Nectar & Ambrosia: An Encyclopedia of Food in World Mythology

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ABC-CLIO, 2000 - 287 страница
Includes references to Andean peoples, Aztecs, symbolism of baking, biblical accounts, blood sacrifice, Brahmans, British Isles, Buddhists, cannibalism, creation myths, death, Day of the Dead, death and rebirth, death rites, Demeter, demons, Dionysus, divination, elixir of life, evil, fertility, food injunctions, Germany, Germanic peoples, good fortune, hallucinogens, harvest festivals, Hebrews, Garden of the Hesperides, Hindus, Homer, Hopi, Horus, human origins, transformations of humans, hunting, Incas, India, Indochina, intoxicants, Ireland, Jews, Jupiter, Krishna, Lakshmi, life force, longevity, love charms, love potions, magic, marriage rituals, mythical marriages, Maya, Mesoamerica, Mexico, Middle East, moon, mother goddess, Muslims, mythic transformations, Native Americans, Norsemen, nuts, Odyssey (Homer), offerings, Ojibwa, origin myths, Osiris, Pacific Islands, Persephone, personifications of food sources, Peru, Promised Land, prophecy, propitiation, Pythagoras, Pythagoreans, Quetzalcoatl, rain, raven, red color, respect, resurrection, Russians, Scotland, sea, seasons, sexual symbolism, shamans, shapes of food sources, Shiva, Siberia, soul, spirit, Southeast Asia, stars and constellations, stimulants, strength, sun, Taoists, tea ceremony, testicles, Teutons, Thailand, Thanksgiving, Thor, Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life, Tree of Paradise, Tree of Wisdom, Tree of the Year, trees, urine, Valhalla, Valkyries, veneration, Vishnu, vomit, water of life, wealth, wisdom, witches, Yama, yellow color, yin, yang, Yoruba, Zeus, Zoroaster, Zuni, etc.

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Nectar & ambrosia: an encyclopedia of food in world mythology

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Focusing on foods that have the richest body of myths, Andrews (Legends of the Earth, Sea, and Sky: An Encyclopedia of Nature Myths) explores the mythical and magical properties different world ... Прочитајте целу рецензију

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О аутору (2000)

Tamra Andrews is a librarian and professional writer specializing in astronomical mythology.

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