Reports of Cases Heard and Determined in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Том 157

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Страница 606 - That every receiver or manager of any property appointed by any court of the United States may be sued in respect of any act or transaction of his in carrying on the business connected with such property, without the previous leave of the court in which such receiver or manager was appointed...
Страница 854 - The trial by jury in all cases in which it has been heretofore used shall remain inviolate forever; but a jury trial may be waived by the parties in all civil cases in the manner to be prescribed by law.
Страница 428 - A cause of action arising out of the contract or transaction set forth in the complaint as the foundation of the plaintiff's claim, or connected with the subject of the action; or "2.
Страница 655 - A person employing or directing another to perform labor of any kind in the erection, repairing, altering or painting of a house, building or structure shall not furnish or erect, or cause to be furnished or erected for the performance of such labor, scaffolding, hoists, stays, ladders or other mechanical contrivances which are unsafe, unsuitable or improper, and which arc not so constructed, placed and operated as to give proper protection to the life and limb of a person so employed or engaged.
Страница 138 - The true test of the interest of a witness is, that he will either gain or lose by the direct legal operation and effect of the judgment, or that the record will be legal evidence for or against him in some other action.
Страница 380 - Takes, receives, employs, harbors or uses, or causes or procures to be taken, received, employed or harbored or used, a female under the age of eighteen years, for the purpose of prostitution; or, not being her husband, for the purpose of sexual intercourse...
Страница 77 - ... filing it* in his office, a written notice, to the effect, that the appellant appeals from the judgment or order, or from a specified part thereof. Upon an appeal to the Court of Appeals from an order of the Appellate Division, made upon an appeal from the surrogates' court, the notice of appeal shall be filed with the clerk of the surrogates
Страница 254 - An action against a foreign corporation may be maintained by a resident of the State, or by a domestic corporation, for any cause of action.
Страница 684 - It is sufficient to say that assuming he has a right of action, it does not arise out of the contract or transaction set forth in the complaint, as the foundation of the plaintiff's claim, nor is it connected with the subject of the action, nor is it a cause of action on contract.
Страница 702 - ... determine the just, reasonable, safe, adequate and proper regulations, practices, equipment, appliances and service thereafter to be in force, to be observed and to be used in such transportation of persons, freight and property and so fix and prescribe the same by order to be served upon every common carrier, railroad corporation and street railroad corporation to be bound thereby...

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