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By fabling bards from Amalthea's horn,
Is thine ; thine therefore be a portion due
Of thanks and praise : come with thy brilliant crown
And vest of fur; and from thy fragrant lap
Pomegranates and the rich ananas pour.
But chiefly thou, Europa, seat of grace
And Christian excellence, his goodness own.
Forth from ten thousand temples pour his praise ;
Clad in the armour of the living God
Approach, unsheath the Spirit's flaming sword;
Faith's shield, salvation's glory-compass'd helm
With fortitude assume, and o’er your heart
Fair truth's invulnerable breastplate spread ;
Then join the general chorus of all worlds,
And let the song of charity begin
In strains seraphic, and melodious prayer.
“O all-sufficient, all-beneficent,
Thou God of goodness and of glory, hear!
Thou, who to lowliest minds dost condescend,
Assuming passions to enforce thy laws,
Adopting jealousy to prove thy love:
Thou, who resign'd humility uphold,
Ev'n as the florist props the drooping rose,
But quell tyrannic pride with peerless pow'r,
Ev'n as the tempest rives the stubborn oak.
O all-sufficient, all-beneficent,
Thou God of goodness, and of glory, hear!
Bless all mankind, and bring them in the end
To heaven, to immortality, and thee !"


HALLELUJAH! kneel and sing
Praises to the Heavenly King ;
To the God supremely great,
Hallelujah in the height!

Praise him, arch-angelic band,
Ye that in his presence stand;
Praise him, ye that watch and pray,
Michael's myriads in array.

Praise him sun, at each extreme,
Orient streak and western beam;
Moon and stars of mystic dance
Silvering in the blue expanse.

Praise him, O ye heights that soar
Heaven and heaven for evermore ;
And ye streams of living rill,
Higher yet and purer


Let them praise his glorious name,
From whose fruitful word they cane,
And they first began to be
As he gave the great decree.

Their constituent parts he founds
For duration without bounds,
And their covenant has seald,
Which shall never be repeal'd.

Praise the Lord on earth's domains :
Praise, ye mutes, that seas contains;
They that on the surface leap,
And the dragons of the deep.

Battering hail, and fires that glow,
Streaming vapours, plumy snow;
Wind and storm, his wrath incur'd,
Wing'd and pointed at his word.

Mountains of enormous scale,
Every hill and every vale :
Fruit trees of a thousand dyes,
Cedars that perfume the skies !

Beasts that haunt the woodland maze, Nibbling locks and droves that graze; Reptiles of amphibious breed, Feather'd millions form’d for speed.

Kings, with Jesus for their guide,
Peopled regions far and wide :
Heroes of their country's cause,
Princes, judges of the laws.

Age and childhood, youth and maid,
To his name your praise be paid ;
For his word is worth alone
Far above his crown and throne.

He shall dignify the crest
Of his people rais'd and bless'd;
While we serve with praise and pray’rs,
All in Christ his saints and heirs.



“Sis licet felix ubicunque mavis
Et memor nostri."


MELPOMENE, who charm'st the skies,

Queen of the lyre and lute; Say, shall my noble patron rise, And thou, sweet muse,

be mute? Shall fame, to celebrate his praise, Her loudest, loftiest accents raise,

And all her silver trumps employ, And thou restrain thy tuneful hand, And thou an idle listener stand

Amidst the general joy?

Forbid it all ye powers above,

That human arts can try ;
Forbid it, gratitude and love,

And every tender tie :
Was it not he, whose pious cares
Upheld me in my earliest years,

and cheer'd me from his ample store, Who animated my designs, In Roman and Athenian mines,

To search for learning's ore?

The royal hand, my lord, shall raise

To nobler heights thy name,
Who praises thee, shall meet with praise

Ennobled in thy fame.

A disposition form'd to please,
With dignity endear'd by ease,

And grandeur in good-nature lost,
Have more of genuine desert,
Have more the merit of the heart,

Than arts and arms can boast.

Can I forget fair Raby's* towers,

How awful and how great!
Can I forget such blissful bowers,

Such splendour in retreat!
Where me, ev'n me, an infant bard,
Clevelandt and Hope indulgent heard :

(Then, fame, I felt thy first alarms) Ah, much lov'd pair !-though one is fled, Still one compensates for the dead,

In merit and in charms.

O more than compensation, sure !

O blessings on thy life!
Long may the threefold bliss endure,

In daughters, sons, and wife !
Hope, copyist of her mother's mind,
Is loveliest, liveliest of her kind,

Her soul with every virtue teems;
By none in wit or worth outdone,
With eyes, that, shining on the sun,

Defy his brightest beams.

Hark! charity's cherubic voice

Calls to her numerous poor,

* His Lordship's seat in the country of Durham. + Her late Grace of Cleveland,

The Honourable Mrs. Hope.

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