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Montague, Charles, Earl of Halifax,
Montague, Lady Mary Wortley,
Moore, Edward,
Motteaux, Peter Anthony,
Mountford, William,
Needler, Henry,
Nugent, Robert, Earl,
Oldmixon, John,
Otway, Thomas,
Pack, Richardson,
Paget, Lord,
Parnell, Thomas,
Pattison, William,
Penrose, Thomas,
Philips, John,
Philips, Ambrose,
Pilkington, Lætitia,
Pitt, Christopher,
Pomfret, John,
Pope, Alexander,
Price, Henry,
Prior, Matthew,
Rack, Edmund,
Ralph, James,

Vol. P.

İ. 179 II. 291 11. 254 I. 193 I. 65

I. 201 III. 290

I. 376 1. 1 1. 266 I. 410 I. 184

I. 262
III. 182

I. 114
II. 112
II. 154
II. 104

I. 91
II. 10
I. 342
li 227

II. 288



[blocks in formation]

Relph, Josiah,
Roberts, Hayward William,
Rogers, Samuel,
Rowe, Nicholas,
Rowe, Elizabeth,
Sackville, Charles, Earl of Dorset,
Savage, Richard,
Say, Samuel, :
Scott, John,
Scott, Walter,
Sedley, Sir Charles,
Settle, Elkanah,
Sewell, George,
Shadwell, Thomas,
Shaw, Cuthbert,
Sheffield, John, Duke of Buckingham,
Shenstone, William,
Sheridan, Frances,
Sheridan, Thomas,
Smart, Christopher,
Smith, Edmund,
Smollett, Tobias,
Somervile, William,
Southerne, Thomas,

I. 250
I. 253


62 III. 1 Vol. P. I. 416 II. 38 III. 73 III. 249

I. 219 II. 306 II. 354

I. 356 II. 443

1. 142 II. 434

I. 405 II. 83 III.

[blocks in formation]

Sprat, Thomas,
Stanhope, P. D., Earl of Chesterfield,
Stepney, George,
Stevens, George Alexander,
Swift, Jonathan, D. D.
Tate, Nahum,
Thomson, James,
Thompson, WiHiam,
Theobald, Lewis,
Tickell, Thomas,
Tollet, Elizabeth,
Vanbrugh, Sir John,
Victor, Benjamin,
Villiers, George, Duke of Buckingham,
Waller, Edmund,
Watts, Isaac, D. D.
Walpole, Horace, Earl of Orford,
Walsh, William,
Warton, Thomas,
Warton, Joseph,
Welsted, Leonard,
Wesley, Samuel, Ist,
Wesley, Samuel, 2d,
West, Gilbert,

[blocks in formation]

465 II. 124 I. 323 I. 369 II. 241

24 II. 279 I. 223 III. 366

West, Richard,
Whaley, John,
Whitehead, Paul,
Whitehead, William,
Wilkie, William,
Williams, Sir Charles Hanbury,
Winchelsea, Anne, Countess of
Woty, William,
Wycherley, William,
Yalden, Thomas,
Young, Edward, L. L. D.


l. 170 I. 334 II. 333

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• There is no poetical volume, be it never so small, but it requires some pains to bring it forth, or else a notable fluent knack of rhyming or versifying. And how small a matter is it for never so trivial a work, before it comes to be condemned to the drudgery of the chandler or tobacco-man, after the double expence of brain to bring it forth, and of purse to publish it to the world, to have this memorial,—such a one wrote such a thing. Besides that it will easily be imagined in works of this nature, that we write as well to the inquisitive as the judicious, to the curious as the critic. There are many busy inquirers after books,-not good books, but books,-what hath been written on such or such a subject. For these men who would grudge the slight mention of a book and its author?'

Edward Phillips, the Nephew of Milton.

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