,
For alteration and repair of Artillery,

300 00 200 00

250 00

200 00

60 00

100 00

87 92 500 00

600 00

900 00

For transportation and laboratory stores,
For musical instruments and colors,
For labor in taking care of military property
in the Arsenals,

For removing military property from Portland
to Bangor,

For harnesses, tumbrils and apparatus for new companies of Artillery in Bowdoinham, Frankfort, Garland and Phillips,

300 00

700 00

300 00

200 00

1000 00

And there were appropriations in 1836 and 1837, For the erection of a gun house in Bangor, 400 00 Gun houses have been erected in Garland, Lincoln and Bangor, and repairs made on the one in Farmington, for the appropriations respectively; and Agents have been appointed to superintend the erection of those in Frankfort, Phillips and Warren, and for the repair and finish of those in Turner, Boothbay and Bowdoinham.

A large part of the sum appropriated for finishing the Arsenal at Bangor has been expended, and the balance, together with a further sum will be required to complete the buildings and fences. Over five hundred dollars of the amount assigned for repair of the Portland Arsenal, has been expended for that purpose, and a further sum will be necessary to rebuild the fence round the lot. The appropriation for alteration and repair of Artillery has been expended on the carriages and apparatus belonging to companies in York, Freeport and Turner; and from the state of decay in which this property was found to be, an unusual amount of repairs was necessary to render it serviceable. The expenditure on this account has exceeded the appropriation more than two hundred dollars.

A small balance remains of the sum appropriated for transportation. The sum assigned for purchase of musi

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