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CONRAD, Joseph. "The Story of an In-
domitable Captain," 292.


COOKE, Jay, financing of Civil war, 422.

COPYRIGHT Law, in Russia, 09.

CORFU, Declaration of, 148.

COST of the War, military expenditures of
U. S. for six months, 15; war expenses
of England for year ending Mar. 31, 1919,

See also FINANCES under names of
COUNCIL of Flanders, see BELGIUM.
COL'RLAKD, independence recognized by

Count Hertling, 51; crown offered to

House of Hohenzollern, reply by German

Emperor, 54.

CRISP, (Capt.) Thomas, 170.

CROWELL, Benedict, appointed an assistant
Secretary of War. 14; "War Depart-
ment's Improved System," 204.

CRUTCHLEY (Lieut.), 466.

Current History Chronicled, 1, 191, 381.

Ciar's Loyalty to the Allies, 239.

CZECHOSLOVAK State, declaration in favor
of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, 4.

CZERNIN von Chudenitz, (Count) Ottokar
von, verbatim report of remarks at Brest-
Li tovsk Conference, Feb. 9, 02; resigna-
tion, 194; speech in reply to Pres. Wilson-s
speech of Feb. 11, and on Russian peace
terms, 323; reply by Lord Cecil, 327;
French official denials of charge that
France initiated peace move, 328; denial
of charge of Serbian peace overtures, by
Premier Pashitch, 495.


DAWNAY, (Brevet Lieut. Col.) G. P., men-
tioned in report by Gen. Allenby, 1G3.
DAYLIGHT Saving Law, passed by Congress,


DECLARATION of Corfu, 148.

DECORATIONS, Military and Naval, author-
ized by Pres. Wilson for bravery, service.
or wounds in war against Germany, 17;
list of first awards of American war
crosses, 242.

See also VICTORIA Cross.

Delivery of Jerusalem, 103.

DERBY (Lord), appointed British Ambas-
sador to France, 191.

Defending the World's Right to Democracy,

DENBIGH (Col. Lord), on German designs

on Madeira, 331.
Dcsjtrrate Conditions Under Bolshevist Rule,

DEUTSCHE Bank, arrangements for out-
break of war, XX., (May supplement).

DEVLIN, Joseph, comment in Commons on
Irish conscription, 271.

DILLON, John, comment in Commons on
Irish conscription, 271.

DISTINGUISHED Service Cross, 17.

DISTINGUISHED Sen-ice Medal, 17.

DOBRUD.TA, given up by Rumania and con-
trolled by Bulgaria under peace terms
forced on Rumania bv Central Powers
58; comment by Lord Cecil on handing
over to Bulgaria. "27.

Sec also PEACE—Rumanian Separate

DOGS, account of training of dogs as mes-
sengers for German Army, 2K1.

DUNKIRK, account of wartime life by A. M.
t Pjohn, 505.

DUNN, (Col.) B. W., 15.

DURAZZO, use by Italians as concentration

oamp for Serbians, 151.
DUVAL, trial and sentence of death for

treasonable activities of Bonnet Rouge.




EISLER (Dr.), on public kitchens in Vienna,


EMERY, Henry C, arrested on Aland

Island by Germans, 54.

Achievements during 1917, summarized
by Bonar Law, 0; introductory chapter
of Blue Book on war work in 1917,

Admiralty, summary of shipping losses
for three years, 286.

Army, official records of 21 men who
have won the Victoria Cross for con-
spicuous bravery, 121; Man Power bill
providing for conscription in Ireland
becomes law, 190; denial bv Llovd
George of forces being withdrawn from
France and sent to the East, 208;
text of speech by Lloyd George in in-
troducing Man Power bill, giving nec-
essity for measures which included
conscription in Ireland, 209; attitude
of Irish members of Commons on con-
scription. 271; main provisions of mil-
itary service act, 491; account of ac-
tivities of opponents to conscription in
Ireland, Govt, postpones operation of
act, 503.

Blue Book, containing survey of war
work in 1917, introductory chapter,

Early Closing, provisions of order of Mar.
21, 190.

Finances, estimate of war expenses for
year ending Mar. 31, 1919, 387; esti-
mate for budget for 1918 and new
taxes levied, 432; expenditures for
past year, statement by Chancellor of
Exchequer on American aid to Eng-
land and English aid to Allies: total
British debt, 433.

Military Service Act, passed, 196; main
provisions as analyzed by London
Times, 491.

Politics;, Lloyd George Govt, threatened
by attack of Gen. Maurice, but debate
results in victory, 4.S.S.
War Cabinet's report in Blue Book on
accomplishments in 1917, 345.
USTHONTA, protest of provisional Govern-
!'■■ nt against Baltic monarchy in union
with Prussia; statement of A. J. Balfour
in British official recognition of Govt.,

EUGENIE (Empress), 2.

F.-nipple of V-Voat Brutality, 202.

EXPORTS, blockade of Germany accom-
plished by II. S. embargo policy, prevent-
ing flow of supplies through neutrals 25;
policy of War Trade Board in providing
neutrals with food: extent of business of
Exports Council; amount of exports of
f. ..iismrfs. 20.

EXPORTS Council, see WAR Trade Board.

I-ARLLi. (Cardinal) John Murphy, letter to
Cardinal Anvtt.' on long-ratine bumbard-
lii' nt of Paris, 311.

FWIMXAND. King of Rumania, in crisis

over piace treat J, 530.
KKlMiEE. Barr, "Bombat dment of Rheims,"


FINANCES, statement of Chancellor of the
Exchequer on America's aid to England

and England's aid to her Allies, 437.
See also under names of countries.

FINLAND, fighting- between Red Guards and

Independents; peace treaty with Germany,

52; events of period of chaos and German

control preceding: the fall of Viborg, 438.
See also PEACE—Finland.
Five Million Soldiers' Garments Made by

American Women, 253.

FOCH, (Gen.) Ferdinand, made Generalis-

simo of western front, 200; acceptance of

offer of Amer. troops by Gen. Pershing

and use in Picardy battle, 240; tribute

by Lloyd George in Commons, 207; dif-

ferent races, peoples, and tongues in

armies under command, 381.


Austria-Hungary, survey of conditions
made by U. S. Bureau of Labor from
published statements, 134.

Bulgaria, survey of conditions made by

U. S. Bureau of Labor from published

statements, 130.

England, production in li)17 summed up
by Bonar Law, I!; situation in 1917,
as reviewed in War Cabinet's report,
340; American assistance, 410.

Germany, survey of conditions as revealed

by published statements made by U. S.

Bureau of Labor, 132; table of weekly

rations and of rise of cost In three

years. 130.

Russia, inefficiency of Bolsheviki in meet-
ing problems of supply, 70.
Turkey, suffering' due to corruption and

graft of officials, 136.

Ukrainia, Count Czcrnin on agreements

with Rumania for delivery of grain

and raw materials, 325; shortage in

Ukrainian delivery to Central Powers,


United States, policy of War Trade Roard

in supplying neutrals so as to prevent

re-export to Germany; amount ex-
ported from U. S. from beginning of
war to Jan. 1, 1018, 20; problems and
measures of first year of war, 253;
article by H. llegble on American as-
sistance to England, 410.

Former War Loans of the Unitrd States, 421.

FOSDICK. Raymond B.. 14.

Four Epic Weeks of Carnugr, 200.

FRANCE, social conditions described by A.

M. Upjohn in article " War Widows of the

Poor In Paris," 120; Duval and others

sentenced for treasonable activities of

Bonnet Rouge; L. Malvy to be tried for

treason, 384; account of destruction in

Rheims by G. H. Perrls, 4Rr>; devastation

In Somme region described by Dr. N. Mac-

lean, 480; German exploitation of occu-

pied territory. 521.

See also CAMPAIGN In Western Europe;

PEACE— Austro-French.

FRANCIS, David R., reply to question of

leaving Russia in consequence of Brest-

Litovsk Treaty, 237; statement on landing

of Japanese and British marines In Vladi-

vostok, 230.

FRANCK, Louis, arrest, 00.

Fraternizing Under the Armistice, 70.

FREDERICK Ausnst, King of Saxony, tele-

gram from Kaiser, 5.

FRENCH. (Field Marshal Viscount) John,

appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,


FROTHINGHAM, Thomasi G., review of

Jutland battle, 334.
Full Record of Sinkings by V-Boats, 2*4.

GAS. Asphyxiating, see ASPHYXIATING

GKDDES. (Sir) Eric, address in Commons

reviewing- U-boat campaign, 27; speech
before Commons revealing total shipping'

losses of Allies and neutrals from begin-

ning of war to Jan. 1, 1918. 284.

GENOESE Electrical Power Company, four

principal Directors sentenced to death for
treason, 387.

German Aggression in Russia, 449.

German Losses on all Fronts, 431.

German Methods of Decoying Russians, 78.

"GERMAN Treatment of Occupied Terri-

tory," summary of brochure issued by

U. S. Committee on Public Information,

German U-Boat Claims, 407.

GERMANS in England, attitude of interned
seamen toward war, described by J. H.
Wilson. 424.

Army, text of order for fraternization

with Russian soldiers, 78; description

oi fraternizing, by W. Hegeler, 79;

Lloyd George on number and age of
1920 class. 209.

Finances, war debt as stated by British
Chancellor of the Exchequer, 434.

History, "When Austria Ruled Prussia,"

195; account of devastation in Thirty

Tears' War. 190.

Labor, see LABOR.

Russia, Relations with, see PEACE—
Russo-German; B.USSIA—German in-

Germany to Impose "War Burdens" on
Lithuania, 450.

Germany's Attempt to Divide Belgium, 511.

Germany's Plan to Divide Belgium, 91.

GIBBS, Philip, "Four Epic Weeks of Car-

nage," 209; "The Greatest Battle of the

War," 398.

GIBBS. (Commander) Valentine, 402.

GLENART Castle (hospital ship), rescue of
survivors by crew of U. S. destroyer
Parker, 22; number of lives lost, 28.

GODSAL (Commander), 466.

GOETHALS. (MaJ, Gen.) George W., ap-

pointed to War Council, 14; placed over

Division of Purchase, Storage, and Traf-
fic, 244.

GOMPERS, Samuel, message to Congress of

Pan-Soviets at Moscow, 49; address on

stand of American workers on wrar, at

Federation of Labor meeting in N. Y.,


GORGAS, (MaJ. Gen.) W. C work in mobi-

lizing medical service, 256.

GORKY, Maxim, view of the Lenine group,


GOTO, (Baron) Shlmpel, on anti-Japanese

propaganda In Russia, 450.

GOUGH. (Gen. Sir) Hubert, 219.

Great Britain Faces a Crisis, 202.

Greatest Battle of the War, 398.

Greatest Gas Attack of the War, 504.

GREEK Catholic Church, attitude of Bolshe-

viki toward, 71; murder of Metropolitan

of Kiev and looting of sacristy of Moscow

Kremlin, 72.

GREICN, (Lieut.) John O.. awarded Distin-

guished Service Cross and French War
Cross, 242.

GRENADES, article by G. Bourrey on latest

models and methods of use, with diagram,

GREY, (Sir) Edward, conviction at outbreak
of war that Bulgarians were preparing to
help Serbia. 140; efforts to maintain peace
as revealed In Prince Lichnowsky's
memorandum. III., (May Supplement.)

GUARANTY Trust Co., retrospect of former

■ - ■wat"ioaifs-olE"u:S'.;-47r."' *""

Vol. XV.

GUILFORD Castle (hospital ship), attacked

by submarine, 383.
Guilt of Germany, 314.
GUKOVSKY (M.), statement on Russian

finances, 449.
GUNS (ordnance), description of trial of

Browning machine gun, 15; character of

German long-range weapon, 312.


HAASE, Hugo,disclosure of annexation plans
of Germany, In Reichstag, 2.

HAIG. (Field Marshal Sir) Douglas, report
on Cambrai reverse, 110; proclamation to
troops in Picardy battle, 207; full text of
report on battle of Cambrai, 340; state-
ment by Lloyd George on agreement with
Gen. Petain for extension of British line,

HAMILTON, Alexander, financial measures,

HAWKINS (Lieut.), killed in Zeebrugge raid,

HEGELER. Wilhelm, "Fraternizing Under
the Armistice," 70.

HEINEKEN, Philip, 5.

HELFFERICH, (Dr.) Karl, quoted by Dr.
Muehlon to show German knowledge of
Austrian ultimatum to Serbia, XX., (May

Heroic Deeds of British Soldiers, 121.

Heroic Rescue by American Naval Men, 22.

HERTLING, (Count) George F. von, state-
ment on peace treaty with Russia, in
Reichstag, 50; reply in Reichstag to peace
speech of Pres. Wilson on Feb. 11. 99;
editorial note correcting report of speech
of Jan. 24, and reply to speech in Reichs-
tag, by A. J. Balfour in Commons, 103;
reply by Lord Cecil: official statement in
reply by Belgian Govt., 100.

HESS, death sentence, 380.


HILLS. (Lance Corporal) Horace, 510.

HINDENBURG. (Field Marshal) Paul von.
telegram from Kaiser on capitulation of
Bolshevist Govt., 5.

HOFFMANN (Gen), telegram to Council of
People's Commissaries on peace message,

HOG Island, sec SHIPYARDS.


HOLLE. Lodovico. statement of decrease in
birth rate in Hungary, 322.

HOLT, Richard. 103.

HOOD (Rear Admiral), work in Jutland bat-
tle reviewed by T. G. Frothingham. 334.

HORSES, number in use by all armies, and
care, 360.

HOSPITAL Ships, Glenart Castle sunk. 22.
28; attack on Guilford Castle; German
acknowledgment of sinking of hospital
ships, 3S3.

HOSSES, R. E., 22.

HOUSING Problem, at shipyards met by
Emergency Fleet Corporation bill, which
empowers Govt, to commandeer and build,

HURLEY. Edward N., on shipbuilding prog-
ress. 21.

HUTIER (Gen.) von, 224.

IOOTZ Mendi (S. S.). capture by raider

Wolf. 47,"..
INCOME Tax, British, 432.

JNDTANS of North America, number in U. S.
Army- and, subscription to Liberty Loan,

INSURANCE, summary of work of War
Risk Board in insuring soldiers and sail-
ors, 18; legislation of Russian Bolsheviki
providing for compulsory Insurance, 457.

Internal Policy of the Bolsheviki, 68.

INTREPID (cruiser), in Zeebrugge raid, 403.

IPHIGENIA (cruiser), in Zeebrugge raid,

IRELAND, British man power bill providing
conscription of Irish becomes law ; promise
of home rule; law denounced, 100; Sinn
Fein plot aided by Germans, frustrated
by arrest of leading members, 381;
"Precedents for a Separate Ulster," 386;
"The Origin of the Irish," 388; official
report of Irish convention giving scheme
of Government as agreed upon by ma-
jority. 490-501; Ulster report, 501; fiscal
autonomy and "Customs and Excise,"
502; opposition to conscription, 503; Field
Marshal French made Lord Lieutenant,
See also ENGLAND—Army.

IRIS (cruiser), in Zeebrugge raid, 461.

Irish Guards, 313.

Issues in Ireland, 496.

ISTABULAT. see CAMPAIGN in Asia Minor.

ITALY, declaration of Interallied Labor-So-
cialist Conference on territorial readjust-
ment in peace terms, 100; account of res-
cue of Serbian Army by Italian Navy,
149; death sentence passed on four prin-
cipal Directors of Genoese Electrical
Power Company for aiding German sub-
marine campaign, 38(">.

See also CAMPAIGN on Austro-Italian

Italy's Rescue of the Serbian Army, 149.

JACKSON, J. F., statement on German bru-
tality to Italian prisoners, 510.

JACKSON, (Rear Admiral) T., mentioned In
report of Gen. Allenby, 102.

JAGOW. Gottlieb von, summary of reply to
memorandum of Prince Lichnowsky, 320;
text of replies to Lichnowsky memoran-
dum. 539: German comments on von
Jagow's views, 545.

JAPAN, loyalty defended by A. J. Balfour
in Parliament. 275.
See also SIBERIA.

JASTROW, (Dr.) Morris, selection from
book "The War and the Bagdad Rail-
way," 530.

JELLTCOE, (Admiral Sir) John R.. work in
Jutland battle reviewed by T. G. Froth-
ingham and expert naval writers, 334-343.

JERROLD, Laurence, "American Troops in
Central France," 414.

Minor and Egypt.

JEWS, declaration of Interallied Labor-So-
cialist Conference on right to freedom
and In favor of settlement of Palestine
for Jewish Colony, 110.

JOtTHAUX (M.). attitude toward conference
with enemy labor, 425.

JUGOSLAVIA, explanation of word by W.
M. Petrovitch, 141: first and last para-
graphs of declaration of formation of
State, 148; number of Jugoslavs In U. S..
149; account of meetings of adherents at
Rome and London, 104; declaration of na-
tions opposed to Austria, indorsing policy,

JUTLAND Battle, diagrams, review by T.
G. Frothingham. views of expert British
Admiralty writers, 334-343.


KAZAN, proclaimed independent republic by
Congress of Peasants, 237. .

KEPPEL, Frederick P.. appointment as
Third Assistant Secretary of War, 243.

KERENSKT, Alexander F., text of Bolshe-
vist proclamations for overthrow, 75.

KEYES, (Vice Admiral Sir) Roger, In charge
of Zeebrugge raid, 460.

KIPLING, Rudyard, "The Menace of the
Modern Thug," 88; poem, "The Irish
Guards," 313.

KOENIGSHEIM, death sentence, 386.

KREY, August C. 510.

KRUPP von Boehlen (Herr), testimony of
Dr. Muehlon on knowledge of German
determination to force war, XXI., (May

KRYLENKO (Ensign), message to Russian
troops on stand toward German troops,

KUEHLMANN, (Dr.) Richard von. verbatim
report of remarks at Brest-Litovsk con-
ference, Feb. 9, 61.

LABOR, troubles at shipyards, 22; refusal
of American Federation of Labor to send
delegates to Interallied Labor-Socialist
Conference in London; full text of decla-
ration of war aims adopted by conference,
10<>-114; address of S. Gompers on atti-
tude toward war at meeting of American
Federation of Labor; resolutions adopted
at meeting pledging loyalty of American
workers, 115; article from Arbeiter Zei-
tung explaining causes of failure of Ger-
man strike in attempt to force peace.
XXX. (May Supplement); account of
visit of American Labor Mission to Eng-
land and France; addresses of J. Wilson
on aims of war and J. H. Wilson on Ger-
man treachery, 424; decision of English
and American delegates against parleys
with enemy labor; stand of French labor,

LAHOVART, N. H., announcement of union
of Bessarabia with Rumania, 535.

LANGHORNE (Charge d' Affairs in Hol-
land), dispatch on German exploitation of
Belgium and Northern France, 521.

LANSDOWNE (Marquis of), on acceptance
of four fundamentals of peace by Count
HerUlng, 105.

LATIN America, sec SOUTH America.

LAW, Andrew Bonar, summary of achieve-
ments of British Govt, in 1017, made In
Commons, 0; on tonnage of shipbuilding
in England, 22.

LEAGUE of Nations, declared for by Labor-
Socialist Conference in London, 107.

LEAKE, (Lieut.) E. W., in raid on Zee-
brugge, 404.

LENINE. Nikolai, attitude toward Gorman
peace negotiations, 44-4S; comment on
•• The State," 455.

LEOPOLD (Prince of Bavaria), telegram
from Kaiser praising troops, 5.

LEVI. (Grand Rabbi) Israel, letter to Car-
dinal Amette on long-range bombardment
of Paris, 311.

LEWIS. James Hamilton. "Defending the
World's Right to Democracy," 281.


LIBERTY Motor, report on development and
production bv Senate Com., 245.

LICHNOWSKY <Prince), full text of memo-
randum revealing Germany's guilt In
starting the war; Reichstag debate;
comment, &c, in supplement to May
Issue; summary of memorandum and re-

plies of F. von Payer, von Stumin, and
von Jagow, 314-322; text of reply to
memorandum by von Jagow, 539; "Ger-
man Comments on von Jagow's Views,"
545; article by H. C. Woods, "Lich-
nowsky's Testimony as to Germany's
Long Plotting for Domination," 548.

LIEBKNECHT, (Dr.) Karl, text of open let-
ter to Berlin district court-martial, con-
taining views on the war, which proved
a factor in his imprisonment, XXIX.,
(May supplement.)

LITHUANIA, article by A. M. Martus on
"Efforts Toward Autonomy," 458; text
of proclamation of Emperor William on
independence and participation in war
burdens; proclamation of Lithuanian Na-
tional Council in Washington in reply,

LITHUANIANS in United States; convention
in New York, Mar. 1918; opposition to
union of Poland and Lithuania. 4.

LLOYD GEORGE, (Premier) David, full text
of speech in Commons introducing man
power bill and reviewing battle of
Picardy, 263; preface for volume of
speeches, stating issue of war, 397; reply
to accusation by Gen. Maurice of misstat-
ing size of army and reason for extension
of British line in France, 488; on ques-
tion of "customs and excise " in Ireland,
502; comment on new attitude of Irish
Home Rulers in letter to Irish workers
on Tyneside, 504.

Long-Distance Pence Parley, 99.

LUCKNER, (Count) Felix von, exploits on
Secadler, 470.

LUTECE (Schooner), capture by Seeadler
and abandoning of crew, 478.

LUTOSLAWSKI, (Prof.) Vincent. "New
Light on Polish History," 137.


MACAULEY, (Brig. Gen. Sir) G.. services
mentioned by Gen. Allenby, 102.

MACLEAN. (Dr.) Norman, "The Abomina-
tion of Desolation," 480.

MACNAMARA, Thomas J.. 22.

Mi ROBERTS, (Col.) Samuel, 15.

MADEIRA. Island of, Col. Denbigh on Ger-
man designs on, 331.

MALVT, Louis J., encouragement of Bonnet
Rouge; will be tried on charge of having
been in personal relations with Duval and
of having delivered to Germans scheme
of Champagne offensive, 384.

MANNER. Kullervo, on aims of Finnish
revolution, 4;i!>; taken prisoner, 443.

MARCH. (MaJ. Gen.) Peyton C, appointed
tu War Council, 14.

MARTELLI, death sentence, 386.

MARTUS. A. M., "Lithuania's Efforts To-
ward Autonomy," 408.

MARWITZ (Gen.) von der, 224.

MARY Rose (destroyer), account of sinking,
XXXII., (May Supplement.)

MATHEWS, W. W., 23.

MATUNGA (S. S.), capture by raider Wolf.

MAUDE, (Gen. Sir) Frederick Stanley, sum-
mary and selections from last dispatch
on work of Mesopotamian expeditionary
force; death from cholera, 106.

MAURICE. (Maj. Gen.) Frederick B.. sum-
mary of Picardy operations, 207; removal
as Director of Military Operations;
charges against Lloyd George and B. Law
of misleading statements; reply by Lloyd
George, 4.S8, retirement, 400.

MAYO, Caswell A.. "The Surgeon General's
Great Organization," 250.


Menace ot the Modem Thug, 88.

Vol. xv.

MENSDORFF-Poullly-DIetrichsteln (Count).

MERCIER, (Cardinal) Destderatus, protest

against German spoliation of Belgian

churches, 523.

Minor and Egypt.
Messenger Dogs in the German Army, 283.
METALS, confiscation of Belgian supply by

Germans, 518.
MICHAELIS. (Dr.) Georg, paragraphs from

communication to Austria-Hungary out-
lining annexation plans, 2.
Military Events of the Month, 33.
Military Preparations at Home, 14.
MILITARY Training, proposal for training

of all males, rejected by Senate, 240.
MILNER (Viscount), appointed Secretary of

State for War. 101.
MINERS. Lloyd George on necessity for re-
cruiting from industry for army, 209.
MIRBACH (Count) von, arrival in Moscow,

Modern Grenadier and His Grenades, 39.
Month's Submarine Losses, 2*, 289, 470.
More Bolshevist Legislation, 455.
MOREL (M.), 508.
MOROCCO. Germany's policy denounced In

Prince Lichnowsky's memorandum, III.,

(May Supplement.)
MORRIS, Robert, financing of Revolution,


MOSCOW, see RUSSIA-Capital.

MUEHLON (Dr.). corroboration of Lichnow-
sky charges of German guilt in starting
war; letter to Bethmann Hollweg attack-
ing German regime, XX. (May Supple-
ment); statements by Vice Chancellor
von Payer before Reichstag Main Com-
mittee, XXIII., (May Supplement.)

MUXRO, Dana C, 516.


-Voi-'aJ Defense of Venice, 293.

NAVAL Operations, "War Activities of the
United States Navy," 19; "Naval De-
fense of Venice," 293; Jutland battle,
diagrams, review by T. G. Frothingham,
views of expert British Admiralty writers,
334-343: account of raid on submarine
bases at Zeebrugge and Ostend by Brit-
ish and Italian raid at Pola, 394; capture
of part of Russian Black Sea fleet by Ger-
mans. 395; official accounts of British
raids on Zeebrusge and Ostend, 4(10; " Sea
Raider Wolf and Its Victims," 472; "Ca-
reer and Fate of the Raider Seeadlcr,"

See also SUBMARINE Warfare.

NEGROES In the United States, number
registered for draft, 215.

NERGER (Capt), 47(1.

New British Serrire Act. 491.

Xetc Light on Polish History, 137.

NEWMAN, J.. 2.1.

NEWSPAPERS, control in Russia under Bol-
sheviki. (19.

NICHOLAS II.. Czar of Russia, daily life In
exile. 24; text of letter to I'ri-s. Poineare
in 191(1, expressing loyalty to the Allies,

NORTON, (Rcrsreant) William, awarded Dis-
tinguished Service Cross and French War
Cross, 212.

Numbers in the World's Greatest Battles,


ODESSA, sketch ot biitory, &

OSTEND, sec NAVAL Operations.
Our War Machine in New Phases, 243.
OXENHAM, John, poem. "The Women's
Army Auxiliary Corps," 208.

PAINLEVE, Paul, statement on Austro-
French peace move, 329.

PALESTINE Interallied Labor-Socialist con-
ference favors free State as colony for
Jews, 110.

See also CAMPAIGN in Asia Minor and

PARIS, article by A. M. Upjohn, "War
Widows of the Poor in Paris," 120; ac-
count of bombardment by long range guns
on Good Friday, 1918, 310.

PARKER (destroyer), heroism of crew in
rescuing survivors of Glenart Castle, 22.

PASHITCH. Nikola, speech in Skupshtina on
"Serbia's Hopes and Russia's Defection,"
52(1: denial of charge of Count Czernin
Uiat overtures for peace were made, 495.

PASS of Balmaha (S. S.), see SEEADLER.

PAYER, (Vice Chancellor) Frledrich von,
statement before Reichstag Main Com.
on Prince Lichnowsky's memorandum,
XXIII. (May Supplement); summary of
statement on Lichnowsky's memorandum.
319; defends German intervention in
Finland, 443.

PAYNE, John Barton. 18.


Finland, treaty with Germany, 52; text

of treaty, 444.
General, address of Chancellor von Hert-
ling in Reichstag in reply to four
fundamentals of I'res. Wilson as laid
down In speech on Feb. 11, 98; reply
to speech of von Hertllng on peace by
A. J. Balfour. 103; reply by Lord R.
Cecil; official statement of Belgium In
reply to von Hertllng, 105; declaration
of Interallied Labor-Socialist Confer-
ence in London, 100; addres of Count
Czernin to Vienna City Council re-
plying to Pres. Wilson's address of
Feb. 11. and surveying results of Rus-
sian peace treaties, 323; reply by Lord
Cecil to Count Czernin, 327.

Negotiations, Austro-French. text of let-
ter from Emperor Charles of Austria
to Prince Slxtus In effort to make
separate peace with France, 193: let-
ters of denial to Kaiser and reply,
194; official statements in controversy
over Austrian charge of French initia-
tion, 328: comment by A. J. Balfour
in Commons on Emperor Charles's
letter to Prince Slxtus, 383; official
denial of Sixtus letter by Austria, and
French reply, 494; Serbian and French
comment and telegram of Emperor
William accepting statement that letter
was distorted, 495.

Rumanian Separate Peace, treaty forced
bv Central Powers, refusal of Supreme
War Council to recognize it, I: terms
of treaty signed at Bucharest, 57; com-
ment by Count von Hertllng on nego-
tiations, 102: comment by Count
Czernin. 324: article explaining events
leading up to acceptance of treaty.
529: synopsis of text of treaty of
Bucharest. 531: replies of Emperor
William to congratulations of von
Hertllng and von Kuehlmann. 5:15.

Russo-Gcrman, treaties forced bv Centra!
Powers; refusal of Supreme War
Council to reorgnizc them. 1; tele-
grams of Empcrtor William In re-
sponse to congratulations on capit-
ulation, fi; detailed account of events
leading up to signing of treatv. 42:
text of articles of treaty signed at


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