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presents a petition from the in.

D. habitants of Derby, 372 Debates on the motion from Commercial credit, Report con- Mr. Sheridan for an address to cerning ic, 692

the King for the state of com: Commissioners, names of those ap. munications received concern

pointed to manage the five ing feditious practice, 2, 35– millions in aid of the cominer on the report cf the Committee

cial credit of the country, 36) on the attairs of India, 40Committee of Supply, 47, 85--- respecting the absence of Mem

of Ways and Means, 156 bers, and the infliction of penames of gentleinen composing nalties upon them as defaul. that appointed to consider the ters, 42-on the petition of the state of the impeachment againit City of London rcfpecting the Mr. Hastings, 582

duty on coals, 6;---on the bill Conversations respecting a motion to prevent traitorous correspon

of adjournment on account of dence, 71---in a Committee of the delayed appearance of Mr. Supply, 85--reípecting the liSheridan, i-concerning Stu mitation, regulation, and apart's Divorce bill, 69--on the plication of the produce of to!ls point of receiving petitions, in bills for making and main372, 373-on the Hurlington taining navigable canals, 97– Hundred bill, 535-relative to concerning the slave trade, 98 irregularities committed under on the second reading of the pretence of searching for fen traiturous correspondence bill, men, 523_on the East-India 99, 119, 151-in the CommitAnnuity bill, 547-on the re tee of Ways and Means, 156 port of the Committee for em on the traitorous correiponpowering the King to prohibit dence bill, 163, 163, 175, 176, the exportation of corn, 677 184, 313—on the bill to pre

on the motion of Mr. Salut vent the working of the canals bury for leave to bring in a bill in the time of the corn harveit, for the better preventing of 202-on the bill to prevent bribery and corruption at the bribery and corruption in the election of Members to serve borough of Stockbridge, 205, in Parliament, 548--on the re 210, 364--on Viscount Fieldsolution moved by Mr. Pitt, ing's intended propofitions rethat t e fum of 675,nool. be specting the employment of the 'raised by a lottery, 519-rela militia abroad, ?14--concerntive to the circumstance of post ing the renew ii of the charter poning bufiness of magnitude of the East-In.':.: Company,

and public importance, 586 226, 361--repicting the me. Cricklade el Etion, report in con inorial presented to the States

1equence of an investigation of General, 281concerning the its meriis,

causes of the embarrassments of Curtis, Mr. Alderman, moves for commercial credit, 313, 371,

referring to a Committee the 343---concerning the petition petition of the City of London from the inhabitants of Shef. refpccting a duty upon coals, fiell, 345--on the subject of a

petit on presented by Mr. Grey Curwen, Mr. presents a petition from c rtain persons resident in

froin the inhabitants of Mon and neir London, 375-on the trofe, 374

motion, from Mr. Whitbread,


that a Committee be appointed Governor Hastings, 637--on
to inquire into certain facts the motion, from Mr. Fox,
which took place at Dover une for an address to the King to
der the authority of an order pray that, taking certain cir-
of Council, 527-on the East- cumstances into conhderation,
India Government and Trade he would employ meatures for
bill, 536-on the motion, from procuring peace on terms con-
Sir James Sinclair, for the esta fistent with the profefled ob.
blith.nent of a Bjard of Agri jects of the war, 664
culture, 550-on the bill for Derby, its inhabitants present a
regulating the government and peticion, 372
trade of India, 557, 505--on a Divinons--on the point of either
motion, from Sir. Wilberforce, excusing or punishing defaul-
for the House to resolve itself ters, 44-on the commitment
into a Committee to consider of of the petition from the City
a motion for preventing the of London respecting a duty
supply of foreign powers with upon coals, 69-on a clause in
llaves, 561-on the motion for Siuart's divorce bill, 70--on a
reading the order of the day motion concerning the appli-
for receiving the report of the cation of tolls in navigable ca-
Committee for disfranchising nal bills, 97 — on the question
certain electors of the horough for going into a Committee on
of Stockbridge, 58-on a the traitorous correspondence
message from the Lords rela. bill, 119 - on a question rela-
tive to proceeding upon the tive to the prefervation or
trial of Mr. Hastings, 587– omission of words in the clause
on another message proposed to of the traitorous correspondence
be sent for deferring the trial, bill which makes it treason to
592,600-on the motion, from procure foine particularly enu-
Mr. Burke, that the Managers merated articles, 156-on the
do prepare a statement of their notion of Mir. Pitt for raising
proceedings on the trial, 601— 4,500,ccol. by annuities, 163--
on the motion of Mr. Wharton on leaving out certain words in
respecting the exercise of the a clause of the traitorous cor-
executive authority, 612-on respondence bill, 166--on an
the Farnham Hop bill, 620, amendment in another claule,
632-on the inotion of Mr. 167, 171-on a motion, from
Grey that the proceedings on Mr. Adain, for bringing up a
the trial of Mr. Hastings might clause in the traitorous corre-
be postponed until the next fpondence bill, 184-on the
fellion of Parliament, 621-on patting of this bill, 201-on
the motion, from Mr. Burch, The motion for leave to bring
for a list of the necessary arms in a bill to prevent bribery at
in the Tower, 634-on the the future election of Members
motion of Mr. Whitbread that to serve in Parliament for
a paragraph in a newspaper Stockbridge, 208--on the mo.
called “ The World” contains tion of Mr. Sheridan respecting
reflections of a very gross and the memorial presented by the
scandalous nature, and is a li- · British and Imperial Ministers
bel on the Managers appointed to the States General, 313-
by the House to conduct the on a resolution concerning the
impeachment depending against government and trade of India,


343--on the point of receiving Nave bill, 633-on the motion,
ihe Sheffield petition, 350, and in the debate on the conduct of
also the Birmingham petition, the Archbilliop of York, for
360-on the Stockbridge inca an adjourninent, 649—on the
pacitating bill, 363-on a mo motion of Mr. Fox to address
iion, from Mr. Stanley, for the the King, and pray that, ta-
adjournment of a debatc, 413 king certain circumstances into

on the question for referring confideration, he would einploy
the petition presented by Mr. measures for procuring peace
Grey from certain perfung resi- on terms confiftent with the
dent in and near London, 507 profelled objects of the war,

on motions, from Mr. Vila
berforce, respecting the flave Dumbarton, petition presented
trade, 540, 541-on a clause from it, 374
to enable the King to appoint Duncomb, Mr. presents a petition
two additional Commitlioners from the inhabitants of Shef.
for the mangement of the af ficld, 345
fairs of India, 561-on the mo. Dundas, Mr. Sec. moves several
tion, from Mr. Wilberforce, (palling) resolutions with re-
for the House to resolve itself fpect to the finances and expen-
into a Committee to consider of dirure of the East-India Com-
a motion for preventing the pany, 35-delivers a message
fupply of foreign powers with from the King concerning the
flaves, 561, 563-on a clause employment and pay of his
in the East-India bill, 563, 571, electoral troops, ibid.- pro-
583-on the motion for reading pores his resolutions on the sub-
the order of the day for receive ject of the renewal of the char-
ing the report of the Cominit. ter of the East-India Company,
tee on the bill for disfranchi 253—{pcaks, and moves, as a
fing certain electors of the bo. resolution of the Committee,
rough of Stockbridge, 596 that the duties now payable on
on a motion for deferring the coals,culm,and cinders, brought
continuance of the trial of Mi. coastways into any port or ports
llatings to a future day, 603 of that part of Great Britain
-On other similar motions, 606 called Scotland, do ceasc, deter-
--on the motion of Mr. l'har mine, and become no longer
tun respecting the exercise of paid, 543 -- Moves for a delay
the executive authorizy, 616 in proceeding upon the trial of
on a proposition from Mr. Est Mr. Hanings, 632 --inoves, in
wick to compensate persons a debate on the conduct of the
who may fuftain luffes in con Archbithop of York, that the
fequence of the flave bill para House do adjourn, 641-
fing into a law, 617--on the moves for leave to bring in a
moriun, from Mr. Grey, that bill for regulating and ordering
the proceedings on the trial of a militia in Scotland, 651
Mr. Hattings may be poftpo. Dundee presents a petition for a
Ded until the next sellion of reform, 45
Parliament, 628--on the mo. Dunleven, its inhabitants present
tion of Mr. Dundas for a delay a petition, 368
in proceeding upon the trial of Durham, petition from its inka.
Mr. Hastings, 632 on the bitants 365
motion for a Coinmittee on the



procuring peace on terms con-
Edinburgh, petition presented liftent with the professed objects
from it. 374

of the war, 652, 664
Elliot, Mr. brings up and states Francis, Mr. presents a petition

the report of the Committee on from the inhabitants of London
the Stockbridge election, 94% and Westminster, 372
moves for a bill to prevent in
future bribery and corruption
in the election of Members to Gascoyne, Mr. presents a petition
serve in Parliament for that from the Mayor and Corpora-
borough, 94, 96-noves for tion of Liverpool respecting
reading the order of the day the stagnation of trade, 208
for receiving the report of the Glasgow presents a petition for a
Committee on the bill for dif. reform in Parliament, 45, 367
franchising certain electors of Grey, Mr. presents a petition
Stockbridge, 585

from the inhabitants of Aln-
Erskine, Mr. presents a petition wick, 368, and from certain

from the inhabitants of Hud. persons in and near London,
dersfield, 374

375-moves that this last be

referred to a Committee, 386

-Ipeaks, and moves for posto
Farnham hop bill, debate con poning the proceedings on the
cerning it, 632 .

trial of Mr. Hastings until the
Fox, Mr. Presents a petition from next session of Parliament, 621

the inhabitants of Westminster, 624 ,
praying to be relieved from
the additional duties on coals,

40—moves, in a debate on the Hamilton, its inhabitants present
question that the bill for regu- a petition, 368
lating the commerce and trade Hastings, Governor, debates and
of India be read a third time, motions relative to his trial,
an amendment, proposing that, 587, 590, 591, 592, 600, 601,
instead of the words “ one 621,628, 632
thousand eight hundred and Heathfield, Lord, motion for e-
eleven,” the words " fourth recting, in St. Paul's Cathe-
of March, one thousand seven drai, a monument to his me.
hundred and ninety-cight” be mory, 652
inserted, being four years, the Hobart, Mr. presents a petition
same period which he (Mr. froin the inhabitants of Nor-
Fox) had fixed upon as neces. wich, 372---moves for leave to
sary in making an experiment bring in a bill to permit goods
under bis own bill, 574-gives and commodities of the growth
notice of his deterinination to and manufacture of A61, Afri-
call the attention of the House ca, and America, icgally ini.
to the present war, and to move ported into Ireland, to be iin-
for an inquiry into the reason ported from thence, under cer-
for its continuance on our part, tain regulations, into Great
after the object for which we Britain, 546
entered into it was obtained, Huddersfieid, petition presented
637-speaks and moves for an from it, 374
address to the King, praying Hurlington Hundred bill, con-
that, taking certain circum- verfation respecting it, 535
stances into consideration, he Hufiey, Mr. moves for an ad-
would employ measures for

journinent of the debate on the war, 664--his speech on pro.
Stockbridge Bribery bill, 204 roguing the Parliament, 639

Kirkintullock, its inhabitants pre-

fent a petition, 369
Jekyll, Mr. moves for printing

a report concerning falaries and
fees of office, 650

Lambton, Mr. presents a petition
Irvine, petition presented from it, from the city of Durham, 360

-and froin the inhabitants of

the county of Perth, 374

Lanark preients a petition for a
Kensington, Lord, apologises for reform, 45

his absence, 43—is excused, Linlithgow, county of, petition

from its inhabitants, 375
King, motion from Mr. Sheridan Liverpool, Mayor and Corpora-

to address him for the commu- tion of, present a petition rela.
nications concerning feditious tive to the stagnation of com-
practices, 19-sends a meflage merce, 208—-conversation te.
to the House respecting the esti specting its credit bill, 369
mate of the charge attending the London and Westminster, their
employment of his Electoral inhabitants present a petition,
troops for the affillance of the 372 another peticion pre-
States General of the United fented from certain persons in
Provinces, 35-motion from or near it, praying for a reform
Mr. Sheridan, to address him in Parliament, 375
for a copy of the memorial pre Lord Advocate of Scotland speaks
sented to the States General by and moves for leave to bring in
the British and Imperial Mini a bill, requiring an oath of ab-
fers, 219—and farther upon juration and declaration from
this subject, 299-motion from His Majesty's Roman Catholic
Sir John Sinclair, to address subjects in Scotland, 224
him for an establishment of a
Board of Agriculture and Im-

provement, 544–sends a mef- Macleod, Colonel, presents a pe-
fage, by Mr. Pitt, relative to tition, from Dundee, for a re-
the farther continuance of the form, 45- and another from
pension in the family of Lord Kirkintullock, 369, — and o-
Rodney, 591-motion, from thers from the inhabitants of
Mr. Windham, to address himn Edinburgh, Irvine, Strathaven,
for a compensation to Mr. county of Roxburgh, Linlith-
Mudge, as a reward for his in- gow, and Anstruther, 374-
vention for the improvement of 375
time-keepers, 652 from Sir Memorial presented by the British
Watkin Lewes, to pray that and Imperial Ministers to the
he would order monuments to States-General, 287
be erected to the memory of Merchants present a petition
Lords Rodney and Heathfield, against the prohibition of in-
652-motion, from Mr. Fox, furance of ships and goods be-
to address him, and pray that, longing to the French, 184
taking certain circumstances Minority, list of that on the mo-
into consideration, he would tion of Mr. Grey, for a reform
employ measures for procuring in Parliament, 588
peace on terms consistent with Montrose, petition froin its inha.
the pretcsled objects of the bitants, 374

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